Chapter 663: Separation

    Chapter 663: Separation

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    Through Tirsiris, Zhang Tie finally knew what happened in Selnes Theater of Operations these days. In one sentence, the human defense line across Selnes Theater of Operations had been collapsed completely. The battle in Selnes Plain, the first wrestle between the allied human forces and demons corps in Blackson Humans Corridor had come to an end with the overall failure of the allied human forces.

    The human troops that broke out of Mocco City and Sladic City had been heavily struck by the demons corps while their corpses were covering the wild. The last human troops in the two cities were completely shattered by the blow of demonized puppets. Thankfully, the human airship troops arrived at the critical moment and rescued almost 1 million human fighters from being exterminated by the demonized puppets corps. However, the remaining airship troops were also heavily damaged by wing demons. Finally, they had to retreat southwards together with the ground human troops.

    After this battle, the air and ground troops of the allied human forces in Selnes Theater of Operations had completely collapsed. Demons corps and almost 10 million demonized puppets corps were surging 100 miles a day towards the south in an irresistible manner. They had already entered the northern region of Symbian Republic and swept over 10 cities in 2 provinces of that region in a few days. The Symbian Republic was determined to collapse sooner or later.

    The collapse of the Selnes defense line was a great blow to the morale of countries across Blackson Humans Corridor. From then on, all the countries in the north of Kalay Mountain Range in Blackson Humans Corridor would quiver facing the sharp force of demons corps. As a result, almost half of the territory of Blackson Humans Corridor would collapse.

    At least Zhang Tie didn't think any country among the countries in the north of Kalay Mountain Range could resist the almost 10 million demonized puppets and that super demons corps.

    As the old saying went, troops were defeated like a landslide.

    Even if Zhang Tie was 10 more times powerful, he could still not alter the current situation.

    After hearing Tirsiris' introduction, Zhang Tie frowned and became silent for a short while. Under the reflection of those burning flames of firewood, Zhang Tie's face looked gloomy.

    'This guy looks handsome!' Tirsiris made a comment silently when she saw Zhang Tie's clearly-cut face.

    "I've already told you what you want to know. Now you tell me what you know!"

    After hearing this request, Zhang Tie took a small section of a wooden stick and started to draw on the ground beside the bonfire, "This is south; this is north; this is demons' region; this is Misty Woods; this is Naro River; this is Porakan Mining Area..." Zhang Tie started his explanation after drawing some symbolic regions on the ground, "I escaped all the way from north to south, and I saw most corpses here, here and here..."

    Zhang Tie explained carefully. He almost introduced all the situations and terrains of Selnes Plain that he had learned to Tirsiris. Besides, he even told her about the situation in the demons' territory in the north being adjacent to Selnes Plain and where could she hide herself so as to avoid from demons' hunting. These were Zhang Tie's experiences during the past one year in Selnes Theater of Operations.

    When Zhang Tie spoke in Chinese, Tirsiris listened to him carefully. Tirsiris was not an idiot, she realized that Zhang Tie was indeed concerned about her through his words.

    "You said you saw gravetower demons here?" Tirsiris asked as she pointed at that place where Zhang Tie drew just now.


    "How many?"

    "Dozens at least, right in the periphery of the cities in demons' territory!"

    Tirsiris frowned faintly as she continued to ask, "Is there any more of them in the north?"

    Zhang Tie then drew a line in the air, "I'm not clear about the other places, at least I didn't see any more gravetower demons along this line!"

    "If my ptomaine miasma could be catalyzed by the genes of gravetower, it would be more destructive to demonized puppets!"

    "Haha, are you thinking about killing some gravetower demons?" Zhang Tie revealed a smile.

    "If you could agree with the proposal that I posed just now, it's actually not impossible..." Tirsiris glanced at that shell on Zhang Tie's back before asking, "Your shell-shaped golden wheels plus my poison, as long as we stayed 200 m away from the gravetower demons, we might do it!"

    "Ah? What shell-shaped golden wheels?" Zhang Tie asked with a strange look.

    "Don't you know that the weapon on your back is a famous exotic weapon in the Eastern Continent. It's called shell-shaped golden wheels. Few people could be as proficient as you in using this weapon, even in the Eastern Continent." Tirsiris watched Zhang Tie with a dubious look.

    "Ahem...ahem...of course I know, erm...I've already treated it as my friend for a long time. I even named it as Sweetie...I've always called it that over the past years. Therefore, I couldn't respond to that when you called its original name..." Zhang Tie, as a Hua man, felt bashful to let a western female tell him about the name of the weapon from Eastern Continent, although he plundered it from the warehouse of Zhen Clan.

    After hearing the name "Sweetie", Tirsiris, although she was a vicious voodoo pharmacist, she still felt her body being covered with goosebumps. At the same time, her look turned weird, 'This guy could drop me to the ground and call a piece of metal with such a disgusting name. Does he...does he...have some strange hobby? It seems that I've not heard any scandal about this guy in Selnes Theater of Operations.'

    Tirsiris moved away from Zhang Tie silently. When Zhang Tie was drawing a map on the ground a while ago, she drew closer to him; however, she hurriedly stayed away from Zhang Tie at this moment. It seemed that even the most terrifying voodoo pharmacist was almost like a commoner in some aspect, "Do..do you consider what I said just now?"

    Zhang Tie shook his head with a smile, "You have your choice, so do I. I'm sorry!"

    After being refused by Zhang Tie, Tirsiris closed her eyes and stayed silent for a few seconds. It seemed that she was thinking about something. She then opened her eyes, "I feel that the hiding rune that you applied to me still works. How long can it sustain?"

    "About 3 hours!"

    "Hmm, it's enough!" Tirsiris picked herself up with a firm look on her beautiful face, "With the cover of this hiding rune, it's enough for me to leave Mocco City. I want to leave out of here tonight. You're right. Each one has his or her own choice. I owe you. I will pay you back later!"

    Zhang Tie had not imagined that woman was as resolute as an iron lady, "Are you going to leave now?"

    "I've almost recovered. At least, it doesn't influence my action. It's a bit safer if I leave Mocco City in the evening. At least I could avoid from the wing demons' hunting. If I leave the next evening, I will lose the cover of your hiding rune and it will be more dangerous. How about you? Where are you going?"

    "I want to figure out the situation of the human troop that broke out of Mocco City. I have a friend in Iron Plough Corps. Later on, it depends!"

    Tirsiris knew that she could not talk about something deeper with Zhang Tie as they had just known each other. After hearing Zhang Tie's words, she nodded and didn't say anything else. She then turned around and left the room...

    Tirsiris then went downstairs and left the skyscraper before rapidly disappearing in a nearby poisonous mist.

    'This woman...' Zhang Tie didn't know what to comment about her. He then returned to the bonfire and sat down.

    After 10 minutes since Tirsiris left, Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron. He incarnated into that beetle and flew another storeys higher. Then, he silently flew out of a window in the east of the skyscraper. Even if someone was peeping in the dark, he could still not see Zhang Tie flying away from this skyscraper either.

    Zhang Tie wanted to leave Mocco City; however, when he remembered that Tirsiris said this ptomaine miasma might further evolve, he flew towards an area of ptomaine miasma below a hidden section of the city wall.

    Zhang Tie held his breath and rushed into the ptomaine miasma rapidly. He then teleported a small mouth of air into Castle of Black before flying out of Castle of Black Iron once again.

    In Zhang Tie's senses, that beetle didn't feel uncomfortable at all. After obtaining knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie found that he could easily transfer something into Castle of Black Iron from outside using his incarnation as a media. When he wanted to move things into Castle of Black Iron, the incarnation was like a hand. Just now, he had a handful of poisonous air that contained ptomaine miasma and moved it into Castle of Black Iron.

    "Heller, does this poisonous air contain a special virus?"


    "Can we help it evolve in Castle of Black Iron?"

    "Yes, we can!"

    "It's your job then!"

    "I will live up to your expectation, Castle Lord!"

    After hearing Heller's promise, Zhang Tie became reassured. However, the moment he imagined that the ptomaine miasma would listen to his order completely like basic energy aura yeast had Zhang Tie become excited.

    'Of course, I'm not taking advantage of Tirsiris on purpose. Ahem..ahem...after all, the poisonous mist covering Mocco City doesn't belong to anybody. Tirsiris could help it evolve in her method while I have my own method. I will see whether there's any difference between our new viruses later on. '

    After leaving Mocco City, Zhang Tie flew southwards...
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