Chapter 645: A Fierce Battle

    Chapter 645: A Fierce Battle

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    When Zhang Tie jumped off the north city wall of Mocco City, the other southern city gates of Mocco City were opened at the same time. With a roar, Reinhardt rushed out, followed by the cavalries of Iron Plough Corps of Norman Empire.

    At this moment, all the other vanguards beside Reinhardt had shown their Iron-blood Battle Qi totems. Almost half of the powerhouses who had formed Iron-blood Battle Qi across Iron Plough Corps had joined the vanguards.

    The most ferocious collision happened near the city gates of Mocco City at once.

    This was the cruelest contest between the strong will of humans fighters and the demonized puppets' undying bodies. Iron Plough Corps, the former trump card troop of Norman empire was not the trump card anymore; similarly, the former commoners had become monsters under the control of demonized puppet worms.


    With a battle call "Kill...", Zhang Tie crossed the huge swords in front of his chest, causing more than 10 demonized puppets' heads fly off in a split second.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt like a lonely canoe that sailed against the mountain torrent. He could be flushed off and crushed into pieces by the great inertia of the numerous demonized puppets rushing over here.

    He had to paddle the canoe forcefully lest it was flushed away by the mountain torrent. When its speed of advance and power could offset that of the mountain torrent, it could stay wherever it was; when its speed of advance could surpass that of the mountain torrent, it could sail against the mountain torrent.

    The double paddles of the canoe were Zhang Tie's huge swords. Besides greater power, he should also wave his swords faster than the speed of the advancement of demonized puppets so as to defend the latter's strike.

    Zhang Tie waved his huge swords very fast, each of which weighed about 300 kg. He could wave each of his hands 16 times per second, namely 32 times in total. He kept sweeping over his swords around himself. Only in such a high speed could he smash the demonized puppets...

    Looking down from a high place, one would find the demonized puppets corps were like a black piece of bloody cloth. Zhang Tie just sheared off the complete piece of cloth like a pair of sharp scissors, causing fresh blood spray in all directions.

    There seemed to be an invisible meat grinder around Zhang Tie with a radius of 2 m. Any demonized puppets, once came in touch with the edge of this circle would be shattered by Zhang Tie's shadowy swords.

    There were too many demonized puppets. When Zhang Tie was grinding demonized puppets, more demonized puppets passed by him and the other demon hunters and paladins behind him before arriving at the foot of the city wall. They rushed onto the city wall of Mocco City along the slope which was as long as hundreds of meters.

    At this moment, the fighters of Taklin Empire's Imperial Heavy-armored Infantry launched an attack...

    In a split second, the killing qi of the axes on the north city wall formed a tidy, shiny line while a large area of demonized puppets' bodies was split open from the middle of their bodies. They then rolled down from the city wall while their fresh blood tinted the hundreds of meters' long city wall red. At this moment, more demonized puppets rushed onto the city wall. The shiny, white line flashed on the north city wall of Mocco City at a fixed frequency. Numerous javelins were stabbed in and out of the bodies of the demonized puppets through the gaps on the white, shiny line like the woods of javelins.

    Demonized puppets fell down constantly; however, more and more demonized puppets rushed onto the city wall.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how many demonized puppets had he killed. After only 10 minutes, he had been covered with the disgusting blood of demonized puppets.

    Facing the powerful resistance of human corps on the north city wall of Mocco City, the demonized puppets became less aggressive.

    Although having rushed into the corps of the demonized puppets dauntlessly and having just tided over the most difficult moment, Zhang Tie was aware what sort of figures were in this demonized puppets corps; he also knew the limit of his ability and strength. Therefore, he didn't continue to rush forward regardless of any risks. He attempted to not leave 500 m away from Mocco City. He then turned around and started to sweep back along the north city wall of Mocco City. Like chopping melons and vegetables, he chopped off the heads of a lot of demonized puppets on his side or just tore them into pieces.

    In the early 10 minutes, the demonized puppets' fierce momentum seemed being curbed. However, as the pile of corpses of demonized puppets near the north city wall grew higher, Taklin Empire Imperial Heaven-armored Infantry's defense line was gradually rocked while the pleasant tidy, shiny, white line started to become disordered. Fighters of Heavy-armored infantry were hit down by demonized puppets one after another. Whenever a heavy-armored fighter fell down, the surrounding demonized puppets would swarm up and stab into the gaps of armors using sharp weapons until they killed him.

    Because their helmets were movable and could be opened from outside, soon after the heavy-armored fighters fell down would a lot of demonized puppets start to tear off their helmets; after that, the demonize puppets would smash their weapons onto the fighters' heads or directly widely open their bloody mouths and bite the faces of the fighters...

    Those demonized puppets who were crazier would hold some heavy-armored fighters and directly roll down with them from the city wall.

    More and more demonized puppets rushed onto the city wall and fought human fighters, causing a greater chaos and more casualties. Facing the ceaseless strike of the demonized puppets, all the sections on the north city wall of Mocco City gradually entered chaos while battle calls, roars, killings and fresh blood spread everywhere.

    When it gradually turned dark, the battle calls of human fighters and the shrill utterances of the demonized puppets across Mocco City grew fiercer. Battle qi totems in different shapes and colors started to roll across Mocco City.

    Zhang Tie's dark vision also activated at this moment.

    When Zhang Tie was chopping demonized puppets, he suddenly felt a danger on his back. Therefore, he rapidly slid aside; meanwhile, he blocked his back using his huge swords.

    With a huge loud sound "Bang...", Zhang Tie felt that his hands trembled. It was a response to a long-distance battle qi attack.

    Zhang Tie turned around right away when he saw a human standing 10 m away among demonized puppets. With a grim look, the 4-star fighter punched him using his battle qi just now.

    Demonized puppets were unable to use battle qi. Even human fighters above LV 9, after being converted into demonized puppets, would also lose their ability to use battle qi besides maintaining their original physical strength and some of their battle instincts. Each person's battle qi was spiritual, which would disappear with his or her life. Therefore, fighters above LV 9 among demonized puppets would be either demons or members of Three-eye Association like those in Senel Clan.

    Watching Zhang Tie turning around, that guy punched him once more as a ball of battle qi flew towards Zhang Tie rapidly. Zhang Tie jumped away instantly. After that, he tried to get rid of his opponent. After revealing a grim smile, the guy darted towards Zhang Tie with a look of determination to tear Zhang Tie into pieces.

    When Zhang Tie stayed in Mocco City these days, he had not shown his ability to launch battle qi strike through the air. He was fully relying on his great strength. This could easily cause a false judgment to others--This guy is just a LV 9 fighter with some brutal force.

    This effect was what Zhang Tie wanted.

    When Zhang Tie was chopping demonized puppets to relieve the stress on the city wall, he was also angling.

    When he was shaping his dauntless image, he was also setting a trap for some b*stards of Three-eye Association in the demonized puppets corps. After killing a LV 10 b*stard of Three-eye Association, he could at least obtain a powerful fruit of brilliance which contained the full spirits of that guy; he might obtain a fruit of judgment. How come Zhang Tie miss such a chance. Given the current situation, as the demonized puppets corps and the Three-eye Association were taking the initiative of the battle, Zhang Tie could only wait for the arrival of those powerhouses above LV 9 among Three-eye Association. After reaching this purpose, he had to meet two conditions: first, he had to make a small trouble for them; second, he had to make them think that a LV 10 or LV 11 powerhouse could defeat him.

    If he showed his real strength as a 5-star battle master at the beginning, he might face more tricky figures like Scala. If a 5-star battle master appeared in front of him, he could do nothing but escape right away. Therefore, being low-key when necessary was more powerful than being always arrogant. However, as was told by Donder, when one pretended to be arrogant while covering his real battle force, it would even be more mysterious. This was a wise tactic in battle.

    Real force counted the most. However, sometimes, it was more important to show one's force properly in proper time and place than just having a great force.

    Who could imagine that the one who jumped off the city wall of Mocco City and rushed towards the demonized puppets corps could be so insidious?


    Only after 10 seconds, the guy who chased after Zhang Tie had exploded two headless corpses that Zhang Tie threw towards him by his huge swords in a ferocious and imposing way. After exploding the 2nd corpse, the moment that guy wanted to kill Zhang Tie with the 3rd punch, he suddenly found that Zhang Tie had disappeared right in front of him. Before he realized what happened, his body had been split into three pieces...


    At the sight of this, the old man who had been watching Zhang Tie silently on the gate tower of the north city gate of Mocco City since Zhang Tie jumped off the city wall instantly revealed a brilliant look...
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