Chapter 669: Stancy City

    Chapter 669: Stancy City

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    When in Holbech City, Zhang Tie was closer to the demon general, he even wanted to fly into the camp to take a look at the demon general. However, Zhang Tie finally abandoned this thought. After having the knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie clearly knew how powerful was a knight's consciousness. Therefore, he didn't feel like risking his life; additionally, Zhang Tie heard that the demon general was not a common knight.

    It was indeed too foolish for Zhang Tie to risk his life in order to take a look at someone.

    Although the death of his incarnation would not kill him directly, according to the description on the "Great Wilderness Sutra", it would cause a great damage to his original body as well; in the worst scenario, he might become a plant man. After thinking about it for a short while, Zhang Tie felt it being not worthwhile for him to do that, 'I only need to know that it's a powerful demon knight. If there's a chance, I will see it for sure; even if I cannot see it forever, I won't lose a fine hair.'

    'I'd better pursue something "closer to real life", for instance, how to kill the three b*stards of Senel Clan.' Zhang Tie considered at that moment.

    The super demons corps encamped outside Holbech City overnight. Before daybreak, they had disappeared. On the second morning, the middle corps continued to march southwards; in a few days, Kozlian City and Reay City collapsed too.

    Speaking of Senel Clan, what made Zhang Tie depressed was that Battie and Houghs were always staying in the vision of Koz and Elder Quentin in the army of demonized puppets these days. He could not even fly close to them, not to mention killing them. It was okay if an insect followed the members of Senel Clan; however, if it always followed them, it would arouse their attention sooner or later.

    Elder Quentin had a knight's consciousness, the basic ability of which was to keep everything in mind the moment he saw it. Zhang Tie was sure that if he was noticed twice by Elder Quentin in different cities, he would have a big trouble. Therefore, Zhang Tie always kept over 100 m away from Elder Quentin these days when he gazed at Senel Clan members. He almost didn't appear in the positive vision of Elder Quentin. In this case, it would be more difficult for Zhang Tie to kill Battie and Houghs.

    On April 15th, the 895th year of Black Iron Calendar, rainy...

    On this day, the army of the middle corps of demonized puppets arrived at Stancy City...

    When Stancy City entered Zhang Tie's vision, it was heavily raining. This city had also been destroyed by humans before the arrival of the army of demons. However, compared to other human cities, this city was more completely destroyed by the garrisons. It was like having been demolished by "developers", a special powerful Hua profession before the Catastrophe in the legend. The half-collapsed city walls and exposed broken steam pipelines and disordered concrete structures were more eye-catching in the heavy rain. The heavy rain, while falling down, causing a drizzling mist which looked like smoke rings out of the mouth of one fickle guy and ridicule towards the army of demons...

    Compared to those cities which could still be available or renovated after being burned to ruins or destroyed, this city had been completely destroyed. What was left was just building craps erecting in the wild.

    On the incomplete city walls, the big red, painted words were also becoming especially eye-attractive even in the heavy rain.

    "B*stards of demons, go eat f*rt. This f*ther won't leave anything to you!"


    "Sons of bitches of Three-eye Association, this father is leaving now; go clean your asshole and wait for this father to come back..."


    "Some public toilets are still available in the downtown; this father tells you, retarded sons, remember to keep clean. Don't relieve yourselves everywhere..."


    There were so many similar slogans. Even some of them had been erased by people, many of them were still left.

    These days, Zhang Tie had seen too many deserted human cities. Only when he caught sight of this city did his eyes brighten up. It was really a wonder to see so many "inspiring" slogans and such a completely destroyed city.

    "B*stards, who left these words. If I caught you, I would peel you off and soak you in a lacquer..." A furious sound drifted from those people who were riding demon horses in front. Judging from the infuriated sound, Zhang Tie knew that it was Battie. Even though he didn't see Battie, Zhang Tie could still imagine how angry Battie looked.

    "Battie, if you can take a look at that intelligence these days, you will know that the commanding general in charge of the defense of this city is called Mathew. It was Mathew who issued the order to demolish this city and leave these words. Mathew is alone. He has no family members. Even if you caught him, you could only peel him off and soak him in the lacquer; instead of soaking all of his family members into the lacquer!" Houghs said.

    After Scala, the would-be "successor" of Senel Clan was killed, Houghs became more "active" these days.

    "Houghs, what do you mean?" Battie asked furiously. Even idiots could hear the meaning of Houghs. Battie had not imagined that he was blackmailed by Houghs only because of a casual grumble.

    "Nothing, I just reminded you out of kindness!"


    The moment Houghs wanted to satirize Battie, Koz glared at him and Battie icily. Quivering once all over, they instantly lowered their heads and stopped quarreling.

    "Clean all of these slogans after encampment, I don't want to see them tomorrow!" Koz sent an order.

    "Yes, sir!" Someone replied at once.

    After hearing Koz's sound, Zhang Tie silently exposed his head out of a small hole of the wooden horizontal beam on the top of the vehicle drove by two uni-horn black oxen and glanced at Koz once again...

    In the heavy rain, all those on demon horses were wearing raincoats, except for Koz and Elder Quentin. The falling raindrops were blocked away by their protective battle qis. 'How cool and brilliant are they to be protected with battle qi in the heavy rain!' Zhang Tie drooled silently...

    'As long as I promote to LV 14, I will be able to form protective battle qi.' Zhang Tie hesitated when he realized that his cultivation had been prolonged after following Senel Clan for more than 10 days without any harvest...
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