Chapter 649: Watching the Battle as a Beetle

    Chapter 649: Watching the Battle as a Beetle

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    "Castle Lord, you were too risky tonight. You almost couldn't come back alive. You knew that Senel Clan members were on this battlefield and might encounter them at any time; if you met such a dangerous situation again, later on, I'd suggest you to retreat from the battlefield as soon as possible and try not to get mired in that dangerous situation!" Heller suggested solemnly.

    Zhang Tie scratched his head bashfully, "Hmm, you're right. I almost died this time. There were many uncertain factors on the battlefield. Thankfully, I've got some achievements!"

    "As long as you're alive, you will always have some chances to make achievements. Only when you could retreat from dangerous situations would you have a bright future!"

    Heller's advice was very valuable. Therefore, Zhang Tie accepted it modestly. Heller then looked better, "Castle Lord, it will take you at least 2 days to fully recover your injuries. I suggest you to not leave Castle of Black Iron before full recovery!"

    "Fine, I will not leave Castle of Black Iron. I will keep my body inside to recover. But can I take a look outside in my incarnation? As the battle has not come to an end, I want to take a look outside there..." Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    Heller then forced a bitter smile.

    Zhang Tie then ran towards the small tree and sat down there.

    As it was not the right moment to eat fruits, Zhang Tie just glanced at the new fruit of brilliance and the fruit of judgment before sitting down satisfactorily. Closely after that, he ran his spiritual energy and summoned that exotic LV 2 beetle.

    Only after a few seconds, that beetle had already appeared as it was flying around the small tree jubilantly. At the sight of that beetle, Zhang Tie smiled as he closed his eyes. In the next second, he incarnated into that beetle who was still flying around the small tree. Thus, he left Castle of Black Iron...

    The moment Zhang Tie reappeared in the room of the hotel had he flown out of the room through a broken window.

    The fiercest battle was still near the north city gate. Therefore, Zhang Tie flew towards there...

    Zhang Tie kept flying a bit faster than sparrow 10 m above the ground. However, compared to the size of a sparrow, the small beetle was more agile as its fingernail-sized black body could almost not be noticed by people in the evening.

    The entire Mocco City was covered with earsplitting battle calls and flames. In the north of Mocco City, two extremely remarkable, powerful battle qis were rushing into the air, one blue, one cyan.

    This was Zhang Tie's 2nd time to witness an abnormal phenomenon when the two knights were fighting each other. When Huaiyuan Palace raided Heavens Cold City, Zhang Tie saw knights' battle qis for the first time. Last time, when Zhang Tie was outside the city, he saw two volumes of shiny battle qi which were similar to wolf dung smoke rising into the air inside the Heavens Cold City. This indicated that the knights had made real fire. Compared to that in the daytime, when in the evening, knights' battle qi would have more amazing effects.

    As Zhang Tie had not reached that level, Zhang Tie didn't know whether the battle qi effects behind the knights were battle qi totems. Zhang Tie was even not sure whether that strength was a battle qi or not. Compared to the battle qi totems below knights, Zhang Tie saw obscure images in the two light volumes, which were more like the knights themselves instead of being magical beasts. Zhang Tie wondered everything about knights. What attracted him most outside Castle of Black Iron was the battle between the two knights outside the city.

    It was a very rare opportunity to witness a battle between two knights. This was the only time that Zhang Tie had encountered since he was born. Anyone who had a dream on the path of cultivation would never miss such an opportunity.

    When Zhang Tie reached the north city gate, he found the north city wall had been occupied by demonized puppets while more and more demonized puppets were swarming up onto the city wall and starting a fiercer battle with human corps. Human fighters fought demonized puppets one step after another backward along the stairs and one bartizan after another. Fresh blood sprayed in each second.

    The north city gate had been opened while a human troop had already rushed out of it. They formed 3 powerful pikemen matrices in the shape of the Chinese character "".

    All the human fighters of the 3 pikemen matrices were wearing metal armors. Each fighter was holding a 3-m long pike, making each pikemen matrix a steel hedgehog. Any demonized puppet who rushed in front of any one of the 3 pikemen matrix would face a cluster of pikes instead of only 10 pikes. In the blink of an eye, the demonized puppet would be torn apart by numerous pikes.

    Zhang Tie was shocked as it was his first time to witness the great power of human pikemen matrix.

    Among the 3 pikemen matrices, there was a matrix of crossbow soldiers. The 4 square matrices could play a powerful effect when in coordinated work. As a result, those demonized puppets near the north city gate suffered a great loss. Gradually, the corpses of demonized puppets were as thick as 3 m in front of the pikemen matrices...

    If they only needed to deal with the common infantry of demonized puppets, the human pikemen matrices had an overwhelming advantage. However, there was no "if" on the battlefield, especially for the common arm of services below LV 6, the mutual-restraint relationship between the different arm of services was evident. When human pikemen matrices cracked down the fierce demonized puppets, the large batches of demonized puppets shot down their short javelins towards the pikemen matrices from dozens of meters away.

    As a result, the human fighters were penetrated through one after another.

    However, in the air, from a height which could not be reached by bolts from the ground, other wing demons were throwing down burning jars towards the pikemen matrices. As result, more and more human fighters were swallowed by the blazing fire, causing a chaos in the matrices. However, even being baptized by blazing fire and short javelins, the human fighters were still moving forward, turning left and turning right in a fixed frequency at their commissioned officer's order so as to constantly clean all the enemies in front of them.

    Even if the commissioned officers fell down, someone else would soon take over the command and continue the battle...

    The luster of battle qi totems rose up or diminished constantly, which indicated the terror of the holy war...

    After sighing inside, Zhang Tie flew over the city wall and the battlefield towards the two light volumes in the distance.

    Ants only needed to solve their battle in their hole; birds could end their battle on the twigs; tigers solved their battle in the woods while knights fought regardless of the battlefield...

    Zhang Tie could only see 2 knights at this moment. The other 2 knights had already disappeared. Even the rest 2 knights had been more than 10 miles away from the general battlefield.

    The beetle soon got closer to the battlefield of the two knights. On the way there, Zhang Tie was stunned by a lot of odd-look, miserable corpses of demonized puppets.

    After arriving at their battlefield, Zhang Tie just landed on a broken steam tank more than 700 m away.

    Although the muzzle of the ballista was not thick for a person, it was like a lying, towering tree which was as thick as dozens of times of his arm length. Although the body of the ballista was shiny in the eyes of a person, it was full of fine grains and pits like huge anti-slippery mattresses in the eyes of the beetle. Therefore, the four feet of the beetle which were covered with fine burrs could stand on it steadily. He could even hang upside down on it as steady as Mount Tai.

    After putting away his wings, Zhang Tie widened his eyes and started to appreciate the battle between the two knights.

    Knights moved so fast that Zhang Tie could not clearly see their movements. He could only feel the battle effect. The center of their battle was like a terrifying thunderstorm being wrestled with blue and cyan luster. With sharp booms, powerful killing qi and afterwinds of their battle qi escaped from that thunderstorm. Even though it was 700 m away, Zhang Tie could still feel the wind as chilly as icy bolts or powerful qi as sharp as javelins flying across the wrecked tank.

    Zhang Tie really broadened his vision by such a battle, 'What a valuable trip! If not see how real powerhouses fight, I will always be short-sighted.'

    Two currents of powerful qi even struck the tank, causing loud booms. Like being struck by real sabers, swords or long javelins, Zhang Tie was shocked. However, as he was too small, it was hard for the escaping powerful qi to strike him. Therefore, he was safe.

    Only after less than 10 minutes, the two knights had flown towards the mountains in the west while colliding with each other ferociously.

    In less than one second, Zhang Tie had hurriedly flapped his wings and chased after them.

    Zhang Tie almost used his full effort while his speed was at least 2-3 times faster than that of a sparrow. However, he was still farther and farther away from the two figures in front of him. Even if they were flying across the mountains and fighting each other, they still didn't slow down.

    Zhang Tie kept chasing them for 2 hours. After flying across many mountains, he finally could not see the two figures. Zhang Tie flew across the dense ridges for quite a while; however, he could not find his target anymore. When he was considering to return to Mocco City or incarnate into the thunder hawk to look for a long while, he saw a blue luster rushing in the air from the valley over 10 miles ahead. Closely after that, he heard a thunder. Then, it recovered its tranquility once again like nothing had happened.

    Being ecstatic inside, he hurriedly flew over there. When he arrived at that valley and saw what happened, Zhang Tie was amazed...
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