Chapter 678: Great Battle Master

    Chapter 678: Great Battle Master

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    Zhang Tie turned around and saw Heller walking towards him.

    "You mean I've awakened a new ancestral bloodline?"

    "My lord, you must have sensed the change. You've awakened sword affinity!" Heller smiled.

    'How weird it is. When I woke up, I just felt different with the two long swords. I remembered that when I took the fruit of bloodline and activated ancestral bloodlines, I had to use 62 points of bloodline energy to activate sword affinity. I injected the remaining last bit of bloodline energy into the marshmallow of sword affinity; I did not expect this ancestral bloodline to activate at this moment.' Zhang Tie thought.

    Zhang Tie thought it might be related to his painstaking training during this period, 'Ahh, how long have I cultivated in Castle of Black Iron?'

    Zhang Tie then asked Heller the same question that he was considering.

    "According to the date outside, it's already August. Your majesty, you've exceeded the cultivation of fundamental swordsmanship more than that you could expect. As a reward, you've awakened your ancestral bloodline..." Heller answered.

    "Exceeded?" Zhang Tie indeed had not thought about this before. Since he started his painstaking cultivation under that torrent, Zhang Tie even forgot how many times he had reached out his swords.

    "Yes, my lord. During this period, you could keep reaching out swords 16 times per second per hand. That's to say, you can reach out swords 32 times per second with two hands, namely 115,200 times per hour. Under the torrent, you trained 8 hours, namely, you had reached out your swords 921,600 times a day. Excluding the cultivation that you made in the trouble-reappearance situation, you had stayed 68 days in Castle of Black Iron by yesterday, during which period, you had reached out your swords 62,668,800 times under the torrent. However, the standard of fulfilling the cultivation of fundamental swordsmanship in Hidden Dragon Palace was that the cultivator had to reach out swords 8 million times. Plus the times that you reached out your swords in the trouble-reappearance situation, you have already reached out your swords over 80 million times, 10 more times than regulated. Besides, you were cultivating it by two hands at the same time under very tough environment. Because of this, you awakened your sword affinity!"

    Perhaps Zhang Tie was not talented in cultivation; however, his strong will and persistence aroused Heller's appreciation.

    "Over 80 million times?" Zhang Tie was stunned after hearing the figure. Zhang Tie didn't know that he had accomplished such a great work--by reaching out his swords over 80 million times in total, he accomplished his cultivation of fundamental swordsmanship and laid a solid foundation for his road towards a real powerhouse.

    "My lord, have you found any difference in your current movements than before?"

    "Not yet." Zhang Tie replied like an idiot as he indeed had not sensed any change.

    Heller then pointed at the place where Zhang Tie stood, "Your majesty, this platform is a very firm granite, which was as high as 1.7 m or so at the beginning; however, look at how high it is now, my lord?"

    Zhang Tie lowered his head and checked it carefully. He then realized that this granite was only a bit higher than 0.5 m with a pit in the center which was caused by his own gravity when he was meditating.

    "This is the best certificate for your painstaking exercise. The torrent that flushed onto your body and your long swords lowered this granite over 1 m in height. Even the hard rock had changed its look under the impulse of the torrent, how could you not sense the change when you cultivated under the impulse of the torrent, my lord?"

    Zhang Tie then scratched his head bashfully before replying, "Erm...I really didn't sense any change!"

    "That's because you've already been used to cultivate in such an environment. With your rising battle force and increasing bearing capability, I gradually increased the impulse of the torrent. Therefore, you could not sense any change. There's no water flow now, you can try again with your swords, my lord!"

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie casually moved with double swords. In a split second, the platform was covered with thunder-like sonic booms and dense sword shadows, displaying brilliant, grim and terrifying sword flowers...

    The sword flowers faded away while everything else on the platform disappeared in 1 second. What happened just now was like an illusion.

    Zhang Tie watched his hands with an unimaginable look. In the past one second, he was just cultivating his fundamental swordsmanship as usual. However, in a split second, he had felt his hands accelerating greatly in a much easier way. Therefore, in a second, he launched his attack 19 rounds by two hands, namely 304 times in total. Because of a super fast speed, the brilliant sword shadows formed sword flowers.

    Sword flowers was a high realm of swordsmanship recorded in the secret book "True Swordsmanship". The full description about it was "Even water is forbidden in sword flowers!"

    'Now that I could reach out swords 304 times per second, I could also punch 304 times per second.' Zhang Tie thought.

    Zhang Tie watched Heller before saying, "Give me a basin of water..."

    Heller responded with a smile as he pointed towards the firm water wall on Zhang Tie's side. A water flow instantly flew towards Zhang Tie's head. Compared to the terrifying super high speed of the water wall, this water flow didn't flow so fast. It was equal to the speed of that of a basin of water being poured down from upstairs.

    When the water came close to Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie felt that it was flowing as slowly as the crawling speed of a tortoise. After that, he reached out his swords and cut the water into numerous pieces and minced it, then he lifted it and pushed it aside in extremely common movements without even releasing his sword qi.

    In Heller's eyes, when the water flow almost touched Zhang Tie's head, with sword flashes, the water had turned into mist and been blown away by the sword wind like a magic...

    After the mist faded away, Heller saw Zhang Tie standing there with his swords supporting on the ground while Zhang Tie's body was still dry.

    At that moment, Zhang Tie finally sensed his great change. He had faintly and easily reached an unimaginable realm on strength, speed, responding ability, judgment and coordination between limbs, consciousness and eyes. Zhang Tie finally felt a faint resonance between his state and his knight's consciousness.

    Forming a resonance with the knight's consciousness and feeling more harmonious indicated a great progress and unusual realm.

    "Thank you, Heller!" Zhang Tie appreciated sincerely. He knew that he could never make such a remarkable achievement in such a short period without the environment and conditions that Heller created for him.

    "My lord, it's my great honor!" Heller bowed to show his sincerity elegantly.


    3 days later, Zhang Tie sat on the same platform with crossed legs while a powerful torrent poured down from the sky and kept flushing Zhang Tie's body. Zhang Tie didn't notice it; instead, he was fully focusing on the stick of spiritual feather in his Shrine.

    Right then, the purple stick of feather radiated strong brilliance with a slight quiver. Closely after that, a golden flame in the shape of a bird came into being and started to fly around the stick of spiritual feather in his Shrine.

    At this moment, there were two bird-shaped golden flames in Zhang Tie's Shrine. During this period of cultivation, Zhang Tie found that he had better keep a golden bird-shaped flame in his Shrine surging point all the time if he wanted to find the next surging point of "King Roc Sutra" by constant attempts in the trouble-reappearance situation. In this way, he could increase the efficiency in lighting surging points instead of having to accumulate enough energy to form a golden bird-shaped flame in his Shrine before making attempts to light new surging points. He didn't have to explode hundreds of times in the trouble-reappearance situation hurriedly before lighting a surging point; instead, he could spread the experiences of exploding himself hundreds of times in intervals between cultivation periods.

    When the new golden bird-shaped flame came into being, Zhang Tie let the other one fly out of his Shrine towards a surging point on his sacrum to integrate with that surging point.

    With a sound "boom", Zhang Tie's mind sea quivered; at the same time, that surging point on the sacrum was finally lit and radiated a golden flame...

    After lighting the 144th surging point, Zhang Tie finally became a LV 12 great battle master...

    When he lit the surging point, before Zhang Tie celebrated, all the surging points across his body that had been lit quivered at the same time. Right then, the golden bird-shaped flames in all surging points that had been lit radiated great brilliance. Closely after that, a bizarre strength appeared that made Zhang Tie feel like losing his weight. At the same time, every single cell turned into the wind as they became lighter and moved faster. With a slight move, they turned into the light and flashed towards the endless sea of stars...

    This was the "reward" from "King Roc Sutra" after Zhang Tie promoted to a higher level. In the former two times, Zhang Tie was rewarded with great strength; however, this time...


    Zhang Tie finally opened his brilliant eyes and stood up. At the same time, he felt like frying beams as the 144 surging points that he had lit were cracking at the same time while the high-speed torrent that poured down from the sky stopped.

    Zhang Tie gradually revealed a brilliant smile when he sensed his light body...

    The reward from "King Roc Sutra" for the cultivator who promoted to LV 12 was agility, namely higher speed and faster responsive ability. 'God, I love you...'

    Zhang Tie burst out into laughter...

    'It's time to leave Castle of Black Iron...'
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