Chapter 659: Chopping a Powerful Enemy

    Chapter 659: Chopping a Powerful Enemy

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    Standing on the top of the shopping center, Scala saw a calm and confident look from Zhang Tie's eyes...

    The headless corpses and fleshes of wing demons that fell down from the sky like rain was the best certificate of Zhang Tie's battle force. Scala knew that even he could not kill so many wing demons in such a way in such a short period. Although the ax boomerangs were sharp weapons, Scala had never seen anyone who could use them in such a high realm.

    Zhang Tie cleaned all the wing demons, LV 9 or LV 10 in the blink of an eye like slaughtering livestock.

    'A guy who was almost killed by me a few days ago could still stand calmly in front of me at this moment. He must have a powerhouse on his back.' Scala felt a bit dangerous. However, he forgot about this hypothesis at once as he didn't believe that Zhang Tie could make any great progress. 'He's promoted to a higher level at most. So what? How could a LV 11 Tirsiris and a LV 12 Zhang Tie defeat me?' Scala mumbled.

    'If not Tirsiris who has terrifying voodoo skill and weird movements, I've long caught her. As to Zhang Tie.' Scala sneered, 'His flying axes might be sharp; however, it's still not enough for him to deal with me. But he went downstairs so fast just now that I couldn't see it clearly. Perhaps because I paid too much attention to Tirsiris just now.'

    'Zhang Tie's too cunning and dangerous. He might want to stress me by showing himself in this way; after that, he will save this woman.'

    The light flashed across Tirsiris' eyes didn't escape from Scala's eyes. After capturing Tirsiris' abnormal look, Scala realized that Tirsiris and Zhang Tie might have long known each other or have any intimate relationship. That was why Zhang Tie appeared in this way and wanted to save her. 'In Misty Woods, soon after Zhang Tie appeared had this woman arrived to make troubles. This time, when this woman is in trouble, Zhang Tie also jumps out. It seems that they have a special relationship.'

    Thinking about this, Scala gradually calmed down. He looked at Zhang Tie, then Tirsiris and thought about killing the two troubles at the same time.

    Of course, if Zhang Tie knew what Scala was thinking about at this moment, he would roll his eyes at once. 'As Scala is too smart, he might make simple things complex sometimes.'

    Actually, Zhang Tie only thought it was the best time for him to kill Scala. Perhaps Zhang Tie was not sure whether he could kill Scala alone; however, with one voodoo pharmacist on his side, Scala was already dead in Zhang Tie's eyes.

    "Hahaha..." Scala burst out into laughter after thinking for a few seconds. He didn't think it was severe after the wing demons were killed by Zhang Tie. Scala slightly adjusted his location to make the three of them form a triangle in case of being attacked from both front and back. Although Zhang Tie's flying axes were not lethal, they were destructive. Therefore, he had to defend them. 'It seems that I'm lucky today. I see two human heroes, the Selnes Eagle and the Selnes Snake, at the same time. If I killed or captured two of you this time, I would get a lot of rewards!"

    "Idiot!" Zhang Tie rolled his eyes towards Scala. Closely after that, he told Tirsiris, "Beauty, given that we had a drink at the same bar counter, how about killing this b*stard together..." Zhang Tie then glanced at Scala like watching a corpse, especially paying more attention to his waist and the finger rings, "I don' want to take advantage of you, you can pick his items first, how about that?"

    After killing those wing demons, Zhang Tie did not feel bad. Therefore, he became "generous". Additionally, as he had obtained the items of two knights some days ago, he had a potential greater foresight.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Scala felt that Zhang Tie was swashbuckling. He faintly narrowed his eyes while revealing a faint sneer. At the same time, he felt being filled with killing intent, 'I've been cheated by Zhang Tie on the day we attacked Mocco City. How could I fall into the same pit for the second time?'

    "You're Selnes Eagle?' Tirsiris asked Zhang Tie as she watched him.


    "Can you prove that? As far as I know, Selnes Eagle is a Hua man..."

    Zhang Tie scratched his head as he had not imagined that this woman was so meticulous, "Hmm, I was almost killed by Senel Clan last time. Therefore, I used a concealing medicament when I came back to Selnes Battle Theater of Operations this time..." Zhang Tie told a lie, "It's easy to prove it. If we can cooperate to kill this guy, it will be the best proof!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, Tirsiris' eyes gleamed as she nodded, "Fine! That ring on his right 3rd finger belongs to me!"

    "No problem!" Zhang Tie waved his hand as he replied generously.

    Hearing the two people treating him as a dead person and discussing the distribution of his personal belongings, Scala burst out laughing out of extreme fury, "I will see how you two kill me..."

    After saying that, Scala launched his attack towards Zhang Tie. In Scala's opinion, it's best to kill the weaker one in such a situation. Additionally, Zhang Tie made him restless faintly; he wanted to prove his judgment using his fist.

    The moment Scala moved had the 3 people's battle started...

    Compared to that a few days ago, Zhang Tie had a different feeling towards Scala who was rushing towards him with a killing intent.

    Several days ago, when Scala rushed towards him, Zhang Tie felt that Scala was moving as fast as a lightning bolt who carried an irresistible powerful qi. At that time, Zhang Tie could not even make any judgment about Scala's next movement and time. By contrast, at this time, Scala's movement and aggressiveness remained unchanged compared to that a few days ago; Scala even became more resolute and decisive; however, in Zhang Tie's eyes, Scala was not that threatening anymore. Besides, Zhang Tie felt that Scala was moving so slow!

    In knight's consciousness of Zhang Tie, Scala's movement was not only slow but also resistible. Due to his low speed, he lost his aggressiveness completely. In people's senses, no matter how powerful the opponent was, as long as the opponent was slow enough, he would lose his threat to you, not to mention any aggressiveness. Therefore, the reason that a fat guy was not terrifying while disguising as a ghost in Halloween laid in his frame, which reminded people of his low speed.

    The terrifying, powerful LV 14 battle demon could never imagine that he became a silly fat disguising as a ghost in the eve of Halloween in the eyes of a person whom he thought was very weak previously.

    When Scala was just 10 m away from Zhang Tie, the LV 14 battle demon's powerful battle qi flew over Zhang Tie's body. When Scala thought that he had killed Zhang Tie, he realized that his battle qi had just passed by Zhang Tie's shadow. However, Zhang Tie had already dodged away from his first attack by striding aside when the battle qi was close to him.

    'How could that be?'

    Scala almost thought that he was dazzling as Zhang Tie moved too fast, which even shocked Tirsiris who also moved at the same time.

    "Too slow..." Zhang Tie shook his head towards Scala with a sneer.

    "Go die!" Scala roared as he released two battle qi. In a split second, he dodged away from a sharp battle qi from his side which was released by Tirsiris. Scala always paid a high attention to any attack launched by that woman. Even if it was a battle qi, it might also contain some rank poison, which could never be touched by his body.

    Zhang Tie dodged away from Scala's two battle qi once again. When Scala realized that something was wrong, Zhang Tie had already launched a battle qi towards the part below Scala's heart.

    It was so fast that Scala was unable to respond to that. As a result, he could only block it with his punch. As the battle qi rightly stroke against Scala's loophole, Scala had to block it. Whereas, due to poor angle and timing, Scala could only play 30% of his full strength at most.

    With a sound "bang", Scala offset this punch; as a result, he retreated three steps back.

    Before Scala responded, a rain-like battle qi had fallen onto his body...

    At this moment, Scala almost lost his thinking ability...

    Zhang Tie moved so fast that Scala thought that he was not facing Zhang Tie but his own father...

    Moreover, Zhang Tie's punch skill was extremely sharp and terrifying as each of his punch was launched towards Scala's loopholes and key joints, making him uneasy to deal with...

    Perhaps Zhang Tie's battle qi was not as powerful as that of his, however, it was very tricky. Although Scala could break Zhang Tie's battle qi each time, he could still feel an exceptional destruction even after he broke Zhang Tie's battle qi attack. Gradually, Scala felt his skin being scorched and painful like being pricked by hot red needles. 'Iron-blood Battle Qi' such a battle qi skill flashed across Scala's mind. Only the most famous Iron-blood Battle Qi could be so aggressive across Blackson Humans Corridor.

    Scala felt so bad that he almost wanted to spurt out blood. He found that he could only wait to be beaten when Zhang Tie launched his attack. His aggressiveness was greater than Zhang Tie's; however, his speed was slower; therefore, he could not strike Zhang Tie. Nevertheless, Zhang Tie could strike him.

    At the beginning, Scala could counterattack Zhang Tie's battle qi attack a couple of times; however, he gradually found that it became more difficult to launch a counterattack. Each time he tried to launch a counterattack towards Zhang Tie, it was like a boor throwing a boulder towards a fly. If he could make it, of course, he could break Zhang Tie's body into parts. However, the problem was that he could not make it. The roof of the shopping center was demolished due to Scala's powerful battle skill. Whereas, Zhang Tie didn't even lose any of his fine hair.

    'How could that be? How could Zhang Tie move so fast? How could Zhang Tie find the loopholes in my movements and gestures? His punch skill and battle skill also promoted to a new level. It's impossible for Zhang Tie to gain such a great speed and ability only after a few days. What happened to Zhang Tie during the past few days?'

    At this moment, Scala remembered those wild oxen who were torn into parts by agile wild wolves in Selnes Plain. Although wild oxen were extremely powerful with sharp horns, they moved too slowly and were not as agile as wild wolves. Therefore, this kind of animal would always be the food of wild wolves.

    Scala found himself a wild ox while Zhang Tie became a wild wolf. Tirsiris was still that terrifying viper. Scala realized that Zhang Tie was able to catch and bite him while Tirsiris kept moving on the edge of the ring with ghost-like steps. Although Tirsiris reduced her striking frequency, she became more threatening. Gradually, Zhang Tie and Tirsiris became more tacit. At the same time, Scala felt an upsurging stress. In the blink of an eye, he was in a dilemma...

    It was not the right moment to ask why; instead, he should consider how to survive himself...

    At this moment, a battle qi luster rushed out of Scala's body and reached dozens of meters in height. There was an image of burning magic leopard in the luster...

    It was Zhang Tie's first time to see Scala's battle qi totem. Not each cultivator above LV 10 had battle qi totem; instead, many cultivators above LV 10 only had "white board totem".

    "We're gonna defeat him. He's asking for help. Kill him as soon as possible before his reinforcements arrive..." Zhang Tie roared as he accelerated his strike...

    After 2 minutes, Scala roared as he blocked Zhang Tie's punch. As a result, he flew backward horizontally. With the inertia, he jumped off the roof of the shopping center.

    How could Zhang Tie just watch Scala escape under his eyes?

    Zhang Tie immediately released his 9 ax boomerangs towards Scala like a huge net, causing thunder-like booms...

    Trying his best to buffer from his shocking innards, Scala swept away Zhang Tie's axes with a few punches. However, the ax boomerangs were very annoying, which could not kill him but blocked wherever he arrived. Therefore, he had to treat those powerful axes carefully.

    Soon after he swept away the flying axes had Scala felt his right shin numb. Closely after that, he felt as chilly as ice while a fine needle silently drilled out of his shin through the gap of his armor over his shin.

    'That woman...'

    Scala glanced at Tirsiris while he found a sneer on her look.

    Chasing after this woman for so many days, Scala didn't know that this woman could release hidden weapons silently until now. If he fought this woman alone, he would never be wounded by this woman's hidden weapons. But now...

    Scala suddenly remembered that the flying axes were completely silent when Zhang Tie tossed out them for the first time, 'But he caused such loud sounds with his flying axes just now. Did he intend to make me perplexed?'

    'A voodoo pharmacist's hidden weapon? I'm over. That dead woman...'

    Scala's eyes turned bloody at once while he charged towards Tirsiris, "I will kill you..."

    The moment he moved had he found that his battle qi was frozen all over, making him faintly stagnated in 0.1 s.

    However, such a transient moment was enough for Zhang Tie to find his loopholes. In Zhang Tie's eyes, Scala's face almost turned into dark green in a split second.

    "Go die!"

    7 Iron-blood Battle Qi broke Scala's helmet and stroke onto his body at the same time.

    Scala kept spurting blood out of his mouth. Zhang Tie caught an ax boomerang and flashed through Scala's body as fast as the light...

    Zhang Tie moved so fast that he didn't stop until he drew a long trench with the ax on the steel-concrete...

    The battle came to an end...

    Zhang Tie looked back and found that Scala was watching him. Although Scala was moving his lips, seemingly asking why he couldn't utter a sound in the end; instead, he was chopped into three sections and scattered on the ground.

    'I've killed Scala? I finally have killed Scala?' Zhang Tie became stunned for a few seconds as he didn't believe that he could do that until now...

    At this moment, a meteor flashed towards here from afar, which had already flown over the south city wall of Mocco City which was less than 3 miles away from here. At the sight of that light, Zhang Tie changed his face at once. He put away his ax boomerangs immediately. After that, he rushed to Scala's side and took off all the finger rings and valuable items on Scala's corps. Meanwhile, he shouted at the woman, "Hurry, leave out of here, a demon knight is coming!"

    Watching Zhang Tie, the woman faintly frowned. Closely after that, her face blushed as a wisp of blood flew out of her mouth corner. After letting out a sigh, she laid on the ground...

    'F*ck!' Zhang Tie swore inside.

    Zhang Tie rushed to her side and instantly cradled her and ran away...
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