Chapter 667: Waiting for the Opportunity

    Chapter 667: Waiting for the Opportunity

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    As a key town in the north of Symbian Republic, Deland City was the first tenacious human city after the demons corps broke the human defense line in Selnes Plain.

    It took 3 days from the first demonized puppet was killed by the steam ballista of Deland City to the city was fully collapsed by demonized puppets corps.

    In the 3 days, more than 200,000 demonized puppets were killed outside the city. However, for a human city without a knight, when a knight of demons' vanguard corps destroyed a city gate of Deland City last night with powerful battle skills, the demonized puppets flooded into the city, which indicated the collapse of this city.

    Among the flames which rushed into the sky across the city, the garrisons of Deland City fought demonized puppets overnight. In the latter half of the night, the battle calls stopped in the city while all the brave soldiers of garrisons died. From then on, Deland City fell into the hands of demons.

    At dawn, the vanguard corps of demons had left Deland City and charged towards the next human city like a swarm of locusts. At dusk, more than 3 million demonized puppets of the middle corps of demons arrived at Deland City and took a rest inside the city temporarily.

    The vanguard corps, middle corps and rear corps of demons kept a marching distance which required a bit longer than half a day. Like three terrifying monsters, they rushed forward and tore apart human cities and countries one after another like tearing pies.

    When Koz, the head of Senel Clan entered Deland City, he looked gloomy and cold with a killing intent. Even his sons Battie and Houghs dared not to stay close to him.

    Since he saw Scala's corpse, Koz had been looking like wanting to eat human flesh. He glared at everyone. He even killed 2 of his subordinates due to a trivial matter. As his favored son, Scala's death was a great blow to Koz, even the entire Senel Clan.

    Koz had more than 20 sons, 5 of which were most talented and were able to carry the future of Senel Clan. However, 3 of them died in less than a year--his youngest son Cambo died in the underground space of Misty Woods; Rouben died in Tokei City, the nestle of Senel Clan which had been run for many years. Even Scala, the successor of Senel Clan was killed in Mocco City.

    What was worse was that Koz saw the tumble-down future of Senel Clan. Even if Koz himself promoted to a knight, his offspring would still be unable to carry out the responsibility of this clan. 'Houghs is smart; however, he could not carry responsibility for the future of the clan; Battie is brave and fierce; however, he is always jealous and not calm enough in troubles. Although Houghs and Battie have better cultivation qualifications than commoners, it is still difficult for them to be knights. Even though in Three-eye Association, those weak and useless clans would also be gradually pushed aside and lose more and more things. Now, the hope of Senel Clan doesn't lie in the next generation, but in the 3rd generation. If I became a knight, I would have time and resources to see the third generation to grow up; however, as long as something bad happened to me, Battie or Houghs, Senel Clan would deteriorate into a weak power in Three-eye Association and would gradually be eaten by other forces.


    As a key city of the Symbian Republic, Deland City was much more prosperous than Mocco City. It was once the charcoal dealers' garden in the Symbian Republic. Even though it had experienced a war and big fires, the greater part of this city was still preserved.

    When the members of Senel Clan entered Deland City, they didn't notice that a trivial black beetle followed them in after a few minutes.

    Of course, the beetle was Zhang Tie. After receiving some information, it was not difficult for him to find the members of Senel Clan. However, he didn't have a chance to attack them. Therefore, Zhang Tie just followed the three targets of Senel Clan--Koz, Battie and Houghs into Deland City.

    When the members of Senel Clan entered Deland City, they settled in a manor that had not been destroyed by fire. One hour later, Zhang Tie also settled in a rockery of the manor.

    In the evening, Koz called Battie and Houghs into his room. Zhang Tie then gazed at the inside of the room quietly on a parasol outside the room.

    Besides Koz, Battie and Houghs, the elder being employed by Senel Clan also sat in the room.

    When they saw Koz and Elder Quentin, Batty and Houghs hurriedly showed their sincerity to them.

    "Father, Elder Quentin..."

    Until then did Zhang Tie know the name of the elder being employed by Senel Clan.

    "I've negotiated with Elder Quentin just now. I have one thing to tell you." Koz said icily, "From today on, you two have to report all of your private schedules to me or Elder Quentin in advance until we completely occupy Blackson Humans Corridor. Without our consent, you'd better stay in the camp. Don't stay too far away from me and Elder Quentin! Our Senel Clan has spent too much for this holy war. As long as you could survive, you would have much brighter future than today. Am I clear?"

    Battie and Houghs then exchanged a glance with each other as they lowered their heads at the same time, "Clear!"

    "You can leave now!" Koz waved his hands with a frustrated and fatigued look.

    Battie and Houghs then left...

    After hearing his words, Zhang Tie started to grumble inside instantly. He had not imagined that Koz, the old man, could be so cunning and cautious--The moment Scala died had he paid special attention to protect the remaining two talented sons. 'It's difficult to kill them then.'

    Battie's and Houghs's bedrooms were on two sides of that of Elder Quentin. At the sight of such an arrangement, Zhang Tie could do nothing but swear inside.

    'Do I leave now and wait for a chance to settle with Senel Clan in the future?' Zhang Tie asked inside.

    'Be patient. Many good opportunities are waiting. Patience is a virtue!' Zhang Tie warned himself after thinking for a few seconds.

    Zhang Tie then stayed there silently...


    On the second early morning, more than 3 million demonized puppets of the middle corps nearby Deland City set off once again. The corps lasted dozens of miles in length and marched all the way towards the south along the route of the vanguard corps. The moment Zhang Tie landed on the materials in a vehicle had he moved southwards together with Senel Clan and demons corps...
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