Chapter 623: Zhang Ties Creed

    Chapter 623: Zhang Tie's Creed

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    When a pinpoint of light appeared in the eastern sky, Zhang Tie had already flown over 3 hours. Tokei City had been lagged far behind by him. Thunder hawk moved so fast that Zhang Tie felt that he had already flown over 1000 mile while numerous mountains, rivers and cities had been lagged behind.

    No matter how great the elder of Senel Clan was, he could not catch up with Zhang Tie anymore, even though he changed his direction and flew towards the south. After leaving Tokei City, Zhang Tie didn't just keep flying forward. He even changed his route twice on the way. No matter what, as it was in the sky, his move would not be influenced. Zhang Tie preferred to fly above the high and rugged mountains, and great rivers, where his enemy would not choose to chase after him on the ground.

    It was the first time for Zhang Tie to 'fight' knights. After Zhang Tie left Tokei City a long time, that terrifying figure who looked like a blazing fire still made Zhang Tie scared. If he was one minute late or he was not able to use his incarnation, he would be in a big trouble.

    The knight moved so fast. Especially when he found that he was cheated and returned from Tokei City to the airship base, his speed was much faster than Zhang Tie's thunder hawk. He was not running on the ground anymore; but flying in the air. Leaning forward, he was flying like a blazing meteor at about 100 m above the ground.

    'Was that the ability of a knight?' Although he had witnessed how the Star and Moon Sword Sage used the same ability, at the sight of this ability used by his enemy, Zhang Tie was still shocked too much. He also understood the great gap between him and a knight. Zhang Tie recovered his composure once again although he could easily kill a LV 12 elite of Senel Clan.

    'The path ahead is still long. I'm not unrivaled now. Therefore, I should not be puzzled by the current triumph. Life is the most precious, battle strength is the most reliable, freedom counts the most.' Zhang Tie warned himself inside. 'The reason that I succeeded this time is not that I have an overwhelming battle strength; but I'm a free man. In that free state, I could exert my ability to the utmost. Therefore, I could destroy the plan of Senel Clan and do what others could not do.'

    'What if this move was arranged by the alliance command?'

    'Needless to say, that would be another trap for sure. Even If a knight was dispatched to join the move together with me, that knight might be killed too.' After experiencing the alchemists' bomb attack in Ice and Snow Wilderness, Zhang Tie knew that even a powerful knight would fall into the trap which was delicately designed by others and might lose his life.

    'Only when your enemy doesn't know about your next plan would it be the greatest guarantee for your safety. Additionally, the alleged "unrivaled" person could not defeat everyone else. You only need to defeat the one that you're going to face.'

    Although Zhang Tie recovered his composure, he didn't look down upon himself; instead, he saw clearly his own advantage and ability. What he did several hours ago might not be matched by any elder of Huaiyuan Palace. Therefore, although the battle strength and ability were important, it was more important if you choose the proper means to exert your battle strength and ability to the utmost at a proper time and a proper place.

    This time, Zhang Tie saw clearly his advantage and his battle style. Being mysterious; dodge from the opponent's strength and strike their shortcomings; dodge from the powerhouse and strike weak ones; seize all the opportunities to strike the enemy and leave right away; never leave any chance to the opponent's powerhouse to catch; take the priority of the battle at any time.

    By contrast, he would never strike the enemy using his small figure in the air, falling into the enemy's trap and almost lose his life like before.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that he had gradually established a firm and powerful personal creed after a year of experience in Selnes Theater of Operations. This creed would influence the rest of his life.

    Zhang Tie concluded this creed in one sentence at the cost of his fresh blood, even life on the battlefield.

    --Without taking the priority, I would never join the battle.


    After flying 3-4 hours, Zhang Tie finally arrived at the hinterland of Titanic Duchy. This place was over 1000 miles away from Selnes Theater of Operations. Although Zhang Tie didn't feel tired, he didn't intend to fly ahead anymore.

    'No matter how the battle situation develops in the frontline of Selnes Theater of Operations, it won't work if I just break in.' Before entering Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie intended to count what he had achieved in Tokei City.

    After making a cool plunder, he was busy escaping; therefore, Zhang Tie didn't have time to check what he had gotten from the freight cabins at the bottom of the airships at all. Thinking of those locked crates, anybody would be restless, including Zhang Tie...

    'After robbing the human clans of Three-eye Association, of course, I will check what I've gotten.'

    It was wild below. After noticing a hidden concave cliff cave in the middle of a steep mountain peak where the thunder hawk could rest in, Zhang Tie spiraled down there.

    There were a pine tree and some weeds outside the cliff cave. It was very clean inside the cliff cave as no boa was inside. It was about 2 m deep. Zhang Tie flapped his wings and landed outside the cave. After that, he entered it. Closely after that, he entered Castle of Black Iron.

    After the thunder hawk entered Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie's consciousness and senses returned to his own body.

    After opening his eyes, Zhang Tie, with his legs crossed, found that thunder hawk was standing beside him as it was rubbing his thigh with its beak in a very intimate way, causing a light, cracking sound.

    While using soul-based animal controlling skill, the consciousness and senses of the animal which Zhang Tie incarnated in was like in a deep sleep. The animal didn't know what its body was doing at all. Only after Zhang Tie relieved that state could the animal recovered its consciousness and senses. Because of the special connection between consciousness and Great Wilderness Seals, after the animal woke up, it would be very intimate with the executor like the latter's loyal pet.

    Zhang Tie smiled as he touched the thunder hawk's head. He then picked himself up. Seeing Zhang Tie standing up, that thunder hawk also flapped its wings and jumped up. It wanted to stand onto Zhang Tie's hand. Zhang Tie then stretched out his arm and allowed it to stand on. After flapping its wings twice, the thunder hawk found its balance.

    At this moment, Aziz and Heller walked over here together. Aziz was even holding that rat which Zhang Tie had incarnated before. At the sight of the thunder hawk on Zhang Tie's hand, the rat was so scared that it quivered and hid into Aziz's sleeve at once. It didn't dare to come out anymore. That thunder hawk flapped its wings to show its power before croaking twice.

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter as he flicked the thunder hawk's head slightly with one finger, "You cannot eat it, it saved my life before; additionally, it also made meritorious deed today. If you are hungry, you can go to him, he will give you something to eat!"

    The thunder hawk croaked and flapped its wings twice more as if it had understood Zhang Tie's meaning.

    Although it couldn't eat the rat, the thunder hawk was eating the flesh of the huge deep-sea monster these days. The flesh was so yummy for the thunder hawk. Additionally, it could increase the thunder hawk's physical strength. Besides, the thunder hawk could enjoy one vial of all-purpose medicament everyday. Such a treatment was already extremely luxurious for a bird.

    Aziz raised his arm as he always did that. The thunder hawk then jumped onto Aziz's shoulder from Zhang Tie's hand and stood well there. In Castle of Black Iron, Aziz was qualified as a zoologist. Therefore, he was responsible for taking care of the two pets. Seeing the thunder hawk jumping over here, the rat dared not stay in Aziz's sleeve anymore; it sneaked out of Aziz's sleeve. It planned to go for Zhang Tie; however, after hearing the thunder hawk's unpleasant croak, it hurriedly changed its direction and drilled into the patch of strawberry land which was growing so vigorously. It dared not come out of there any longer.

    "These little guys are so cute!"

    "Castle Lord, do you want to see what are inside those crates?" Heller asked.

    "Heller, you know me so well." Zhang Tie nodded, "Have you seen them, what are they?"

    "I know what were they the moment they entered Castle of Black Iron. However, Castle Lord, if you could open them by yourself; you would have a greater sense of achievement!" Heller revealed a smile.

    "Fine, I will take a look then..." Zhang Tie replied happily.
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