Chapter 647: Re-encounter

    Chapter 647: Re-encounter

    Translator: WQL  Editor: Aleem

    At this moment, most of the air-defense weapons on the north city wall had become ineffective. The two human knights had left the city while the human corps and demonized puppets corps were in a chaos. Right then, the wing demons launched their lethal attack.

    Those wing demons were all LV 9 demon fighters. Compared to the most human fighters, these wing demons had evidently more strength in battle force.

    The wing demons seemed to drop gel combustible bombs. The moment they fell to the ground or buildings had they started to burn. Many turrets near the north city wall of Mocco City had started to burn and became ineffective.

    The big fires on the ground made the crossbow soldiers matrix chaotic in the city. Many crossbow soldiers were rolling and wailing on the ground with flames all over their bodies. The demons soon took the initiative on the battlefield. As a result, more and more demonized puppets climbed onto the city wall.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie had intended to retreat.

    Even knights and demons among the demonized puppets corps had shown themselves, Zhang Tie, as a LV 11 5-star battle master, could never determine the result of this battle which had millions of attendants. Even though he had tried his best for the benefit of Mocco City. If the demonized puppets completely occupied the north city wall, he would not be able to retreat anymore. It was not worthwhile for him to sacrifice himself here.

    At this moment, powerful human knights were still fighting in front while the north city wall behind them had not been completely occupied. It was time to retreat.

    Those demon hunters and paladins who jumped off the city wall together with him had also figured out the battle situation as some of them had started to retreat.

    Zhang Tie shattered the demonized puppets behind him with huge swords. The moment Zhang Tie was going to retreat had he seen a person darting towards him. At the same time, that person chopped his sword towards him as he yelled, "Are you thinking about escaping at this moment? Go die!"

    The guy who rushed towards Zhang Tie was much more powerful than those Zhang Tie met just now. This guy was at least a LV 11 battle master. When he was still 10 m away, his aggressive sword qi had already arrived in front of Zhang Tie.

    The sword qi was an attack triggered by saber or sword through the air. It was a variant of battle qi. One could not produce sword qi unless being a LV 10 strong fighter. Only when one could launch a battle qi attack through the air could he or she produce a sword qi. One needed to practice the correct cultivation method for a long time before producing sword qi. Although sword qi was evolved by battle qi, it was greatly different than battle qi. Compared to battle qi, sword qi was usually more condensed and sharper, which made it more powerful.

    Therefore, the cultivation world above LV 10 was more colorful and would bring more possibilities to each cultivator.

    Although Zhang Tie was already LV 11, he still had not practiced his sword qi. However, Zhang Tie was not afraid of the sword qi triggered by other LV 11 battle masters as he was cultivating Iron-blood Fist and Iron-blood Battle Qi which were more powerful.

    Having not imagined that he could have another fish in hook before retreating, Zhang Tie was very happy. However, at this moment, Zhang Tie didn't have time to play hide-and-seek with that sc*mbag. He preferred to end the battle as soon as possible.

    Zhang Tie then crossed that pair of huge swords in front of his chest and blocked that sword qi, causing a crispy loud boom. However, Zhang Tie's hands didn't even quiver at all.

    At this moment, if that guy was smart, he should have turned around and escaped as soon as possible; however, he was slow-witted. He didn't even think that he himself could not resist his strike; however, the guy in front of him could easily and steadily resist it using his swords without suffering any harm. How could a LV 9 fighter have such a great ability?

    "Enjoy one more..." That guy triggered another sword qi towards Zhang Tie.

    "Idiot..." Zhang Tie revealed a killing qi as he punched towards his opponent through the air.

    When Zhang Tie triggered his punch, he didn't even put down his sword. With his sword in front of him horizontally, he triggered his punch towards his opponent.

    With only a red flashlight, the fist-shaped battle qi had flown out. After breaking the sword qi triggered by that guy, it struck that guy's body and exploded him into a cloud of blood.

    The power of the secret knowledge of the imperial household of Norman Empire could not fully play its role until LV 10. Iron-blood Fist, "King Roc Sutra", fruits and Zhang Tie's realization about Iron-blood Fist made Zhang Tie almost unrivaled at the same level. Meanwhile, the Iron-blood Fist looked supreme on Zhang Tie.

    After exploding a fish into pieces, Zhang Tie instantly turned around and rushed towards Mocco City. When he passed by a paladin and a demon hunter, he killed a LV 10 and a LV 9 opponents just by his huge swords instead of using his battle qi or Iron-blood Fist. Meanwhile, he asked the paladin and the demon hunter to retreat together with him. At this critical moment, the two people didn't have time to figure out how Zhang Tie became so sharp at once. They just retreated towards the north city gate of Mocco City together with Zhang Tie while chopping demonized puppets.

    When Zhang Tie boomed that LV 11 powerhouse of Three-eye Association, he exposed himself due to that flash red battle qi. Although his punch was transient, he was still noticed by someone in the evening. Seeing Zhang Tie retreating, that guy then accelerated towards him.

    More than 100 m away from Mocco City, Zhang Tie had already sensed a great crisis and killing intent. He then turned around and saw a figure darting towards here from 100 m away while his feet almost left the ground.

    'Scala?' Zhang Tie's heart raced as he had not imagined that he could re-encounter this guy here.

    Likewise, Scala also noticed that the guy who used Iron-blood Fist just now was Zhang Tie when he was drawing closer to the latter. At the beginning, Scala just felt that the opponent looked a bit familiar. When he looked at the opponent carefully, Scala's heart pounded too, 'Zhang Tie? Is that him?'

    Zhang's look didn't change except for the colors of his hair and face. Of course, Scala could recognize him easily.

    Scala sped up once again.

    Zhang Tie also knew that Scala had recognized him. Zhang Tie was clearly aware of the terrifying battle force of a LV 14 battle demon. Abyan in the shadow demon's cell had not been defeated by Zhang Tie until today. Facing such a powerful enemy, it was a joke for Zhang Tie to win the battle. What he could only do was to postpone the time for him to touch Scala.

    "Hurry up!" Zhang Tie roared towards the paladin and the demon hunter who were retreating together with him as he tossed one huge sword towards the city wall.

    With a humming sound, the terrifying, rotary huge sword chopped off a lot of demonized puppets on the way back to the city wall after flying more than 100 m as it inserted 2 m into the city wall of Mocco City, causing a cracking sound; meanwhile, it kept quivering heavily.

    The paladin and the demon hunter were startled by such a terrifying strength and throwing ability. However, they didn't waste any second; they instantly rushed towards the city wall. When they were close to that long sword, they instantly jumped onto the handle of the long sword and flew onto the city wall.

    Zhang Tie tossed the other huge sword towards Scala. When the rotary sword cut all the way towards Scala, Scala didn't even dodge away from it. He just triggered a punch towards it and pushed it to the ground more than 10 m away. Closely after that, Scala continued to dart towards Zhang Tie at a full speed.

    When Zhang Tie was still about 60 m away from the city wall, Scala had appeared in front of him.

    Although enemies' eyes would turn bloody when they saw each other, Zhang Tie's eyes didn't turn red; instead, he recovered his composure instantly.

    The moment Scala appeared, all the surrounding demonized puppets stayed away from Zhang Tie.

    "Long time no see, Zhang Tie, I've not imagined that you're still in Selnes Theater of Operations!" Scala grinned like seeing an old friend; however, there was a weird luster in his eyes.

    "As the battle in Selnes Theater of Operations has not come to an end yet; how could I leave out of here so easily?" Zhang Tie smiled.

    "Were you involved in the accident in Tokei City a few days ago?" Scala asked abruptly while he glanced over Zhang Tie carefully from his head to his toe in a blink of an eye.

    "Ah? What happened in Tokei City?" Zhang Tie became stunned as he sneered, "What? Have your family met any trouble? How did the alchemist's bombs of the allied human forces feel?"

    When Zhang Tie asked Scala about that, his heart raced, 'Scala is too cunning. I've not imagined that anyone could doubt me on what I did in Tokei City a few days ago. However, Scala had started to doubt me the moment he re-encountered me. What a terrifying person! If I were a bit innocent, I might have exposed many secrets because of this.'

    Scala watched Zhang Tie with his narrowed eyes as he could not see any information from Zhang Tie's look. 'How could Zhang Tie have that sort of rarity. If he had, I must have already searched it out last time. I was told that the rarity always existed in the form of finger rings or bracelets. I might have thought too much.' Scala then revealed a smile, "Nothing, we've just lost something. But it's a compensation for that to re-encounter you here!"

    "Really?" Zhang Tie smiled as he suddenly exclaimed, "Master!" towards the back of Scala with a surprising look.

    Scala was shocked as he instantly flashed over dozens of meters away like a ghost. At the same time, Zhang Tie rushed towards Mocco City...

    When Scala realized that he had been cheated, Zhang Tie had already been more than 20 m away. Having not imagined that he was cheated by Zhang Tie once again even in such an overwhelming situation, the face of Scala, who was always conceited, turned pale; with a growl, he chased after Zhang Tie...
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