Chapter 626: What a Massacre!

    Chapter 626: What a Massacre!

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    After frequently changing his body, Zhang Tie could use soul-based animal controlling skill much faster and more easily. Almost the moment the thunder hawk landed in the weeds had Zhang Tie's real body reappeared.

    It was like that the thunder hawk abruptly turned into a person the moment it landed in the weeds. It was fantastic and shocking. In the eyes of the onlookers, Zhang Tie was almost like a witch or monster who could transform into all kinds of animals in a blink of an eye, which made them awe-stricken.

    Zhang Tie reappeared in the look of Peter Hamplester. At this time, Zhang Tie was like a pioneer who was wearing a pair of half-metal battle boots and a suite of leather armors. Zhang Tie carried a special battle equipment on his back, which was a special metal weapon rack which contained a lot of shiny huge double-bladed axes.

    He was also holding two huge double-bladed axes in hands. He obtained all of these weapons from Zhen Clan.

    Each huge ax weighed about 60 kg. The double blades were as broad as full moons while the handle was very short. This was a super heavy boomerang. Although it was super heavy for others, it was as light as a wooden stick for Zhang Tie.

    The moment he came out of Castle of Black Iron had Zhang Tie rushed towards the place over 500 m away as fast as wind with huge axes like two open lowered-wings.

    The moonlights sprayed onto the blades like water, reflecting two chilly lights in the shape of crescents.

    Zhang Tie ran rapidly. Everywhere he passed by, the weeds as high as his chest would be split open like waves. At the same time, the sharp blades drew over weeds, causing them to fly in all directions. Everywhere Zhang Tie passed by would be like a wave. Watching it from the sky, it was like a bolt shot by Zhang Tie, which flew all the way towards the two parties who were fighting in the distance. In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie had narrowed the distance to about 200 m.


    "We can not escape like this. Brothers of Battalion One, stay with me to stop the demonized puppets. The other brothers, go away as fast as possible. If you could return alive, remember to tell my son that his dad walked out of the armored vehicles and combated to death. We armored units are not as timid as rabbits. After leaving armored vehicles, we can still kill those sons of b*tches...!" A tough man who was covered with blood exclaimed as he stopped and rushed back towards those demonized puppets.

    "Regimental commander..." those fighters beside this man exclaimed. After hearing this man's order, one-third of those who were escaping stopped at once and rushed back towards those demonized puppets who outnumbered them evidently.

    Numerous fighters dropped off tears. Besides fighters of battalion one, more people rushed back towards those demonized puppets resolutely. In the end, nobody continued to escape anymore. All of them rushed backward towards those demonized puppets.

    "Asshole, Aars, take away with brothers of battalion two and battalion three..." The regimental commander who turned back first yelled at a commission officer who followed him back.

    "Boss, we've been used to assault the enemy together with you. Just let us do it once more..."

    After knowing that all the brothers would like to fight demonized puppets together with him, the tough man who turned back first dropped off tears from his fierce eyes. Without saying anything, he instantly rushed ahead of the team and stabbed his short sword into a demonized puppet's eye. After a slight prick, he had cracked its head while a disgusting worm which looked like an octopus fell down the ground and started to creep there. That man stamped it into pieces using his battle boots...

    When one party didn't escape, the two teams collided in a split second.

    The human fighters were also holding short swords which were longer than 30 cm. Therefore, they were not in the advantageous position with this kind of weapon. Unless they could chop off demonized puppets' heads or stab their short swords into the heads of demonized puppets, common wounds could never affect demonized puppets' movements.

    The moment they collided with each other, all the human fighters had already been in a fierce combat.

    Glaring at the grim faces of those demonized puppets which were many times more than the population of theirs, all the human fighters thought that they were doomed to die this time.

    However, at this moment, two moons flew over...

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's flying double axes, they indeed had such an illusion that two moons were flying over. Because the shiny blades became shiny disks due to the fast speed under the moonlight. The path that the disks flew by was like a light band.

    When the two moons flew over, they shattered all the weeds in front of them. After that, they flashed into a lot of demonized puppets, shattering the ferocious demonized puppets like shattering weeds. As a result, demonized puppets' fleshes flew in all directions. After crushing out two dozens of meters long bloody paths among the troop of demonized puppets, the two disks made a turn and flew back after drawing a curve. Wherever they passed by, they had left a lane of blood and fleshes composed of the corpses of demonized puppets...

    In the blink of an eye, more than 60 demonized puppets had fallen down.

    At the sight of this, all the human fighters became dumbfounded.

    However, what was more shocking was coming.

    When Zhang Tie arrived there, he forcefully patted his back while the huge battle equipment which looked like a metal shell uttered a light "crack". At the same time, 7 shiny huge axes appeared on his back like how peacock flaunted its tail. Zhang Tie put his hands over his shoulders and grasped other huge axes. Closely after that, two more moons rose in the air and flew towards those demonized puppets.

    After the two moons flew out, the first two moons returned to Zhang Tie's back like spiritual living beings after crushing out another two bloody paths.

    When all the fighters were concerned that Zhang Tie would be injured by the two disks, Zhang Tie just gave a slight push, shooting out the two disks towards another two directions in a more ferocious way, shattering all the demonized puppets' bodies on the way.

    All the human fighters could hear the muffled humming sound when Zhang Tie put his hands on the disks. When those human fighters being close to Zhang Tie heard this sound, they felt like vomiting...

    In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie had thrown out 7 huge axes from his back. Plus the first two axes that he threw out, 9 moons were surrounding Zhang Tie while each of them drew an illusory light belt...

    Those sharp moons carried terrifying momentum. Everywhere they passed by, they would spray demonized puppets' fresh blood like rain, their heads flew off from their necks and fell down the ground. Any objects in front of those moons would be broken or shattered, demonized puppet's bodies or their weapons...

    Those moons were also as agile as dancing butterflies under the moonlight and seeking for brilliant flowers of blood. They were extremely fast and untouchable. They flew everywhere in all directions before coming back to their owner. After obtaining their owner's praise and touch, they flew off out of excitement once again...

    After Zhang Tie arrived here, he emancipated all the human fighters from the battle. Everybody just stared at him with widely opened eyes like being obsessed with ghosts. Just now, these human fighters felt that they would almost die. As for them, they had to face too many demonized puppets that they didn't have any chance to win. After Zhang Tie arrived, all the human fighters felt that those demonized puppets were surrounded by this man at once. It sounded unimaginable that a person surrounded by 1,000 demonized puppets. Nevertheless, it was how they felt at this moment. It was more than an art master displaying his top-notch art and innovation in front of them than a battle.

    Under the moonlights, Zhang Tie was wandering casually in the weeds which were covered with the fresh blood of demonized puppets like an immortal man walking in the air. 9 moons rose and fell constantly, tearing the dark apart.

    After a while, long or short, when the onlookers recovered their composure, they noticed the dark had dissipated.

    "Ah, watch out your back..."

    When Zhang Tie walked towards those human fighters, the regimental commander suddenly exclaimed as a demonized puppet who had lost one arm and the greater part of one shoulder with most of its innards exposing to the air was standing up behind Zhang Tie's and was going to stab into Zhang Tie's back by its long sword. At the sight of this scene, all the human fighters' heart raced.

    However, the fact was everybody's concern was needless.

    Before it could stab Zhang Tie's back with its weapon, 2 moons flew towards that demonized puppet from its back, chopping off its head and breaking its waist at once. As a result, its body was split into three parts. Zhang Tie didn't even look back as he stretched out his hands. The two moons then fell back into his hands, showing their original looks.

    At the sight of this scene, all the fighters, including that regimental commander forcefully swallowed a mouth of saliva as they felt their throats dry. Until then, there were still some who rubbed their eyes and couldn't believe what they saw. "How could one person exterminate over 1,000 demonized puppets so quickly?"

    After staying in Selnes Theater of Operations so long, they had seen many powerhouses; however, it was really their first time to see a powerhouse like Zhang Tie, who could kill so many demonized puppets so easily without even having his hands been polluted with blood.

    The double axes in his hands were still as shiny and sharp as new ones. However, there was no blood on them at all. Zhang Tie sighed with emotions inside, 'These weapons might be imported from Huaiyuan Palace or the Eastern Continent by Zhen Clan. It should be made of an advanced alloy.'

    With a "cracking" sound, Zhang Tie inserted two huge axes back into the equipment on his back. The 9 huge axes on his back really looked like how a peacock flaunted its tail. Such an exaggerating shape might be mocked by people in daily lives; however, at this moment, those human fighters only felt it pretty magnificent and cool.

    As Zhang Tie gradually walked towards them, those axes on his back had been put away in the metal shell. Until then did those human fighters who had been pulled back from the hell by Zhang Tie realize what happened. They hurriedly walked towards Zhang Tie and surrounded him while throwing their admiring and appreciative looks towards Zhang Tie.

    "Your Excellency, thanks for your help. Otherwise, we might have been dead!" That regimental commander appreciated Zhang Tie after making a solemn salute to him.

    Until then did Zhang Tie find the collar badge of this regimental commander was familiar. He remembered that Reinhardt wore the same collar badge. Of course, these people's uniforms were a bit different than that of Reinhardt. They might have belonged to different arms of services.

    "You are from Iron Plough Corps, North Border Military Region, Norman Empire?" Zhang Tie asked.

    After Zhang Tie identified the designation of their corps, all the human fighters became shocked faintly while that regimental commander raised his chest at once, "Yup, we belong to No. 107 Heavy-armored Unit of Iron Plough Corps, North Border Military Region, Norman Empire!"

    After hearing his reply, Zhang Tie revealed a smile, 'I've not imagined that I could meet brothers from Norman Empire. But it's not strange. As Norman Empire had dispatched 3 trump-card ground corps here, which almost occupied 1/4 of the total ground troops in Selnes frontline', "Do you know Reinhardt?"

    "Ah? You know Colonel Reinhardt?" The lieutenant colonel revealed a strange look.

    "We're good friends!"

    Soon after Zhang Tie finished his words had he felt that the surrounding fighters changed their looks. Many of them revealed a big smile like seeing their brothers.

    "Great..." that regimental commander revealed a big smile at once.

    "Oh, why are you here?"

    "It's a long story..."

    "Are you going back to Mocco City?"


    "Come on, I'm also going there!"
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