Chapter 640: An Incarnation of Demonized Puppet

    Chapter 640: An Incarnation of Demonized Puppet

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    After flying over the demonized puppets corps outside Mocco City, Zhang Tie soon arrived at Selnes Plain more than 300 miles away.

    At this moment, many demonized puppets were still wandering in the wild nearby the battle fortresses which had been broken through by them. Zhang Tie targeted those demonized puppets.

    In order to not make himself feel like vomiting after making a success, Zhang Tie wandered quite a while before locking a proper target. Its clothes were a bit tidier and didn't look that disgusting. When Zhang Tie caught sight of that demonized puppet, it was tearing a rear leg of a wild wolf like a wild beast on the vast prairie.

    Watching it eating the flesh of a wild wolf, Zhang Tie felt a bit better at least. As it could kill a wild wolf, it was at least a LV 1 soldier.

    There was nobody within dozens of miles. Therefore, Zhang Tie just landed on the exuberant grassland hundreds of meters away from that demonized puppet.

    After a few seconds, Zhang Tie appeared and walked towards that demonized puppet.

    When Zhang Tie was about 50 m away from that demonized puppet, the demonized puppet, who was gnawing the rear leg of the wild wolf, immediately raised its head and glared at Zhang Tie with a pair of bloody eyes. At the same time, it showed its teeth to Zhang Tie with a grim look. Closely after that, it dropped off that bloody rear leg and darted towards Zhang Tie.

    Of course, this demonized puppet was as weak as an ant in Zhang Tie's eyes. Watching it rushing over here, Zhang Tie just stayed still with a smile. When the demonized puppet was about 5 m away from him, a binding chain flew out of Zhang Tie's forehead and stroke it, freezing it right away. According to the acting time of the binding chain, Zhang Tie instantly identified that this demonized puppet was a LV 2.

    Zhang Tie walked over there and teleported it into Castle of Black Iron at once. Closely after that, he also entered Castle of Black Iron. After being incarnated into the thunder hawk, he flew off once again.

    After half an hour, the thunder hawk landed on a mountain in Selnes Plain more than 100 miles away. Closely after that, it entered Castle of Black Iron while Zhang Tie's eyes opened inside there.

    The demonized puppet was still lying stiffly on the ground. Zhang Tie walked over there as he directly picked a Great Wilderness Seal from the 3rd floor of the All-spirits Pagoda and injected it into its mind.

    In the next second, Zhang Tie realized that he was lying on the ground while his real body was standing on his side.

    'The secret knowledge of the Great Wilderness Sutra could really control demonized puppets!' Zhang Tie exclaimed as he picked himself up from the ground at once. He became so excited that he almost sprung up.

    Zhang Tie didn't realize that the effect of the binding chain had already been relieved.

    After being incarnated into a demonized puppet, Zhang Tie felt being utterly different from being a rat. When he became a rat, he could sense how the rat sensed. However, when he was incarnated into a demonized puppet, he felt as weird as driving a machine. Zhang Tie poked the body which he was in using his finger and felt like poking a piece of log. He didn't have any sense at all. Of course, he would not feel any pain. Zhang Tie realized that he was manipulating the puppet worm in this body; instead of this body.

    This body didn't have any sense of touch, smell or taste. It could only see and hear out its instinct to respond to hunger and thirst.

    The demonized puppet kept its auditory sense unchanged. However, Zhang Tie felt like wearing a pair of tainted spectacles as everything he saw had lacked fidelity like being covered with a layer of a faint bloody curtain.

    After being incarnated into the demonized puppet, Zhang Tie felt that its brain was full of disordered and bloody killing intents. Thankfully, the killing intent didn't influence Zhang Tie's judgment. Zhang Tie attempted to speak; however, he felt very difficult to utter any words. It seemed that the "manipulating mode" provided by that demonized puppet didn't contain the "option" of language and speech. He tried twice only to find that he could only utter meaningless sounds.

    Zhang Tie tried to run around the top of the mountain for a while and did some movements. He found that the body of the demonized puppet could still move freely. Zhang Tie could still use his Iron-blood Fist using this body, although being less powerful. His battle awareness and instinct was still there. However, great strengths such as hidden battle qi could not be implemented by this body. Thankfully, Zhang Tie didn't need this demonized puppet to do anything difficult. He only needed to hide himself inside its body.

    After noticing that Heller was watching him interestingly on his side, Zhang Tie retreated from the incarnation and returned his awareness to his original body.

    After that, the demonized puppet just stood aside stupidly. After seeing that Heller pointed at the entrance of this mountain, this demonized puppet walked into the mountain cave.

    "In usual time, we can just let it stay in the mountain cave and have Gandi, Aziz and Edward feed it some food and water. When Castle Lord needs its body, you can just call it out!" Heller told Zhang Tie.

    "That's great. I've not imagined that the soul-based animal controlling skill could really control demons!" Zhang Tie told Heller fervently. In this way, he would not be identified by them even if he disguised as a demonized puppet in front of those b*stards of Three-eye Association.

    "To the final analysis, the demonized puppet is just a special worm. Of course, it is under the control of the secret method in the Great Wilderness Sutra!"

    Zhang Tie instantly recalled something as his heart raced, "Hmm? If I meet a parent puppet worm, can I control it?"

    "Of course, Castle Lord; but you need to raise your floors of the All-spirits Pagoda. Given the current floors of the All-spirits Pagoda that you've unlocked, you could not control the parent puppet worm temporarily!"

    "Ah? What's the level of the parent puppet worm?"

    "It's a LV 14 living being!"

    "LV 14?"

    "Right!" Heller nodded.

    The moment he heard Heller's words had Zhang Tie dropped that exotic thought. He had just unlocked the 3rd floor of All-spirits Pagoda. That was to say, he could only control LV 2 living beings at most. He had to unlock the 15th floor of All-spirits Pagoda so as to control LV 14 living beings. However, even if he did nothing but read endless true words of the Great Wilderness Sutra for 10 years, he could still not unlock the 15th floor of All-spirits Pagoda. Because the higher the floor was, the more times of endless true words he needed to read. The times grew in the form of a Fibonacci data array. What was more was that they were calculated by the unit of ten thousands.

    He needed to read the endless true words of the Great Wilderness Sutra for 1.3 million times so as to unlock the 4th floor, 2.1 million times to unlock the 5th floor, 3.4 million times to unlock the 6th floor and 5.5 million times to unlock the 7th floor...he had to read endless true words numerous times before unlocking the 15th floor.

    'Well, just forget about that. Don't be that greedy. Just step by step. Others could not even have an incarnation. I should be satisfied with such an ability. It's not good for me to be over-ambitious.' Zhang Tie then gradually recovered his composure.

    Watching Zhang Tie's look, Heller knew what Zhang Tie was thinking about. After realizing that Zhang Tie accepted the reality so fast, Heller nodded inside. On the way towards being a real powerhouse, it's not always good for a person to have an unrealistic high expectation, regardless of the way near his foot. Many cultivators were destroyed by unrealistic expectations. Perhaps, Zhang Tie didn't have high talent, he was indeed very diligent. Additionally, he was always optimistic and full of hope, which was the necessary foundation for a person to be a real powerhouse.

    As he had just left Castle of Black Iron for less than 2 weeks, there was only one ripe leakless fruit on the small tree, while the other one had not been ripe yet. It was not enough to light a surging point; therefore, Zhang Tie didn't waste time in Castle of Black Iron. He soon appeared in the woods.

    This time, Zhang Tie targeted some powerful incarnations below LV 2. The demonized puppet could only be used in special situations. On one hand, there were still some available Great Wilderness Seals on the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor of All-spirits Pagoda at this moment. He wanted to use them. On the other hand, Zhang Tie didn't feel that the soul-based animal controlling skill could bring him any side effects. Therefore, he intended to get some more incarnations.

    To be honest, although the rat helped Zhang Tie a lot, it was too common. Zhang Tie always wanted to find an incarnation with a special ability. He only requested it to be a bit sharper than that rat.

    With this thought, Zhang Tie came to a relatively open land in the woods. After that, he injected a Great Wilderness Seal from the 2nd floor of All-spirits Pagoda into the ground...

    The moment the Great Wilderness Seal entered the ground, an invisible, mysterious wave had started to spread across the mountain...

    Zhang Tie just waited for those small animals...
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