Chapter 673: A Hidden Cultivation in the Misty Ocean

    Chapter 673: A Hidden Cultivation in the Misty Ocean

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    Zhang Tie attempted to touch the water flows pouring out of the oceanic trenches. The moment he was hit by one water flow had he been sent sliding over 50 m backward. Given his senses, Zhang Tie realized that it was fresh water. It seemed to be a turbulent fresh river in the oceanic trench. In farther places, Zhang Tie saw some volcanoes spurting magma from the seabed. There were volcanoes and estuaries of subterranean rivers at the seabed, arising Zhang Tie's praise about the marvel of the creator, the mother nature.

    Because of the environment hereby, the seawater was covered with torrents, subterranean streams and whirlpools.

    Zhang Tie was very satisfied with the environment.

    "Heller, how about this place?"

    "Nice, I could maximize the teleporting entrance so that Castle of Black Iron could absorb seawater at the fastest speed without causing any abnormal situations on the sea level!" Heller's voice sounded in Zhang Tie's mind. Heller was very satisfied with Zhang Tie's plan to increase basic energy storage for Castle of Black Iron.

    "Hard work!"

    With these words, Zhang Tie entered Castle of Black Iron.

    When Zhang Tie put on his clothes in Castle of Black Iron, he felt the colorful cloud turning bright. Closely after that, a spillway opened in the sky while enormous seawater poured down directly into the Abyss of Chaos.

    The Abyss of Chaos was surrounding the immortal mountain while enormous seawater was pouring into the Abyss of Chaos. In a split second, the entire immortal mountain was like being covered by a bizarre, round waterfall, which shocked Zhang Tie at once.

    With the knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie still felt that the waterfall was flowing hundreds of times faster than that of a common waterfall. In Zhang Tie's eyes, the entire immortal mountain was not covered with liquid, but with an extremely thick, freezing crystal wall. If not the changing glistening light on the round water wall, Zhang Tie would never believe that it was a water flow pouring down from the sky.

    The super high-speed waterfall fell into the Abyss of Chaos silently without causing any spray.

    In the distance, those people whom Zhang Tie brought in Castle of Black Iron were so excited at the sight of such a wonderful scene on the immortal mountain that they all knelt down and prayed loudly on the ground. In the eyes of those people, the immortal mountain was a huge crystal cover manifested by their god. As it was flowing super fast silently, those people didn't know that it was water. They could only feel the breeze.

    Watching Heller walking over here, Zhang Tie swallowed his saliva forcefully, "Can you tell me the runoff of this water?"

    "1.17 million cubic meters per second!" Heller answered with a smile.

    "Ah? You mean the Castle of Black Iron could engulf 1.17 million tons of seawater per second!"

    "Right. This figure is 3.2 times that of the largest river in Blackson Humans Corridor. Now, Castle of Black Iron could convert 1.17 million tons of basic energy storage per second. Do you want to check it?" Heller waved his hand while a virtual image of counting card appeared in front of Zhang Tie. The figures in the front 7 digits were running so fast that Zhang Tie could only see a white line while the 8th digit was rolling rapidly like that of a water meter. The figure on the 9th digit changed twice per second.

    The great convertible efficiency of basic energy storage reminded Zhang Tie of how he carried pack baskets of deserted ores from the mining caves into Castle of Black Iron. Zhang Tie felt speechless at once, 'What a great cheat!' He realized that he might not have utilized 1/10,000 of the ability of Castle of Black Iron to convert the material into basic energy till now.

    "How fast is the water flow?" Zhang Tie asked out of curiosity.

    "It could cut through granite plates!"

    "Won't it hurt someone?"

    "Castle Lord, trust me, everything in Castle of Black Iron is under my control!" Heller revealed a confident smile which made Zhang Tie reassured.

    "What about outside?"

    "Don't worry. Nobody would find it. The 1,000-mile misty ocean forms the best cover. If someone comes to this sea area by accident, arrives at such a depth by accident and is no less than 500 m away from this water, I will know that someone is coming through the subtle change of water flow that enters Castle of Black Iron. I will stop it right away. That person would never find it!"

    "That'll be good!" Zhang Tie became reassured, 'It might be the god's will for me to arrive here. As for such a suitable environment for me to increase basic energy storage for Castle of Black Iron, I will make full use of it for sure.'

    "How long will you stay in Castle of Black Iron, Castle Lord?"

    "I won't leave out of here until I reach LV 12!" Zhang Tie had a sense of crisis after seeing the blow of Elder Muray last night. Even a LV 15 guy was nothing but a f*rt in front of the knight. Therefore, Zhang Tie realized that him, as a 5-star battle LV 11 battle master was too risky in front of the real powerhouses. After promoting to LV 12, Zhang Tie would feel safer in front of crises. Additionally, Zhang Tie had already lit 125 surging points. He only needed to light another 19 surging points before promoting to a LV 12 great battle master...

    Zhang Tie gained the ability to intensify his power twice when he promoted to LV 10 and LV 11 with the help of "King Roc Sutra". Based on the former two experiences, Zhang Tie knew that he would intensify his ability once more when he promoted to LV 12. He was desiring so much about what he could achieve.

    "If it's real, before you leave Castle of Black Iron, you would definitely see a new round of change of Castle of Black Iron!"

    "I hope so..." Zhang Tie said as he walked towards the small tree.

    'It's time to eat fruits!'

    From March 14th when he left Tokei City to April 16th, there were 6 new leakless fruits hanging on the small tree, 5 of which already became ripe, 1 was still raw.

    Besides the 6 leakless fruits, Zhang Tie saw many more fruits, 1 of which was the fruit of brilliance, 4 trouble-reappearance fruits and 1 fruit of judgment.

    The fruit of judgment granted Zhang Tie with a wholly-new rune skill--"preliminary tracing skill". As a very practical and powerful skill, it enabled Zhang Tie to release a hidden spiritual energy mark on someone or something which would stay effective very long. As long as that person or thing appeared less than 600 miles away from Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie would be able to sense it and find them precisely.

    The 6 fruits came from the reward of killing 4 young elites of Elvis Clan in the rear corps.

    Besides, the wing demons' fruit of source that Zhang Tie desired most also became ripe. It smelt extremely fragrant. The whole fruit was radiating a bizarre eye-catching brilliance. Compared to other fruits, this one took Zhang Tie the longest time to become ripe since he came to Selnes Theater of Operations last year.

    Watching the complex pattern of source flower being composed of rounds on the surface of the fruit of source, Zhang Tie let out a deep sigh with satisfaction. 'No matter how many troubles have I experienced in the Selnes Theater of Operations, everything was worthwhile. With such perfect conditions, if I could not be a knight, I'd rather go die.'

    Zhang Tie reached his hand out...

    --Wing demons' fruit of source. Usage: Pick and direct eat it. Notice: The fruit cannot be taken out of the Castle of Black Iron. After twelve hours of having been picked off the tree, its energy and vitality will gradually decline.

    --This fruit could increase your life source and improve your health and quality of life in an all-round manner.

    --All the life existences are sprouted by the seed of source. The spiritual life rules are the manifestation of the source. The great strength forms the look of the source, which is included in each fulfillment. It includes all the knowledge, rhythm, lives and sacred things. It is a combination of feminine and masculine, brightness and darkness, positive and negative. It is the flower and fruit of lives and the sturdy tree of lives.

    Zhang Tie imagined what Heller had told him about the fruit of source. There was a mysterious link between this fruit and the number 1/12. As long as he ate one fruit of source, the ability that could be brought by each surging point, his physical strength and endurance, his life expectancy and his cells' aging speed would decline by 1/12...

    Zhang Tie picked off the fruit of source and held it carefully. After that, he sat under the small tree with crossed legs and put this fruit into his mouth. As he ate it, he closed his eyes.

    Soon after the fruit entered his stomach had a pattern of the bud of a flower of source loomed in the middle of Zhang Tie's forehead. Closely after that, the bud was in full bloom. Zhang Tie also started to give out light all over...

    After 5 hours later, Zhang Tie opened his eyes. Zhang Tie felt that he had promoted to a new level. He gained a new life both inside and outside. Additionally, Zhang Tie felt having one more familiar energy in his body. He always felt that he had sensed that energy before. After racking his mind for a few minutes, he became suddenly shocked as he sensed the same weak energy escaping from the All-spirits Pagoda when he used the soul-based incarnation method of "Great Wilderness Sutra".

    When he remembered the warning of Cloud Crane in the posthumous paper about implementing soul-based incarnation skill, Zhang Tie immediately danced with joy under the small tree while bursting out into laughter...

    "Hahaha, I see, I see..."
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