Chapter 622: A Thorough Cleanup

    Chapter 622: A Thorough Cleanup

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    After entering the house, Zhang Tie came out of Castle of Black Iron and started to look around this place. He then faintly frowned. With the help of his dark vision, he could see everything clearly here.

    It looked like a huge warehouse. There was no furniture or decoration here. In the closely sealed house, Zhang Tie only saw piles of items. Like piles of straws in the open place of rural area, they were covered with a waterproof cloth.

    The waterproof cloths were very new. There was no dust in the sealed house while a carpet was paved on the ground. It seemed that someone lived here before.

    Zhang Tie walked to a pile of objects being covered with a piece of waterproof cloth and unveiled it at once.

    Before unveiling it, Zhang Tie imagined what might be buried beneath there. He thought they were munitions; however, after opening it, he became stunned.

    What in front of him were tidily placed pieces of golden rectangular ingot metal.

    Each piece of those ingot metal was about 40 cm in length,10 cm in width and 7 cm in thickness. At the sight of those golden ingot metal, Zhang Tie felt vacant for 0.5 seconds. He could not believe what he saw. After that, he stretched out his hand and took a piece of an ingot metal.

    It was so heavy. Weak commoners might not take it at all. Weighing it by hand, Zhang Tie knew it was gold for sure.

    The line of letters on the piece of ingot metal also verified his judgment--GOLD, 99.999%, 100 KG.

    Watching the gold ingots as high as his chest, Zhang Tie forcefully swallowed his saliva. Although he didn't know why Senel Clan would place so many golds here, he didn't want to think about it at this moment. What counted at the present was that he needed to take away all of these golds. Even the God would not allow him to leave so many golds alone here.

    "F*ck, if I take away these golds, I will end the capital source of Three-eye Association. I'm contributing to humans in the holy war!" Zhang Tie found a fair reason for himself. After that, he swallowed a mouth of saliva and moved rapidly.

    The moment he touched a piece of gold ingot had he teleported it into Castle of Black Iron. It was time to test Zhang Tie's speed. After making one circle around the pile of gold ingots and touching them with hands, he had teleported all of them into Castle of Black Iron.

    A pile of gold ingots had 8 layers; each layer contained 25 gold ingots; each gold ingot weighed 100 kg. It meant one pile of gold ingots weighed 20,000 kg, namely 20 tons. Each standard gold coin weighed 25 grams. Each tone of gold ingots could be made into 40,000 standard gold coins. That was to say, a pile of gold ingots were worth 800,000 gold coins.

    As Zhang Tie teleported those gold ingots into Castle of Black Iron, he started to calculate the value of each pile of gold ingots rapidly inside.

    After glancing at this warehouse, Zhang Tie found at least 20-30 piles of gold ingots here.

    Zhang Tie flashed across the entire warehouse as fast as how autumn wind swept leaves away from the ground.

    After over 20 minutes, Zhang Tie left that empty warehouse.

    The moment he left this warehouse had he heard some braking sounds of some vehicles outside the gate of the courtyard. After that, over 20 people jumped off the vehicles. The metal soles of their battle shoes touched the slate, causing disordered sounds. After a few seconds, someone opened the gate of the courtyard, causing a cracking sound.

    Zhang Tie hid in the dark. Over 20 tough soldiers rushed in the courtyard. At the sight of the last person, Zhang Tie's pupils shrunk at once.

    That one was Rouben, another son of Koz, the head of Senel Clan. Zhang Tie had seen him twice.

    "Navas, that b*stard. What a crap! With such a loud noise, he's still sleeping like a dead pig. Besides flattering Scala, he's a crap for sure! If not he has served Senel Clan for so many years, I have long thrown him into gravetower demon. Even a puppet soldier is useful than him!" Rouben, who was tall and strong complained when Navas didn't come out to greet him. With a cold harrumph, he instructed a person beside him, "Go wake up Navas!"

    "Yes, sir!" a subordinate immediately trotted towards Navas' room.

    "No need!" Zhang Tie uttered a voice as he walked out of the shadow with a javelin in hand.

    "Who's that?" Rouben roared as he turned around, followed by the other soldiers.

    "Long time no see!" Zhang Tie greeted Rouben with a smile.

    "You..." Rouben's pupils shrunk as he had already identified Zhang Tie. At this moment, although Zhang Tie's hair, eyes and skin had changed colors, he could still be easily identified by those who had seen him before.

    Rouben became stunned for a second. He then revealed an ecstasy. After that, he became solemn and suspicious. He didn't launch an attack right away; neither did he allow his subordinates to launch an attack. Instead, he glittered his eyes and looked around. He wondered whether someone was hiding in the dark, "You were saved away last time. I've not imagined that you could surrender yourself. I think you are not brave to come back alone. I admit that you have sharp throwing skills; however, you're just LV 9, you could at most threaten a LV 10 strong fighter. It's not enough for me. Is there anybody in the dark? Whether the one who saved you is also here. Just show yourself!"

    Watching Rouben's glittering eyes, Zhang Tie knew that this guy was suspicious and meticulous. Only after a few words, he had exposed a lot of things. Zhang Tie wanted to reply, however, a whim occurred to his mind. Therefore, he changed his mind.

    "He, he, of course I dared to come back here alone. Tokei City is not as dangerous as a lion's den. Those who came here along with me would have already shown up if they wanted. Now, they've been destroying your plan. You only need to wait here for a short while, then, you will see them!" Zhang Tie replied calmly.

    As Zhang Tie could imagine, the moment he said these had Ruben revealed a bit panic. However, he recovered his composure soon, "You're really well-informed. I've not imagined that you still have time to pay attention to Tokei City when your defense line in Selnes was going to be collapsed by demonized puppets' corps!"

    "You know better than me how many lackeys of Three-eye Association were hiding in the alliance command. Do you think that all the human powerhouses would follow the order of the alliance command? Since I left here last time, someone had been gazing at Tokei City and Senel Clan." Zhang Tie sneered as he crossed his arms in a pretentious way. He marked 90 points for his own performance inside.

    "Harrumph, so what! Although my father and many powerhouses of Senel Clan are not in Tokei City anymore, you can not destroy our move. Besides me, Senel Clan has just employed an elder for the safety of the airship. He's a knight! The one accompanying you might be a knight at most. Even though he could destroy our airship and prevent us from carrying this wealth away, you could still not take this wealth away!" Speaking of the elder of Senel Clan, Rouben recovered his composure, "If you really want to fight here, there are 500,000 demonized puppets in the city, you will suffer a great loss!"

    Cleverness might overreach itself. Because Zhang Tie looked too calm and confident, Rouben preset a premise that Zhang Tie could not come here alone. With a few words, he had exposed a lot of information to Zhang Tie, which made Zhang Tie's heart race.

    Humans' defense line in Selnes would collapse soon.

    Most of elites and powerhouses of Senel Clan had already left Tokei City, leaving only two powerhouses in Tokei City, Rouben and an elder of Senel Clan.

    Tonight, Senel Clan seemed to be ready for carrying some wealth that they plundered in Titanic Duchy to somewhere else.

    After thinking for a few seconds, Zhang Tie revealed a smile, "Thanks for telling me so many information!"

    "What do you mean?" Rouben changed his face.

    "I mean you can die!"

    Soon after saying these words had Zhang Tie thrown out that javelin.

    That javelin carried both Zhang Tie's terrifying strength and his iron-blood battle qi. This was a skill that Zhang Tie developed over these months. Zhang Tie found that if he could wrap the javelin with his battle qi, he could not only make the javelin more destructive but also make a lower sound in the flight. Being wrapped by iron-blood battle qi, javelin would not cause sharp sound in the air anymore; instead, it became as tender as a bumble breaking apart in water.

    Rouben had been ready to dodge and defend from Zhang Tie's javelin. The moment Zhang Tie moved had he moved too. He instantly changed his positions while being ready to release his battle-qi totem as a warning...

    He wanted to lock Zhang Tie's javelin; however, he found that Zhang Tie's javelin could not be sensed at all the moment it left Zhang Tie's hand. After being shocked inside, he knew what did this mean...

    "Impossible, I'm already LV 12..." the last whim occurred to Rouben's mind.

    Rouben's body exploded into the bloody mist, closely followed by a low sound in the air...

    Zhang Tie flashed his movements and launched over 20 punches in a split second, exploding all the soldiers of Senel Clan who followed Rouben in at once.

    In a second, with the coordination of javelin and iron-blood fist, Zhang Tie cleared the spot.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie realized how powerful he was. Before the bloody mist of Rouben's body completely faded away, Zhang Tie had already darted out of the courtyard and killed the other soldiers in a truck. None of them could send any warning since the beginning.

    The entire courtyard recovered to its tranquility. Besides the corpses and blood all over the ground, nobody else had come here.

    After making an arrangement, Zhang Tie incarnated into that thunder hawk and rushed into the sky. He headed for a place outside the city in the north. Zhang Tie remembered that there was an airship base over there. There were still 4 large battle airships over there. This was the only place where airships were available across the city.

    When Zhang Tie was hovering in the sky, he had already seen this airship base; however, it was out of his imagination that Senel Clan would carry the wealth of Titanic Duchy to somewhere else.

    From thousands of meters high, Zhang Tie observed the airships. Only after hovering there a short while, he had already seen a big blazing fire burning in the place in Tokei City where he came from.

    In less than 3 minutes, Zhang Tie saw a person flashing towards Tokei City like a meteor.

    It was estimated that that person would not come back until 7-8 minutes later. Therefore, Zhang Tie dived downwards like lightning bolt and landed on the empty deck of an airship...

    In a blink of an eye, his incarnation returned to Castle of Black Iron while Zhang Tie's real body flashed out. He then darted towards the freight cabin at the bottom of the airship. At this moment, Zhang Tie had already exploded his maximal speed and battle strength. On the way there, he met some small figures. Like a wind blowing by, Zhang Tie casually killed all of them without even seeing them clearly.

    Only after dozens of seconds, Zhang Tie had already reached the freight cabin at the bottom of the airship. After breaking the hatch into pieces with one punch, he saw a lot of crates in front of him.

    Zhang Tie didn't even check what was inside the crates. With a gust of wind blowing by, he touched all the crates and teleported all of them into Castle of Black Iron. When he did that, he sprayed a large volume of kerosene over there...

    It took Zhang Tie less than 1. 5 minutes to plunder this airship. After rushing out of this airship, he darted into the second airship on its side.

    All those trying to prevent Zhang Tie were fighters below LV 9. They were too weak in front of Zhang Tie.

    After 5 minutes, Zhang Tie directly broke out of a wall of the freight cabin at the bottom of the 4th airship. After that, he flashed around the four airships and set blazing fires on them. After sweeping the 4 airships, Zhang Tie directly burned all the corpses along with his traces...

    At this moment, that person who left here just now had already realized that something was wrong here. He accelerated towards here, causing a terrifying sonic boom in the air.

    After hearing that wuthering sound and how fast it was heading towards him, Zhang Tie became scared. The sound moving speed was at least 2 or 3 times than that he could imagine. Zhang Tie then realized the power of a knight. He hurriedly rushed towards the woods beside the burning airships.

    When the wuthering sound was close to the airship base, many birds were so flurried that they flew off. Zhang Tie also entered Castle of Black Iron and the thunder hawk flew together with those birds...

    After Zhang Tie disappeared less than half a minute, a frame with unrivaled killing qi and a terrifying power had flashed by Zhang Tie's feet like a blazing fire. Zhang Tie was so scared that he oozed sweat all over.

    After doing this, Zhang Tie did not dare to stay in Tokei City anymore; instead, he directly headed for Selnes Theater of Operations in the south...
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