Chapter 624: A Great Achievement

    Chapter 624: A Great Achievement

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    There was a huge hollow in the middle of that sacred mountain in Castle of Black Iron. According to Heller, he renovated this place into a huge warehouse lest waste in basic energy storage.

    Honestly, after Heller accomplished this space and topographical renovation, the basic energy storage of Castle of Black Iron almost used up. As a result, Zhang Tie had to carry the heavy responsibility to expand the basic energy storage for Castle of Black Iron.

    Those items that Zhang Tie plundered from Tokei City were all in the hinterland of the sacred mountain.

    The entrance of the hinterland of the mountain was in the north at the top of the mountain. There was a stony gate. After entering the gate, Zhang Tie stepped onto the tidy stages while the path was bright because of the fluorescent belts on both sides of the staircase. He seemed to enter a delicate, fantastic basement. The space and topographic renovation capability of Castle of Black Iron was really marvelous. Who could imagine that all these were natural, especially the natural fluorescent belts on both sides of the aisle? In Zhang Tie's opinion, this was a fabulous, unforgettable setting.

    Walking on the tidy stages, a whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind as he asked Heller, "Heller, can we make a castle on the top of the mountain using the space and topographic renovation ability of Castle of Black Iron? I mean to grow a castle or a palace here?"

    "Of course, Castle Lord!" Heller watched the stages as he replied, "With the capability of Castle of Black Iron, we can form the complete main structure of a castle or a palace. Except for the furniture and mobile windows and doors which requires us to manufacture and install with hands, all the fixed parts could be formed by the capability of space and topographic renovation. Additionally, we could choose many kinds of building materials. It's much more convenient than concrete, stones and steel products!"

    "That's great!" Zhang Tie exclaimed, "Don't you feel it becoming crowded on the top of the mountain, I'm afraid that very few people could be held here!"

    Those buildings on the top of the mountain were portable dwellings that Zhang Tie left when in Castle of Black Iron, which remained unchanged these years.

    "Castle Lord, do you want to take some more people in?"

    "Hmm, maybe!" Zhang Tie replied briefly. Zhang Tie estimated that he might have babies now.

    "Castle Lord, as long as you could provide sufficient energy storage and merit values, you can build castle and palace in a split second. You've gotten enough merit values; however, you lack basic energy storage." Heller replied.

    "What are my merit values now?" Zhang Tie asked Heller as he had not paid attention to his merit values for a long time.

    "3287790" Heller told him a tremendous figure.

    "Ah? How could it be so much?" Zhang Tie became stunned.

    "Castle Lord, you saved tens of thousands of human captives from the underground space of Misty Moon Woods to Castle of Black iron lest they were killed. Therefore, you obtained over 1 million merit values. Plus those you've achieved over the past one year by killing demons in Selnes Theater of Operations!"

    After being conscious of his merit values, Zhang Tie continued, "How much basic energy storage do we need to accomplish one building?'

    "It depends on your demand, my lord. Of course, the more, the better. If you have sufficient basic energy storage, you will have more choices. You can build and form more objects and main structures of buildings!"

    Zhang Tie nodded and became silent. He started to imagine what a kind of building to build on the top of the mountain. Curiously, he didn't have such a thought before. However, he became more desirable about this idea now.

    Zhang Tie thought that this might because that he was going to be a dad of some babies.

    When a man was going to be a father, he would change his ideas greatly. Take Zhang Tie as an instance, previously, he felt it comfortable to live in here alone. Nevertheless, he realized that it was a bit crowded here.

    'If some relatives or friends came in, where would they live? It's such a chaotic world. My family members might seek a shelter in Castle of Black Iron at any time. As a man, I should make more preparations for the safety of my family members when their settlement is afflicted by the holy war.' Zhang Tie bore this idea in mind.

    'When I escaped from Senel Clan's prison last time, I touched my elder brother. At that time, elder brother and the other family members have already arrived at Yingzhou State, one of the 72 states of Eastern Continent, safe and sound. They have already settled down basically.'

    Fiona, Linda and Beverly were good. Because they had been pregnant, they were not suitable to move frequently. Under the suggestion of Zhang Tie's dad and mom, the elder brother was buying real estate in Yingzhou. They prepared to settle in Yingzhou first and got used to the folklore of Taixia Country in the Eastern Continent. They would not consider transferring to proper places until the three babies of Zhang Tie came to this world.

    Being different from all the other newborn babies, the moment the 3 babies of Zhang Tie came to this world would they awaken 2 ancestral bloodlines. They had to stay 12 months in their mom's wombs before coming to this world while other babies only needed to stay 10 months. According to Zhang Tie's calculation, the three babies might be delivered these couple of days.

    Zhang Tie had already mentioned the peculiarities of the three babies to his elder brother faintly and had his elder brother tell their mom and dad about that. They didn't need to make any precautions when the babies were only 10 months old in their mothers' wombs in case of mistakes.


    After a few steps, Zhang Tie and Heller came to the hinterland of the mountain. Besides several piles of hill-like gold ingots, there were thousands of crates, big or small.

    Those crates didn't have locks; instead, there was a mobile lock catch out of each crate, which could be opened without keys. Zhang Tie came to the front of one crate. After rapidly opening the lock catch of the crate, he opened its lid right away.

    The moment he opened the lid had his face been reflected by brilliance under the light of the two circles of fluorescent stone belts in the middle of the hinterland.

    'F*ck...' Zhang Tie swore inside.

    The crate was filled with resplendent pure blue stones. Zhang Tie put one hand into that pile of stones and scooped out some of them. He found each of them was as large as a pigeon's egg while shining fascinating brilliance. Zhang Tie had them slide off his fingers, causing cracking sounds.

    "Is...this blue crystal?" Zhang Tie asked Heller as he swallowed his saliva.

    "No, these are high-quality sapphires." Heller replied calmly.

    Although the prices of many gemstones were cheaper than that before the Catastrophe due to humans' development to the crustal layer, although Zhang Tie knew that Titanic Duchy was abundant with some gemstones, for commoners, gemstones, especially high-quality jewels were still expensive. Their prices were far higher than that of gold. In the hand of an alchemist, these gemstones would exert greater effects.

    Zhang Tie realized that one crate of jewels was worth at least 1 million gold coins.

    Zhang Tie became thrilled. He opened all the other crates one after another. There were over 20 crates of sapphires, some crates of rubies, one crate of diamonds which were more expensive, one crate of Alexandrites, one crate of cat's eye gems and one crate of variegated gemstones. Since he was born, Zhang Tie had never seen so many crates of gemstones.

    Besides those gemstones, Zhang Tie saw crates of colorful class VI pyramid-sized crystals and the most precious black crystals.

    After crystals, he saw hundreds of crates full of well-sealed gold coins. Zhang Tie was shocked by so many gold coins. After being told that the crates were all filled with gold coins, Zhang Tie directly walked over.

    After gold coins, he saw crates of colorful jewels and a crate of emeralds.

    Behind those jewels were some small crates, each of which was about 1 cubic meters. Zhang Tie opened one of them and found it was filled with silver bars as long as 10 cm. He then became stunned.

    "Why do they have silver bars here? These silver bars are valueless. Why do they put them in crates?" Zhang Tie became puzzled.

    "Castle Lord, you might know the reason when you take them!" Heller suggested.

    Zhang Tie threw a glance at Heller. The moment he took the silver bar had he been shocked. The silver bar was even heavier than the gold of the same volume.

    "Ah? But why?"

    "This is mithril, a more expensive item which could only be exploited in extreme depth. Castle Lord, you had a rune finger ring made of mithril before. It was your booty from the battlefield. Later on, you sold it in an auction house of Kalur."

    After being reminded by Heller, Zhang Tie remembered it, "Mithril is indeed rarer than gold. The small rune finger ring made of mithril brought me a lot of money."

    This crate of mithril might be more valuable than the crate of sapphires.


    After that, Zhang Tie opened another different crate and found it was filled with gold checks of different par values from Golden Roc Bank. The minimal par value was 500 gold coins while the maximal par value was 10,000 gold coins. Watching those gold checks, Zhang Tie became so excited that he widely opened his mouth.

    "F*ck, have all the wealth of Titanic Duchy been plundered by Senel Clan?"

    Zhang Tie was right.

    Almost all the wealth that Titanic Duchy had accumulated for hundreds of years and those properties which could not be removed by rich people in the country after the holy war broke out and commoners' savings had fallen into Senel Clan's hand.


    "In a conclusion, you got 540 tons of golds, 14.68 million gold coins, gold checks which were worth 47.6 million gold coins, over 600 crates of colorful gemstones, jewels and noble metals. Those golds, gold coins and gold checks were worth 83.88 million gold coins in total while those gemstones, gemstones and mithril which could not be cashed were worth at least 0.13 billion gold coins. As the holy war continued, those items would have a big appreciation space."

    Hearing Heller's report, Zhang Tie understood that people would be rich after plundering while the horse would grow fatter after eating grass at night. "Through this plunder, I became a billionaire."

    After losing so much wealth suddenly, Senel Clan felt dropping a big piece of bloody flesh. It was a great strike to Senel Clan. Three-eye Association would not develop their forces or harm humans with this wealth. This was also a contribution to humans' side in the holy war. As long as it could weaken the enemy's forces, it would be good to humans.

    With such a harvest, Zhang Tie further confirmed his path in the future. Zhang Tie was aware that if he was still following others' order in Selnes Theater of Operations, he would never have made such an achievement.

    After returning to the top of the mountain from the hinterland, Zhang Tie obtained two gifts from the small tree: one fruit of brilliance, one fruit of judgment.

    The fruit of brilliance contained the spiritual energy of Rouben and the other b*stards whom Zhang Tie had killed. After eating this fruit of brilliance, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy boomed.

    By contrast, the fruit of judgment didn't gift Zhang Tie any new item; but a promotion of a god's rune skill. After eating that fruit of judgment, Zhang Tie successfully promoted his binding skill to medium level, which indicated a great effect.

    Medium binding skill could attack LV 8 enemy instead of LV 7 at most. All the targets being not higher than LV 8 could not escape from medium binding skills.

    Besides attacking higher level targets, Zhang Tie's binding chains also increased their maximal storage number from 18 to 27 and their attacking radium from 52 cm to 62 cm. This indicated that the overall battle strength of the skill had promoted to a new height.


    After eating the two fruits, Zhang Tie understood that as long as he chose the right position, he could give a great blow to those b*stards of Three-eye Association. Even If he could not plunder wealth from them; after killing them, he could also increase his battle strength greatly and obtain merit values and all sorts of fruits...

    'Which one first, return to Selnes Theater of Operations or seek for the next opportunity to strike Three-eye Association and Senel Clan in Titanic Duchy?' Zhang Tie thought for a short while before making the final determination--go back to Selnes Theater of Operations to check the situation of Lan Yunxi and those guys of the Idiots...

    After staying 4-5 hours in Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie flew off the cliff cave in the incarnation of the thunder hawk once again...
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