Chapter 662: The News

    Chapter 662: The News

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    Until then did Zhang Tie have a chance to take out Scala's belongings and authenticate them.

    Scala wore two finger rings. Zhang Tie threw the one on the right middle finger of Scala to Tirsiris without even looking at it; he kept the one on the left middle finger. After injecting his spiritual energy into it, Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    'Senel members really have good rune equipments.' Zhang Tie thought inside.

    Masudra's Protection--this finger ring could increase the recovery speed of the battle qi of the wearer by 15% and the off-body striking distance of battle qi by 8%.

    'A rare finger ring that could work on battle qi! It could increase the recovery speed of the battle qi of the wearer and the off-body striking distance of battle qi. It's a quality rune equipment. Besides its strange name, this finger ring is perfect in all aspects. It's special and delicate in shape. An exotic sapphire as large as a soybean was bitten by two grey wolves, which bent their bodies and formed the ring.

    The moment Zhang Tie put it on did he feel that his qi sea faintly shocked. A weak current flashed into his qi sea from that finger that wore the ring and established a mysterious contact with his qi sea at once. As a result, the Iron-body Battle Qi became active immediately.

    'Nice, what a nice rune equipment!' Zhang Tie instantly exclaimed inside.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was wearing three finger rings, namely the rose finger ring that he obtained from the dead knight, the finger ring of consciousness and Sudra's Protection, the maximal number of rune finger rings that he had ever worn.

    Zhang Tie was told that a knight could only wear 4 rune finger rings at the same time. Below the knight, a person could only wear 3 rune finger rings at the same time. If more, the rune finger rings would lose their effects and become sharply weakened due to mutual effects. Therefore, people below knights could only wear 3 rune finger rings at most.

    After obtaining Sudra's Protection, Zhang Tie sighed with emotions as he didn't know whether it was because that he had good fortune or these rune finger rings were commonly seen. Zhang Tie had obtained 5 rune finger rings in total. After selling one and gifting one, he still had 3. With one more, he had to consider when to wear these finger rings.

    'I wonder about the finger ring of Tirsiris. It seems that the woman is familiar with rune finger rings. Whatever, we've killed Scala. Besides one more rune finger ring, I will have one more Fruit of Brilliance at least. As long as I eat that Fruit of Brilliance will I increase my spiritual energy once again. Additionally, the Fruit of Source of wing demons has been ripe. To the final analysis, I'm the biggest winner tonight.'

    Although he killed Scala with the help of Tirsiris, Zhang Tie had a clearer recognition of his battle force. He started to explore his battle style. Furthermore, Zhang Tie realized that it was right for him to consume that Fruit of Bloodline as senior rapidly moving skill, Kuafu Bloodline and Knight's Consciousness indeed raised his battle force to a new realm.

    Besides the two finger rings, Zhang Tie also got a storage bag from Scala, which included some vials of medicament, a special copper plate and a secret knowledge.

    The copper plate was as delicate as the ID plate of Huaiyuan Palace. It was covered with some beautiful and complex grains and a special pattern which was similar to three crossed tree leaves. However, the metal grains reminded Zhang Tie of the ID code of a difference engine. 'Now that Scala carried it, it must be useful. I will keep it.' Zhang Tie mumbled.

    The secret knowledge was a colorful diamond-shaped crystal which was wrapped with the metal. Commoners who had not seen a secret knowledge above LV 10 before would take it as a special crystal pendant for sure.

    After injecting some spiritual energy into the crystal secret knowledge, Zhang Tie saw some bloody Hua characters in his mind--Soul Capture and Seclusion Skill

    'A Hua secret knowledge?' Zhang Tie was stunned.

    When the characters "Soul Capture and Seclusion Skill" faded away, another 2 lines of words appeared.

    --Secret Knowledge from Bloody Soul Temple of Taixia Country.

    --This secret knowledge's contents are locked by a secret knowledge. If your spiritual energy could not reach the level of a battle spirit, please don't watch or cultivate it in case of destroying yourself.

    Below the above 2 lines were some chaotic information, which were like reading records. It contained that someone wanted to read the contents of this secret knowledge; however, he failed after several times' attempts. Although his spiritual energy improved each time he attempted, he didn't make it.

    When Zhang Tie remembered that Scala was still opening his eyes even after being killed, Zhang Tie understood it at once, 'Scala must have obtained this secret knowledge from some place. Although he wanted to cultivate it, he couldn't do it due to his poor spiritual energy. In this age, Hua language became popular. Even though in Blackson Humans Corridor, almost all the top-class figures could speak a bit Hua language. Some of them were even in proficient in Hua language. Therefore, it was not strange if Scala knew Hua language.'

    After that message, an image of 15 huge golden locks being locked with each other appeared in Zhang Tie's mind. Zhang Tie had already known that he had to unlock 15 locks using his spiritual energy through the former information before reading and cultivating this secret knowledge. According to the latest records, someone had opened 13-14 locks in the latest times. However, as he failed to open the last one, he couldn't start his cultivation of this secret knowledge as a result.

    Zhang Tie glanced at Tirsiris who was closing her eyes in recuperation. He then put away that secret knowledge silently.

    'It's not the right moment to cultivate the secret knowledge. If this beauty finds out that there's such a thing in the storage bag, she might have other thoughts. Therefore, I'd better be low-key.' Zhang Tie thought.

    "What's that? It seems that you have a nice harvest." Tirsiris asked the moment Zhang Tie put away the secret knowledge.

    "It's a secret knowledge called Stormwind Steps. Do you want it? We can exchange!" Zhang Tie disguised to take out that secret knowledge.

    "Harrumph, no need!" Tirsiris raised her head arrogantly.

    "You must need this. As it's also our common booty, you can have one!" Zhang Tie then threw a vial of medicament towards her from the storage bag.

    It was a vial of medium recovery medicament. After catching it, Tirsiris took a look at it before throwing it back to Zhang Tie. At the same time, she said, "No need..."

    "Bite the hand that feeds you!" Zhang Tie muttered. This woman's guts might have been wounded by Scala's battle qi. Her spiritual energy and battle qi were dwarfed to a certain degree. Although the all-purpose medicament was good, medium recovery medicament was better at this moment. It was out of Zhang Tie's imagination that this beauty didn't even appreciate his kindness. 'Whatever, this father gets one more vial of medicament then.'

    "What are you mumbling?" Tirsiris who had been talking with Zhang Tie in the Hebrew language suddenly asked Zhang Tie in Hua language

    "Hahahaha, nothing, nothing, I mean you're a hero!" Zhang Tie put away the vial of that medicament as he thumbed up towards Tirsiris with a big smile.

    Tirsiris became speechless as she could only glare at him before ignoring him.

    "I was in recuperation a few days ago. Therefore I don't know what happened outside these days. Can you tell me about that?" Zhang Tie asked shamelessly.

    "Why do I tell you?"

    "We can make a deal. You tell me what happened here these days, I will tell you where has the most corpses in Selnes Plain!"

    "You know that?"

    "Don't forget about my honor. I've been trapped by Senel Clan once and escaped all the way here from the north, the area under the control of demons to the south. I dare say that very few people across Selnes Theater of Operations knows better than me about the situation in the north!"

    Tirsiris then watched Zhang Tie for a few seconds, "Fine, what do you want to know?"

    "Tell me everything that you know, such as how are the human troops that broke out of Mocco City and Sladic City and where have the demons reached?"

    "The human troops that broke out of Mocco City and Sladic City encountered the raid of demons corps on the way and suffered a great loss!"

    "Demons Corps, you mean that super corps?" Zhang Tie raised his voice at once while he almost sprung up from the ground. It was out of his imagination that the demons corps didn't come out until the human troops broke out of Mocco City and Sladic City and gave a fatal blow to the human troops. After losing the protection of tall city walls, fortifications and city defense equipments, Zhang Tie could fully imagine the outcome of the common human troops in front of that super demons corps in the wild. In that case, it would be useless even though the number of human fighters was 10 times or 20 times more than that of the super demons corps. It was an overwhelming massacre for demons.

    The moment Zhang Tie recalled that Reinhardt and many of his friends were in the human troops which broke out of the cities had his heart started to pound.

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