Chapter 638: The Plan

    Chapter 638: The Plan

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    As Mocco City had been besieged for 9 consecutive days by demonized puppets corps, the popularity in the dim demon hunters bar also declined. The various kinds of drinks that could be once enjoyed here had disappeared. At this moment, each customer could only enjoy half a cup of "Iron-blood Lover".

    At this moment, the illegal demon hunters market behind the bar was clear. There was an eye-catching plate outside the demon hunters bar--until the first demonized puppet enters, this bar will keep running.

    This was the last bar in Mocco City. Perhaps because of its declaration, those customers who visited here didn't have any complaint about the supply of only half a cup of "Iron-blood Lover".

    Mocco City was besieged by demonized puppets corps. The railway had been cut off. As a result, materials could not reach inside the city by railway. Within 9 days, the airships had supported Mocco City 3 times and launched air attack to the demonized puppets outside the city 3 times by dropping a lot of gel ammunition. However, fewer human airships could reach Mocco City, posing increasingly less threat to the demonized puppets corps outside Mocco City. According to the gossip, human airship troops suffered a severe loss these days after being raided by the wing demons. Many airships were shot down by the wing demons on the way here.

    After fighting overnight, many demon hunters and paladins were gathering in a bar at this moment. Zhang Tie was sitting in a location which was not eye-catching as he was sipping the beer in his cup and listening to others' talks.

    They were not here to drink and trade items; instead, they were here to exchange messages and discuss the countermeasures. Although it was a fierce battle last night, it was not fatal to these LV 9 human fighters. Additionally, everybody knew that the most critical moment had not arrived yet.

    "When the city collapse, I will break out from the south city gate. Who else would like to leave with me?" A demon hunter at Zhang Tie's round-table put it straightforwardly as he placed his glass on the table forcefully.

    "Count me in!"

    "Count me in!"

    "And me!"

    Some guys instantly agreed with him. It was not a coward tactic to break out of the encirclement of demonized puppets.

    "Having been in Selnes Theater of Operations for many days, I only understood one point, as long as we didn't clear those b*stards of Three-eye Association, the allied human forces in Waii Sub-continent would never win the war. Even if they could, it was just temporary. The more humans gathered here, the easier it would be for the b*stards of Three-eye Association to screw us up. I don't want to be framed by those b*stards. Therefore, I prefer to break out of the city." Another paladin replied calmly.

    "Peter, how about you?" With this question, all the members at the table focused on Zhang Tie. Although Zhang Tie didn't show off his real battle force, everybody working together with Zhang Tie had realized that Zhang Tie was unusual. This could be seen from his performance last night. Among all the humans exiting the city gate to fight demonized puppets, Zhang Tie was the only one who didn't suffer any wound after fighting overnight. Additionally, he saved a partner in the end.

    Zhang Tie was also considering the same question.

    "I don't want to leave temporarily. If there are still troops fighting demonized puppets in the city, I will fight together with them. I will not leave until the last moment!"

    Zhang Tie's words shocked everybody.

    "Ah? Why?" Robin asked with a strange look.

    "I want to see whether the demon corps would appear. Honestly, I've not seen how a super corps of 100,000 demons launched an attack on a city." Zhang Tie revealed a smile. Zhang Tie stayed in the city these days for two reasons. First, he wanted to see how the demonized puppets corps collided with the human defense line of steam and steel; second, he had a small desire--if that super demon corps appeared in Mocco City with a limited number of demon fighters, it would be a good opportunity for him to grow fruits of source of iron-armored demons.

    Zhang Tie had not eaten a fruit of source; even that fruit of source of wing demons had not been ripe yet. However, Zhang Tie had always been dreaming for one ripe fruit of source because of its powerful attribute. With one fruit of source of wing demons, he could increase his source by 1/12; namely, he could increase the ability of each surging point that he had lit by 1/12. Based on the number of surging points that Zhang Tie had lit, as long as he ate one fruit of source, the total ability of 125 surging points would increase by 1/12, namely, the ability of lighting another 10 surging points. Additionally, such a surplus effect would grow greater as he lit more and more surging points.

    As long as he could ripe two fruits of source in Selnes Theater of Operations, this trip in Selnes would be worthwhile.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, all the demon hunters and paladins at present became stunned for a few seconds. Then, the paladin told Zhang Tie solemnly, "Younger brother Peter, if we want to be well-known, we will get a lot of opportunities later on. As the holy war has just begun, we cannot kill all the demons. As long as we're alive, after this holy war, we might be nobles! At this moment, Mocco City is already a dead city. You've already seen what happened last night. Many ballistas on the city wall had broken down. They might be damaged by those b*stards of Three-eye Association. If you're mired in this city, you would be screwed up by the Three-eye Association!"

    "Yes, even if we leave Mocco City at this moment, we can also find a chance to fight demons later on!"

    "If I do not feel good, I will leave out of here. I don't plan to sacrifice myself for a city!" Zhang Tie revealed a smile as he was indeed not anxious about leaving out of here.

    "Younger brother Peter, if you intend to stay here, you must have a way to protect yourself. I saw the all-purpose medicament that you gave to Robin, it's a rarity, which could save one's life. Do you have more? If you have, can you sell some to us? I can pay you 50 gold coins for one vial!" The demon hunter who expressed to break out of the south city gate stared at Zhang Tie with glittering eyes.

    For these demon hunters who fought demons on the battlefield, they knew clearly what the all-purpose medicament represented. With one more vial of all-purpose medicament, they could survive at the critical moment. However, dozens of gold coins were nothing compared to their lives. Actually, the all-purpose medicament was really more useful than gold coins. Previously, all sorts of items were sold in the illegal demon hunters market, except for all-purpose medicament. As for all-purpose medicament, anyone who saw it would hide it or store it; nobody would complain about that they carried too many vials of all-purpose medicament.

    Glancing at their enthusiastic eyes, Zhang Tie smiled as he took out a carry-on medicament purse and opened it in front of them. There were 9 vials of all-purpose medicament inside it.

    "One of my friends serves in Thor Mercenary Group. After knowing that I was going to Selnes Theater of Operations, he gifted me 10 vials of all-purpose medicament. One was used by Robin, there are 9 vials left now. Don't talk about money with me. We're comrades-in-arms. I only take 2, you can share the rest 7, 1 for each. Hope this thing could work at the critical moment!" Zhang Tie said generously. After that, he took out the vials of all-purpose medicament and gave one vial to each of them, including Robin. Zhang Tie just kept 2 vials.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's generous words, the other 7 people were all moved very much. It was really a timely assistance.

    Because of some vials of all-purpose medicament, Zhang Tie made some more friends.


    Half an hour later, Zhang Tie left the demon hunters bar and returned to the apartment which was gifted to him by Reinhardt. After that, he closed his eyes and crossed his legs before cultivating the endless true words of the Great Wilderness Sutra.

    The daytime soon passed. When it turned completely dark, Zhang Tie opened his eyes and stood up. After warming up his limbs, he checked around the apartment and found that he was the only person in the entire apartment. All the nearby streets and gardens were very tranquil. As the battle outside the city wall was so fierce, nobody had time to care about this trivial place. Therefore, Zhang Tie became reassured.

    Zhang Tie came to the bedroom and entered the hidden tunnel. Closely after that, he entered Castle of Black Iron.

    Only after 10 seconds, the thunder hawk had appeared in Zhang Tie's bedroom. It looked right and left before walking out of the bedroom. It then came to the balcony. After thrusting against the ground forcefully and flapping its wings, it flew away.

    After hovering around Mocco City for a circle, especially above some warehouses which stored the materials such as grains, he flew outside the city...
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