Chapter 616: Cultivation under the Small Tree

    Chapter 616: Cultivation under the Small Tree

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    From the ferocious battle between Zhang Tie and Abyan in Abyan's castle to the 3-year deep sleep in Castle of Black Iron all the way to now, the manjusaka karma fruit tree had not stopped producing leakless fruits. It had been 3 years and about 10 months in total. With so many leakless fruits, the small tree looked fruitful.

    One leakless fruit per week, 52 ones each year, 156 ones in 3 years. Plus 42 ripe ones and 1 unripe one in 10 months, there were totally 199 leakless fruits over the small tree.

    Therefore, standing in front of the small tree, Zhang Tie felt having a heavy, pleasant, bumper harvest.

    "What's the date today?" Zhang Tie asked Heller in front of the small tree.

    After recuperating over 1 month idly in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie didn't even know the current time. Before lighting his new surging points officially after 4 years' suspension, Zhang Tie thought this date was memorable.

    "November 21, the 894th year of Black Iron Calendar..." Standing under the small tree, Heller watched Zhang Tie as he added, "Castle Lord, before lighting the new surging points, you'd better confirm the order of lighting those surging points from LV 9 to LV 10. As it's an emperor-level secret knowledge, If you made any mistake in cultivation steps, you might become nothing but a strand of smoke at once."

    Zhang Tie nodded. As he recalled the order of lighting those surging points daily these days, he had been very familiar with the order. However, after hearing Heller's suggestion, he closed his eyes and recalled the order once more. After confirming that he would not make any mistake, Zhang Tie picked off one leakless fruit from the small tree and sat down below the small tree with crossed legs.

    When he took the familiar ripe leakless fruit once more, Zhang Tie became pretty tranquil inside. After slightly closing his eyes for a few seconds, he put the leakless fruit into his mouth.

    Like before, soon after he swallowed the leakless fruit had he felt the great energy of the fruit gathering between his chest and abdomen and turning into an energetic fire dragon.

    Under Zhang Tie's manipulation, that fire dragon didn't rush towards those invisible surging points which had manifested in Zhang Tie's body.

    Instead, it rushed into his Shrine surging point and charged at the stick of spiritual feather incarnated by the seed rune of the 'King Roc Sutra'. After that, the stick of spiritual feather started to glow the entire Shrine surging point.

    At the sight of this scene, the Shrine surging point turned into a forge used by refiners. Like a rarity being refined by fiery in the forge, the stick of spiritual feather was constantly absorbing the energy of the fire dragon of the leakless fruit as it changed its color. The whole process was completely mysterious.

    Of course, the process of cultivating an emperor-level secret knowledge might be different from that applied by Zhang Tie when he was a newbie. The stick of spiritual feather incarnated by the golden seed of king roc in the Shrine surging point became the center of the entire cultivation process and the key to expose the secrets of surging points according to 'King Roc Sutra'.

    After the entire fire dragon's energy was absorbed by the stick of spiritual energy, the luster of the stick of spiritual feather changed its color from red, orange to yellow...

    Zhang Tie opened his eyes and saw Heller standing on his side and watching him seriously.

    In the process of cultivation, he would forget time. In that realm, although he felt it was just a split second, actually, it might have been several days.

    "How long have I spent?" Zhang Tie asked Heller.

    "3 hours!" Heller replied.

    Zhang Tie nodded. He then picked himself up from the ground and picked another leakless fruit. After sitting down, he ate it.

    After eating the 2nd leakless fruit, the stick of spiritual feather in the Shrine surging point started to radiate blue luster like surging points being polished...

    After 3 hours, Zhang Tie stood up once again and picked the 3rd leakless fruit.

    With the 3rd burning dragon, the stick of spiritual feather's luster turned purple. When it turned extremely purple, the entire Shrine surging point and that stick of spiritual feather slightly shocked as a ball of golden, brilliant bird-shape flame flew out of that stick of spiritual feather and started to circle around that stick of spiritual feather.

    Even though, the 3rd flame's energy had not been completely exhausted. After this ball of golden flame was produced, the stick of spiritual feather's color recovered to its original look as it continued to absorb the dragon's energy; finally, the 3rd fire dragon's energy was exhausted as the stick of spiritual feather started to radiate orange luster. The entire Shrine surging point recovered its tranquility once again, leaving that stick of spiritual feather radiating orange luster and a golden bird-shape flame circling around it.

    Zhang Tie looked inside for a second. After recalling the order of lighting surging points according to 'King Roc Sutra', Zhang Tie focused on that golden bird-shaped flame, which then flew out of his Shrine surging point and headed for Zhang Tie's heart like a real bird leaving its nest.

    In Zhang Tie's heart, there were 7 manifested invisible surging points and runes in each of them. At this moment, the 7 invisible surging points were like 7 shadows composed of virtual glass.

    After locking one surging point, that golden bird dove into it at once.

    Closely after that, the invisible barriers of that surging point on his heart broke into pieces at once. When his heart quivered a bit, Zhang Tie felt breaking a shackle as a strand of energy poured out of his heart. All the cells in his body were cheering.

    After touching that dark rune in the invisible surging point, the golden bird-shape flame integrated into it at once. Soon after that, the rune brightened up like a burning fire-pan as it radiated a golden light. As a result, it brightened the entire surging point. After that, with a sound "boom", the surging point was completely lit as it started to radiate golden luster like a burning torch.

    From then on, the first invisible surging point out of the 34 surging points on the spine was lit as Zhang Tie stepped onto the advancement road of 'King Roc Sutra'.

    Under the small tree, Zhang Tie opened his eyes. This was just a new start. He was not satisfied with it. After picking himself up from the ground once again, he picked another leakless fruit and ate it...

    3 hours later, he ate another leakless fruit.

    After eating another 2 leakless fruits, the stick of spiritual feather produced another ball of a golden bird of flame. Meanwhile, the stick of spiritual feather turned red...

    At this moment, another golden bird-shape flame flew out of the Shrine once again. This time, it didn't head for Zhang Tie's heart; instead, it locked a manifested invisible surging point in the qi sea at his lower abdomen and lit it like how it lit the one in the heart.

    After the second invisible surging point was lit, Zhang Tie opened his eyes. He started his cultivation in the morning; however, it was already deep night in Castle of Black Iron now. Heller was still standing on his side. Zhang Tie picked himself up from the ground and was going to pick the 6th leakless fruit; however, Heller persuaded.

    "Castle Lord, you've already lit 2 surging points in the past 16 hours. You need to adapt to the change in your physical strength and supply a large amount of energy. At this moment, you need to take a rest and let your body have a buffering effect!"

    Soon after Heller's suggestion, Zhang Tie's stomach had started to grumble. After throwing a glance at the rest leakless fruits on the tree, Zhang Tie revealed a smile. He then went downstairs from the high platform where the small tree was planted as he waved his hand, "Alright, I will eat something and go to bed. I will be back tomorrow!"

    "That's right. If you want to be the real powerful man, you need to control your desire. Nothing powerful and valuable could be obtained easily." Heller said thoughtfully.


    After having a bumper supper, Zhang Tie took a walk at the top of the mountain. After that, he drank two vials of all-purpose medicament and went to bed...

    When he woke up the next day, he cleansed himself as casual as usual. After that, he ate breakfast and took a walk. When he felt better both spiritually and physically, he sat under the small tree and started to eat leakless fruits.

    Zhang Tie would cultivate 16 hours a day under the small tree. Besides lighting 2 invisible surging points a day, he would rest, sleep and supply energy so that his body could adapt to the change brought by burning surging points.

    Although it felt limited in time, everything was undergoing regularly.

    During this process, Zhang Tie genuinely understood why it was called 'Robust Ox Skill', an incomplete version of 'King Roc Sutra'. After lighting 5 invisible surging points, the terrifying strength which was as robust as a ferocious ox constantly poured out of his body like the flood, which shocked Zhang Tie too much...

    On the 4th day, after lighting the 8th invisible surging point, he felt the strength of qi, the strength of blood, the strength of bone, the strength of marrow, the strength of channel, the strength of vein and the strength of god were back and growing stronger.

    The emperor-level secret knowledge showed its terrifying power once again...
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