Chapter 652: Fruit of Bloodline

    Chapter 652: Fruit of Bloodline

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    Besides that medicament container, Zhang Tie found a purse on the corpse. There were gold checks inside the purse which were worth more than 1 million.

    Since he robbed Senel's warehouse in Tokei City, Zhang Tie had been immune to wealth. Therefore, at the sight of these gold checks, Zhang Tie was not excited at all. However, Zhang Tie felt strange about finding gold checks on a knight's corpse, 'Money is really irresistible. Even knights are obsessed with it.'

    Besides these items, the dead knight of Three-eye Association also had a special waistband.

    It was a shiny black waistband whose buckle was like two crossed bright moons. It seemed to be specially three-dimensional, classical and delicate. It might be made of an animal's hide. However, when Zhang Tie held it, he realized that it was metal as it felt icy and heavy. It was perfectly sealed with numerous black hexagonal, metal scales, which were both as soft as silk and as firm as steel. Zhang Tie was shocked by its perfect craftsmanship.

    After being an assistant in Donder's grocery store for a few years, at least Zhang Tie had formed a sharp judgment. However, Zhang Tie had never seen such an exquisite craftsmanship of this waistband.

    Out of curiosity, Zhang Tie injected some spiritual energy into the waistband while the information of the waistband appeared in Zhang Tie's mind.

    Full-moon Dragon Soul Waistband--

    --Bronze Secret Item.

    --Knight's Equipment.

    --This waistband contains a lost rune effect. Its craftsmanship and raw material are unknown. But I'm sure that it has been quenched by the blood of an underground dragon and has been injected with the soul fire of an underground dragon.

    --This waistband's effect is closely related to the moons' looks. At the double full moons, it would have a maximal effect when it could increase the full strength of an underground dragon for the wearer. At the double two crescents, it would have a minimal effect when it could increase 10% of the full strength of an underground dragon. As to the other periods, its effect would determine on the looks of the two moons.

    --Authenticated by Fang Xiaobai from Treasures Pavilion, Taixia Country, Eastern Continent.

    As there was too much information, Zhang Tie had many questions.

    Zhang Tie didn't know what was an underground dragon or how powerful was an underground dragon. However, he knew that he had never touched such an item before; especially the words "Bronze Secret Item" "Lost" "Unknown" and "Authenticated by Fang Xiaobai" which reminded Zhang Tie of one possibility--this waistband was not the product of this age at all; instead, it came from a distant age which was discovered by the modern people. Now that it was produced in a distant age, of course, it had a lot of secrets. That was also why the information was left by the jewelry appraiser instead of its producer.

    After being shocked for more than 10 seconds, Zhang Tie instantly thought it through as he recovered his composure, 'Now that I could get a rarity like Castle of Black Iron, of course, someone else could also get something special.' Given that information, Zhang Tie understood that there were a lot of rarities that were out of his imagination in this world, 'Perhaps, I'm not qualified to know more information until I promote to a knight.'

    Zhang Tie attempted to wear that waistband. When he buckled it up, he felt a special wave spreading across his entire body from the waistband; at the same time, the flames of those surging points that he had lit jumped faintly. Closely after that, the waistband recovered its tranquility. Zhang Tie then did not feel it special anymore, not to mention the increasing strength for him, 'It seems that this waistband is indeed only available to knights.'

    After this waistband, Zhang Tie found no more valuable items from this knight of Three-eye Association.

    Zhang Tie reaped a lot today--Autumn Frost Golden Sword, Rose Finger Ring, Full-moon Dragon Soul Waistband, gold checks that were worth more than 1 million gold coins and a lot of vials of pills and medicament.

    Zhang Tie gave the Full-moon Dragon Soul Waistband to Heller and told him to put it away.

    "Castle Lord, do you need Edward to change its look?" Heller asked.

    "No need!" Zhang Tie took a deep breath before hiding his smile. At the same time, he narrowed his eyes with a brooding look, "I can't use this waistband until I promote to a knight. When it's available to me, it doesn't matter even if others know that this is of a knight of Three-eye Association! What the f*ck a knight would do if he could not even protect such an item?"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's domineering words, Heller nodded, "Hmm, this waistband is indeed a good item. At the full moons, it could increase one's strength by the full strength of an underground dragon; thankfully, this waistband could only increase the knight's strength by a bit more than 1/5 of the full strength of an underground dragon; otherwise, the guy of Three-eye Association would be more powerful!"

    "Heller, what's an underground dragon? How powerful is an underground dragon?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "An underground dragon is a LV 14 magical beast which lives in a special underground environment. An average adult underground dragon would be almost twice of your strength"

    'Twice?' Zhang Tie faintly drew in a mouth of breath as he had never imagined that a waistband could increase one's strength by two times, 'That's great! Although there are only 3-4 days all the year round when there are full moons, it's already amazing.'

    "What about the bronze secret item?"

    "It's a concept of modern people about the past. You could only discover those secrets and knowledge by yourself!"

    Zhang Tie knew that Heller stuck to his bottom line and would not tell him everything that he knew. Therefore, after hearing this answer, he soon transferred his attention.

    'After reaping a lot of booties from this knight of Three-eye Association, it's time to look at the rewards from the small tree.'

    In the dark, an amber luster was running across the tree leaves of the small tree, making it pretty majestic and splendid. However, Zhang Tie felt that the small tree was a bit different than usual. The moment he was close to the small tree had he seen the tree leaves swaying, causing a euphonious bell ring. It seemed to be greeting Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie had not enjoyed such a kind treatment before. Besides delicate music, Zhang also smelt a strong, exotic fragrance. Only after a sniff had he felt being spirited while all of his fine hair seemed being opened.

    Zhang Tie smelt the fragrance of fruit of judgment, the fruit of brilliance and another special fragrance.

    Meanwhile, Zhang Tie's heart started to pound.

    When standing under the small tree and watching all sorts of fruits hanging over the small tree, Zhang Tie felt so happy that he almost passed out.

    At the sight of the 7 cross-star shaped fruits of judgment, Zhang Tie felt thirsty as he panted and torn open his collar.

    Zhang Tie then checked the effects of those fruits of judgment by his quivering hand one after another.

    --Fruit of judgment; already ripe. This fruit contains an advancement rune whose effect is "Medium-level Rapid Moving skill"...

    --Fruit of judgment; already ripe. This fruit contains an advancement rune whose effect is "Medium-level Hiding Skill"...

    --Fruit of judgment; already ripe. This fruit contains an advancement rune whose effect is "Senior Binding Skill".

    --Fruit of judgment; already ripe. This fruit of judgment contains an advancement rune whose effect is "Senior Rapid Moving Skill"...

    --Fruit of judgment; already ripe. This fruit of judgment contains an advancement rune whose effect is "Senior Hiding Skill"...

    --Fruit of judgment; already ripe. This fruit contains a god's rune whose effect is --"cracking"...

    --Fruit of judgment; already ripe. This fruit contains a god's rune whose effect is--"Stabilize Spirit"...

    Zhang Tie remembered that there were already two fruits of judgment on the small tree when he left the battlefield of Mocco City. He had never imagined that he could have 5 more fruits of judgment after killing one knight.

    With the 7 fruits of judgment, he could not only promote the effects of the three current god's runes to senior level but also obtained another two new skills.

    Zhang Tie really had a fruitful achievement this time.

    Besides the fruit of judgment, the fruit of brilliance also changed its look.

    Since the first fruit of brilliance appeared on the small tree, Zhang Tie had fixed his eyes on the fruit of brilliance which could completely store one's spiritual energy in his mind--round, smooth and shining a dark golden luster. No matter how many people's spiritual energy it contained, its look remained unchanged. However, at this moment, Zhang Tie realized that he was wrong. The fruit of brilliance would always change. The fruit of brilliance was almost 1/2 bigger than its previous look while its dark golden luster also disappeared. It turned transparent like a senior crystal ball. Additionally, Zhang Tie could also see the running colorful brilliance inside the fruit.

    Zhang Tie did not believe that it was a fruit of brilliance until he touched it and read the information.

    Undoubtedly, its changing look was owed to the knight. The moment Zhang Tie imagined the powerful spiritual energy of the knight had he drooled.

    Additionally, he obtained two trouble-reappearance fruits tonight, one from the battlefield of Mocco City, the other from that knight of Three-eye Association whom he killed in the valley. The two trouble-reappearance fruits were the only ones that Zhang Tie had expected.

    Besides, Zhang Tie smelt a special fragrance around the small tree. After walking around the small tree for a short while, Zhang Tie finally saw a wholly new fruit on one twig.

    That fruit was half bloody and half black. It was a special gyroelongated square dipyramid which looked like a bright, perfect artwork that combined well-polished red gems and black crystals.

    Zhang Tie touched it and saw its information at once.

    --Fruit of bloodline; already ripe; Usage: Pick and directly eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After picking it off, you could preserve it in crystal ware forever.

    --You can freely allocate the strength in this fruit. It could awaken your ancestral bloodline or help evolve the bloodline that you've already awakened.

    --The brave man who dares to wave saber towards the dark force, when you conquer your fear, everything would be possible. When you create a marvel in the dark, the marvel would manifest itself in the brightness for sure. This fruit of bloodline is your marvel and your greatest reward, with which you would acknowledge the secrets of the endless treasures of your body and have the power of determining your own fate. The power doesn't come from your punch but from your strong will and heart of being a brave man.

    'Fruit of bloodline?'

    'Awaken my ancestral bloodline or help evolve the bloodlines that I've already awakened?'

    Zhang Tie became shocked. After a short while, he couldn't wait to pick off that fruit of bloodline...

    "Castle Lord, as you've not fully recovered from your injuries. I suggest you to rest two days until your body is fully recovered. After that, you can enjoy these fruits. In this way, those fruits could fully play their effects!" Heller said on Zhang Tie's side.

    Zhang Tie then stopped. Watching the fruits all over the small tree, he swallowed his saliva forcefully before nodding.


    'Two days, just two days then...' Zhang Tie mumbled.

    'I wonder about the battle situation in Mocco City.'

    'No matter how it proceeds in Mocco City, based on my current battle force, I cannot change anything else besides killing some small figures.'

    'I will wait a couple of days then...'

    'Mom said, being patient is a virtue.'

    Zhang Tie then recovered his composure...
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