Chapter 644: The Bravest Man

    Chapter 644: The Bravest Man

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    Zhang Tie arrived at the north city gate of Mocco City in the silence before the arrival of the thunderstorm.

    At this moment, hundreds of thousands of human fighters were gathering all over the north city gate. Each human fighter was holding weapons in armor and waiting to launch an attack. Looking in the distance, he found armored steel woods in the nearby streets and behind the large area of buildings which had been demolished. There were many banners of countries among the woods.

    The north city gate which had been closed for 10 days was going to be opened from inside so that the troops inside the city could rush out. At this moment, after the city wall of Mocco City lost its advantage in height, it became meaningless for the city gate to be further closed.

    Zhang Tie was very eye-catching with two huge swords in hands. Additionally, as he always fought demonized puppets on the north city gate these days, he could penetrate through the thick steel woods and walk to the height point of the city wall.

    At this moment, rows of terrifying, tough men with long beards as lofty as mountains were standing arrogantly on the north city wall in full-body armors like steel puppets. Each of them was holding a huge ax which weighed more than 100 kg.

    Zhang Tie felt familiar with those tough figures and their long beards. When he caught sight of the banner behind those tough guys, Zhang Tie remembered that they were Taklin Empire's Imperial Heavy-armored Infantry which he had met in the railway station when he came to Mocco City for the first time.

    They were the best heavy-armored infantry across Blackson Humans Corridor.

    These people stood on the city wall at the most dangerous moment.

    A silver-haired imperial priest of Taklin Empire was walking through this powerful heavy-armored infantry while spraying a handful of sacred water on each of these fighters from a silver bowl. At the same time, he kept muttering something. When the priest passed by them, these fighters would kneel down on one knee and slightly kiss the own crucifix on their chest. At the same time, they would pray piously before standing up firmly.

    At this moment, the population of demon hunters and paladins at the north city gate was even less than 1/10 of that in usual.

    Zhang Tie was standing on a part of the city wall with some paladins and demon hunters.

    The demonized puppets were still waiting for something quietly in the distance. Zhang Tie found that the huge matrix of demonized puppets was in a small adjustment.

    The atmosphere on the north city gate of Mocco City within 10 miles was frozen, which made all these human fighters' hearts pound. Even the vultures hovering in the air might have felt it. In usual, dauntless, roguish vultures would always bite those rotten corpses on the ground whenever they wanted. However, at this moment, although numerous corpses were piling over the open land which covered about 5 square km between the north city wall and the demonized puppets corps, none of the vultures dared land there. Because the rising killing intent from there was deterrent to those scavengers.

    Watching the millions of demonized puppets in the distance, Zhang Tie, standing on the city wall, became as tranquil as water. Few people could be as brave as him at this moment. Few people could have such an experience. At this moment, Zhang Tie was just thinking about his three babies. He wondered about their looks. If he could see them one day, he would tell them that their dad had already stood on the city wall of Mocco City with huge swords in hands at the age of 20. He was the first one who faced the collision of millions of demonized puppets not for the purpose of resisting them but for conquering them. Perhaps humans might lose Mocco City in the end. So what? There is no stage in this world which would not collapse. However, each person, big or small could be an everlasting hero as long as they dared face the coming troubles.

    A spirited aspiration was crashing Zhang Tie's chest...

    Empires would become dust; rivers would change their colors. Only human fighters who dared brandish their swords towards dark forces would keep their strong will as forever as the land and the sky!

    Everyone was waiting there...

    Zhang Tie was waiting there...

    Reinhardt was waiting there...


    An old man with a resolute look was standing on the highest point of the highest gate tower of the north gate of Mocco City and watching the endless demonized puppets corps in the distance while faintly frowning his eyebrows.

    "Leo, have you really made the decision?" Another old man asked solemnly while sitting on the opposite of that old man.

    "It would be pitiful if no human knight fought here till death when the human defense line in Selnes Theater of Operations was broken by demons!" The old man replied frankly.

    "There are other chances!" Another old man sighed faintly before adding, "You know that you will have other chances. If you could make further improvement in your battle force, you would be in a new realm!"

    "No, Marcus, it took me too long time to promote to a knight. I was above 180 years old when I became a knight. I'm average in talent. Through hard work and efforts, I've already obtained the favor of the God once and entered this sacred realm. There won't be the second time. You still have a chance, but not me!" The resolute old man watched the other old man, "Black Iron Knight is my terminal. Over these years, I've enjoyed all the honors brought by the rank of a human knight; I should also sacrifice myself for the honors of a human knight at this moment. It's fair!"

    The other old man then became silent. It indicated that he had agreed with the resolute old man out of his respect to the latter, "Do you have any will?"

    "No!" The resolute old man smiled as he pointed at those dense fighters on the city wall, including Zhang Tie, "Actually, it doesn't matter even if I die here. Look at those people down there. Perhaps, after witnessing the final battle between a human knight and a demon, some of them might be able to reach farther than us in the future!"

    The other old man became silent as he stood up firmly, "There are two knights in the opposite, when the Iron Plough Corps breaks out, I will wrestle with one of them, you can deal with the other one!"

    The old man called Leo nodded. After that, they departed.


    The distant demonized puppets launched an attack only after a short while. In the shrill clarino, millions of demonized puppets uttered miserable roars towards the sky, which could be heard within dozens of square kilometers. Meanwhile, the dense demonized puppets' vanguards darted towards the city wall like a rolling tide.

    The entire land started to shake. Standing on the city wall of Mocco City, everyone could see numerous blades and grim looks of demonized puppets.

    The vanguard of demonized puppets corps soon arrived at about 4 miles away from Mocco City, from where the centrifugal wheel turrets in Mocco City started to take effect. Therefore, a lot of blackspots were tossing out of the turrets and disappeared in a blink of an eye like pebbles being thrown into the water pool. They could never slow down the speed of demonized puppets at all.

    The demonized puppets accelerated their footsteps while the faces of demon hunters and paladins on Zhang Tie's side had turned pale.

    "Put down your face mask..." The commissioned officers of the Taklin Imperial Heavy-armored Infantry sent the order. With a cracking sound, all the steel-like warriors put down their face masks from their helmets at the same time.

    "Prepare your ax..."

    With a sound of "whula...", rows of huge, shiny axes were put in front of the chests of that infantry precisely by the pairs of steel gloves which indicated that they were ready for the attack silently and steadily.

    After a short while, the vanguard of demonized puppets had already been 3 miles away from the city wall...

    When everybody else on the city wall was so intense that they even became breathless, with a cracking sound, Zhang Tie inserted the pair of terrifying sword into the ground on the city wall; closely after that, he jumped onto an arrow mound beside an embrasure and slowly pulled down the zipper on his pants under the gaze of numerous people; closely after that, a water arrow was shot towards the demonized puppets corps.

    "After drinking too much in demon hunters bar, I've not gone to the toilet yet. Therefore, I will have a pee right here just in case I have no time to do that when I f*ck you b*stards. Why are you sc*mbags that anxious? Easy, easy, you will all share it..." Zhang Tie burst out into laughter on the city wall. After that, he forcefully ejected the water arrow more than 10 m away.

    After being teased by Zhang Tie's deed, the vanguard of demonized puppets corps seemed to be not that terrifying in other fighters' eyes.

    All the demon hunters and paladins near him felt relaxed while they also burst out into laughter.

    On the gate tower, the old man called Leo focused on Zhang Tie for the first time when he noticed that such a young man dared behave in this way facing millions of demonized puppets at this critical moment.

    Of course, the vanguard of the demonized puppets corps would not stop just because of Zhang Tie's pee. They soon reached 1 mile away from the city wall. At the same time, a lot of bolts were shot out of the crossbow army behind the city wall and hit the vanguards of demonized puppets...

    Some demonized puppets fell down. However, more demonized puppets rushed over here with bolts on their bodies, causing an earthquake near the city wall of Mocco City.

    "Ready..." The commissioned officers of Taklin Imperial Heavy-armored Infantry roared hoarsely.

    With a sound of "Whua...", the heavy-armored infantry raised half of the blade of their huge ax above head and prepared to launch an attack.

    Zhang Tie shook his head and pulled up the zipper on his pants. After that, he pulled the two huge swords out of the ground. With the drunk feel caused by the Burning Blade, he raised his head and took a deep breath before jumping off the city wall ahead of others. Zhang Tie stretched out his hands like how a roc flapped its wings and launched an attack towards the millions of demonized puppets...

    At the sight of this scene, all the human fighters on the city wall felt blood boiling all over their bodies while the fighters of Taklin Imperial Heavy-armored Infantry roared at the same time...

    With long growls, the demon hunters and paladins followed Zhang Tie one after another...
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