Chapter 648: A Narrow Escape

    Chapter 648: A Narrow Escape

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    After throwing two swords, Zhang Tie aided himself with a rapidly moving skill. At his maximal speed, it seemed that he would arrive at the city wall of Mocco City in a blink of an eye. However, having fought Abyan, a LV 14 battle demon numerous times, Zhang Tie understood that the result of a battle was always determined in a blink of an eye. He should not have any fluke mind.

    Therefore, although it was just a distance of dozens of meters, Zhang Tie still treated it as risky as a natural chasm as he exerted his full strength.

    After rushing 30 m ahead, Zhang Tie had felt the fine hair blowing on his back. Closely after that, Zhang Tie accomplished the movement that could barely be done by most of the powerhouses at his level--He just turned back and retreated at the same speed while facing the strike of his enemy.

    It was a powerful battle qi flying towards him from a LV 14 battle demon. Scala looked a bit grim as he sped up towards Zhang Tie. At the sight of Scala's face, Zhang Tie had realized that Scala would never allow him to leave alive at this moment.

    Right then, Zhang Tie roared as he punched towards that battle qi with his Iron-blood Fist.

    Although spurting a mouth of blood, Zhang Tie didn't fall down; instead, he retreated faster than ever.

    Some demonized puppets wanted to block Zhang Tie while waving their arms. Zhang Tie just ignored them as he crashed them into pieces with his shoulders and back.

    At this stage, Zhang Tie had been able to launch his Iron-blood Battle Qi through many parts of his body. That was to say, the effect of his body parts onto those demonized puppets was same to that of his punches. Of course, the average demonized puppets could never resist him.

    Scala had never imagined that his furious blow would be blocked away by Zhang Tie's punch; instead of exploding Zhang Tie into pieces. Scala was so shocked like how a mad ox stomped onto an insect and found that the insect under its hoofs was still as energetic as before.

    In a split second, Scala had realized that Zhang Tie was not the same one being captured by Senel Clan several months ago. He was already many times different. Scala didn't know what happened to Zhang Tie during the past months; however, Zhang Tie's progress drove Scala's killing intent boiling inside. 'What a terrifying person! If I keep him alive a few years longer...'

    --I will never let him escape alive.

    A whim flashed across Scala's mind.

    Watching Zhang Tie being close to the city wall, Scala sped up abruptly with a grim look. When he was going to launch another attack, the demon hunters and paladins who were watching Zhang Tie on the city wall launched their attacks towards Scala at the same time at their full strength.

    In a split second, a bolt triggered by a heavy crossbow, a flying ax, a javelin and a sharp steel needle were shot towards Scala.

    Only by raising his arm, Scala had already swept all of them away. In 1/3 of a wink, Zhang Tie had already been 5 m away from the city wall.

    It seemed that Zhang Tie was going to jump up...

    With a roar, "Wolf Punch...", Scala pushed out a purple "wolf-shaped" battle qi towards Zhang Tie with his hands as fast as a lightning bolt after flying above 10 m, covering the upper space of Zhang Tie.

    However, Zhang Tie didn't jump up as it was just a fake movement. The moment Zhang Tie's feet left the ground had Zhang Tie squatted abruptly. Closely after that, he rolled back on the ground.

    Scala's punch struck the city wall close to Zhang Tie's scalp. After a loud boom, Zhang Tie felt an earthquake while the shattered stones fell onto his body like the rain.

    As a result, there was a 5-m high pit on the city wall. The layer of bricks and concrete structure which was about 1 m in thickness covering the city wall was completely destroyed, exposing the twisted steel bars and the defensive steel plate inside the steel bars along with the surrounding steel transportation tunnels, spurting too much steam vapor at once...

    After seeing the effect of this strike, Zhang Tie indeed realized the great power of the battle skill of a LV 14 battle demon. If he had jumped up just now, he must have been exploded into pieces.

    In the covering dust, Zhang Tie rolled to the foot of the city wall. At the sight of those exposed, broken steel bars, Zhang Tie felt chilly inside. In the misty steam vapor, Zhang Tie shoved against the ground and jumped up like a huge eagle.

    Until Zhang reappeared in the covering dust and misty steam vapor had Scala realized that he didn't kill Zhang Tie just now. Therefore, he changed his look and rushed towards Zhang Tie once again. However, he had not imagined that Zhang Tie triggered consecutive battle qi punches towards him like shooting red shells, forcing him a few steps back. Therefore, Scala had to block Zhang Tie's battle qi strikes.

    When he wanted to launch another strike towards Zhang Tie, a growl drifted from the top of the city wall when a tall human leader in battle armor had charged towards him like a lofty mountain. Before the person arrived, a ball of powerful battle qi which could almost match his battle qi had been triggered towards Scala.

    Scala racked his mind about 0.001 seconds before choosing to retreat while watching Zhang Tie jumped onto the city wall.

    After arriving at the top of the city wall, Zhang Tie swept some more demonized puppets off the city wall by waving his arm. Closely after that, he turned around and revealed a sneer towards Scala. At the same time, he thumbed down towards him and made a hand gesture to cut through his throat before disappearing from the top of the city wall...

    Scala looked pretty bad while a rich sense of frustration and shadow covered his mind.


    "You b*stards from Three-eye Association, how could a battle demon bully a battle master? Come here to have a duel with me if you're a real man!" The human leader jumped off the city wall as he swore with bloody eyes. At the same time, he raised his huge ax and darted towards Scala...



    Zhang Tie spurted a mouth of fresh blood towards the ground. After that, he felt much better. He then wiped off the blood from his mouth corners and kept running forward.

    About 2 miles away from the north city gate and that chaotic region, Zhang Tie flashed across the dim alleys and streets in Mocco City. All the houses in front of his eyes were empty. In usual, some fighters might live here; however, all the fighters had already gathered at this moment. They were preparing for the coming battle or breakout, leaving these old residential areas empty at once.

    Wing demons were still hovering in the air. Many places had been burned down. Zhang Tie didn't know whether those wing demons could notice him. He tried to be careful. Therefore, he dodged from main roads and preferred hidden routes.

    There was a semi-old 3-storey house in front of him with a brand of a hotel on its facade. The gate of the hotel was widely opened. After confirming that nobody noticed him, Zhang Tie just slid into that hotel.

    The hotel was in a mess while broken glasses, dirty magazines and papers were covering the ground. Two rats were running across an empty gradevin. They were not afraid of Zhang Tie at all.

    Zhang Tie realized that this hotel had been closed for a long time. Closely after that, he went upstairs slightly.

    There were some guest rooms on the 2nd storey and the 3rd storey. Behind that hotel were an empty kitchen and a courtyard. Zhang Tie then came to the 3rd floor.

    Most of the rooms on the 3rd storey were opened while all sorts of items were covering the floor, including broken vials, jars and kids' old toys. Zhang Tie came to a messy room and checked inside; after finding no issues, he closed the door from inside while facing inside in a customary way. He then leaned against a wall and panted heavily.

    The dark inside the room brought him a sense of safety and tranquility. Zhang Tie fumbled out 2 vials of all-purpose medicament and bottomed up them all at once. After 1 minute, with a warm feeling in his chest, Zhang Tie felt a bit comfortable. If not that he had been extremely strong, he might not have resisted Scala's strike at all.

    Zhang Tie had a great achievement tonight at the risk of his life. He chopped many demonized puppets; however, more and more demonized puppets rushed onto the top of the city wall. He had tried his best; however, the destiny of Mocco City remained unchanged...

    After taking some rest in the dark, Zhang Tie felt that he had recovered a bit. After glancing at the sparkling skyline, he ran his spiritual energy and returned to Castle of Black Iron.

    It was also evening inside Castle of Black Iron. However, compared to Mocco City at this moment, the tranquil space inside Castle of Black Iron was more like a sweet dreamland.

    In the dark, Heller looked pretty solemn...
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