Chapter 656: Kuafu Bloodline

    Chapter 656: Kuafu Bloodline

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    Sometimes, you would sigh if you didn't enter a treasury; however, when you entered, you would feel confused as you didn't know which treasure to choose.

    There were thousands of bloodlines to be activated. If the Fruit of Bloodline contained countless energy, Zhang Tie, of course, would activate all the bloodlines, by doing which he would be unrivaled in a split second and crush all the sc*mbags of demons and Three-eye Association into pieces; however, the Fruit of Bloodline only contained 361 points of bloodline energy. Therefore, Zhang Tie had to choose which bloodlines to activate among the thousands of bloodlines.

    Different ancestral bloodlines required different points of energy, which varied from dozens of points to over 1,000 points. Therefore, it was hard to choose with only 361 points of energy.

    Zhang Tie didn't continue to check the remaining ancestral bloodlines; instead, he stood still and started his consideration.

    'Which bloodline is the most useful to me?'

    'It's a tricky problem. Each bloodline has its own function. All of them could improve my ability and grant me with one unimaginable ability. But which one could maximize my battle force at least for the time being?'

    Zhang Tie couldn't work out a solution after thinking for quite a while. He felt all the bloodlines were very useful. Suddenly, an old Hua saying flashed across his mind--the truth lies in the extreme strength!

    'The truth lies in the extreme strength!'

    Zhang Tie quivered all over as it was the first line in the "Preface" of the secret knowledge "Iron-blood Fist". Any strength, as long as being exerted to the utmost, would be able to conquer everything else.

    The moment Zhang Tie recalled this line had he become clear-minded and reached a conclusion--The bloodline that could combine with my current situation perfectly and make my advantage more prominent and powerful is what I want.

    'It's better to exert my current ability to the utmost rather than waiting for a new ability.'

    'What's my most powerful and prominent ability now?'

    Zhang Tie closed his eyes and thought for a short while before reaching a conclusion--speed!

    'With the combination of the strength granted by various fruits that I've eaten, the effect of the "King Roc Sutra" and the senior rapidly moving skill, I could already reach a very terrifying, high speed. Although I'm just a LV 11, with the effect of a senior rapidly moving rune, I would not even fear Scala even if I met him.'

    'This is my strength. I have to make this strength my trump card so as to be unrivaled.'

    Zhang Tie opened his eyes as a light flashed across his eyes...

    "I need a bloodline which could be activated right now. It should make me run faster, move swifter and jump higher and farther. In one word, it should grant me with a higher speed." Zhang Tie spoke to the air.

    Soon after his words had the clouds started to roll. Almost at the same time, a grey marshmallow flew towards him from afar and finally suspended in front of Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie recovered his composure before reaching out his hand to check the function of this bloodline.

    --Kuafu bloodline; not activated yet; you will have the strength of Kuafu[1] after activating this bloodline. You would move as fast as a lightning bolt and could even chase after the sun and the moon. It requires 129 points of bloodline energy.

    'Kuafu bloodline? The Kuafu who chased after the sun?' a Hua legend flashed through Zhang Tie's mind, driving Zhang Tie excited at once.

    "Confirmed, activate Kuafu Bloodline..."

    After Zhang Tie confirmed his request, that huge Fruit of Bloodline on his side suddenly brightened up as a red and black energy beam of light injected into the grey clouds from the fruit. It took over 1 minute for the beam of light to disappear. The huge marshmallow then turned blue while giving out a tender light. At the same time, an obscure shadow ran and jumped as fast as a lightning bolt in the marshmallow.

    --Kuafu bloodline; already activated.

    As the one standing here was not Zhang Tie's original body but a projection of his spirit and consciousness, Zhang Tie didn't know how his original body felt at this moment. If he wanted to know the real effect of this bloodline, he had to return his spirit and consciousness to his original body.

    Zhang Tie then took a deep breath. The moment he thought about combining senior rapidly moving skill with this Kuafu bloodline had he became excited.

    After activating this Kuafu bloodline, Zhang Tie had 232 points of energy left in the Fruit of Bloodline.

    'What next then?'

    After closing his eyes and thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie opened his eyes with a wisp of a smile at his mouth corners. He then chose to activate the rest two levels of the body changing bloodline, namely the bone changing bloodline and the face changing bloodline.

    'My body changing ability is exclusive. Once I mastered it, I could cover my traces with the help of Castle of Black Iron and the incarnation ability of the "Great Wilderness Sutra"'

    'If I only used color changing skill, those who're familiar with me might still recognize me; however, after mastering the 3 levels of body changing skill, I could never be recognized by those who're familiar with me even if I stood in front of them. This ability serves as the largest protection for me. In special cases, I could do things which even knights could not do.'

    'Although the body changing bloodline could not bring me greater battle force, it could bring me the most possibilities, with which, I would have a bright future.'

    After the rest two levels of the body changing bloodline were activated, there were only 19 points of bloodline energy left in the Fruit of Bloodline.

    'What can I do with such a little energy? It could not even activate the commonest weapon affinity.'

    With a casual thought, Zhang Tie delivered an order to this space, "Hmm, show me all the ancestral bloodlines which could be activated by 19 points of bloodline energy!"

    Soon after he finished his order had a grey marshmallow flown towards him from afar and suspended in front of him. Compared to other marshmallows, this one was too tiny that it was even smaller than the real marshmallow.

    'Amazing!' Zhang Tie became a bit dumbfounded as he reached his hand over there.

    --Imitating bloodline; not activated yet. After activating it, you would have a super great ability to perform and imitate others. It could be activated with 18 points of bloodline energy.

    Zhang Tie widely opened his mouth, 'Is the function of imitating bloodline only to activate the one's gift to be a performer? Actually, many people have such an ability; but they are not good at it. Those professional performers on stages are most excelled at the performances. I've not imagined that I could have such a bloodline.'

    'It means that there was a person among my ancestors who lived by performing on stages many generations ago. It's not a senior vocation, which is even always despised by people.' However, Zhang Tie didn't mind it as he felt that he was also a commoner.

    Now that there was an ancestral bloodline left by Hua ancestors who herd dragons, it was not bizarre for actors or clowns to leave an ancestral bloodline for their offspring.

    It was said to be the heyday of actors or performers before the Catastrophe. In that age, actors and performers were treated as social elites and successful men. They were even awarded as emperors or queens. How bright and hilarious they were! However, the real cultivators in that age were not favored by the public. They were even repelled out of the mainstream society. As a result, many real cultivators were extremely poor; some of them were even treated as lunatics. This looked unimaginable in this age as the value of these people was completely put upside down.

    According to the theory of conspiracy in this age, the absurd things before the Catastrophe were completely caused by Three-eye Association and demons. As a result, many young people preferred pursuing the actors or performers who were packaged by agencies; at the same time, they scoffed the cultivators who studied the secrets and truths of humans and this universe.

    'After the body changing bloodline was awakened, the rest bloodline energy was only enough to awaken such a trivial bloodline. The body changing bloodline plus imitating bloodline, fabulous! What a God-given arrangement!'

    In laughter, Zhang Tie activated the imitating bloodline. As to the last one point of bloodline energy, he threw it into the marshmallow of sword affinity. Of course, the marshmallow remained unchanged, but it's better than not doing that.

    The Fruit of Bloodline then disappeared while the world of marshmallows became observable...

    Like waking up from a dream, Zhang Tie's senses and consciousness returned to his original body.

    Zhang Tie picked himself up under the small tree as his body started to crack. It started from his skull, then his meridians, veins and muscles; finally all the cells over his body sounded. The whole process lasted about 5 minutes, during which period, Zhang Tie twisted his limbs and made different gestures while being driven by his instinct of stretching himself. He felt pretty comfortable and natural only in that state.

    Zhang Tie just followed such a change although he didn't know whether it was benefited from his body changing bloodline, or Kuafu bloodline or imitating bloodline or all of them.

    After 5 minutes, the disordered sounds stopped, so did Zhang Tie's body. He didn't feel anything uncomfortable.

    Zhang Tie raised his foot and prepared to get off the small tree. However, only after a casual stride, he felt a bit dazzling as he had been standing on the grassland over 5 m away.

    'What the hell?' Zhang Tie was startled. He then felt an exotic energy surging in his body, especially his legs stimulated him to run and jump rapidly--Kuafu's strength, Kuafu bloodline.

    Zhang Tie then started to run using his instinct. Only after a slight move, before reaching his full speed, Zhang Tie had heard the wuthering wind while all the items beside him were flowing backward as fast as a lightning bolt...

    'Fast, it's too fast.' Zhang Tie soon reached the effect after he used a rapidly moving rune. He didn't feel hard under his feet anymore; instead, he felt like stepping on springs. The moment he landed had he stridden more than 10 m forward like riding the wind.

    In a split second, Zhang Tie had arrived at the hillside. Zhang Tie directly jumped off the hillside from the height of 50-60 m. After landing on the foot of the mountain, he felt stepping on a huge resilient jelly. Closely after that, he sprung up 50 m high. Then, he landed and sprung up once again...

    'Argh...' Zhang Tie exclaimed out of excitement like how a kid played on a trampoline. Each time he sprung up would he casually stretch or roll himself and do various movements. After a few times, he didn't spring up anymore; instead, he kept running on the land as fast as a lightning bolt...

    After half an hour, Zhang Tie suddenly gritted his teeth as he activated a senior rapidly moving rune...

    Within 0.01 second after he activated the senior rapidly moving rune, Zhang Tie saw a big tree rushing towards him as fast as a lightning bolt...

    "Dodge away..." Zhang Tie roared towards that "huge tree which flashed in his vision".

    Of course, the big tree would not dodge away itself...


    A thunder-like boom sounded in Castle of Black Iron, waking up all the villagers who were sleeping soundly in the town.

    Heller revealed a smile at the sight of the distance on the top of the mountain, 'Castle Lord really made a wise choice this time. The Rapidly moving skill plus the Kuafu bloodline would exert its power to the utmost after being driven by the powerful physical strength. But I'm afraid that Castle Lord has to adapt to such a high speed. Thanks to his knight's consciousness, he will not have any problem with it.'

    No more special sounds occurred in Castle of Black Iron after the loud boom.


    Until 2 hours later...

    With another boom, Zhang Tie appeared on the grassland in that courtyard on the top of the mountain in a very majestic look. A pair of pits as deep as 16 cm appeared under his feet...

    At this moment, Zhang Tie looked completely like a beggar in shabby clothes. He raised his shoes from the pits and found that one sole had disappeared.

    With a big smile, Zhang Tie took off the pair of worn shoes and threw them away.

    "I'm going to bed. Wake me up after 24 hours. I will f*ck those sons of bitches in Mocco City!"

    After saying that, Zhang Tie returned to his room and fell asleep instantly...

    [1] Kuafu, an ancient Hua people which liked to chase after sun and moon.
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