Chapter 617: The Power of a Strong Fighter

    Chapter 617: The Power of a Strong Fighter

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    When in conscientious cultivation, Zhang Tie felt time flying.

    He even didn't find that his broken leg had already healed.

    He needed to light 21 invisible surging points to promote to LV 10 from LV 9. The 21 invisible surging points spread all over his body. Sometimes, even Zhang Tie felt that he was not cultivating but decoding a very advanced safe in a special method.

    His body was a safe with a 987-digit code. The front 34 digits were easily decoded; however, the later 953-digit code became complex and difficult to decode.

    In the beginning, Zhang Tie thought that there ought to be some rules to light the invisible surging points. Later on, he knew that no rules existed at all. Perhaps, for the human body's safe, each surging point carried an unusual meaning and effect. There was a hidden special part behind each surging point. When all the special parts were integrated with each other, they would form a human body, the most precise machine in the world, which could not run if lacking any of its parts.

    'It seemed that the function of secret knowledge was to tell people how to assemble this most precise machine in a certain method and order. After injecting energy into the machine, people would start it once again.' Zhang Tie thought.


    Zhang Tie lit his 9th invisible surging point on the bone under his left first toenail.


    The 10th invisible surging point being lit was on a small piece of triangular bone inside his right ear.


    He lit the 11th invisible surging point on his liver; then one on his throat, one on his skull, some near his qi sea, one on the bone under his right first toenail, one on his lowest abdominal muscle, one on the left sole and one on the piece of triangular bone inside his right ear...

    These invisible surging points were not lit according to a certain order; however, after lighting each invisible surging point, Zhang Tie felt that he did that naturally or the invisible surging point was indeed lit according to some rule or at the certain rhythm. Nevertheless, the rule and rhythm were out of the reach of people's imagination in this age. Therefore, it looked chaotic.

    Zhang Tie asked Heller the outcome of making a mistake. Heller told him that he could have a try in the trouble-reappearance situation after lighting all the invisible surging points according to the incomplete version of 'King Roc Sutra'. If he tried in the real world, the only result would be Game Over at once...

    The effect of leakless fruits remained unchanged. Precisely, it required him to consume 7 leakless fruits to light each 3 invisible surging points. He needed to consume 49 leakless fruits to promote to LV 10 from LV 9.

    On December 1, after sitting 11 days consecutively under the small tree, Zhang Tie ate the 48th and the 49th leakless fruit.

    When it was about 12 am at noon, a LV 6 black spider-totem, a LV 7 huge centipede-totem, a LV 8 king snake-totem and a LV 9 bloody scorpion-totem appeared behind him at the same time, which formed a wonder in the sky...

    Zhang Tie didn't know that the moment the battle-qi totems rose behind him, Heller had already waved his hand as the colorful clouds started to cover the entire peak and dozens of square kilometers' land under the peak. As a result, those people in the town could not see clearly what was happening here; neither did they know that the God they worshiped was promoting to LV 10.

    At the sight of the four battle-qi totems behind Zhang Tie, Edward, Agan and Aziz instantly ran over here. Standing outside the range of the small tree with Heller, they watched Zhang Tie with an amazing and admiring look.

    "Heller, what's happening to our master?" Aziz asked.

    Aziz, Edward and Agan were masters in their own lines. However, they had very limited knowledge about other things. Therefore, they could only learn them later on.

    "Castle Lord has officially entered LV 10. This is the symbol of promoting to LV 10, totem digestion..." Heller replied with a satisfactory look.

    Soon after Heller finished his words, the four totems behind Zhang Tie had started to change.

    The huge centipede totem moved like a real one as it engulfed the hell black spider; after that, the king snake swallowed the huge centipede; closely after that, the king snake was eaten by the bloody scorpion, which grew larger at least one time. However, the final winner didn't live longer. It immediately turned into a golden rain of light and poured into Zhang Tie's body from the top of his head.

    Zhang Tie opened his eyes and stood up. His eyes were full of shrewd lights as his bones started to crack like fried beans for about 2 minutes. After that, Zhang Tie rapidly grew over 3 cm higher in the gaze of Heller, Aziz, Agan and Edward.

    Zhang Tie finally understood how it felt to open his qi sea. After lighting 46 invisible surging points, Zhang Tie felt space was opened over there, which covered the Shrine surging point. As a result, the iron-blood battle qi swimming through his body immediately returned to the space of the qi sea and gathered there like it found its home.

    Additionally, the iron-blood battle qi that gathered in the qi sea seemed to be compressed. It was of higher density and greater energy. Moreover, it became more flexible. At this moment, the iron-blood battle qi all over his body integrated into one unity.

    With energy surging and battle qi rising in the qi sea, Zhang Tie became thrilled. At this moment, he finally understood how it felt as a LV 10 strong fighter. What a great, great, great power!

    Zhang Tie couldn't wait to roar. Closely after that, he sprung up from the ground below the small tree. Due to a pair of powerful legs, he could jump over 10 m high in the sky. When he was still in the sky, he punched a 1.7 m thick parasol tree over 20 m away.

    Zhang Tie felt like shooting a cannonball as a red fist being covered with red battle-qi luster flew out as faster as a lightning bolt. In a split second, his fist had struck that parasol tree.

    With a boom, the wood dust flew in all directions from the hard trunk, causing a fist-sized hole through its trunk.

    Before landing on the ground, Zhang Tie had already launched the second round of attack with his foot, while an ax-shape battle qi luster flew out of his foot and hacked onto the ground like a huge ax. As a result, a trough about 1 m long and half a meter deep was left on the ground more than 10 m away.

    After that, Zhang Tie landed on the ground as he burst out into laughter. After so many days of cultivation, he finally felt being confident once again.

    "Congratulations, Castle Lord, you've promoted to LV 10 and stepped onto the road of becoming a powerful person!" Heller walked towards Zhang Tie and suggested, "Castle Lord, do you want to try the javelins?"


    The moment Zhang Tie replied had Agan, Aziz and Edward carried some heavy javelins over here jubilantly with a flattering look.

    Zhang Tie took a heavy javelin and weighed it with his hands. He felt it was as light as a stick of straw. Zhang Tie knew that it was not because the javelin became lighter, but he became stronger.

    The moment Edward and Aziz took the target and ran away had they been stopped by Zhang Tie.

    "No need. There're so many trees here. I can shoot them..."

    Soon after saying this, Zhang Tie had thrown his javelin towards one shagbark more than 400 m away at the foot of the mountain.

    This time, the sonic boom turned lighter. By contrast, when the shagbark was struck, a thunder boom drifted from afar; meanwhile, the entire shagbark was broken into pieces, leaving a huge pit on the ground.

    Zhang Tie was very satisfied with this strike. It was at least two times more effective than that of before. With such a great power, Zhang Tie knew that a LV 11 wing demon would not pose any threat to him anymore.

    Through this advancement, Zhang Tie knew that his battle strength had increased by more than two times. His battle pattern had changed greatly because he could realize battle qi attack without having to touch the opponent now. After promoting to LV 10, he became qualified to cultivate some senior battle skills and martial arts. A wholly new gate was opened to him from then on. Heller was right. This was the start to be a real powerhouse.

    After doing some warm-up, Zhang Tie noticed that the entire mountain was covered by the colorful clouds.

    "Heller, what happened?"

    "Castle Lord, when you promoted to LV 10, there was an abnormal phenomenon. As it was very eye-catching, if those residents in the town saw such a phenomenon which would appear when a commoner promoted to LV 10 on the God's mountain, they might wave their belief. Therefore, I covered that place with colorful clouds!" Heller explained.

    Zhang Tie didn't agree with Heller's deed because he felt that Heller cared too much about their belief. However, as Heller was always meticulous and did this for his sake, Zhang Tie didn't say anything about that.

    If Zhang Tie was a commoner, he must have been very satisfied; however, after being thrilled, Zhang Tie threw his glance towards that small tree once again. The iron-body fruits that he obtained through torture were still hanging over there. Additionally, there were another over 150 leakless fruits. "Compared to having them hang over there, I'd better turn all of those fruits into my battle strength..."
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