Chapter 646: Angling

    Chapter 646: Angling

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    Soon after killing a LV 10 b*stard had Zhang Tie flashed across the demonized puppets and left the "spot" in a split second.

    In such a large-scale battle with millions of attendants, few people would pay attention to a guy who was even below LV 10. Compared to Zhang Tie, those demon hunters and paladins who could punch a demonized puppet into pieces within 10 m with rolling colorful battle qi totems were more attractive to powerhouses among the demonized puppets corps.

    Zhang Tie knew that it was just the beginning and a signal for him to kill that LV 10 strong fighter. It indicated that more and more powerhouses of demons and Three-eye Association were going to join the battle. As a result, those who could dominate this battlefield would not be those inferior demonized puppets any longer.

    'It's time to reap.' Zhang Tie told himself. 'Demons would find me angling here sooner or later. Before powerhouses above LV 13 appear in front of me, I have to kill as more b*stards above LV 10 as possible. This also indicates a growth of my battle force. What a rare chance!'

    When the powerhouses of Three-eye Association joined the battle, many demon hunters and paladins also met powerful enemies at this moment. Since few people paid attention to Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie just kept chopping those demonized puppets while stealthily drooling and drawing close to those powerhouses who were fighting the other demon hunters and paladins.

    Of course, Zhang Tie would not just rush towards those powerhouses of Three-eye Association. He chose to f*ck them when they paid attention to fight other demon hunters or paladins using his unrivaled precise throwing skill or precisely the bolts in his palm.

    How did he release his bolts in his palm when he was holding a huge sword. The solution was very simple--high speed.

    After dropping his huge sword, he could release the bolts in his hand before catching his sword once again, even if it only took him 0.1 s or less time. Likewise, Zhang Tie could release bolts with two hands along the directions of his strength while chopping the demonized puppets.

    Zhang Tie could easily do it.

    In the process of fighting real powerhouses, if one's hand left his weapon or lost its control of the weapon, it would be a fatal mistake. Even though it was only less than 0.1 s, it would also cause a severe outcome. However, the threat only existed when your enemy was almost as powerful as you instead of being demonized puppets who were much worse than your battle force.

    When Zhang Tie chopped those demonized puppets on his side, he found those demonized puppets became his best cover. He was covered by the pair of huge swords in his hands, even the chaotic situation in the battlefield was dark. Nobody could imagine that Zhang Tie was still able to release bolts at this critical moment. However, Zhang Tie's bolts could immediately kill any powerhouse below LV 12 within 150 m.

    When chopping demonized puppets, Zhang Tie was also watching and listening to the battlefield.

    Zhang Tie noticed that a LV 11 b*stard of Three-eye Association was fighting a LV 11 paladin fiercely over 100 m away. He kept glancing at that battle situation stealthily. With his powerful spiritual energy, Zhang Tie found that all the demonized puppets on the battlefield were moving slowly. While chopping demonized puppets, Zhang Tie gradually adjusted the angle between him and that b*stard. Within less than 0.01 s, Zhang Tie caught the special "release window" through a gap between him and that b*stard. Therefore, he loosed the handle of one sword and released the first bolt almost at the same time.

    After leaving Zhang Tie's hand, like following the summon of the Grim reaper, the mini bolt passed by numerous silent raising arms of demonized puppets, weapons, necks with bulged veins and grim faces like a canoe in the river and struck the head of the LV 11 powerhouse of Three-eye Association who was moving as slowly as a nail, spurting out his bloody brains.

    Closely after that, Zhang Tie heard a low boom. However, on a battlefield full of loud booms, that low boom was like a peddle being thrown into a stormy ocean. Few people would pay attention to it.

    "Go die..." That LV 11 paladin punched the same LV 11 powerhouse into pieces. The whole process was too short that many people thought the powerhouse was killed by that paladin. Only the paladin knew that the powerhouse's head had been exploded 0.1 s before he touched the powerhouse's body.

    'Who's that?' The paladin became amazed as he looked around. However, besides those dense demonized puppets within 40-50 m, he could see nobody else. Some human powerhouses were at least 70 m away from him. Additionally, they were all busy fighting. The guy who was having a pee on the city wall just now was over 100 m away and was sweeping horizontally with his two huge swords. 'Are there any human powerhouses hiding on the battlefield?"

    Before that paladin figured it out, a lot of grim demonized puppets had already rushing towards him with bloody eyes, pushing him into the chaotic battle once again.

    In the next over 10 minutes, Zhang Tie killed one LV 9, two LV 10 and one LV 11 powerhouses of Three-eye Association, relieving the stress of paladins and demon hunters greatly.

    However, at this moment, the steel defense line composed of the Taklin Imperial Heavy-armored Infantry was finally broken through by demonized puppets. As a result, more and more demonized puppets rushed onto the city wall. The north city wall of Mocco City was gradually occupied by demonized puppets.

    With a "boom", the entire land rocked. Zhang Tie, who was fighting demonized puppets, looked into the distance and found a strong qi rose into the sky from the demonized puppets corps with the sense of Iron-blood Fist, causing a great chaos in the camp of demonized puppets. With a shrieking roar that rocked all the eardrums across the battlefield, Zhang Tie saw a familiar one surging towards the strong qi from the back of the demonized puppets corps.

    Zhang Tie found that one was the very elder employed by Senel Clan, a real knight-level powerhouse that he had seen in Tokei City.

    Closely after that, the two figures being wrapped by flames started to crash in the air over 100 m above the ground like two meteors. Each time they collide with each other would they cause a thunder-like sound and strong firelight like how two powerful and terrifying giants fought...

    'Is this the battle between Knight-level powerhouses?' Zhang Tie was obsessed with that battle. It was completely out of his imagination.

    However, before Zhang Tie recovered his composure had he seen another strong qi rising to the air from the north gate tower of Mocco City over hundreds of meters away. Closely after that, a figure being wrapped with surging blue flames flew off the north city gate tower towards the demonized puppets corps.

    Wherever that person being wrapped with blue flames passed by, numerous demonized puppets would start to freeze before exploding.

    Zhang Tie felt that person glance at him for a short while while flying over.

    At this moment, another strong qi appeared in the demonized puppets corps and darted towards this one.

    The two figures crashed over 1000 m away from Mocco City, clearing all the demonized puppets within 100 m in a split second.

    Knights were fighting too fast to be identified even by Zhang Tie. He could only hear the loud booms.

    At this moment, the 4 knights were fighting in a group of two. Compared to others, knights could cause destructive strikes from 100 m away.

    As the knights joined the battle, the entire battle became white-hot. Demonized puppets and human fighters' roars spread across the battlefield.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie felt dark all over. He then raised his head and found batches of wing demons were flying over the city wall, clearing a lot of human fighters in a blink of eyes. As a result, more demonized puppets rushed onto the city wall while uttering obscure sounds.

    When the wing demons flew into Mocco City, they threw down the jars, causing big fires all over the city.
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