Chapter 658: A Reality Show

    Chapter 658: A Reality Show

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    Those wing demons hovered above a skyscraper which had more than 30 floors. There were a signboard of a shopping center and a signboard of the hotel below the skyscraper. After this city became a theater of operations, everything in this city had been ruined except for the skyscraper being composed of steel bars and cement.

    Zhang Tie saw two people over there, a familiar one, Scala and a half strange one, Tirsiris.

    After a few weeks, Tirsiris in a black robe and black hair was still aggressive and unsentimental, who looked exceptionally charming under the moonlight. A wisp of fresh blood flew off her mouth corners; however, this woman still raised her head and watched her opponent with an icy look. By contrast, her skin looked pretty white which contained a killing intent...

    There were already 3 corpses of demonized puppets lying on her side. Half of the corpses were slowly melting into a pond of blood. Although the other wing demons were hovering and shrieking in the sky, they dared not dive towards her any longer.

    Scala stood 20 m away from Tirsiris. Narrowing his eyes, he was watching the woman while his battle qi was faintly rolling. One of his sleeves had already fallen on the ground. Being weird, his sleeve on the ground was bluish green, which was different than his black warrior costume and another sleeve.

    Glancing at the sleeve, then the wing demons who had gradually melted into a pond of blood, Scala looked a bit scared.

    Scala and Tirsiris then just faced each other on the roof of the deserted 6-storey shopping center.

    "Tirsiris, you cannot escape. None of those who oppose demons and Three-eye Association could escape. Additionally, you've not recovered your old injuries. Now you have new injuries. We've spent a lot of efforts in catching you these days. I've not imagined that you're still hiding in Mocco City. How fortunate I am!" Scala said.

    "Really? You can try it once again. Even if I couldn't escape, it would be no problem for me to have someone accompany me to the death!" The woman said arrogantly while whipping her hair. Even at this critical moment, the woman still maintained calm while her voice was womanly, hoarse and wild.

    Watching the woman whipping her hair, Scala hurriedly moved his body to dodge away. However, he found the woman didn't attack him at all.

    Seeing his intense look, Tirsiris revealed a sarcastic and disdainful look.

    Scala didn't take anything for granted. He had just experienced the terror of this woman. This woman could launch an attack or release poison gas through any part of her body. After being struck by this woman, the outcome would be unimaginable, which could be seen from the wing demons on the ground whose bones had been melt.

    "Perhaps, we can make a deal!"

    "Deal what?" Tirsiris narrowed her eyes at once.

    "You can surrender to us!"

    "No way!"

    "How about giving me your evolved ptomaine miasma? You give it to me, I will let you go!" Scala revealed a smile.

    "You know that?" Tirsiris asked as a killing intent flashed across her eyes.

    "You destroyed our plan in Misty Woods last time. This is the second time. If we still didn't know that your ptomaine miasma had evolved once, our Senel Clan would be too incompetent!" Scala replied as a weird light flashed across his eyes, "I remember that your ptomaine miasma was not that destructive in the underground space of Misty Woods. This time, your ptomaine miasma not only turned it into a dead city, but also caused a great loss to us. If Senel Clan didn't create conditions for you in the underground space last time, your ptomaine miasma would not complete its evolution. Therefore, you leave the ptomaine miasma here, and I will let you go. It's a fair trade!"

    "You want my ptomaine miasma?" Tirsiris revealed a sneer as he suddenly threw a vial onto the ground, which was only 10 m away from both of them, "Take it if you want. Can I leave now?"

    Watching the vial, Scala became hesitated at once...


    After landing on a rail being far away from the two people, Zhang Tie found the two people didn't notice him; therefore, he moved his attention to those wing demons hovering above the skyscraper.

    Hovering about 50 m above the top of the skyscraper, those wing demons dared not descend. It seemed that they were monitoring Tirsiris in case that she escaped away once again.

    While being gazed by a team of demonized puppets, if she did not run faster than wing demons' flight speed, she would hardly dodge away from them. To a certain degree, the demonized puppets were indeed the best scouts of demons.

    Zhang Tie counted those hovering wing demons using his index finger and became excited.

    There were totally 21 wing demons; a LV 10 wing demon and 20 LV 9 wing demons. However, he only needed to kill another 17 wing demons to make his first fruit of source ripe. What a surprise!

    Even though he was incarnated into a beetle, Zhang Tie still swallowed his saliva forcefully.

    'How could I kill those wing demons then?'

    Zhang Tie rolled his eyes as he glanced over the roof of the shopping mall. Finally, he focused on the main building of this skyscraper which was linked with this shopping mall. These wing demons were flying about several storeys above the top of that main building.

    After seeing that Tirsiris dropped a vial onto the ground, Zhang Tie didn't waste time any longer. He flapped his wings and arrived at the back of that skyscraper after making a detour. After that, he elevated his height.

    Only after 10 seconds, the small insect had entered a disordered, hidden room on the 22nd storey of the skyscraper through an air vent.

    It seemed to be an office storey; however, nobody was inside it now while it was scattered with paper and furniture and broken files which were covered with dust.

    The room where Zhang Tie entered was a conference room. There were some broken chairs and a set of sofa. Realizing that nobody was in the room, Zhang Tie instantly entered Castle of Black Iron; almost at the same time, his original body walked out of Castle of Black Iron.

    Zhang Tie carried the shell-shaped equipment which was filled with axes while holding 2 axes by his hands. It was pitch-dark in the storey; however, Zhang Tie was not influenced by that because of his dark vision. Instead, it became Zhang Tie's best cover. Zhang Tie licked his lips silently as he fumbled towards the other end of this storey as agile as a civet cat. After opening two half-closed doors, Zhang Tie had already come to an office which contained nothing but some wooden partitions. It occupied more than 1,000 square meters.

    When Zhang Tie entered the office, Zhang Tie heard a loud collision from downstairs while the wing demons' shrill shrieks outside the windows of this office grew louder. Two wing demons even flashed through the floor-to-ceiling windows outside the office.

    Zhang Tie revealed a grim look as he immediately came to one side door of the balcony, from where, he could see all the wing demons flying below his eyes while watching the battle on the ground. The distance between them and Zhang Tie varied from 10 m to 100 m.

    Based on Zhang Tie's previous spiritual energy, he might find that those wing demons were hovering rapidly; however, based on his current spiritual energy, with the knight's consciousness, he realized that those wing demons were crawling as slowly as a tortoise in the sky.

    At such a short distance, these wing demons almost became the dish in Zhang Tie's bowl. Therefore, Zhang Tie just opened the side door and entered the balcony.

    At the same time, the side door made a faint "cracking" sound, which aroused the attention of a close wing demon at once. The wing demon noticed that Zhang Tie was revealing a faint sneer...

    The moment the wing demon opened its mouth and wanted to utter a shrill shriek had Zhang Tie launched the attack.

    "Go die!" Zhang Tie narrowed his eyes as he instantly threw out the 9 axes, including the 2 in his hands and the 7 on his back. If the 9 axes were like javelin boomerangs two weeks ago, now, with the knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie felt like casting a net, an extremely sharp, changing net composed of flying axes.

    The moment Zhang Tie launched the attack had the two people on the top of the shopping center realized the abnormal phenomenon below them. As they didn't know who was there, they both thought that it was the opponent's helper. Out of caution, they hurriedly jumped away. At the same time, they raised their heads and looked up...

    There were 2 moons, one was semicircular while the other was like a sickle...

    Under the moonlights of the two bright moons, Scala instantly saw another 9 moons flying and splitting wing demons' bodies one after another in the sky like spirits.

    In the blink of an eye, the fresh blood, headless corpses of wing demons had fallen down from the sky like transplanting rice seedlings into the field. Most of them fell on the top of the shopping center.

    The LV 10 wing demon who was farthest from Zhang Tie struggled in vain. Finally, the 9 moons split his body into a pile of fleshes from different directions like butterflies. Before the fleshes fell down had Zhang Tie appeared on the top of the shopping center with a "boom". Watching Scala, Zhang Tie smiled, "Long time no see..."

    "Zhang Tie!" Scala said Zhang Tie's name while gritting his teeth.

    At this moment, the moons that had cleaned all the wing demons in the sky returned to Zhang Tie's metal shell from a height of more than 50 m like spirits, causing consecutive cracking sounds...

    After that, the blood rain fell down...

    Zhang Tie would never dare to do that before. He could have those axes fly back in his hands; however, he could not have all the 9 axes fly back into that shell-shaped equipment on his back automatically. With any mistake, for instance, If one ax flew by his neck, it would be a tragedy. Whereas, under the control and domination of the knight's consciousness, it was easy for Zhang Tie to do this. When his physical strength and skills met the requirements, those things which could be easily done by knights were also easy for Zhang Tie...

    At the sight of this scene, Tirsiris' eyes brightened up at once. However, Scala contracted his pupils at the same time...
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