Chapter 620: Being a Thunder Hawk

    Chapter 620: Being a Thunder Hawk

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    After being incarnated into a thunder hawk, Zhang Tie felt pretty cool flying in the sky, which could never be matched by a glider or the man-powered plane.

    Thunder hawk was a very fierce mutated LV 1 living being. Its speed and agility in the sky could never be matched by any other birds. As a result, it had no natural enemy in the sky.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt the real freedom in the sky.

    Thunder hawk moved much faster than the man-powered plane or a glider driven by Zhang Tie. However, it was as easy as a commoner taking a walk on the ground for the thunder hawk. It felt no stress at all.

    Flying in the sky, Zhang Tie felt as relaxed as a fish entering the water. He felt pretty relaxed by using the airflow and flapping his wings. Zhang Tie's body was lifted autonomously by the airflow through its feathers without any resistance.

    Although being flying, it was as easy as taking a walk in the wild field for Zhang Tie.

    Although Zhang Tie had tried to incarnate in a thunder hawk many times when he was in Castle of Black Iron these days, the space in Castle of Black Iron was limited compared to the outside. When he exited Castle of Black Iron, he really started to enjoy the flight.

    What Zhang Tie was interested in most was the vision of the thunder hawk. Among all animals, birds had best visions; compared to that of humans, thunder hawk must have a greater vision. When in flight, even if it was in the evening, with the help of a bit moonlight, it could see clearly all the kinds of stuff on the ground. Even a rat in weeds over miles away could not escape away from its eyes.

    Thunder hawk was born with a powerful sharpening effect. Like combining telescope with some special optical imaging instrument, it could see clearly very distant stuff like it was right in front of his eyes. If not Zhang Tie had a dark vision, his natural vision could never match that of a thunder hawk.

    After leaving Ironedge Castle, Zhang Tie used his instinct to fly. He soon arrived at Tokei City.

    The city wall of Tokei City was a bit damaged; however, there were still people inside the city.

    Zhang Tie saw squads of demonized puppets patrolling in the city and various things happening in dark corners.

    In the dark corners, some were doing something after dodging from demonized puppets; some were discussing something in a low voice; some were trading stuff in dim alleys; some women and men were seeking for sharp physical happiness in rooms behind curtains; some were murdering...

    In a dim street in Tokei City, a man got off a carriage. When he was going to open the gate of a residence on the roadside, some humans in masks had sneaked out of the parterre on one side and stabbed into his heart, throat, neck and the place between his chest and abdomen with some pitch-dark daggers at the same time.

    In a split second, the man had been stabbed dozens of times while his fresh blood sprayed over the stages outside the gate.

    The man fell down. Those murderers instantly took his bag away from his hand. Before leaving, they even fumbled over his corpse before disappearing into that dark alley rapidly.

    Before the man was killed, he uttered a miserable shriek, which woke up the person inside the residence. At this moment, the lamp in one room of the residence was turned on...

    When a woman in pajama hurriedly went downstairs and opened the gate with candles in hand, the killers had long escaped over 500 m away.

    Those killers could never imagine that what they had done was captured by a pair of sharp eyes hovering in the sky.

    After escaping 2-3 miles away, the killers slowed down as they entered a slum of slaves. After hiding in a place, they unveiled their masks. They were young men who looked both flurried and excited. They opened the bag and found it was filled with food like bread. They shared the food and left there...

    At the sight of this, Zhang Tie realized that the man being killed ought to be a small figure in the order chain of Senel Clan in Tokei City who had surrendered to Senel Clan and demons. He was followed by some audacious slaves. At the risk of losing their lives, those young men killed him outside the gate of his residence--perhaps for bread or opposing the ruling of Senel Clan and demons.

    It was said that where there was oppression, there would be resistance. It was too normal to see such an event in Tokei City.

    The alleged order of Scala was just not voluntary. It was not the real order. Although it could run bloodily and icily in the daytime, someone would attempt to break it in the evening.

    This order was not real. Demons and Three-eye Association just turned cities into huge prisons and warehouses of fresh human blood and fleshes. In this order, demons were the rulers, those b*stards of Three-eye Association were the managers of the prisons. This was the truth of the alleged order of the new world mentioned by those sc*mbags of Three-eye Association.

    Different view angles indeed led to different feelings. Hovering in the sky, after witnessing various people and this murder, Zhang Tie became enlightened as he instantly saw through the new world's order pursued by Scala and the Three-eye Association.

    After leaving that region, Zhang Tie instantly arrived at the Sun Avenue of Tokei City according to the route in his memory. It was where Senel Clan put him under house arrest several months ago.

    In the sky, he found that manor had been ruined into pieces. Many buildings on the street nearby the manor were damaged. However, the damages were not caused by the alchemist bombs but by another force.

    "What happened?" a whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind, "Someone came here to save me?"

    'Who's that?'

    Zhang Tie started to search above the neighborhood with his sharp eyes. He found a tidy 3 square meters of a hole on the wall and a trace of being ploughed dozens of meters behind the wall.

    "Lan Yunxi?" Not knowing why, at the sight of that trace, Zhang Tie immediately imagined how Lan Yunxi pursed his lips and forcefully pulled the bolt while being surrounded by numerous demonized puppets. Several years ago, Zhang Tie visited where Lan Yunxi fought Zhen powerhouses in Heavenly Cold City. The trace left by that battle was very similar to this one. However, it could not match such a great destructive force. It was caused by Lan Yunxi's battle bow which carried the bloodline power of the ancestors of Huaiyuan Palace...

    It had happened a long time ago. Given the growth of the weeds in the ruins, Zhang Tie realized that it happened even earlier than the attack in Ironedge Castle.

    The moment he thought that Lan Yunxi came here to save him had he felt crying although thunder hawk's eyes couldn't drop tears.

    After knowing that neither Zhang Clan nor Lan Clan would allow Lan Yunxi to deepen in such an adventurous place, Zhang Tie became reassured. After combing with the scene outside the city which had been raided by the human airship troop, Zhang Tie speculated that it was Lan Yunxi who launched the air raid after confirming the threat of gravetower demons outside the city to the allied human forces in the frontline.

    After lighting 1 of the 7 surging points on the heart, Zhang Tie didn't realize that he had become much smarter. His speculation was very close to the fact.

    Zhang Tie continued to hover in the sky above Tokei City and observe this city. With the vision of the thunder hawk, Zhang Tie could see everything wherever he passed by. He felt like watching a huge man-made sand table. He could even see a part of those in windows if there were no curtains.

    Compared to that several months ago, Tokei City looked much more desolate at this moment. All the large-scale demonized puppet camps outside the city were empty. After hovering above there a while, Zhang Tie didn't find any regular demon troop or wing demons at all. It was demonized puppets who maintained order here.

    In this case, Zhang Tie paid special attention to the blocks which had the highest and most luxurious buildings in the south of Tokei City.

    When Zhang Tie was wondering whether there were powerhouses of Senel Clan in Tokei City anymore at this moment, he saw a person among the buildings...

    It was Navas, the sc*mbag.

    Even though Zhang Tie could not see clearly his face in the dark, he could identify the b*stard's figure and his way of walking...
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