Chapter 653: A Surging Comprehensive Force

    Chapter 653: A Surging Comprehensive Force

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    Two days flew past.

    During the past two days, Zhang Tie lived a very comfortable life. When he got up in the morning, he would drink some all-purpose medicament. After that, he would take a bath in the hot spring and take a noontime snooze. He would also fly around Castle of Black Iron in the incarnation of that black beetle and experience the marvelous world from the eyes of an insect.

    In the past two days, Zhang Tie didn't even cultivate the endless true words of the Great Wilderness Sutra.

    Before eating so many fruits, Zhang Tie intended to relax himself spiritually and physically and adjust himself to the optimal state.

    Zhang Tie even wanted to take a look at Mocco City in the incarnation of that small beetle; however, he finally abandoned this thought.

    Heller had a proverb--Only when you learned to calmly retreat yourself from dangerous situations could you have a bright future.

    'Before being calm, I have to learn to relax myself and free myself out of the bizarre environment in the outside world. I have to face my true heart.'

    'My true heart is to be dauntless.'

    'I've already tried my best. I rushed towards millions of demonized puppets firstly and almost lost my life. After that, I killed a knight of Three-eye Association bravely. I've already faced my true heart dauntlessly and have no regrets.'

    Over the past two days, Zhang Tie not only healed his wounds, but also improved his spiritual realm.

    In such a spiritual realm, Zhang Tie forgot about Mocco City and Senel Clan. He even forgot about those fruits on the small tree. He just enjoyed traveling everyday in the incarnation of the small beetle. In the special perspective of that insect, a common small tree was like a vast and exotic world that he had never experienced before. Entering the small tree, he felt pretty pleased that he almost forgot everything else.

    Sometimes, Zhang Tie couldn't help but think that the Great Wilderness Sutra was created by some extremely powerful people who wanted to experience and sense this world in different incarnations. Perhaps, on a far ancient day, when one of those extremely powerful people suddenly became tired of observing and experiencing this world in the perspective of a human, he wondered what this world would be in the eyes of insects, birds or beasts. Therefore, he created the "Great Wilderness Sutra"

    --'Is that possible?'

    --'Is that impossible?'


    In that relaxed state, Zhang Tie found his mind became agile and fully energetic.


    On the morning of the 3rd day since he entered Castle of Black Iron, when those villagers in the town started a new day, Zhang Tie, who had been fully relaxed, appeared below the small tree.

    "Choose fruits which could be easily absorbed firstly; eat the fruit of brilliance and the fruit of bloodline in the end. Pay attention to the order of fruits of judgment. The lower level ones first; otherwise, it won't work!" Heller suggested aside.

    "Okay, I see!" Zhang Tie then picked off that trouble-reappearance fruit and swallowed it instantly. After digesting that trouble-reappearance fruit, Zhang Tie continued to gnaw other fruits.

    It took Zhang Tie 24 hours to digest all the 7 fruits of judgment. After that, his comprehensive strength surged greatly.

    Senior binding skill could freeze all the fighters below LV 9. Its striking radius reached 85 cm. Zhang Tie could store 36 senior binding chains. That was to say, if there were 36 LV 9 powerhouses in a room, the moment he entered the room could he freeze all the 36 fighters with senior binding chains.

    Zhang Tie had never imagined that he could have such a great ability.

    With the blessing of senior rapid moving rune, Zhang Tie could increase his moving speed from 120% of that granted by preliminary rapid moving rune to 360%. If Zhang Tie encountered Scala outside Mocco City at this moment, with the blessing of the senior rapid moving rune, Zhang Tie could move 2 times faster than that he did three days ago. Even Scala could only see him off and eat dust as his speed had already reached the upper limit of a battle demon.

    With the blessing of senior rapid moving rune, Zhang Tie tested his speed in Castle of Black Iron and was really stunned by that. At his full effort, Zhang Tie was as fast as a gust, leaving behind a constant shadow. It only took him less than 2 seconds to finish the distance of 100 m. It was Zhang Tie's first time to be fully confident about his ability to escape.

    With the blessing of the senior hiding rune, in Heller's words, Zhang Tie's life qi became a bit weaker than that when he had just drunk the concealing medicament. Concealing medicament could only conceal one's heat source and infrared signature and make one look like being stonified; however, the senior hiding rune could even conceal one's entire life qi and energy besides concealing ones' heat source and infrared signature. Undoubtedly, senior hiding rune was greater than concealing medicament. Besides, senior hiding skill could also be used on one's incarnation.

    Especially that black beetle. It was trivial itself and was able to change its color. If it was applied with a senior hiding rune, it would almost be impossible to discover it when it wanted to hide itself.

    The "cracking" god's rune was a powerful aided striking skill. Zhang Tie could apply it on his weapon, a bolt or a javelin. Given its preliminary effect, it would cause a cracking effect on the skin near the wound of his opponent. It could increase his weapon's physical striking effect. Even if the opponent didn't die, this effect would make his opponent lose his blood more rapidly. It would take his opponent two times longer to heal his wounds. If his opponent was a demon, this "cracking" effect would additionally increase by 30%. This effect seemed to be targeting at demons.

    The god's rune "Stabilize Spirit" could form a shield in front of his spiritual realm.

    With the help of "Stabilize Spirit", Zhang Tie would be greatly resistant to some spiritual strikes. "Stabilize Spirit" was the first negative god's rune that Zhang Tie had. After eating that fruit of judgment, Zhang Tie saw the god's run in his mind. It was a light, transparent shield.

    On the next morning he digested all of his fruits of judgment, After picking off the exotic fruit of brilliance, Zhang Tie crossed his legs and engulfed it.

    Zhang Tie closed his eyes. In a split second, he had felt the golden spiritual energy swirling in his mind. A river abruptly appeared above that spiritual swirl. After that, the golden river dumped off from the river and converged into that spiritual swirl. It was like how a waterfall poured into a lake. The lake then rippled and spread in all directions. At the same time, it expanded and became deeper.

    When the spiritual energy gradually suffused in his mind, Zhang Tie felt an extremely cold sense spreading across his body. It was like how a dry land being as thirsty as a desert suddenly was drown by an ocean. The sense of happiness and satisfaction was even 10 times sharper than an orgasm.

    The golden river kept dumping off while Zhang Tie was intoxicated in that extreme happiness.

    Not knowing how much time had passed, the river in his mind disappeared when Zhang Tie's mind sea became a real golden ocean!

    When Zhang Tie woke up from that sweet state, he found his spiritual energy had increased at least 10 times than that of before. When Zhang Tie looked around, he felt his surging spiritual energy expanding in all the cells across his body like how sea waves flapped the beach. Even though the land was far from the coastline, he could still hear the sound of sea waves.

    Zhang Tie opened his eyes and saw Heller standing in front him.

    In the process of cultivation, Zhang Tie had forgotten about time. It was in the morning when he closed his eyes. However, at this moment, it was already dark in Castle of Black Iron. Zhang Tie asked Heller, "How long has it been?"

    "37 hours!" Heller answered.

    "37 hours? It's one and a half days." Zhang Tie then let out a sigh and picked himself up from the ground.

    During the process when he stood up, Zhang Tie felt that he became lighter. He even wanted to fly...
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