Chapter 660: Escaped by a Trick

    Chapter 660: Escaped by a Trick

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    Zhang Tie knew that that knight had already paid attention to this place when he entered Mocco City. However, due to the colorful ptomaine miasma which was covering Mocco City like a dense fog, the knight's vision was covered partly. As a result, he could not see what happened here clearly.

    Even for the time being, Zhang Tie knew that he could still not match knights on speed, although his speed was much faster than that of Scala. Additionally, he was carrying a female.

    The moment Scala's battle qi totem disappeared had that knight realized that something was wrong as he accelerated towards here abruptly.

    Zhang Tie was also moving rapidly. Closely after he cradled Tirsiris had he stridden onto the ground from the top of the 6-storey shopping center with the effect of the ancestral bloodlines that he had awakened and the rapidly moving skill.

    The moment he landed on the ground had he sprung up and come to the north of that skyscraper.

    The knight headed towards them after flying over the south city wall. Zhang Tie then came to the north of the skyscraper, from where he could cover himself and Tirsiris by that skyscraper and that ptomaine miasma while on the same line with that knight.

    In the blink of an eye, Zhang Tie had already rushed out more than 100 m. After that, he picked up a piece of broken tile and threw it towards the low residential area in the block ahead.

    The rotating tiles uttered sharp sonic booms like how a powerhouse friction with the air when he escaped at the full speed. With Zhang Tie's delicate throwing skill, the piece of broken tile made two turns along the direction of the alley in the air...

    When Zhang Tie threw out that piece of broken tile, he applied a senior hiding rune on both him and that woman in his cradle. Closely after that, he returned to the foot of the skyscraper in a few seconds along the route that he came from. After that, he jumped onto a balcony of a room on the 3rd storey of the skyscraper while cradling that woman by one hand. The moment he touched the balcony had he covered that pair of obscure footprints with his battle qi.

    Zhang Tie entered the skyscraper secretly once again. Closely after that, he rushed upstairs like a curl of smoke. Each step he moved upward would he cover his footprint with Iron-blood Battle Qi.

    There were stairs in the skyscraper. Zhang Tie flashed upstairs, one step for a half floor. Although the stairs were covered with dust and some sundries, Zhang Tie could still silently dodge away from them carefully in his dark vision.

    Zhang Tie strode over 20 steps and arrived at the 13th floor, namely the middle floor of this skyscraper. He then flashed into a room on that floor and hid there with that woman.

    It was a deserted, messy office of a company or a commercial organization which contained some abandoned desks for business. Zhang Tie and Tirsiris hid in the empty space below the desk on the left side the moment they entered the office. Even If someone entered, he could still not easily find Zhang Tie.

    When Zhang Tie applied his senior hiding rune to Tirsiris, she actually had already woken up. Although keeping her eyes closed, she could still sense that Zhang Tie was playing a trick who returned to the skyscraper again after leaving out of there.

    The moment Zhang Tie squatted down in the empty space of the desk had they became close to each other. Tirsiris was completely sitting on the place between Zhang Tie's lower abdomen and his thigh and was in Zhang Tie's cradle.

    "Hurry, put me down!" Tirsiris murmured to Zhang Tie as she twisted her body in Zhang Tie's cradle.

    "Hush..." Zhang Tie made a hand gesture with a solemn look as he pointed at outside and murmured, "Don't move, don't talk if you don't want to die!"

    Tirsiris shot a killing intent through her eyes. At the same time, she moved her fingers while one black fine needle appeared in her hand. The fine needle could touch Zhang Tie at any time...

    However, Zhang Tie was closing his eyes and quivering his ears. He was evidently observing the situation outside the skyscraper.

    At the sight of Zhang Tie's look, the killing intent in Tirsiris eyes disappeared. However, she didn't put the fine needle back. When she wanted to say something, she heard a sharp sonic boom from outside, which landed on the top of the shopping center where they fought Scala just now.

    Tirsiris instantly closed her eyes. She even dared not breathe.

    Until then did Tirsiris realize the marvel of the secret method that Zhang Tie had applied to her just now. She knew that she was alive while her heart was beating; however, she could not hear her heart beat and that powerful rhythm. Additionally, she felt that the body temperature of her and Zhang Tie had cooled down and became as same as that of the surrounding environment. However, she didn't feel uncomfortable at all.

    Tirsiris knew that it ought to be a secret skill which was used to conceal one's body and qi.

    With a roar outside, the knight seemed to have found Scala's corpse. Closely after that, another sonic boom occurred while the knight headed northwards.

    After a few minutes, with the 3rd sonic boom, the knight came back. After circling a short while around the skyscraper, it landed on the roof of the shopping center. After 10 seconds, the sonic boom headed southwards...

    After 10 minutes, when there was no sound outside, Zhang Tie and Tirsiris let out a sigh at the same time.

    When the knight arrived here, it indeed chased northwards as Zhang Tie had predicted. After finding no target, the knight returned and checked the skyscraper. However, it didn't find any trace here; therefore, it could only leave out of here. Scala's corpse probably had been taken away by the demon knight. If not, Scala's corpse would finally become a pool of rotten fester which produced ptomaine like the corpses of other demonized puppets.

    "Sweetie, can you put away your needle? We're not in the hospital. I don't want to have an injection." Zhang Tie opened his eyes as he glanced at that woman in his cradle.

    Zhang Tie didn't know whether this woman had sensed it just now. Zhang Tie felt a strange spiritual wave when the knight circled around this skyscraper for the second time; however, the knight didn't find any problem. It seemed that the senior hiding rune could indeed cheat the spiritual consciousness of the knight to a certain degree.

    The woman threw a glance at Zhang Tie. After that, she moved her hands away and concealed her needle at once.

    "I've not imagined that you could make a narrow escape even at this moment!"

    "It's us. If I didn't escape away, you wouldn't either. As the old saying goes, the safety always lies in the most dangerous place. That knight would never imagine about our trick. Actually, we've not left yet at all!"

    "Aren't you afraid that he would come back and search over this place again?"

    "He's a knight, not a granny who's cleaning the skyscraper. If a knight indeed wants to search over each room of the skyscraper which consists of dozens of storeys, I will admit that it's really great!" Zhang Tie answered in a relaxed way as he was not worried about that at all. If that knight really did that, Zhang Tie would flash in Castle of Black together with this woman the moment that knight entered this room and found them. In the worst scenario, he would keep this woman living in Castle of Black Iron for the rest of her life. In that case, as he had saved the woman's life, Zhang Tie would not feel guilty about that at all.

    "You're brave!"

    "Nothing like that. I was just making a bet. Do you have any other methods except for this one in that case?" Zhang Tie asked as he stood up while cradling that woman. The woman struggled in Zhang Tie's cradle for a while before ordering, "Let me off!"

    Zhang Tie instantly loosened his hands, dropping the woman to the ground.

    With a "muffled sound..." Tirsiris watched Zhang Tie with a bashful and furious look, "B*stard..."

    "You told me to let you off. I'm always selfless. I don't offend woman; neither would I bully people when they are in a disadvantageous state. If not the emergency just now, I would even have a blush on my face when I touched your hand!" Zhang Tie shrugged with an innocent look.

    Tirsiris wanted to pick herself up; however, after a faint struggle, her face blushed once again. It seemed that she had not fully recovered in such a short period. After struggling twice, seeing Zhang Tie looking at him with crossed arms, she glared at Zhang Tie as she gritted her teeth, "Pull me up!"

    "Doesn't a female need to use the word 'please' if she wants to invite a gentleman for help?"

    "Could...you...give...me...a...hand...please?" Tirsiris squeezed out the words one after another with burning eyes.

    "It's my pleasure!" Zhang Tie stretched out his hand and pulled her up from the ground.

    After standing up, Tirsiris fumbled over her body and took out of a vial of medicament. She opened its lid and bottomed it up.

    Zhang Tie glanced at that medicament before revealing a smile as it was all-purpose medicament...

    After watching Tirsiris taking that medicament, Zhang Tie took out that finger ring which he took off from Scala's right middle finger and threw it to Tirsiris without even glancing at it.

    Finding that Zhang Tie still followed the agreement that they made before, Tirsiris' eyes gleamed, 'Although this guy is disgusting, he's barely reassuring and masculine.

    "Don't you want to know the usage of this finger ring?"

    "It doesn't matter. It's just a rare rune finger ring at most. Now that you've told me that this item belongs to you. I will not go back on my promise and rob a woman's belonging!"

    Holding the finger ring, Tirsiris became silent for a few seconds before saying, "I want to make a deal with you..."

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