Chapter 666: A Fish in Troubled Waters

    Chapter 666: A Fish in Troubled Waters

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    After knowing that more than 400,000 people of Norman Empire escaped successfully, Zhang Tie became reassured at once. Zhang Tie knew that Reinhardt, the tough man, would be safe for sure if not being in a dilemma.

    Of course, this was a good news for Zhang Tie. However, it also indicated the fierce battle between the troops that broke out of the demons' encirclement and that demons' corps. Norman Empire dispatched three trump card domestic corps to Selnes Theater of Operations this time, which included about 1.5 million people. However, less than 500,000 people of them survived. At least one corps was lost when they broke out. Given this battle, Zhang Tie realized the power of that demons' super corps of only 100,000 members. In the wild, common human corps could never defeat that demons' corps, even though they had 10-20 times the number of soldiers of that of the demons' corps. It would be a massacre the moment they encountered in the wild. No human corps across Blackson Humans Corridor could defeat that demons' super corps.

    The one who ruled the demons' super corps and guided the battle situation across Blackson Humans Corridor was the "Demon General" as was said by the clan members of "Three-eye Association". 'The "Demon General" must be a very powerful demon knight. He could make his battle qi more powerful with the rank poison. This is a very important message, I have to pay attention to that when I meet him.'

    After the conference came to an end, everyone left the tent, making it empty once again.

    10 minutes after that knight left, the black beetle moved and drilled out of the vent at the top of the tent and landed on the back of the main seat. It then raised its head and bore that huge military map behind the main seat in mind. After that, it flew towards the vent and drilled out of the tent.

    At this moment, the demonized puppets camp had been boisterous. After receiving the orders, the young elites of Elvis Clan were reviewing their troops. They were ready to warm up in the rear end by exterminating the small squads of human troops.

    Totally 9 young elites of Elvis Clan had received the tasks. Zhang Tie aimed 5 of them, whose ranks varied between LV 10 to LV 13. At the sight of them, Zhang Tie felt like watching ripe fruits hanging on the small tree. If he did not give Elvis Clan a deep lesson with this chance, Zhang Tie would feel sorry for himself. He could make a contribution to the humans in the holy war and increase his battle force by doing this, why not?

    As to those guys whom Zhang Tie felt being above LV 13, Zhang Tie didn't intend to attack them. In this battle, he needed to kill his opponents in high speeds and efficiency before leaving right away. He had to leave before the Elvis Clan responded to it. 'Just let them survive a few more days. No matter what, the holy war is not my thing alone. It's enough to make those b*stards of Three-eye Association to feel bad within my ability.'


    One day later, at noon, the corps of more than 30,000 demonized puppets had poured in a remote, uninhabited village...

    This mountain village was about 200 miles away from the camp of the demonized puppets corps of Elvis Clan.

    A thin young man in armor was riding a mutated magical horse and glancing at the woods behind the mountain village with a gloomy and disdainful look.

    "It's said that 500 human soldiers escaped to this mountain?"

    "Yes, your excellency Kassie. Do you need us to search over the mountain? The mountain woods is not large. As long as we spread our troop, we will be able to drive them out of the woods in two days at most!"

    "No need. What do you think we take so much kerosene for?" The young man riding on the magical horse sneered as he continued, "They are just hundreds of rabbits. No need to search over the mountain. We only need to set a fire in four directions of this woods. When those people escaped out of there, we will hunt them down. Then, we can go back. Don't always fight and bleed if we can solve it using our intelligence. Although these demonized puppets are nothing serious, we'd better save them. No matter what, they are the property of our Elvis Clan!"

    "Yes, sir. Your excellency Kassie. With your intelligence, you will be able to accomplish great deeds in Elvis Clan!" The lackey on his side instantly flattered.

    The young man then smiled, "Only clans like Senel Clan which have no background yet struggle for superiority would be disordered. I felt Scala was an influential figure who could have had a bright future; I've never imagined that he could lose his life only for a Star's Pill! That guy must not have heard about the wisest Hua saying!"

    "Which saying?" The lackey asked.

    "As long as you keep a green mountain, you will not worry about having no firewood in the future. Compared to one's life, Star's Pill is nothing. We will soon occupy the entire Blackson Humans Corridor. Won't we get a Star's Pill by then?" The youth said with an arrogant and pleasant look as he guided the lackey, "If you want to be something in the future, you have to study the Hua culture. There's a reason for the power of Hua people!"

    "Yes, yes, yes. When we get some Hua slaves, I will find some of them to teach me Hua language. I will study Hua culture like your excellency, Kassie. If I could match 1/100, even 1/1,000 of your excellency on intelligence and knowledge one day, I will be satisfied..." That guy said with a big smile.

    "You can go to work now!"

    "Yes, sir! Yes, sir!"

    The young elite of Elvis Clan riding on the magical horse watched the guy and left with a sneer. He knew that this guy was only good at flattering and following rules. However, by having this guy on his side, he could enjoy a rare "spiritual massage" for sure so that he would be active and pleasant spiritually. This might be the reason that great emperors were usually accompanied by one or two chancellors who were good at flattering them...when he didn't need them in the future...

    He would...

    However, there was no "would" anymore as a javelin flew out of the woods from 300 m away...


    Only after walking a few steps had that guy who flattered Kassie heard a loud "bang" and the neigh of the magical horse. He turned around and saw Kassie who was boosting just now, lying on the saddle while his head had already disappeared. Fresh blood and brains splashed everywhere. The lackey then touched his own neck which was wet and bloody...

    After staying there still for 3 seconds, the guy finally understood what happened.

    "There is an assassin, right in the woods..." An extremely shrill voice sounded.

    Closely after that, the demonized puppets that had poured into the mountain village rushed into the woods, scaring birds off in the woods. However, they found nobody inside the woods. After a few seconds, a medium-sized thunder eagle rushed into the sky and disappeared in the blink of an eye...


    Only after an hour later...

    A squad of 1,000 human fighters couldn't stand a team of 100 demonized puppets wandering in front of them and killed them. Closely after that, the greater part of the troop of demonized puppets appeared and started to chase after this squad of human fighters. They chased them all the way into the flourish grassland. As a result, the squad of human fighters suffered a loss of 1/3 of its total population. They were surrounded at once. The eyes of the commissioned officer of these escaping human fighters turned bloody as he roared with a rolling battle qi totem of a LV 8 king snake. At the same time, he rushed towards the humans among the demonized puppets with his machete...


    In a split second, a glaring, widely opened head flew off; at the same time, the LV 8 king snake disappeared while he fell down spurting blood out of his neck...

    "Regimental commander..." all the other human fighters were driven furious as their eyes turned bloody. Closely after that, they accelerated towards those demonized puppets dauntlessly with weapons, "Revenge for regimental commander..."

    An elite of Elvis Clan put back his long sword icily before sneering towards those human fighters who were rushing towards them like a lion watching a cluster of ants. He didn't even feel like joining the battle himself as he issued the order impatiently, "Solve it in 2 minutes...".

    At this moment, nobody noticed that a red-faced disheveled tough man suddenly charged out of the weeds and rushed towards them while shouting, "Revenge for the regimental commander..."

    The tough man moved very fast while shouting loudly. He even rushed ahead of those human fighters. With a machete in hand, he soon chopped the two rows of demonized puppets into pieces before rushing towards the young elite.

    The young elite had not imagined that the tough man was a ferocious fighter.

    "Kill him..." The elite of Elvis Clan issued the order after throwing an icy glance at that tough guy.

    After receiving the order, a LV 9 fighter on his side rushed out. The moment he touched the tough man had his head been sent flying in the air.

    Watching his subordinate's head flying off, the elite suddenly realized that something was wrong as he changed his face immediately.

    "Who are you?" After drawing his long sword out of his sheath, he launched a sharp sword qi towards that tough man by air...

    "Pay me for our regimental commander's life..." The guy exclaimed as he accelerated by at least 10 times faster and arrived in front of that elite of Elvis Clan right away. At the same time, he waved his punches and machete and covered all the guys within 20 m in a split second. The others could only see a shadow flashing everywhere while heads rolled off accompanied by shiny blades and crisscrossed battle qi and hear that elite of Elvis Clan roaring constantly.

    After 20 seconds, that tough man had jumped away as he raised his machete and rushed towards the other demonized puppets behind them, "Pay me for our regimental commander's life..."

    The elite of Elvis Clan was freezing like a statue with a long sword in hand. At the same time, he rolled his pupils and watched the corpses of his subordinates all over the ground and his waist where the storage bag had disappeared. He seemed to look back at the tough man; however, the moment he moved his neck had he exploded fully like a balloon in a hot day, splashing his fresh blood over those humans' faces who had just rushed in front of him.

    The demonized puppets were in a chaos after losing their commander while their encirclement was broken out.

    "Brothers, follow me, kill..."A commissioned officer of the human fighters finally caught such a rare opportunity as he summoned all the human fighters to break out of the loophole.

    Until they dispensed those demonized puppets completely had a question occurred to their minds, 'Who's that tough guy who waved his machete? I've not seen him before!'

    "Brothers, we cannot stay here anymore. Neither could we go back to our country. As there are numerous demonized puppets in front of us, I plan to find a place to be a bandit. As long as we're alive, we will fight demons and those lackeys of demons for revenging our dead brothers and regimental commander. Do you like to follow me, brothers?" The commissioned officer asked those soldiers.

    "Deputy regimental commander. From today on, we will follow you. You will be our boss. Now that we've been to Selnes Theater of Operations, we have not thought about going back..."

    "Fine..." The deputy regimental commander was very resolute. After letting them take a short rest and recover their physical strength, he led them towards the lush woods in the north...


    The thunder hawk continued to fly towards another place...


    One day later, the man in the main seat growled painfully like an injured wild wolf, "Who's that? Who's that? Who's framing our Elvis Clan? I will chop you into pieces..."

    Four top young elites of Elvis Clan, who had a bright future and could have been the rulers of this vast land, were killed in one day. This was a great blow to the entire Elvis Clan. One of them was killed by a javelin; one was killed by a paladin hiding in the escaping human fighters when he was exterminating them; one was passing by a bridge; however, the bridge suddenly collapsed, causing him fall into the water. When he was found floating on the water, he had already been a corpse. Another one died in a more exaggerating way--he slept overnight quietly. However, when he was found the next morning, his head had been split off from his neck...

    If only one elite had died suddenly, it might be an accident or the deed of a powerful enemy; however, four of them died in one day; therefore, Elvis Clan realized that it was a conspiracy.

    'Knight, only a knight could be able to frame Elvis Clan in four places in one day without exposing himself. Additionally, that guy must be keeping an eye on Elvis Clan.' Such a whim occurred to everyone in the tent.

    'If it was a human knight, he would not just target the young elites below LV 13; instead, he would target those young elites of Elvis Clan who had greater responsibilities. He might even target all the young elites of Elvis Clan. Of course, the human knight might play a trick to arouse our doubts. But there's another possibility--the knight might be from Three-eye Association. Common knights being employed by clans of Three-eye Association dared not do that. Only clan knights or elders would choose to suppress Elvis Clan properly in advance in this way for the sake of their own clans.'

    "We've not even taken down the entire Blackson Humans Corridor yet and you're already thinking about sharing the profits..." The man in the main seat sneered, "Well, you started the war first, don't blame me..."

    At this moment, none of the members of Elvis Clan could imagine that all of these were done by a LV 11 five-star battle master--What a Marvel!

    Castle of Black Iron, incarnation which was a secret method of "Great Wilderness Sutra" and the exotic, powerful abilities that he had cultivated led to a marvelous qualitative effect--a terrifying, mysterious destruction that could never be imagined or predicted by anyone else. This made Zhang Tie's opponents extremely agonizing.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie didn't know that the other clans of Three-eye Association were scapegoated by Elvis Clan. If he knew that, he would have laughed out loud. As he had received some information about Senel Clan from here, he wanted to take a look over there; therefore, he incarnated into a thunder hawk and flew towards the southeast.

    Compared to the other clans of Three-eye Association, Senel Clan had lost more talents.

    'I've already killed 3 top elites of Senel Clan, except for Koz, he's a clan elder. But it's not enough. The atrocious crimes that Senel Clan has made could not be paid until this dirty clan of Three-eye Association is exterminated...'

    'All the b*stards of Three-eye Association have to die. For me, Senel Clan deserves its extermination the most...'
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