Chapter 661: The Dark Parliament

    Chapter 661: The Dark Parliament

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    "A deal?" Zhang Tie glanced at Tirsiris before revealing a jeering smile, "Is there anything on you worth attractive to me? If I wanted it, I've long gotten it!"

    "Don't you want to know what I want?" Tirsiris asked patiently.

    "Fine, go ahead!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

    "Do you know what Three-eye Association want from me?"


    "Ptomaine miasma. It's a very terrifying poison. It could spread with corpses as the media; it could constantly turn the living things into corpses and make them new sources!"

    "Like how Mocco City looks like now?"

    "Yup!" Tirsiris nodded. As she had just started to recover, she still looked a bit pale, "Ptomaine miasma is a rare poison, which is barely cultivated. After the battles in Misty Woods and Mocco City, my ptomaine miasma had mutated successfully. It's more destructive to common demonized puppets than before. Additionally, it has a great potential. Besides, it could mutate for the second time. I want to make a deal with you. If you can protect me for the next two months and coordinate with me to complete the second mutation of my ptomaine miasma in Selnes Theater of Operations, I can gift this finger ring to you along with some other benefits, if you like!"

    "Why do you prefer Selnes Theater of Operations?"

    "There are the most corpses in this theater of operations. The more corpses there are, the more raw materials will be and the more bountiful the gene samples of corpses will be and the more possible the mutation of ptomaine miasma will be!"

    Zhang Tie nodded as the entire Selnes Plain had almost become a land of terror which was piled with numerous corpses of human fighters and demonized puppets. Perhaps this explained why this woman stayed here.

    "Why me?"

    "It was out of my imagination that you could escape from a knight's chase and kill a LV 14 battle demon with me. You have the ability to make a deal with me!" Tirsiris recovered her arrogance.

    "Hmm, I have another question. Who are you? Where are you from? Each voodoo pharmacist is well-known, but I've not heard about you before. I don't remember there's a figure in Blackson Humans Corridor!"

    "Is it related to our deal?" Tirsiris faintly frowned as she was dissatisfied with Zhang Tie's question.

    "Of course it is. If I promise you, I have to know whom I am working with to complete the mutation of the ptomaine miasma?" Zhang Tie smiled.

    Tirsiris became silent for a short while before putting it straightforwardly, "You're right, I'm indeed not from Blackson Humans Corridor. I'm from the Western Continent, a member of the Dark Parliament in Western Continent!"

    "The Dark Parliament?" Zhang Tie was stunned. Zhang Tie didn't feel strange that Tirsiris came from the Western Continent. Due to the special profession of the voodoo pharmacist, it's impossible to cultivate a voodoo pharmacist without a great amount of investment and a deep background. According to Zhang Tie's knowledge, this profession originated from pharmacists; only some schools in the Eastern Continent and the Pharmacists Association in the Western Continent could cultivate some voodoo pharmacists. Other places could cultivate one or two voodoo pharmacists at most. Therefore, after knowing that a voodoo pharmacist came to Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie presumed that Tirsiris didn't come from the Eastern Continent, but from the Western Continent.

    Zhang Tie was not completely right. He had not imagined that Tirsiris was from the Dark Parliament. Zhang Tie only learned something about the Dark Parliament in the Western Continent from some books that were accessible to students at his level when he was in Hidden Dragon Island.

    The Dark Parliament was a mysterious and powerful organization. Those who could join this organization were all elites in Western Continent. The appearance of this organization was closely related to the control of Three-eye Association and demons to Western Continent. Before the Catastrophe, the countries in the Western Continent were all heavily-stricken by Three-eye Association clans and shadow demons. According to the historical record, in a period before the Catastrophe, 3/4 of the royal households in Western Continent had the bloodline of shadow demon. Rulers of over half of the countries across Western Continent originated from Three-eye Association. The force of Three-eye Association and demons almost controlled the entire Western Continent from all aspects, including politics, economy, culture and religious system. In that age, human society had been brainwashed too long by Three-eye Association and demons. Anyone, who dared declare that there were other high-end intelligent species besides humans in the world, would be labeled as lunatic and heretic by the mainstream media. If anyone dared reveal the existence of Three-eye Association would he be framed as being a paranoid and a conspiracy theorist or directly disappear from this world.

    Demons and Three-eye Association almost locked all the information and messages concerning them. In that age, not even one out of a million people believed that demons indeed existed in this world. Additionally, demons were controlling humans on their back. However, few elites and intelligent people in Western Continent still found the existence of demons and Three-eye Association and the truth that they were ruling humans. These elites in Western Continent who awakened first then started to form an association secretly so as to resist the ruling of demons and Three-eye Association towards Western Continent, which was the embryo of Dark Parliament.

    As of now, the Dark Parliament had already developed into a mysterious and powerful organization in Western Continent, which also hid itself like Three-eye Association. However, few people knew where did its tentacles reach. The relationship between this organization and Three-eye Association in Western Continent had almost been concerning about assassination, death, conspiracy, terror, dark, blood and war during the past 1,000 years.

    In Western Continent, the fiercest and the latest collision between Dark Parliament and Three-eye Association happened in the period of the Holy War II, which was known as "Bloody July", also known as "Ten Days of War" or "100-year War"--on July 6th, the 684th year of Black Iron Calendar, the Dark Parliament cleaned all the Three-eye Association clans in 26 countries across Western Continent, which included 9 royal households, 11 clans of presidents, prime ministers and senior officials, 8 millennium noble clans, 6 clans of business giants and 2 pope's clans. Within 3 days, all the clans of Three-eye Association were cleaned by the Dark Parliament, regardless of age. As a revenge, on July 15th of the same year, the powerhouses of Three-eye Association and demons raided the headquarter of the Dark Parliament. This time, one speaker, two deputy speakers and over 30 parliamentarians of Dark Parliament fought to the death. As a result, the Dark Parliament was heavily stricken while its secret headquarter also suffered a destructive blow.

    The outcome and aftermath of "Bloody July" were still influencing the situation of Western Continent until 5 decades later. However, the Dark Parliament kept hunting those traitors in the management of Dark Parliament for 136 years. Nobody knew how many people died during this period.

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that he could meet a member of the Dark Parliament. 'Is the Dark Parliament paying attention to the war in Blackson Humans Corridor?' Zhang Tie shook his head as he smiled, 'It's not strange. For those continents and forces that have not been involved with the war, it's normal if they dispatched someone to take a look at the situation of demons in Blackson Humans Corridor. Perhaps someone also came here from the Eastern Continent. For instance, Donder was always staying in Blackhot City and collecting information over there, who didn't leave until the war broke out. Although Donder had left, his organization and force should also dispatch people here to keep an eye on what's going on in Blackson Humans Corridor in the future.'

    "How about it, do you agree?" Tirsiris asked Zhang Tie.

    "I'm sorry, I cannot accept this deal!" Zhang Tie replied frankly.

    After hearing Zhang Tie's reply, Tirsiris became stunned for a few seconds. She had not imagined that Zhang Tie would deny her after asking so many questions. 'This b*stard!' Tirsiris took a deep breath and controlled his fury before asked, "Can you tell me why?"

    "It's very simple. If I promised you, I would be in a great danger along with you. I'm afraid of death very much. None of your benefits would be more valuable than my life. The greatest guarantee to my life is my freedom." Zhang Tie told Tirsiris with a smile, "You've hidden a reason for this deal. Actually, you want to get the secret concealing method that I applied to you just now. After killing Scala, if you continued to stay in Selnes Theater of Operations, Three-eye Association and demons would input greater strength to search for you surely. You're now a living target. Therefore it's impossible for me to sustain risks for you with only a bit benefit!"

    Tirsiris narrowed her eyes and thought for a short while. She then slowed her tone, "If my ptomaine miasma completes its mutation once more, it will bring a great loss to demons and demonized puppets corps. Don't you think that you should do something for that?"

    "It's nothing to do with my business. Ptomaine miasma doesn't belong to me. If it is really such important, the Dark Parliament should dispatch a knight to give you a hand. As a human fighter, I think I've contributed too much to Selnes Theater of Operations. I will be full of confident wherever I go. Therefore, don't regard me as a patriotic idiot. I agree with your stance against demons and Three-eye Association; however, it doesn't mean that I want to risk my life for you. If you need encouragement, I will support you to stay in Selnes Theater of Operations spiritually!"

    "You b*stard!" Tirsiris swore as she had not imagined that Zhang Tie was such a timid guy.

    "Hmm, thanks for your praise!" Zhang Tie said casually with a shrug.

    Tirsiris threw a glare at Zhang Tie as her face became merciless once again. After that, she walked aside. After casually cleaning the floor, she just sat down against the wall with crossed legs and started to recover his injuries. Now that Zhang Tie saved her and didn't offend her when she lost her capability to resist, she didn't worry that Zhang Tie would be disadvantageous to her.

    This was where they killed Scala. Additionally, that knight had searched over here. Even though the powerhouses of Three-eye Association and demons wanted to find him and Tirsiris in Mocco City, they would not search here for the second time. Therefore, this place became the safest place in Mocco City. Zhang Tie also wanted to wait here for a while. Even though nothing in Mocco City was worth his nostalgia, if he left out of here now, he might encounter that knight. Therefore, the best way was to stay here for a while. When it was convenient, he would incarnate into a beetle and fly wherever he wanted.

    This room was in the middle storey of the skyscraper which had no windows. Therefore, they were not afraid that light could be seen from outside. It was already deep evening when it grew colder. After throwing a glance at Tirsiris who was dealing with her wounds, Zhang Tie directly removed some wooden slabs and broke an old wooden chair before setting a fire in the room.

    The flames soon drove away the coldness in the room. Being close to the warm flames, Tirsiris gradually looked pale.

    It seemed that Tirsiris' face looked warmer as she opened her eyes. She found Zhang Tie was sitting beside the bonfire and checking the items that he got from Scala with a money-mad smile. He also smirked now and then, who really looked like a rustic usurer in small countries of Western Continent who had just collected his principal and interest...

    With a "Harrumph...", Tirsiris closed her eyes once again, 'How could such a guy be the Selnes Eagle? How could he be the first one who jumped off the city wall and rushed towards the millions of demonized puppets?

    When she remembered how Zhang Tie had a pee on the city wall and looked at Zhang Tie's current look, Tirsiris soon labeled Zhang Tie as a reliable guy who was vulgar, cunning, tricky yet would not compromise to demons and Three-eye Association. 'I've not been dropped to the ground since I was born.' Tirsiris gritted her teeth once again as she added one comment to Zhang Tie's label--a rude b*stard!
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