Chapter 639: A Needle in the Ocean

    Chapter 639: A Needle in the Ocean

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    The battle outside Mocco City became fiercer in the evening; especially the section being longer than 100 m in the middle of the north city wall had become the focus of the entire battlefield, where most corpses of the demonized puppets piled up at the fastest speed.

    Hovering in the sky, with only one short glance, Zhang Tie found that the corpses of demonized puppets had piled up another 2 m higher. A slope almost as high as 20 m had formed.

    While besieging the Mocco City, the demons also knew how to break through this city at the minimal price by centralizing its force. When the greater part of the demonized puppets corps was used in attacking the north city wall, most of the defensive equipment on the other city walls of Mocco City became useless. Only a few defensive equipments nearby the east of the north city wall and the west city wall could provide limited support to the great stress facing the north.

    When it turned dark, the demonized puppets were driven mad. They rushed towards Mocco City one round after another. 8 rows of human fighters were squaring their shoulders in a line of thousands of meters on the north city wall with crossbows in their hands. They were defending demonized puppets by shooting in sections. The moment one row of human fighters finished shooting, the other row would substitute them.

    At the foot of the city wall, more and more human fighters were gathering in the dark and preparing to substitute those fighters on the city wall. Given the strength and firing intensity required for operating the crossbows, most of the human fighters could only stand 2 hours; otherwise, they would become exhausted and could not be well-prepared to shoot crossbows in the regular time.

    In the dark, rows of bolts were fired towards outside the city like rain.

    Unless being shot in the head, those demonized puppets would never stop; instead, they were just delayed a second. Many demonized puppets were still rushing towards the north city wall like a hedgehog while being covered with bolts.

    Compared to the lethality of ballistas, crossbows were too weak. From 100 m away, the bolts of crossbows could not be lethal to demonized puppets after penetrating through the "corpse" shields in their arms.

    At this moment, all the turrets on the north city wall had broken down. None of them could run anymore. However, those human fighters were still trying their best to restore those turrets although they knew that it was impossible within such a short time.

    At the sight of this, Zhang Tie let out a sigh. Facing such an overwhelming battle situation, he knew that he could not change anything; therefore, he kept flying towards outside the city.

    A large flock of vultures appeared above the wild outside Mocco City due to the stink of corpses. They were waiting for the chance to share the rotten corpses below. Those vultures provided the greatest cover for Zhang Tie; nobody could notice that thunder hawk among those vultures.

    When Zhang Tie flew over that demonized puppets corps. Perhaps because of such a unique perspective, he was shocked by the dense, millions of demonized puppets, which covered dozens of kilometers in the north of Mocco City. At the sight of them, Zhang Tie felt his scalp being covered with goosebumps.

    The demonized puppets were restless on the ground and were waiting for the moment to break through the Mocco City.

    In the middle of the matrix of these demonized puppets, Zhang Tie saw a lot of wing demons and a huge tent in the rear of the demonized puppets corps. The tent felt being very rigid. A lot of fire baskets were burning around it. Zhang Tie also found a lot of humans there, besides demonized puppets.

    When Zhang Tie was hovering in the air, he found a group of people walking out of the tent who were pointing at Mocco City in the distance. With the light provided by the flames in the fire baskets around the tent and the powerful vision of thunder hawk, Zhang Tie saw Koz, Scala and some strangers. Standing on Koz's side, those strangers felt as powerful as Koz and didn't look like Koz's subordinates. Scala was standing on their side as well.

    When Zhang Tie was observing them, 2 people of them sensed his gaze as they raised their heads and watched the thunder hawk which was thousands of meters in height. One of them glanced at Zhang Tie seriously for a few seconds before moving his eyes away and continuing to watch Mocco City in the distance.

    When they looked up, Zhang Tie's heart almost stopped beating. Even being a thunder hawk, he could still sense the terrifying, powerful threat from the ground.

    One of the 2 people looked familiar. When he looked up, Zhang Tie suddenly remembered that he was that elder being employed by Senel Clan in Tokei City who looked like getting heated all over. Therefore, his heart raced.

    What if a thunder hawk felt a powerful threat from the ground, what would he do then? He would fly away at once.

    With the incarnation of thunder hawk, Zhang Tie knew it clearly how the thunder hawk would respond in such a case. Therefore, he immediately flew towards the north instead of continuing to observe the camp.

    Zhang Tie didn't know that the elder being employed by Senel Clan didn't move his eyes away from the thunder hawk until he flew away.

    "Elder Quentin, what's wrong?" Koz turned around and asked politely after realizing that Elder Quentin became absent-minded.

    "Nothing, I just felt a thunder hawk was gazing at us just now. Therefore, I checked whether there was some problem with the bird..." Elder Quentin explained.

    Zhang Tie could not identify Quentin's real age. Given his look, he didn't have any wrinkles on his face at all. He looked like a middle-aged man who took care of himself very well. His hair looked abnormally offwhite while his pupils were burning rufous flames. As long as Zhang Tie looked into his eyes, he would feel a great stress.

    "Elder Quentin, you don't need to feel sorry about what happened in Tokei City. Our Senel Clan could afford that bit of loss of property. The Blackson Humans Corridor would belong to us sooner or later!" Koz comforted him "generously" as he thought Elder Quentin became oversensitive after what happened in Tokei City.

    Nevertheless, although Koz mentioned the loss of property, he didn't mention the loss of his son Rouben. Senel Clan could never stand this. He would revenge for his son sooner or later.

    Of course, Elder Quentin understood what did Koz mean. Senel Clan was severely damaged by that event in the underground space of the Misty Moon Woods; Koz also treated that event as a great shame. Closely after Koz's words, Elder Quentin had been surrounded with a killing qi while he narrowed his eyes, "Don't worry, no matter whom that person is, as long as I find him, I will never let him go."

    "Now that person dared to rob Three-eye Association, he is our common enemy. Now that he could plunder our items in Tokei City, he must have unusual means. If that person was found, Elder Saale could give a favor to Elder Quentin when necessary!" A man on Koz's side said with a heroic look.

    The elder who looked up together with Quentin then turned around and smiled at Elder Quentin. Elder Quentin also replied with a smile. At the same time, an abnormal light flashed across their eyes...

    Although Senel Clan suffered a great loss, for those who had been knights, the mortal items were not indeed precious; what was indeed precious could not be bought or produced in this age. Those items were buried deep in the ground or the bottomless abyss. They were real treasures. It was said that they existed in the age of gods hundreds of millions of years ago. Elder Quentin and Elder Saale only heard about those rare items. Compared to those rare items, the loss of property of Senel Clan was nothing at all.

    Such rare items were usually in the hands of rare powerful persons. Even Elder Quentin was dwarfed in front of those people who could have those rare items. Whereas, it was out of Elder Quentin's imagination that a guy who was weaker than him probably had such a rarity to plunder all the treasures using the tactic of luring the tiger out of the mountain. The rarity was even more powerful than all those that Elder Quentin had ever heard which could hold all the items in the warehouses of four airships. Naturally, Elder Quentin became excited.

    Of course, that person might be a terrifying, powerful passerby who teased Elder Quentin when he passed through Tokei City; perhaps, many knights whose power was close to that of Elder Quentin joined hands to tease him. However, it was almost impossible. For instance, theoretically, the king had the same right to play mud with kids; however, no king would like to squat down and play mud with kids.

    'This is a good opportunity that could not be met for 1,000 years.' Elder Quentin's heart pounded. However, what made him anxious was that he still didn't know the look of that robber. If there was even the slightest chance for him to know that the robber was in Selnes Theater of Operations, he would never let that robber go.

    This was almost like seeking for a needle in the ocean. Although it was a hard work with a trivial chance, what if he found it?

    Evidently, Elder Quentin was not the only one who had such a thought.

    Elder Quentin didn't know that the "needle" had just flown over his head.
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