Chapter 637: A Conspiracy

    Chapter 637: A Conspiracy

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    Starting from S137, in the next few hours, high-pressure rifled tubes of ballistas on the north city gate of Mocco City were broken one after another. As more and more ballistas stopped working, more and more demonized puppets rushed forward...

    At the sight of this, the commissioned officers and fighters who were defending on the city wall started to roar furiously. Some fighters even punched onto ballistas, making their fists bleed; however, the ballistas still remained broken.

    High-pressure riffled tube was the core component of the ballista. Theoretically, as it was made of special alloy, it should be of great durability. This component didn't need to be replaced usually as it wasthe most durable component of the ballista. However, many high-pressure riffled tubes were damaged one after another at the critical moment. This indicated that it was not a coincidence; instead, it was a conspiracy...

    2 years ago, when the demon corps had not reached Selnes Plain, the entire city defense system of Mocco City had been updated in a large scale. These key components had been replaced at that time. In usual, these ballistas didn't have any problem at all. It was really out of ones' imagination that the most important parts of these ballistas could have such a problem only after being used for just one week constantly.

    It reminded Zhang Tie of Three-eye Association at once.

    Only those b*stards of Three-eye Association could have such motive and ability to screw up the city defense system of Mocco City, causing a big problem at the critical moment.

    Undoubtedly, Three-eye Association had hidden deep in the Symbian Republic.

    However, it was meaningless even if one knew that it was screwed up by Three-eye Association...

    The demonized puppets swarmed up one wave after another while more and more corpses were dropped outside the city wall, making the piles grow higher and higher...

    At this moment, all the paladins and demon hunters jumped off the city wall and set off cyclones so as to relieve the striking rhythm of the demonized puppets.

    Zhang Tie also jumped off the city wall. Without dealing with the wound on his left face, he took two long swords with him, each weighed more than 50 kg.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt like returning to the situation where he was surrounded by demonized puppets in Heavens Cold City. If the demonized puppets around him when he was in Heavens Cold City were like a lake, those demonized puppets surrounding him at this moment were like an ocean. Those demon hunters and paladins were like rocks in the ocean which could split the sea water and the waves. However, more sea water would flow over these rocks and rushed towards the bank.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how many demonized puppets had he killed; however, there were always endless demonized puppets who charged at him one after another.

    When the day broke, the precision of available steam centrifugal ballistas started to rise, reducing the strike frequency of demonized puppets; meanwhile, the density of demonized puppets decreased. However, after one night's ferocious battle, some exhausted demon hunters and paladins had been injured or killed. As a result, they started to retreat.

    A paladin was mired into the encirclement of demonized puppets more than 100 m away on Zhang Tie's left-hand side.

    A demonized puppet who was chopped in halves fell in the corpses and remained unchanged. The paladin fought other demonized puppets as he kept moving his footsteps to retreat back into the city; when the paladin passed by the one lying on the ground, the half demonized puppet suddenly stabbed its short sword into his shin, drawing a long wound.

    With a painful roar, the paladin instantly blew out its head; however, more demonized puppets swarmed up, sending the injured paladin in a dilemma at once.

    Zhang Tie rushed over there as he swept over his two swords, sending a lot of heads flying in the air. After that, he caught the paladin's waistband and rushed into Mocco City.

    On the way back, Zhang Tie was stepping on the crisscrossed disgusting corpses of those demonized puppets. Some demonized puppets lying on the ground who had not been completely dead wanted to attack Zhang Tie; however, they were all kicked to death by Zhang Tie. The closer they were to the city wall, the more corpses of demonized puppets would they meet. Gradually, a hill composed of corpses came into being.

    Watching Zhang Tie rushing towards the city wall, the garrison and the other demon hunters and paladins on the city wall yelled while the distributed strike system started to fire towards those demonized puppets behind Zhang Tie and the injured paladin.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie and the injured paladin were the final humans who evacuated. Therefore, they attracted a lot of people's attention.

    "It's not convenient for you to take me. Just drop me off..." The paladin told Zhang Tie in a weak voice.

    "Catch him..." Zhang Tie shouted when he reached at the foot of the city wall; meanwhile, he threw that injured paladin onto the city wall.

    As Zhang Tie was standing on the pile of corpses, which was less than 10 m away from the top of the city wall; therefore, that person could be easily thrown onto the city wall. After seeing the injured paladin falling onto the city wall, Zhang Tie forcefully stomped as he directly jumped into the air; at the same time, he grabbed the end of one rope which was put down from the top of the city wall and instantly came back to the city wall.

    As it was less than 10 m, Zhang Tie actually could directly jump onto the city wall with the injured paladin and the two weapons. However, it would be too exaggerating if he did it under the gaze of so many people. Therefore, Zhang Tie pretended to be low-key. Over one night's battle, Zhang Tie didn't expose his real battle force too much; he didn't even use his Iron-blood Fist and battle qi strike. When many demon hunters and paladins were releasing their brilliant battle qis in the dark, Zhang Tie was just walking among the demonized puppets with two swords like a reaper. He just chopped off the heads of demonized puppets and crushed their bodies one after another precisely, efficiently and icily.

    On the city wall, the injured paladin was sitting under a gun perforation while his face turned pale. He had torn open his pants which had been wet with fresh blood and exposed that terrifying wound on the rear side of his right knee. The wound was as wide as 50 square cm, through which one could even see his bones. A medic was squatting in front of him and cleaning up his wound using alcohol.

    When alcohol was poured into his wound, the veins on the paladin's forehead jumped while sweat drops rolled down.

    Watching Zhang Tie coming over here, everybody else threw their respectful glances towards him and his weapons.

    Noticing that they were gazing at his two long swords, Zhang Tie became stunned. He also looked at his swords and found the blades had been like saws. After killing numerous demonized puppets over one night, he realized that the two swords were almost scrapped.

    Evidently, the two long swords were the best certificate of Zhang Tie's meritorious deed, which also won him respectful eyes.

    Zhang Tie shook his head as he threw the two swords into a deserted wooden case which contained bolts. After that, he walked to the injured paladin.

    "What's the matter? Are you okay?" Zhang Tie asked that paladin whom he threw onto the city wall.

    That paladin was over 30 years old with a square face. He looked strong. With a brown hair and a whisker, he looked pretty heroic. Just now, Zhang Tie found this guy was between LV 10 to LV 11. He might be a 4-star or 5-star strong fighter.

    "Thank you, I'm Robin. You saved my life!" That guy raised his head towards Zhang Tie as he was oozing cold sweat, "What's your name? I will pay you back whenever there's a chance."

    'What a funny guy!' Zhang Tie smiled, "I'm Peter!"

    "Fine, I will keep your name in my mind!" That person nodded seriously as he quivered his eyebrows. Meanwhile, he drew in a mouth of cold breath.

    After such a short while, the medic had already cleaned his wound with alcohol and started to sew up the wound using a needle in the shape of a fishhook and surgical suture.

    "Wait a moment!" Zhang Tie stopped that medic as he took out a vial of all-purpose medicament from his pocket, "It would be better with this!"

    At the sight of that vial of all-purpose medicament, Robin, the medic and all the others all brightened up their eyes.

    "Ah? All-purpose medicament?" Robin uttered an amazing voice. After licking his lips, he revealed a smile, "Looks like I'm lucky. I should not be a burden for you even if I need to escape after a couple of days."

    After taking the vial of all-purpose medicament, the medic sniffed at the mouth of the vial with an intoxicating look before carefully daubing half of it on the wound. He then felt unwilling to give the rest half of it to Robin. After taking it, Robin instantly bottomed it up.

    After dealing with Robin's wound, the medic wrapped it up soon. With the effect of all-purpose medicament, Robin could already stand up.

    The other paladins and demon hunters walked over here. They were all powerhouses above LV 9 who fought demonized puppets outside the city with Zhang Tie last night. They made concerted efforts to defend the city these days. Although they could not tell each others name, they were still familiar with each other.

    "Two brothers, do you want to have a cup of drink with us?"

    Zhang Tie looked at the demonized puppets outside the city; then, he threw a glance at the turrets where half of the ballistas had been damaged overnight and the groups of fighters who were running onto the city wall with manual crossbows. He then let out a deep sigh inside.

    Even Robin had realized that Mocco City could stand 2 days at most, how could Zhang Tie not find that? At this moment, many people in the city should have a good plan about what to do in 2 days...
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