Chapter 665: A Super Lurker

    Chapter 665: A Super Lurker

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    The conference proceeded over 10 minutes in the tent. It was about the battle situation between the demons corps and human corps and the internal affairs of the clan of Three-eye Association. Zhang Tie gained a lot of information on one side.

    "Have you figured out the reason why Scala of Senel Clan stayed in Mocco City?" The man in the main seat suddenly asked while Zhang Tie became spirited at once.

    "Yes, that voodoo pharmacist being granted the title of Selnes Snake by the allied human forces did not escape together with the human troops that broke out of Mocco City; instead, she stayed in the rear end. After Mocco City was broken through, Scala kept his eyes on that woman to obtain the seed of ptomaine miasma. The woman's ptomaine miasma is very destructive after one round of mutation. At this moment, commoners and common demonized puppets could not enter Mocco City at all. It's completely ruined." Another person interrupted.

    "Senel Clan is excessive. It's our Elvis Clan's rear-end corps which is responsible for all the matters in the rear end. If that voodoo pharmacist is still in the rear end. It should be us who capture that woman!" A man in armor and helmet suddenly strode one step out of the row and told that man in the main seat in a muffled voice, "If the head issues an order, I promise to get the seed of the mutated ptomaine miasma from that woman before Scala finds her..."

    Until then did Zhang Tie understand that these clans of Three-eye Association were not on the same side. They had complex interest disputes. In front of rights and interests, they would never retreat.

    "Head, please consider Dylan's suggestion carefully!" Another young man strode out of the row. Compared to others, this young man looked a bit thinner and grimmer, "Ptomaine miasma is a poison that could only be controlled and released by voodoo pharmacists. There's no voodoo pharmacist in Senel Clan; therefore, Scala wants to get the seed of the mutated ptomaine miasma and gift it to Demon General so as to get a reward from Demon General. It's said that Koz has been stagnating too long on a 5-star battle spirit. The reason he didn't promote to a knight was that he had not formed his Chakara. If Senel Clan gifts the mutated ptomaine miasma to Demon General, as a reward, they might request a Star's Pill from Demon General. Of course, it's better if our Elvis Clan rather than Senel Clan could get a Star's Pill. With a Star's Pill, we will have one more knight in a couple of years."

    "Star's Pill? Demon General? Unrivaled Poisonous Battle Qi? Knight's Chakara?" Zhang Tie was shocked by those Hua terms. What a precious information!

    The man in the main seat nodded silently. At this moment, the elder on the man's side suddenly put his hands into his sleeves and closed his eyes. After 10 seconds, the elder opened his eyes. He then inclined his head and whispered to that man in the main seat, who then revealed an amazing look with a frown.

    "Head, please issue the order!" The guy called Dylan moved one step forward as he hammered his armor and said in a muffled voice, "I promise to bring back Scala and that woman together with her seed of mutated ptomaine miasma!"

    "No need, Elder Casilla has just received a message that Scala is dead!" The man in the main seat waved his hand.

    'Dead?' All those at present were stunned, 'Scala is not a cat or dog, who might die at any time; he's a LV 14 battle demon and a member of Three-eye Association.'


    "Being chopped into three sections. A human powerhouse appeared in Mocco City and killed Scala with that voodoo pharmacist. Scala's corps had been moved to the command by a knight being employed by Arthur Clan!"

    "A knight being employed by Arthur Clan moved Scala's corpse in the command? It sounds weird..."

    "It seems that Senel Clan is not the only clan that wants to exchange seed of the mutated ptomaine miasma for a Star's Pill from Demon General. Now that Scala has been killed, the knight who doesn't want to be the scapegoat could only take Scala's corpse back and explain the reason to Arthur Clan. Arthur Clan only has one clan knight now. As the knight is already old enough, Arthur Clan has the same desire for Star's Pill."

    "Is this a conspiracy of Arthur Clan? They might have killed Scala on purpose so that they could have a reasonable excuse to get the seed of ptomaine miasma."

    "Arthur Clan is not that silly. They dare not challenge the order of the entire Three-eye Association and the bottom line of Demon General. Even if they dare do that, it's not necessary for a knight being employed by Arthur Clan to sustain such a high risk when he doesn't need a Star's Pill at all!"

    "It depends. If Arthur Clan gets the seed of the ptomaine miasma while sustaining no responsibility, even though Senel Clan had the same plan, they would have no idea about that!"

    Those people at present started to discuss. Hearing their discussions, the man in the main seat nodded, "You're right. But you missed one point. The human powerhouse and that voodoo pharmacist who killed Scala were not caught by Arthur Clan. They've already escaped away from Mocco City. They were not caught by the knight of Arthur Clan, do you know what does this mean?"

    Everyone inside the tent became silent in a split second, closely after which they took a deep breath.

    Now that the knight being employed by Arthur Clan had expressed that Scala was killed by a human powerhouse and that voodoo pharmacist, it indicated that the knight had seen them. Everyone clearly knew how great their battle force would be if they could escape under the eyes of a knight. No matter how complex and special was the situation in Mocco City, the one who could escape from a knight's chase would be a battle spirit at least, who almost promoted to a knight, just like Scala's dad.

    "Battle spirit, a high-end battle spirit who at least ranks 4-star!" The young man who spoke just now mumbled.

    At this moment, even the one who urged to take back the seed of the ptomaine miasma became silent.

    Zhang Tie saw everything that happened in the tent. It was out of his imagination that the news that Scala was killed could spread to this place so fast. The elder who was sitting on the side of the head ought to be making long-distance communications with remote-sensing crystals just now. What Zhang Tie had not imagined that he was mistaken as a high-end battle spirit who had killed Scala and escaped from a knight's chase. Of course, Zhang Tie didn't want to show himself and explain it to these people, 'The more confused are these people, the safer am I.'

    "Our Elvis Clan don't need to join this event. It's not cost-efficient for us to dispatch a rare knight to seek for two people across Selnes Theater of Operations. However, we can dispatch some subordinates to pay attention to this event. If there's a confirmed message, we can have Elder Casilla solve the battle as soon as possible!" The man in the main seat suggested as the old man on his side nodded faintly.

    "Soon, we will occupy the Symbian Republic completely. Spirit up. Be familiar with the troop these days. After taking the Symbian Republic, Demon General's next target would be Norman Empire!"

    "Ah? Head, has the Demon General issued his command?"

    "Yes, Demon General has issued a clear command last night. Our Elvis Clan's corps will become the vanguard corps on the left. Norman Empire is the most powerful country in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. Take the battle situation in Selnes Theater of Operations as an instance, many countries and corps were completely exterminated; however, two corps of Norman Empire, namely more than 400,000 people still broke out. Even though they were covered with human airship troops and a Hua knight appeared to save them at the critical moment, their battle force was still underestimated!"

    "Yes!" Everyone standing up nodded forcefully as they were rubbing their fists.

    "Norman Empire is a big pie. It contains a lot of human resources and plentiful materials. A few years ago, being influenced by the demon disaster in Sun Dynasty, many civilians in this country could not evacuate towards the south. Less than 1/2 of its total population have evacuated until today. As long as we could take Norman empire rapidly, the population of our demonized puppets would expand at least 2 times in a few days. The wealth, land and women in this country are even greater than that of 10 Titanic Duchy. As a vanguard, the more meritorious deeds we make this time, the more benefits will we have in the future. Am I clear?"

    "Clear!" All those at present answered in unison. Many people panted as a greedy and crazy qi meandered in the tent.

    "Good, some small squads of escaping human fighters are mobilizing in the rear end. You can prepare to exterminate them today as a warm up..."

    Closely after that, the man in the main seat started to dispatch tasks to his subordinates--*** was responsible for the ***region with *** demonized puppets...

    Zhang Tie bore in mind those orders and the names of those people who received the orders. After that, a dauntless whim flashed across his mind...
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