Chapter 641: An Exotic Beetle

    Chapter 641: An Exotic Beetle

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    Zhang Tie was waiting silently in an open land of the woods...

    A few seconds later, some green points appeared in the distant shrugs. With faint rustles, two yellowish LV 1 huge wolves jumped out of the brushwood behind the shrugs and laid on the ground in front of Zhang Tie.

    After that, with a flapping sound, an odd-looking bird flew over here.

    The Great Wilderness Seal in the Summon Sector on the 2nd floor of All-spirits Pagoda could actually summon all the LV 1 and LV 0 animals within 30 miles; however, as Zhang Tie wanted a special incarnation, he only summoned LV 1 living beings. That was to say, those LV 0 animals were not qualified to attend this big party.

    In the wild of Selnes Plain, there were too many LV 0 living beings; by contrast, there were very few LV 1 mutated living beings.

    Zhang Tie just waited there silently. Soon, an agile leopard cat with shiny fur appeared in front of Zhang Tie at an extremely fast speed. After circling around Zhang Tie for a while, it stayed under a tree in a cute way.

    The leopard cat moved very fast and lightly. It was the fastest animal that Zhang Tie had seen in the woods so far.

    After carefully glancing at that leopard cat, Zhang Tie shook his head. The leopard cat was too large; additionally, it only stayed in the woods. If it appeared in other places, it would arouse others' attention for sure. This was what Zhang Tie wanted.

    Zhang Tie wanted a trivial animal which could substitute that rat. It should be able to go anywhere that common rats could and could not go. It should have a greater ability to move and survive. It should be agile and be hidden enough at a place. Additionally, it had better be small enough to drill into that warehouse that he had broken in Tokei.

    Animals had different features. As this incarnation was not used to fight, it didn't need to be too strong and deterrent. If a weak thing was used properly, it could also play a great role.

    After a short while, with a loud noise, a large area of shrugs fell down while a brown bear with terrifying, sharp claws slowly appeared. Closely after that, a leopard, some strange birds and a weird scaly anteater arrived.

    As Zhang Tie was not a biologist, he could only identify which family did they belong to; however, he could not tell their names. In this age, there were too many LV 1 mutated living beings to be told by many authoritative biologists.

    When LV 1 animals appeared one after another, Zhang Tie became hopeless constantly. Although these animals were good, they were not what he needed.

    Finally, when Zhang Tie saw some red hedgehogs wobbling towards him under the moonlight, he even burst out into laughter.

    'Alright, these might be all the nearby LV 1 living beings.' Zhang Tie shook his head.

    Zhang Tie waved his hands to let all the LV 1 living beings leave politely and safely like that they had just joined a party. No attacks happened.

    Zhang Tie was not disappointed. He just injected the 2nd Great Wilderness Seal from the All-spirits Pagoda into the ground which could be used to summon LV 2 living beings.

    Zhang Tie waited there for about 10 minutes. With a bloody wind, a tiger with silver markings appeared in front of Zhang Tie. After a low roar, it laid on the ground.

    In the next half an hour, Zhang Tie saw no more LV 2 animals. When he thought he had wasted two Great Wilderness Seals of Summon Sector tonight, a pitch-dark little beetle fell on his shoulder after flying around him for a short while.

    At the sight of that tiny beetle, Zhang Tie became stunned, 'Is this small thing a LV 2 living being or a common beetle who was passing by here coincidentally?'

    'It's easy to verify this question. If this small thing is appealed here by the LV 2 Great Wilderness Seal from the Summon Sector, it would follow my order.' Zhang Tie thought.

    "Come here onto my palm!" Zhang Tie opened his hand and told that beetle.

    After receiving Zhang Tie's message, the small beetle flew off Zhang Tie's shoulder and landed on Zhang Tie's palm without any fear.

    'Yi? What an interesting thing!' Zhang Tie mumbled.

    Zhang Tie moved the beetle in front of him and watched it carefully. It was only as large as half of his thumb. Its pitch-dark shell was shining metallic luster. After a careful look, Zhang Tie found its shape a bit strange. Its body was like an amplified ant. Being different from common ants, this small thing's eyes seemed to be a bit larger than that of common ants. Additionally, there was a pair of wings on its back. When it landed, its wings could be completely hidden in his hard shell. When necessary, its wings would pop out of its shell.

    Zhang Tie stroked its tiny body with one finger as he found it pretty hard. It felt like touching a small piece of iron.

    "Show me your talent!" Zhang Tie sent an order to that small thing.

    After circling in Zhang Tie's palm for a few seconds, it flew off. Zhang Tie found that it could even fly a bit faster than common sparrows. Because of its small figure, it seemed to be more agile.

    The small thing flew a few seconds around Zhang Tie rapidly like showing off itself. It even dared land on the head of the tiger with silver markings. The tiger seemed to be very afraid of that small thing. When the small thing landed on its head, the tiger even gritted its teeth and wanted to pat away the small thing. However, he finally dared not do that; he could only shake its head.

    When the small thing landed on the tiger's head, it changed its color into that of the tiger like a chameleon. If he did not watch it carefully, Zhang Tie thought it was just a spot on the tiger's head.

    'What a marvelous talent!' Zhang Tie became interested in it.

    The small thing then flew off the tiger's head and landed on a trunk 10 m away. At the same time, its body turned into the color of that of the trunk and became unidentified.

    After that, the small thing moved. In only a bit longer than 10 seconds, it had already drilled a hole on the trunk. Two minutes later, it came out of the trunk from the other end of the hole. In such a short period, it had already drilled through the trunk which was as thick as 1.5 m.

    Zhang Tie widened his mouth in a shock...

    After flying off the trunk, the small thing directly landed on a distant solid rock. In a blink of an eye, it had already opened a hole on the rock and hid itself inside.

    Zhang Tie knew that some ants and beetles were good at drilling holes; however, he had not imagined that this small thing was that sharp.

    When he saw it drilling out of the ground beside the rock, Zhang Tie waved his hand towards it. The small thing then flew over and fell onto his hand once again.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie realized the cuteness of the small thing.

    Zhang Tie waved his hand towards that tiger. The tiger then turned around and disappeared in the woods.

    Zhang Tie then gradually hid himself in the shadowy place and entered Castle of Black Iron together with that beetle.

    The moment Zhang Tie returned to Castle of Black Iron had that small beetle flown off Zhang Tie's hand. It seemed to be very excited. It flew around the small tree for a few seconds before rushing to the high air. Then, it wanted to touch and catch up with the colorful clouds. After finding that it could not catch up with the colorful clouds, it circled around the mountain rapidly for a few seconds before diving towards the foot of the mountain. After reaching the abyss which was made of the Pool of Chaos at the foot of the mountain, the small thing started to dance in the air. Under Zhang Tie's gaze, the small thing couldn't wait to drill a hole on the cliff.

    After a few minutes, that small beetle flew back and landed onto Zhang Tie's palm. At the same time, it started to circle in his palm due to the excitement.

    Zhang Tie smiled as he injected a LV 2 Great Wilderness Seal into that special little beetle.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie found he was on the palm of his original body which was a lofty as a mountain. Zhang Tie then flew off. As he turned small, he found the top of the mountain became grotesque at once. The small tree became as lofty as a huge towering tree. Each leaf of the tree was like a balcony where he could rest on. The brook on the mountain became a surging river while those rocks became high mountains. Each item was very fresh to him. The entire world seemed having enlarged by many times as it turned abruptly vivid...

    Although being the same world, it had different splendors in different viewpoints.

    The beetle's vision was not as open as that of humans. However, it could still see objects over miles away. Additionally, it seemed to have twilight vision. With fine light, it could see clearly everything nearby. What was funny was that the auditory sense of the beetle was on its legs. There was a layer of fine fur on its legs, which were sensitive to rocks and sounds in the air. Within a distance of about 20 m, it even had a sharper auditory sense about low sounds than humans.

    The small beetle then flew downwards the foot of the mountain. It finally arrived at that distant village. As it was late, villagers had already gone to bed. After making a round, it flew into the hieron, where he saw his own statue. Some seniors were sitting on their knees in front of the statue. They might be praying piously. However, they didn't notice such a trivial beetle at all...

    "My lord, please accept our gratitude. It's you who gave us new lives..."

    "My lord, please accept our gratitude. It's you who gave us food..."

    "My lord, please accept our gratitude. It's you who gave us safety..."

    "The greatest god in the world, you break the hell to open a sacred gate of redemption for those in troubles. You punish all the evils in the world by throwing javelins as fast as lightning bolts. You master the great karma. All the living beings will succumb to you. You display the greatness of life to the human world. Your name is the most sacred secret..."

    The prayers were being sung solemnly and sentimentally. This seemed to be a rite that these people had invented.

    Zhang Tie landed on a stony pillar in the palace. After listening to them quietly for a short while, he flew away. Watching him being worshiped like a god, Zhang Tie felt pretty absurd.

    The beetle then flew back to his palm while his consciousness returned to himself...

    Watching that beetle lying in his palm, a whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind. He took out a vial of all-purpose medicament and dripped some drops in his palm. The little beetle soon drunk them all. It became so happy to taste such a yummy drink for the first time.


    After having one demonized puppet and one beetle as his incarnations, Zhang Tie's potential ability improved again. Zhang Tie was very satisfied with that. Therefore, after telling Heller about something, he incarnated into a thunder hawk and flew out of Castle of Black Iron.

    After a bit longer than 1 hour, Zhang Tie had arrived at Sladic City.

    Like Mocco City, Sladic City was also besieged by 3-4 millions of demonized puppets. The land outside Sladic City was also covered with corpses. As it was evening, the battle between humans and demonized puppets grew fiercer...

    After observing the battle situation facing Sladic City, Zhang Tie knew that human defense line across Selnes was on the verge of collapse...
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