Chapter 633: The Birth of Immortal Bloodline (II)

    Chapter 633: The Birth of Immortal Bloodline (II)

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    It would take commoners about 10 months to come to the world; however, it took Zhang Tie's three wives about 12 months to deliver the babies. This was what Zhang Ping was always concerned about. He was afraid that something was wrong with the babies in the wombs of their mothers. If it happened to commoners, the fetuses probably had been dead or have problems in development

    If they had not invited a lot of prestigious doctors to check the pulses and learned that the fetuses were normal plus Zhang Tie's reminder in advance, Zhang Tie's family members might have had Linda, Beverly and Fiona to do cesarean section two months ago.

    At this moment, after hearing the first especially loud cry of the baby, Zhang Ping finally looked relaxed. However, closely after that, he heard the doctor and those women's exclamations, therefore, he became startled at once. He thought that something bad happened as he almost broke inside the room.

    Zhang Tie's dad didn't break in; instead, he just drew closer to the door in a flurried way and asked loudly and intensely, "Is everything all right inside?"

    Until a few seconds later did Zhang Tie's mom try her best to reply calmly, "It's all right...Linda delivered a boy. Mom and baby are both safe..."

    "Nice to hear that!" Zhang Tie's dad recovered his composure at once.

    Zhang Yang also stood outside the door in an intense way. After eating Zhang Tie's fruit of plunder, Zhang Yang had already been an orange-robed pharmacist. As a pharmacist who could identify about 1,000 medicines and raw materials by the nose, his smell was much sharper than that of his dad. The moment he stood outside the door had he smelt the rich, special fragrance from inside the room.

    If Zhang Tie smelt this fragrance, he would know that it was from leakless fruits. This was a feature of his baby.

    Paul finally opened his eyes while a mysterious and shrewd light flashed across his eyes.

    By contrast, after hearing the baby cry, an old gardener who was pruning flowers and grasses in the garden suddenly stopped. When Paul opened his eyes, the old gardener closed his eyes before slowly revealing a shocking look.


    With Linda's smooth delivery, a rich, special fragrance started to spread out, which even covered the bloody smell. Everyone was shocked when they saw the baby boy and smelt the exotic fragrance, including the doctors, the midwives, the nurses, Zhang Tie's mom, Sonia and some female servants and Zhang Tie's elder sister-in-law on Linda's side.

    Besides Zhang Tie's family members, nobody knew that the baby had stayed in his mom's womb for 12 months. However, the moment the baby came out had all the others felt his specialty. Besides the exotic fragrance in the room, the baby's feature was more amazing.

    Usually, new babies could not open their eyes until a few days later. However, Linda's baby boy opened his eyes closely after his first cry.

    At the sight of that baby boy, everyone exclaimed.

    What marvelous, beautiful eyes!

    They were as glittering and translucent as ice and snow and as beautiful as gemstones. At the beginning, his eyes were black; closely after that, they started to change constantly like the rainbow from red, orange, yellow to green, blue and purple. Everybody felt like watching a brilliant milky way. The female doctor who cradled the baby boy was completely stunned.

    Besides his eyes, his hair was also constantly changing its color. At the beginning, it was black like that of Zhang Tie; it then turned into the color of a chestnut like that of Linda; after that, it turned into red and blue like a rainbow.

    After his hair changed its colors, the baby boy's jade-like skin faintly changed its color like a rainbow as well.

    The female doctor felt like cradling a brilliant rainbow.


    When everyone was stunned and didn't know what to do, with Beverly's muffled cry, another loud baby cry sounded on the other bed several meters away from Linda's bed. When the second rich fragrance suffused in the room, the second rainbow came out, which was 5 minutes later than the first one.

    After another 5 minutes, with the same exotic fragrance, Fiona gave birth to the third rainbow.

    All the doctors and nurses were shocked by the three unusual babies. Even Zhang members were stunned...


    After half an hour, Zhang Yang and Zhang Ping exchanged glances with each other in the study room solemnly. Even though Zhang Yang was always prudent, he was still a bit restless at this moment.

    "Zhang Yang...look...can you cover this thing?" Zhang Ping asked as he looked surprised and worried, "It's easy to deal with our family members, as to the doctors and nurses, can we prevent them from disclosing it to the outside using money?"

    Zhang Yang replied with a solemn look, "If there was only one baby, it would be easy. However, the three younger sisters-in-law delivered their babies almost at the same time. We invited three groups of doctors and nurses, totally 18 people; all of them have already seen that just now. It's easy to prevent them from spreading the news to the public; however, it's hard to let them keep their mouths closed, unless..." Zhang Yang hesitated before forcing a bitter smile, "Besides those doctors and nurses, the two household registration officers of Fuhai City are still sitting in the parlor!"

    "Can we not register households for the three babies this time? Just let the officers leave?" Zhang Tie's dad asked hopefully.

    "I'm afraid not!" Zhang Yang shook his head, "As their dad is a Hua man, the three babies carry Hua people's bloodlines, additionally, they were delivered in Taixia Country. According to the laws of Taixia Country, the three babies had already become real Hua people in Taixia Country. By contrast, we are now migrants and could not be real Hua people in Taixia Country until 3 years later, unless we could immediately find another three baby boys who could substitute them. Additionally, the 18 doctors and nurses have to risk their lives to perjure for us. Otherwise, the registration household officers have to verify the babies themselves..."

    "Zhang Tie the jerk, even being not at home, he still makes so many troubles for us!" Zhang Ping could only blame Zhang Tie. Previously, everyone in Zhang family was forbidden to disclose the news that Linda, Beverly and Fiona would give birth to the babies after being pregnant for 12 months, including the servants. Zhang Ping only expected the babies could be delivered smoothly; however, he had never imagined that the baby boys could have such special features. If it was in a remote place, they could just bring them up by being frugal. However, it was in Taixia Country. Zhang Ping didn't know how to deal with that. He was even afraid of bringing harms to the three babies.

    The father and the son both saw the opponent's frustration. Even Zhang Tie had not imagined about this. Zhang Tie only knew that the babies were born with two bloodlines, color changing capability and precise throwing skill. However, he had never imagined that they could show the bloodlines in such an exaggerating manner.

    "Alright, just bless it. Invite the two household registration officers here. If we cannot stay here anymore. we will move away!" Zhang Tie's dad made his decision as he gritted his teeth.

    Zhang Yang nodded as he asked the steward to bring the two household registration officers to the delivery room to check the three baby boys...


    It had already been half an hour when the abnormal looks of the baby boys had almost disappeared. Their skin was as white as jade steadily while their hair and eyes were still changing colors. Usually, new babies would fall asleep soon after they were born; however, these three baby boys were especially energetic.

    Linda, Beverly and Fiona were also in good conditions. They all delivered the babies smoothly as they didn't suffer too much pain. The moment the babies cried had the women's breasts became plump while the milk started to flow out like a spring. The babies then started to suck their moms' milk.

    After drinking milk, the babies became more energetic. Lying in the swaddle, they were all widening their beautiful eyes and watching this world out of curiosity.

    When the two household registration officers came to the delivery room, the fragrance in the delivery room still didn't fade away. The two women, one was over 30 years old while the other was over 50, wore vermeil uniforms which represented happiness and blessing. Watching them entering, Linda, Beverly and Fiona hurriedly held their babies intensely.

    The two household registration officers looked both curious and solemn. Before entering the room, they had already asked the doctors and nurses. If not being told in unison vividly, they would never believe that.

    The moment they entered the room had they smelt the special fragrance and witnessed their eyes and hair which were still changing colors; therefore, they knew that the doctors and nurses were telling the truth.

    The two household registration officers exchanged glances with each other as they both found the opponent's shocking look at the same time. The elder one then told Zhang Tie's mom, "Erm, we need to invite our director to verify this. I will invite him here, hold on please!"

    Zhang Tie's mom had not imagined that it would become so tricky. However, she could do nothing but see the female register leaving out of here rapidly.

    The younger registration officer just sat in the room and kept her glittering eyes on the three babies afraid of them being substituted by others.

    "Before the director arrives, please send others away from here!" The younger female registration officer told Zhang Tie's mom.

    "Is there anything wrong with my grandsons?" Zhang Tie's mom asked out of concern.

    "Don't worry, it will be all right!" The registration officer revealed a smile as she took a deep breath. It seemed that she was relieving her intense mood, "It could only be good news!"

    After hearing that, Zhang Tie's mom, Linda, Beverly and Fiona finally recovered their composure.


    Almost about 40 minutes later, the other registration officer finally arrived at Zhang's manor. As the owner of this manor, Zhang Yang and Zhang Ping had to greet the local officer.

    The moment the black official vehicle parked had a 70-year old dignified elder with a snoplete Wild-level ancestral bloodline. Good, very good..." The director became thrilled as his hands faintly quivered, "No, there should be some more. Wild-level bloodline doesn't have such a great ability..."

    The moment the director finished his words had the piece of golden crystal brightened up at the top of the object. The director raised his voice at once as he almost quivered all over, "Ah? another immortal bloodline...my god, it's indeed an immortal bloodline...my god, it's an unprecedented immortal bloodline..."

    When the piece of white crystal at the bottom of the object brightened up, the director directly shrieked like a little girl.

    "What...leakless body..."

    After testing the other two babies and finding that they had the same features, the director giggled a few seconds before tilting his body and falling to the ground.

    Zhang Yang and the others were startled. If the director of the registration household center had some troubles in their house, it would be a big disaster for their family. Zhang Yang hurriedly jumped over there and helped the director sit well. At the same time, he pressed, patted and rubbed some points on the director's head and back. The moment the director woke up, he instantly grabbed Zhang Yang's arms tightly with glittering eyes, "Are you the father of the three babies? I have a daughter of age 16. She's beautiful and kind. She has a good-luck look. Additionally, she's not married. I have more than 30,000,000 square meters of fertile quality land outside Fuhai City. I'm also a shareholder of the maritime business in Fuhai City. If you wish to marry my youngest daughter, how about taking the land and shares as her dowry?"

    Seeing such a sudden change, not only Zhang Tie's family members became stunned, even the two registration officers felt embarrassed as they turned their heads aside. However, the younger registration officer was stealthily glancing at Zhang Yang with a special, brilliant look.

    Zhang Yang also felt a bit embarrassed as he cleared his throat, "Director, the father of these three babies is my younger brother, I'm their uncle!"

    "What? Your younger brother, where's your younger brother?" The director instantly became nimble as he looked around the room.

    "My younger brother is fighting demons in the Waii Sub-continent!"

    After hearing this answer, the director became faintly hesitated as his eyes became more glittering. Only after slightly rolling his eyes, he had dropped Zhang Yang's arm and grabbed Zhang Ping's arm almost at the same time. He then burst out into laughter, "Hahaha, brother, lion-like father always have excellent sons; the moment I saw you had I realized that we would have this marriage fixed. When your younger son comes back to Taixia Country, let's arrange the marriage for them. How about that?"


    "Now that brother doesn't oppose that. That's a deal! I have something to deal with, I will leave now!"

    The director changed his look and hurriedly left before Zhang Tie's dad said anything. The two female registration officers hurriedly followed their director away with an embarrassed look.

    Zhang Ping had never seen such a big figure. When he opened his mouth and thought about what to say, the director had already left.

    "I...did not say anything just now!" Zhang Ping looked at Zhang Tie's mom with an embarrassed look.

    After recovering her composure, Zhang Tie's mom looked more open-minded, "It doesn't matter, let's talk about it when Zhang Tie comes back!"

    "But why would that man have his daughter marry Zhang Tie?" Fiona was still as naive as a young girl although being a mother. She just felt unhappy instinctively.

    "My cute girl!" Zhang Tie's mom walked over and slightly patted Fiona who was sitting on the bed with the baby in her arms, "Have you heard about the old Hua saying?"

    "What's that?"

    "Mom becomes dignified if she has a good son!" Zhang Tie's mom's eyes fell onto that little Zhang Tie as she revealed a benign smile.

    Fiona was still confused. However, Linda and Beverly had already understood it after exchanging a glance with each other, 'According to that person, our babies are born with some very rare potential abilities, which are given by their dad...'

    Although having prepared for that, Zhang Tie's family members were still stunned when the governor of Fuhai City paid a visit to Zhang Tie's family on the same evening.

    The governor even brought a gift. Until the city governor left did Zhang Yang send a message to Zhang Tie using remote sensing crystal...

    It was March 22, the 895th year of Black Iron Calendar, the 7th day when the demonized puppets besieged Mocco City, a portal of human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations!

    From that day on, Zhang family's manor had become boisterous as the gossip about the abnormal phenomena of the three baby boys started to spread across Fuhai City, even Yingzhou State...

    The director of household registration center of Fuhai City sent people with written marriage proposal noting the name, the birthday and the family background of his younger daughter. This made Zhang Tie's dad and elder brother speechless. According to the Hua traditions, when one party sent the marriage proposal, the marriage would be fixed. What made Zhang Tie's parents reassured was that the girl's photo was there in the marriage proposal. Given the photo, the girl indeed looked beautiful and virtuous. Because of the photo, Zhang Tie's parents didn't return the marriage proposal.

    No matter what, Zhang family still underestimated the influence of the powerful ancestral bloodlines and the leakless bodies of the three babies born in Taixia Country...


    Huaiyuan Palace was shocked at first...

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