Chapter 621: A Great Decline

    Chapter 621: A Great Decline

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    Slightly bending over his body, Navas was holding a fluorescent lamp while his face was as wrinkled as orange peel. It seemed that he was not in a good condition.

    Since he screwed up the stuff in Ironedge Castle several months ago, his position in Senel Clan had encountered a disastrous decline. The golden gate which had opened to him closed up once again. However, he was declined to a lower position, becoming a warehouse keeper of Senel Clan in Tokei City.

    How could a warehouse keeper be as comfortable as a steward of the manor? It was a low-paid position. He was only accompanied by that fluorescent lamp in his hand and that whistle over his neck which could never be blown.

    If it was several months ago, he must be hugging a beautiful female slave on the bed at this moment; however, now, he needed to make an inspection tour alone one time after another. Life became tougher for him.

    "How could they blame me for Zhang Tie's escape..." Navas mumbled to comfort himself as he found nobody nearby. Over the past months, he had been used to mutter to himself, "The one executing the massacre in Tokei City was a knight. The one who saved Selnes Eagle away might also be a knight. Only knights could sneak into Ironedge Castle and take away an alive person from the hidden cell without being found. I'm just a small figure, even if I was on the spot, how could I stop a knight. I've served for Senel Clan over 2 decades. I've always been so loyal to you, how could you treat me this way? When the knight was executing a massacre in Tokei City, weren't you just hiding aside and watching it like me?"

    After realizing the last words were not treacherous, Navas instantly looked around out of confidence. After finding nobody nearby, he muttered some more words as he lifted the fluorescent lamp and checked whether those warehouses had been locked.

    This high-wall courtyard was in the most defensive core area of Tokei City. It was once where Titanic granduke, the ruler of Titanic Duchy met his mistress. Because Titanic granduke had a wife who was jealous and always dispatched killers to kill those who tried to steal his man from him. In order to prevent from being broken in from the outside by force, this courtyard was very hidden being surrounded with the high and thick wall, which brought them a great sense of safety and trust.

    After Titanic Duchy collapsed, precisely after Titanic Duchy fell into the hand of Senel Clan, this place had become a warehouse of Senel Clan.

    When Senel Clan collected all the wealth of the capital of the Titanic Duchy and the most part of the wealth of the country, they had to hide this wealth in hidden places. After filling the warehouse of the bank of Titanic Duchy and the secret warehouses of the Granduke Castle and Senel Clan with wealth, they had to hide the rest in this place where the Titanic granduke met his mistress.

    If it was a southern human settlement which had not collapsed, Navas might be indolent when he was here alone. However, it was in the demon's territory, where he dared not even think about it.

    There were two reasons. First, money and properties were forbidden to circulate in demons' territory. People had to submit in all the money and precious metal. You couldn't buy anything here with money; neither would there be any seller. As long as one was found having money and precious metal, the person would face the death penalty. Second, even if he tried to take something away from here, he could not cross the entire Titanic Duchy and escape to south with those items alone. If he persisted in escaping, he would be the food of those demonized puppets straying in the wild.

    Senel Clan also knew that Navas dared not escape; therefore, they dispatched him here so that he could still do something for the clan.

    At this moment, Navas was dreaming that one day a big figure of Senel Clan could remember his name and dispatch him away from this f*cking place. Meanwhile, he started to admire about that Selnes Eagle who escaped away from his hand.

    "I was told that his aircraft could fly off from any place and maintain a fast speed in the sky. If I could do that..." Navas licked his lips as he exchanged a glance at that locked gate of the warehouse.

    He knew what was in the warehouse. Those items which could not be consumed or traded in demons' territory were very useful to Senel Clan.

    "I was told that Senel Clan members and 'nobles' in other demons' territories were still trading things using this item. Through the relationship and network of Three-eye Association, the items inside this warehouse could still work a lot in the humans' territory and human countries. After forbidding commoners to use and store these items in demons' territory, 'nobles' here could better plunder this wealth."

    After making an inspection tour around the warehouse, Navas didn't find anything abnormal. Therefore, he lifted that fluorescent lamp and went to bed in his own room. He didn't know that a pair of eyes was gazing firmly at him from the sky.

    Zhang Tie was still hovering in the sky. In his eyes, after making an inspection tour around some warehouses, Navas returned to his own room. Soon after that, the fluorescent lamp was turned off, making his room dark.

    This was a hidden place. There's nobody nearby. After observing this place for a while, Zhang Tie confirmed that this was not a trap. Therefore, he sneered and plunged downward.

    The thunder hawk incarnated by Zhang Tie dived so fast. At the beginning, it shot downwards like a bolt; when he was about 50 m away from the ground, Zhang Tie stretched out his wings adroitly. The airflow penetrated through his feathers slowed him down at once. Zhang Tie then glided down silently like a folded paper plane that kids usually played.

    As long as it didn't flap its wings, thunder hawk would not cause any sound in gliding. Even if there was a bit sound, as it was mixed with the wind sound, it could not be easily noticed by people even powerhouses.

    The thunder hawk landed behind parterre which was covered with tidy plants. Several seconds after the thunder hawk entered Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie himself appeared in the shadowy place of the parterre with a killing qi. Watching Navas entering his room less than 20 m away, Zhang Tie could hear how Navas turned over his body on the bed.

    "What a coincidence!" Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could meet Navas after making an inspection tour in Tokei City.

    If not encountered him here, Zhang Tie really didn't have time to revenge him. Even if he wanted to revenge, he would revenge Senel Clan's core members, instead of their lackeys. However, now that he met Navas, Zhang Tie would not pity him. The moment he remembered how cruel punishment had Navas executed on him with a sneer had he felt a killing qi surging in his mind.

    Zhang Tie walked towards Navas' room silently.

    At the front of the room, when Zhang Tie wanted to open the door's lock by battle qi, he found that the door was left open. He didn't know whether it was because of the b*stard's habit or that the b*stard forgot to close it. He just pushed open the door and walked inside.

    "Who's that?" Navas who had not fallen asleep instantly sprung up from bed when he heard the low sound from the door.

    A LV 6 fighter responded very fast at the critical moment, including Navas. Pitifully, his opponent was Zhang Tie.

    With a distance of about 7-8 m, when Navas sprung up from the bed, Zhang Tie had already launched a punch towards him casually.

    As a result, Navas didn't even have a chance to utter a sound before being slapped and fell back on the bed while spitting out a mouth of fresh blood. After that, he didn't move anymore.

    Zhang Tie slowly walked over there.

    Navas had already passed out. After checking him, Zhang Tie found that almost half of Navas' bones had been broken. At this moment, Navas looked pale golden who only had last breath.

    Zhang Tie swore him in a low voice, "F*ck, you b*stard. Aren't you good at torturing people? But I have not realized that you were so fragile when I slapped you several months ago? Why?"

    Zhang Tie remembered that he was just a LV 9 fighter whose battle strength had been sealed and had just lit 34 surging points on his spine when he slapped Navas several months ago; then he realized that he had already lit 125 surging points besides the Shrine surging point and had been a LV 11 5-star battle master; besides, he was cultivating iron-blood fist and 'King Roc Sutra', of course, he felt that Navas became fragile.

    Zhang Tie scratched his head bashfully, "It's not because my opponent became weak, but I became strong. I've not been used to that."

    When Zhang Tie watched Navas for a few seconds, he found Navas tilted his head as black blood flew out of his mouth corner. Navas was dead! He didn't even know who killed him. How pitiful!

    "F*ck!" Zhang Tie swore inside. After staying in Castle of Black Iron several months, he was curious about what happened outside. When Zhang Tie was going to wake Navas up and ask him some questions, he seemed hopeless.

    Zhang Tie then started to look around the room...

    Navas' room was neither simple nor luxurious. The furnishings inside the room were nothing special at all. The moment Zhang Tie saw them had he wanted to leave. However, Zhang Tie's eyes were attracted by one object on the table near his bed's head.

    That was a copper whistle.

    "Whistle?" At the sight of that whistle, Zhang Tie instantly recalled what Navas was doing just now. "It seemed that Navas was making an inspection tour around those rooms with a fluorescent lamp while wearing a whistle over his neck. But what was he doing this for? It's strange. There was nobody else here. Why did he make an inspection tour and serve as a sentry just now?'

    "Is he guarding something here for Senel Clan?"

    The moment such a whim occurred to Zhang Tie had he become spirited, "At least, it won't be a pile of wastes." As long as it could strike and destroy Senel Clan, it would be meaningful for both Zhang Tie and humans in the holy war.

    Zhang Tie then left Navas' room.

    This was also a manor. Being different from other manors, everything in this manor looked a bit low-key.

    There was a big house dozens of meters away from Navas' room. When Zhang Tie came to the front of the big house, he found the gate of this big house was locked. The former windows had been sealed from inside. Zhang Tie attempted to push the door as he found the door was made of metal. it was very heavy. It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that this place was defended so strictly.

    "F*ck!" Zhang Tie swore inside as he became more curious about the items inside the big house.

    If not afraid of making a loud noise, of course Zhang Tie could break it by force. However, as it was deep evening, as long as he made any loud noise, he would attract the attention of others at once. Therefore, he could not break the metal gate by force.

    "What should I do?"

    A whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind as he squatted down in a hidden place outside the house. He took out of a pair of dark tore gloves. After putting them on, he injected his battle qi inside the gloves. After that, he inserted it into that stony wall with his fingers like inserting into a piece of bean curd.

    After deepening the distance of the wall, his fingers touched a layer of steel plate which was even harder than granite. It was not a common steel plate, but an alloy steel plate which was much harder than a common steel plate.

    "There's a layer of high-intensity alloy steel plate inside this wall?" Zhang Tie swore inside as he intensified his strength. He soon tore open a hole on the alloy steel plate. After his entire arm entering it, he suddenly felt no resistance in front of his fingers anymore. Zhang Tie then knew that he had broken through the wall.

    After drawing his arm out of that hole, Zhang Tie disappeared. After a few seconds, a rat appeared in the place where he disappeared. After throwing a glance at that hole, it sneaked inside at once...
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