Chapter 634: Arousing a Shock

    Chapter 634: Arousing a Shock

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    The elders in Huaiyuan Palace had not received the emergency call of Zhang Clan for a long time. Therefore, the moment they received the message through their carry-on jade plate had the elders rushed towards the Shrine palace of Huaiyuan Palace at the fastest speed, even though it was midnight. Although some elders were in Yiyang City when they received the message, they still flew towards Huaiyuan Palace like meteors, being not afraid of arousing a chaos.

    In the evening, a meteor flew towards Huaiyuan Palace from the skyline with a boom. When it was close to the terrace of the Clan Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace, the meteor abruptly stopped and changed its direction. Closely after that, it landed on the terrace with a fierce qi, causing some pieces of solid and thick stone plates to break off in a split second. A tall old man walked out of the fiery flames full of killing qi, shocking those who were present.

    "Brother Muyuan, have demons reached Jinyun Country?" The old man asked in a muffled voice.

    "No, when I was in the Clan Shrine Palace, I had received a message from Huaiyuan City of Taixia Country. As it was a major event, I had to call you up for a negotiation!" The man being called brother Muyuan by the fierce old man was Zhang Tie's 6th uncle who ruled the Clansmen Pavilion of Huaiyuan Palace from Golden Sea City. At this moment, Zhang Tie's 6th uncle was standing on the stages of the Clan Shrine Palace of Huaiyuan Palace and welcoming the other elders.

    "Ah!" After hearing such a reply, the fierce old man became a bit amazed as the brilliance over his body dissipated at once, "I wonder how major it is!"

    "Brother Mulei, calm down. When brother Muen and brother Muyu arrive, we will talk about it in the palace!" Zhang Tie's 6th uncle replied calmly with a weird look.

    Soon after his words, a figure had appeared silently on the terrace like coming out of the void without any early symptom. Soon after this person appeared for less than 2 seconds, a gust of breeze blew over while another person arrived on the terrace.

    "Not having seen you for many days, brother Muen's Swift Move out of the Void skill looks better. Congratulations!" The latter one smiled.

    "Brother Muyu's free steps skill is also fabulous!"

    "Ha...ha..." With a big laughter, the latter old guys entered the palace together.

    The huge statue of the founder of Huaiyuan Palace was drawing full a crossbow in the deep end of the palace majestically. There were fierce flames inside the bronze tripod. An elder who arrived earlier had been waiting in the palace. After the rest elders served incenses for the statue of Lord Huaiyuan, they sat together.


    After the other four Zhang elders arrived and sat under the statue of Lord Huaiyuan, they all turned to Zhang Tie's 6th uncle. However, Zhang Tie's 6th uncle didn't speak; instead, he took out a piece of paper and passed it to elder Muen, telling him to share it with the rest elders.

    After taking it, elder Muen skimmed a few seconds before turning his face, "Are you sure?"

    "18 doctors and nurses were present. Even the 2 registration officers have seen that. After receiving the report of one registration officer, the director of the household registration center of Fuhai City made the test himself. Several hours ago, the governor even paid an exclusive visit to Zhang Tie's family and gifted 3 rune gold locks to them. We've confirmed these messages!"

    "What happened in Taixia Country?" Elder Mulei, who was a bit short-tempered couldn't wait to move closer. Elder Muen directly passed the note to him.

    After taking it, Elder Mulei had widely opened his mouth only with a short glance, "Ah? Is that real?"

    Hearing this, the rest 2 elders also became curious. It was soon their turns to read the note.

    "God bless our Huaiyuan Palace!" Elder Muyu's eyebrows quivered as he added, "I suggest to dispatch Huaiyuan City powerhouses to escort Zhang Ping's family members to Huaiyuan City right away."

    "After receiving the message, the agent in Huaiyuan City has already dispatched an airship to Fuhai City to pick them up. However, as Fuhai City is over 3,000 miles away from Huaiyuan City, it would take them at least 1 day to be there. Zhang Ping's family members might not follow other's arrangement, it's just a temporary solution!" Elder Muyuan said.

    "Our head is in Taixia Country, does he know that?"

    "We've already sent the message to him. However, since the beginning of the holy war, the head of Zhang Clan has been fighting demons in the underground world. He has no time to concern about what happens above the ground. The head of Zhang Clan has sent a message to let the elders deal with this event!"

    Elder Muyuan's reply contained too many messages. If Zhang Tie was here at this moment, he must be surprised and frustrated, "What's happening in the underground world? How could Count Longwind have no time to concern about what's happening above the ground?"

    "I suggest Elder Muyuan to go to Taixia Country!" An elder on elder Muyuan's side said after thinking for a few seconds, "As this is a major event of Huaiyuan Palace which is related to the continuity and prosperity of the clan bloodline for thousands of years, I'm afraid that Huaiyuan Palace's people in Yingzhou State could not deal with it if there's no clan elder on their side! As Zhang Ping's family members came from Golden Sea City. If Elder Muyuan went there, a lot of things could be dealt easily. Additionally, given the progress of the warfare in Waii Sub-continent, Huaiyuan Palace would return to Taixia Country sooner or later. At this moment, a heavyweight needs to go to Taixia Country to preside over the situation."

    "I agree!"


    The other elders nodded almost at the same time.

    Among all the elders, there was only one elder who had been frowning since he read the message. At this moment, he slowly opened his mouth, "An immortal bloodline, a complete wild-level ancestral bloodline and a leakless body. The 3 babies are very important. However, we forgot an more important person--their father. The message doesn't contain the father of the 3 babies."

    Closely after this elder opened his mouth had the other elders become shocked, "Yup, how could we forget the most important thing?"

    "Brother Muyuan, isn't Zhang Yang the father of the 3 babies?" Elder Mulei reacted at once.

    After being silent for a second, Elder Muyuan replied, "Their father is Zhang Tie!"

    "What?" Elder Mulei almost sprung up soon after Elder Muyuan finished his words, "That brat had left Huaiyuan Prefecture for Selnes since the end of last March. It's 12 months since Zhang Tie's wives got pregnant, how could he be the father of the 3 babies?"

    With the same thought, the other elders could never imagine that Zhang Tie was the father of the 3 babies when they read the message. As the message on the note came from Huaiyuan City, Yingzhou State of Taixia Country, which was too far away from here and the message was incomplete and contained some contradictory information, nobody knew who was the father of the 3 babies without confirmation.

    "I'm afraid that Zhang Tie is indeed the father of the 3 babies!" Elder Muyuan replied in a muffled voice, "The 3 women who delivered the babies are all foreigners whom Zhang Tie met in Blackhot City and Norman Empire. After confirming that Zhang Tie had color-changing bloodline last year, out of the responsibilities of Clansmen Pavilion, I have been keeping some people to focus on Zhang Tie's situation. During the period when Zhang Tie was in Huaiyuan Prefecture, he always stayed with the 3 women. After Zhang Tie left Huaiyuan Prefecture, the 3 women had been pregnant and were taken by Zhang Tie's family. The pregnancy of the 3 women was 12 months in total, instead of 10 months. Zhang family members were forbidden to disclose the news when the 3 women still didn't deliver babies after being pregnant for 10 months. Although the message from Taixia Country was unclear, I guess the immortal bloodline should be the color-changing bloodline that Zhang Tie had awakened while the complete wild-level ancestral bloodline should be the precise throwing bloodline that Zhang Tie had awakened and advanced. As to the leakless body, it might also be passed to them by Zhang Tie!"

    All the elders were shocked. They all knew clearly what did this mean--Zhang Tie, the jerk, could pass the powerful bloodlines that he had awakened to his next generation. This was really unrivaled!

    In that age, it was a matter of chance for the next generation to awaken the same bloodlines that their parents had awakened. It was usually rare for 1 or 2 of 10 babies to awaken the same ancestral bloodlines that were carried by their parents. Huaiyuan Palace and the other major clans of Jinyun Country even those noble clans in Taixia Country racked their mind to work out various means in order to raise the chance of awakening the same bloodline even a bit.

    In such a case, nobody could imagine that someone could grant his next generation with ancestral bloodlines that he had awakened simply by giving birth.

    If ancestral bloodlines could be inherited to the next generation, it would not be precious anymore.

    However, if only one person could pass the bloodlines that he had awakened to his next generation, that person would be extremely precious.

    All the babies delivered by the 3 foreign women had awakened 3 very powerful abilities; what if the babies were delivered by 3 Hua women? At least 3 more...

    An immortal bloodline, a complete precise throwing skill and a leakless body. The moment the elders thought about this had their hearts pounded.

    At this moment, all the 3 elders who had met Zhang Tie were regretting inside. If it was real, they should not have let Zhang Tie go. How could Huaiyuan Palace drop such a valuable person in Selnes Theater of Operations? If other clans knew that, they would laugh their a*s off.

    "Where's Zhang Tie now?" Elder Mulei asked.

    "He's disappeared in Selnes Theater of Operations!" Elder Muyuan described what happened to Zhang Tie in Selnes Theater of Operations with a grim look, "In order to save Zhang Tie, Lan Yunxi and an elder of Lan Clan broke into Tokei City by force. They almost fell into the trap of Three-eye Association. However, they still didn't find him. Lan Yunxi even suffered a punishment for what she did. After being dispatched back from Selnes Theater of Operations, she was sent to Taixia Country by the clan. After that, we've used a lot of resources and made a lot of investigations; finally, we learned that Zhang Tie had been saved away from the backroom of Senel Clan by a powerhouse on the same evening when Lan Yunxi and the Lan elder broke in Tokei City by force. After that, Zhang Tie didn't appear anymore, although we've been searching him for months..."

    "Powerhouse?" After hearing this words, all the elders frowned. If that person was qualified as a powerhouse in the mouth of Elder Muyuan, it meant that he was at least a knight. This made the problem more complex.

    "I will go to Selnes Theater of Operations right now. I will search Zhang Tie there, dead or alive!" Elder Mulei proposed.

    "It's indeed necessary. As we could realize that point, the others must be able to realize that too. Based on the ability of Huaiyuan Palace, once Zhang Tie is in Waii Sub-continent, very few people dare oppose us. However, we might have troubles in Taixia Country. There must be a lot of people who understand the value of the 3 babies. Additionally, they could easily link the 3 babies to Zhang Tie. I'm sure that a lot of people have already paid attention to them in Taixia Country. Take care of yourself, brother Muyuan!"

    Elder Muyuan nodded. Closely after that, he forced a bitter smile and shook his head, "I've never imagined that our Huaiyuan Palace could have such a freak!"

    "Zhang Tie is just 20 years old. When he enters his heyday, he might awaken some more ancestral bloodlines, even heavenly bloodlines..."

    Elder Muen didn't finish his words. Whereas, all the 5 elders held their breath at the same time...

    "I will go to Selnes Theater of Operations tonight, as to the affairs in Huaiyuan Palace, thanks for your concern!" Elder Mulei suddenly sprung up as he instantly shot out of the palace as fast as a lightning bolt while being covered with flames...

    The other elders then exchanged glances with each other. Elder Muyu hesitated a little before asking, "Erm...should we inform Lan Yunxi about Zhang Tie's affair?"

    When Lan Yunxi broke in Tokei City by force for saving Zhang Tie a few months ago, the elders had already understood her intention. None of the elders could imagine that Lan Yunxi, who was always arrogant, could fall in love with Zhang Tie, the jerk. Besides, the jerk could make 3 foreign girls pregnant before getting married. None of the other elites in Hidden Dragon Palace, even other clans could do it. However, that jerk also had an unrivaled reproductive ability.

    "The moment Lan Yunxi arrived at Eastern Continent had she been sent to Taiyi Fantasy Sect, one of the 7 major sects in Taixia Country. No disciple of Taiyi Fantasy Sect is allowed to leave out of there before becoming a battle spirit. This might slow down her cultivation. We need to negotiate with it later!" An elder suggested as the others elder nodded.

    "I've not imagined that the force of Three-eye Association could be so deep-rooted in humans. Waii Sub-continent is weak originally; plus someone who has malicious intentions are lurking inside, the demons are more powerful than humans at this moment. Therefore, the human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations could not stand for too long. The north of Waii Sub-continent would be collapsed sooner or later. Huaiyuan Prefecture should also evacuate its people as soon as possible!" An elder said.

    "What a pitiful undertaking!"

    "It's just some cities. To the final analysis, they are just some bricks, gold, silver and steel, nothing to be pitiful about. The holy war has just begun. If we keep our people, we might get our land back in the future; if we intend to keep our land, we will lose both land and people. As long as our clan has more elites in the future, our Huaiyuan Palace can easily expand its undertaking by 10 times after the holy war!"


    The elders then remembered Zhang Tie once again, "But why does he have such marvelous abilities?"

    "Perhaps it's because he had been struck by a thunder when he was young. Or perhaps he has other special experience or fortune. Each one has his or her secret."

    "Being pregnant for 12 months reminds me of some Hua legends. It was said that Emperor Pangu didn't come out until being bred in the chaos for tens of thousands of years; many special people stayed longer in their mom's wombs. Those who could stay in their mom's wombs for dozens of years were all masters; those who could stay a couple of years in their mom's wombs were all talents who could arouse a great chaos; similarly, whether Zhang Tie's babies might also be great in the future?"

    After hearing the words, the other elders looked weird at first; gradually, they all revealed a thinking look. They realized that the truth of cultivation was to seek for the endless secrets in human bodies and the universe.

    However, in a split second, the elders recovered their composure. If it was in a peaceful time, they might have free time to discuss this question; however, at this moment, nothing could be more powerful than fists. None of the illusions could be more beneficial than finding out Zhang Tie, the jerk.

    After the negotiation, the elders of Huaiyuan Palace left. However, the entire Huaiyuan Palace's force moved for Zhang Tie's affair from Waii Sub-continent to Yingzhou State of Taixia Country.

    Although Zhang Tie had not been to Taixia Country, his name and "talents" had been spread across Taixia...

    If the director of the household registration center of Fuhai City and the elders of Huaiyuan Palace realized the importance of Zhang Tie and his 3 babies, how could others not realize that...

    All sorts of hidden forces started to move!
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