Chapter 654: Knights Consciousness

    Chapter 654: Knight's Consciousness

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    Besides being lighter, Zhang Tie's vision was also improved as he could see distant items clearly. Additionally, he could further identify the fragrance of different flowers and grasses. Furthermore, he had a sharper auditory sense when he could even obscurely hear the boisterous sounds of villagers in the distant town at the foot of the mountain. When he focused on the small town, he could hear the boisterous sounds clearly; when he focused on the gurgling brook on the mountain, he found it was as clear and loud as a symphony; by contrast, the boisterous sounds in the small town faded out and became a background sound. What a marvelous feeling! When Zhang Tie gazed at the colorful clouds in Castle of Black Iron, he found the clouds slowed down while the whole world seemed to be agile and tranquil, which could be known by telepathy.

    Zhang Tie tried to move his limbs and found that he could better control his body. It seemed that he had tapped greater potentials of his body. He could make many things which could not be imagined or made at this moment. For instance, as long as he focused on his heart, he could control his heart's contraction force like controlling the muscle on his palm so as to control the blood circulation speed across his body. It was really out of Zhang Tie's imagination. Previously, Zhang Tie always thought that he could not control his heart's beating frequency. Now he understood that as long as his spiritual energy was high enough, he could also control the muscle on his heart.

    Zhang Tie tried to suspend his heartbeat for a short while, during which period he found his blood circulation also stagnated; additionally, he felt his blood sinking down due to gravity. Zhang Tie instantly remembered an old Hua saying--When one grew elder, one's feet function would decline first. As one's feet were farthest from one's heart, due to gravity, the qi and blood in one's feet would be harder to be pumped up by one's heart. Therefore, feet function would decline first.

    Zhang Tie stopped his heartbeat for 5 minutes before feeling a bit dizzy. Then, he loosed his control and had his heart beat freely.

    "Bang...bang...bang..." Only after contracting 3 times, Zhang Tie's blood started to run across his body once again.

    'What a nice feeling to control my body freely! If some part of my body begins to bleed, I can have my heart beat at a lower speed. By slowing down my blood circulation, I can reduce the potential danger caused by the excessive loss of blood.'

    'Great. Very great.'

    After warming up his limbs, Zhang Tie directly jumped away from the small tree and started to perform his Iron-blood Fist on the top of the mountain.

    Zhang Tie performed it according to his previous battle force first.

    Based on his previous judgment, Zhang Tie thought that his Iron-blood Fist was already very sharp and almost perfect. However, this time Zhang Tie found that his Iron-blood Fist was indeed crude. He was more like a simple-minded muscled guy slashing and surging forward by a sharp saber in the street while there were a lot of problems in the rhythm, coordination, coherence, footsteps, speed, strength, movement, transfer, defense and his control of time and space.

    'Why is it crude?' Zhang Tie felt bashful.

    After finishing Iron-blood Fist, Zhang Tie stood still and faintly frowned as he carefully recalled those problems on his Iron-blood Fist. He then immediately thought it through that it was not because his Iron-blood Fist had declined but his insight and cognitive ability had improved.

    The surging spiritual energy not only increased Zhang Tie's ability to control his body unimaginably but also greatly improved his cognitive mode, cognitive ability and sensing pattern about the objective world unconsciously. He experienced such great changes because he devoured the spiritual energy of the knight of Three-eye Association. Perhaps in the eyes of knights, the Iron-blood Fist that he was always proud of was just mediocre, which, although being much greater and more majestic than that of common cultivators, was full of loopholes.

    "This is knight's heart!" Heller 's voice sounded aside, "Perhaps you can call it knight's consciousness. Because of such a great spiritual energy, knight's consciousness and spiritual realm have already expanded into a very vast and deep realm. Their cognitive and sensing ability to this world are greatly different than commoners. It's a foundation for the power of a knight."

    "You mean what I'm sensing now is what that knight could sense?" Zhang Tie asked.

    "Yup, because your spiritual energy has already reached the level of a knight, which is even greater than many common knights; your sensing ability and cognitive state have already entered the knight's consciousness. That's to say, you've already entered the threshold leading to the knight's world with one foot. What a great progress and leap!"

    "Ah? You mean there's no difference between my spiritual energy and knight's consciousness?"

    "Only a bit. Because knights have already lit all of their surging points and further tapped their physical potential, they would have deeper sensing ability, making their knight's consciousness more acute. Given this point, your knight's consciousness is a bit weaker. Some knights could even produce a powerful 6th sense in knight's consciousness. As a result, they have exceptionally great sensing ability towards special things and people!"

    "You mean my consciousness and the cognitive state could be regarded as would-be knight's consciousness or would-be knight's heart?"

    Heller smiled, "Would-be consciousness, what a precise appellation."

    Zhang Tie also smiled as he started to further cultivate his Iron-blood Fist.

    This time, he corrected all the loopholes that he could find. As a result, his Iron-blood Fist gradually became majestic and grand, entering a wholly new realm.

    After practicing it another 3-4 hours, Zhang Tie stopped and stood still solemnly. He then frowned. After thinking for a few seconds, he moved once again. After half an hour, he stopped and stood still with a dubious look...

    He felt that he could make it better; however, he could not make further progress anymore no matter how hard he tried. Therefore, he felt pitiful about this.

    "Castle Lord, don't worry. It indicates that your physical level and ability cannot catch up with your knight's consciousness at this moment. Although your spiritual energy and cognitive ability have already reached would-be knight's consciousness, your level is still LV 11. Your physical abilities on all aspects cannot catch up with your knight's consciousness. It's a chasm that you cannot stride over at least now."

    After hearing Heller's explanation, Zhang Tie understood it right away. 'This was like driving a sports car. Previously, it was enough for me to drive a Faerie Dragon T9; however, if my driving skill was 10 times stronger, I could play more tricks. If so, a Faerie Dragon T9 might not meet my driving will on performance sometimes.'

    Zhang Tie revealed a bitter smile as he had never imagined this. He felt that he could do better; however, his physical conditions could not meet his will. What a regret!

    'Thankfully, it's not a permanent regret. With my rising level, I could further increase the power of my Iron-blood Fist. In the past few hours, if I did not have knight's consciousness, I would not find the loopholes in my Iron-blood Fist; if so, I would not push my Iron-blood Fist to a new realm in such a short period.'

    After owning his knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie found that he could easily find his own shortcomings in the insight of a knight. Therefore, he could further improve his battle skills through pure empiricism guidance.

    Although his experiences worked, they restricted his progress. If he could cultivate Iron-blood Fist with the guidance of knight's consciousness, he could easily make further progress for sure and grasp the essence of this battle skill in the shortest period.

    Similarly, he could cultivate other battle skills like this.

    'It seems that this is not all the benefits that could be brought by the ocean-like spiritual energy in my mind sea and my knight's consciousness. I will explore them later.' Zhang Tie mumbled.

    After cultivating Iron-blood Fist a few hours, Zhang Tie's battle qi was boiling all over. He was fully spirited and very excited. How could he go to bed in such a state? Therefore, he gradually moved his eyes on the fruit of bloodline hanging on the small tree...
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