Chapter 642: Message and Farewell

    Chapter 642: Message and Farewell

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    Zhang Tie learned that he had become a dad in the morning of the 25th day of the month.

    This was completely a kind of whim. When the Selnes human defense line was going to be collapsed, Zhang Tie remembered that he had not contacted his family members for many days. Therefore, after finding two incarnations for himself last night, he took out the remote sensing crystal that his elder brother gifted him when he got up on the next morning. When Zhang Tie injected his spiritual energy into the remote sensing crystal, he soon sensed a vibration from the other side at a fixed frequency. It indicated that someone on the other side was always gazing at the other remote sensing crystal. Zhang Tie wondered whether his elder brother was paying attention to it or someone else. As he was in the Selnes Theater of Operations, he could not do anything but watch the remote sensing crystal. Therefore, Zhang Tie always touched Zhang Yang on his own initiative unless he and his elder brother fixed the contact time in advance.

    Zhang Tie soon sent some secret words that he and his elder brother had appointed to identify each other's real status in the different frequency of oscillation, high or low. After dozens of seconds, Zhang Tie received a reply in the same type of secret language. It was Zhang Yang.

    Therefore, their statuses were confirmed.

    After that, the core of the remote sensing crystal oscillated in different frequency, high or low.

    Zhang Tie jostled down the frequency of oscillation as he deciphered the contents of the section of frequency in the way that he and his elder brother had appointed.

    --You're a dad now. Linda, Beverly and Fiona gave birth to 3 male babies for you on the afternoon of the 22nd day of this month. Linda first, Beverly second, Fiona third.

    After being familiar with the use of remote sensing crystal, they felt very convenient to touch each other with remote sensing crystals although they could not talk with each other, as long as they were tacit. This was like how humans made instant message transfer using mobile or telegraph before the Catastrophe. However, compared to that of mobile or telegraph, a pair of twin remote sensing crystals in this age was too expensive that even many rich people could not afford it. In many corps of human countries across Blackson Humans Corridor, a pair of twin remote sensing crystals was already a high-end configuration for a division. Only large-scale business groups, noble clans and some personnel or agencies targeting special tasks such as Golden Roc Bank, the super giant.

    After receiving Zhang Yang's message, Zhang Tie's heart pounded. After more than 1 minute, Zhang Tie sent another message.

    --How are Linda, Beverly and Fiona?

    --They are safe. What about you? Dad and mom are worried about you very much.

    --I'm okay. But I'm afraid that the human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations will be collapsed.

    --Just come back then!

    --I cannot come back temporarily. I have my way to protect myself. I'm always safe.

    --Huaiyuan Palace have dispatched some personnel to our home.

    --What's the matter?

    --Your babies were different from others when they came out. They had abnormal phenomena. All the 3 babies had awakened an immortal bloodline, a complete ancestral bloodline and a leakless body when they came out, which even aroused a shock across Fuhai City. Meanwhile, the news is spreading in Yingzhou State. We dare not even leave our house now. Various figures come to visit us everyday.

    Zhang Yang's response was very long, which shocked Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie didn't feel amazed about the inheritance of the color-changing pupils and precise throwing skill. However, it was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that the trait of the leakless body was also inherited. Zhang Tie guessed that this might be related to the leakless fruits that he had eaten, 'It's understandable that I could have a leakless body after eating so many leakless fruits; but how could the babies also have leakless bodies when they don't have any leakless fruit to eat?' Zhang Tie wondered. He then asked Heller straightforwardly.

    "The leakless state of the three babies is inherited from you. It was an effect of leakless fruits. It's a duplication and response to your own physical state. However, their leakless bodies are different from your leakless state. In the concept of Eastern Continent, the alleged leakless bodies of them refer to that it won't easily lose their aura and spiritual energy. By contrast, your leakless state refers to that none of your energy would escape with the effect of the Manjusaka Karma Fruit Tree. Your leakless state is many tiers higher than that of theirs. Although they don't have leakless fruits to eat, their leakless state could improve their health and make them more resistant. Benefited from that, they could better cultivate many battle skills and secret knowledge. Simply, the 3 babies are born with a higher qualification of cultivation!"

    "Higher than me?" Zhang Tie asked.

    Heller became silent for a second before replying with a vacant expression, "Castle Lord, you're really humorous!"

    "Would all of my babies have such a leakless body in the future?"


    When Zhang Tie talked with Heller, Zhang Yang sent another message.

    --Have you already guessed the traits of your babies?


    Zhang Tie replied honestly as he treated his elder brother as one of the most reliable persons in this world.

    Zhang Yang became silent for a short while. He didn't ask why. After eating the fruit of plunder gifted by Zhang Yang, he had already known that Zhang Tie had a lot of secrets. .

    --Huaiyuan Palace is looking for you. I didn't tell them how I could I get in touch with you. They also hope us to move to Huaiyuan City.

    --What's your plan?

    --It has aroused a shock. Perhaps we will settle down in Huaiyuan City for a few years. After a few years, when the babies grew up and Jinwu Commercial Organization's base in Taixia became a bit steady. We will build our private city in Taixia Country and leave an everlasting undertaking for Zhang's posterity. By then, we will not have to rely on others.

    --That's a good idea!

    'I've not imagined that my elder brother has been ambitious to build a city soon after arriving at Taixia Country. It seems that Taixia Country is indeed suitable for developing undertaking.' Zhang Tie became thrilled.

    --Have you named the babies?

    --Just let our dad deal with it.

    --When will we contact next time?

    --The 25th day of next month. It might be a bit chaotic this month.

    --Fine, take care of yourself!

    --You too!

    Zhang Tie then put away his remote sensing crystal.

    It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that Huaiyuan Palace was looking for him. But it was reasonable as Zhang Tie knew that the elders of Huaiyuan Palace prioritized bloodlines very much. 'At this moment, I must have been a "Trump-card stallion" in Huaiyuan Palace. If it was a few years ago, Zhang Tie would dream for this day for sure. However, at this moment, Zhang Tie had realized that many things were more important than making piston movements with beauties.

    'Whatever, I don't believe they can find me. When they cannot find me, they will abandon this thought. It would depend on when will I return to Eastern Continent and Huaiyuan Palace by then.'

    'I wonder what Lan Yunxi will think about it when she finds out that I've become a dad.' Zhang Tie rubbed his face with a bitter look, 'Whatever, let's just wait until I meet her. Oh, I should have inquired my elder brother about the current situation of Lan Yunxi. I have to do that next time.'

    On the verge of the collapse of Mocco City, Zhang Tie was not nervous at all. Because he knew that with his abilities, he didn't need to be nervous at all. Zhang Tie, as a 5-star battle master, was trivial in such a large-scale battle which determined the life or death of millions of humans across Blackson Humans Corridor. There were a lot of powerhouses on both sides. It was not his turn to determine the overall situation. He only needed to mind his own business.

    When he recalled those people of Senel Clan that he saw outside the city last night, a killing intent flashed by Zhang Tie's eyes. Perhaps he could not defeat LV 16 Koz or LV 14 Scala in a head-on collision at this moment, he didn't need to please them face to face given that they were just b*stards of Three-eye Association who were excelled at playing tricks. As long as he could kill them or made them unhappy, he didn't care about much. At this moment, Zhang Tie had already prepared to be a fish in troubled waters.

    As it was already the 25th day of this month, given the progress of the accumulative corpses of demonized puppets outside the city gate, they would be able to break in Mocco City in the following 24 hours. At such a critical moment, Zhang Tie calmed down; instead of being anxious.

    There were still some firewood and food in the kitchen of this apartment which was gifted by Reinhardt. Although the water pipes had already run out of the water, the water tank in the washroom was still full of water which was preserved several days ago.

    Zhang Tie lit the firewood and made a steaming breakfast. After that, he took off his clothes and took a cool bath in the washroom. When he came out of the washroom in a towel while cleaning his hair, he heard the doorbell ring. He opened the door and found it was Reinhardt.

    Reinhardt was wearing a suit of battle armor which was covered with blood stains. It seemed that he had just left the battlefield. At the sight of Zhang Tie who looked like having a vacation in Mocco City, he widely opened his mouth.

    "Ah, boss, come on in. Do you want to eat something? I've just made the breakfast." Zhang Tie leaned his body, allowing Reinhardt to enter.

    Reinhardt then strode in. He then sniffed the taste of breakfast in the kitchen. If not Zhang Tie kept fighting demonized puppets on the city wall these days, Reinhardt would doubt that whether he had come to the wrong place.

    "You are taking a bath at this moment?'

    Zhang Tie revealed a casual smile, "No matter what, Mocco City could not stand too long; therefore, I took a bath before the city was collapsed. Just take it as a memory. Pitifully, there's no barber's shop in business now; I even wanted to have a haircut."

    Few people could be so calm at such a critical moment across the Mocco City. Reinhardt's dumbfounded look turned into an admirable look. Sometimes, the demeanor of great generals referred to such guys who could feel free to make breakfast when the city was going to be collapsed.

    "When Mocco City is collapsed, Norman Empire's Iron Plough Corps will break out. Do you want to leave with us?" Reinhardt put it straightforward...

    "I want to stay in Mocco City and kill demons for a longer time. I won't leave before this city is completely ruined!" Zhang Tie answered.

    Reinhardt watched Zhang Tie seriously for quite a while when he saw a firm conviction in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    "Okay, take care of yourself!"

    "You too!"

    The two people then embraced each other tightly as they patted the other's back and shoulder heavily. Closely after that, Reinhardt strode away.

    Zhang Tie knew that it was uncertain whether they could reunite after this departure. When the holy war broke out, life or death situation and regrets always happened to friends, brothers, and relatives!

    After seeing Reinhardt off, Zhang Tie took a deep breath before returning to the table. After glancing at the rest breakfast, he sat at the table calmly and gnawed it leisurely...
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