Chapter 679: The First Victory

    Chapter 679: The First Victory

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    Trouble-reappearance situation, Shadow-Demon Cell...

    Abyan's roars had sounded for 2 hours in Shadow-Demon Cell. At this moment, Abyan's two wings had been torn into pieces; its powerful tail had broken while its body was covered with wounds. How miserable it was!

    Abyan broke its tail itself. If not, Zhang Tie would clutch its tail and beat it into a meat pie.

    Although Abyan's protective battle qi was powerful, it could not bear Zhang Tie's fierce movements by clutching its tail and pounding its body onto the ground one time after another. Some big pits had formed on the ground; each time Zhang Tie pounded its body on the floor would Abyan feel being crushed by a train while spurting out a big mouth of fresh blood; meanwhile, many bones on its body would be broken.

    Zhang Tie's strength was too terrifying. What was more was Zhang Tie's high speed, ghost-like footsteps and movements.

    This was a bloody battle that had never happened since the birth of the Shadow-Demon Cell between a LV 14 battle demon and Zhang Tie, who had just promoted to LV 12 great battle master.

    If a common great battle master fought a battle demon who was two levels higher than him, the common great battle master would lose the battle evidently in half a minute. However, Zhang Tie was not a common battle master. Therefore, this was a fierce battle.

    Abyan had powerful battle skills and protective battle qi which could defend and defuse many common protective battle qis. Additionally, it was two levels higher than that of Zhang Tie and had rich battle experiences...

    By contrast, Zhang Tie had greater speed; although his battle skill could not match that of Abyan, his battle skills were special; additionally, Zhang Tie had rich battle experiences.

    Zhang Tie and Abyan both fought with bare hands.

    The Shadow-Demon Cell had been disordered while the floor and walls were covered with huge pits caused by battle qi booms. The bricks and concretes were falling like the rain from the roof. This was also the largest destruction that this trouble-reappearance situation had encountered since it was formed.

    Through this battle, Zhang Tie concluded two points. First, in a duel, if a powerful battle qi didn't strike the opponent, it would cause a huge destruction to the environment. Second, Iron-blood Fist and Iron-blood Battle Qi were powerful enough to tear apart a LV 14 battle demon's protective battle qi.

    Abyan roared with twisting face. At the same time, he waved his hands and launched off-body battle qi attacks towards Zhang Tie like a lunatic.

    Noticing Abyan's movements, Zhang Tie became stunned as he suddenly recalled how he gritted his teeth and tried to survive longer in front of Abyan previously. In previous times, Zhang Tie estimated that he looked as anxious as Abyan at this moment. As a result, Zhang Tie was almost struck by Abyan's off-body battle qi.

    When Abyan's strike almost touched Zhang Tie's cloth corner, Zhang Tie straightly disappeared.

    In such a small Shadow-Demon Cell, wherever Zhang Tie was, he could appear in any place of this cell with only one step. For Abyan, Zhang Tie was just like a virtual shadow. Everything about Zhang Tie was false, only Abyan's strike was real.

    Zhang Tie appeared 20 m behind Abyan. Before Abyan turned around, Zhang Tie's punch had reached its back, causing the thin protective battle qi that Abyan had just formed collapse in a split second. Besides, a lot of scales flew off its body while Abyan spurted out another mouth of fresh blood.

    Before Abyan made its counterattack, Zhang Tie had disappeared once again.

    Zhang Tie's strike made Abyan fly into a rage.

    "Go die..." Abyan roared as it launched its top trump-card battle skill.

    9 black bats flew out of Abyan's hands and charged at Zhang Tie at the same time.

    Of course, they were not real bats, but bats composed of powerful battle qi.

    Battle-qi in shape was a battle skill that a LV 13 battle general could master. With this skill, one's battle qi could play a greater destruction when in a strike. Zhang Tie saw Scala's battle-qi in shape of a destructive wild wolf when he was in Mocco City for the first time.

    After fighting with Abyan for so long in Shadow-Demon Cell, it was Zhang Tie's first time to see Abyan's battle-qi in shape.

    This was Abyan's 3rd battle-qi in shape within 2 hours.

    Not knowing why, Zhang Tie felt that Abyan was changing completely today. Previously, Zhang Tie felt that Abyan was like a tall and terrifying mountain ridge who could tear him off in a split second; however, today, Zhang Tie felt Abyan becoming clumsy as each of its movement lacked something.

    The 9 bats charged at Zhang Tie from 4 directions. In the eyes of onlookers, if there was, Zhang Tie had no way to retreat or dodge away. However, in Zhang Tie's eyes, he could still see possibilities in this impossibility. With the combination of his powerful knight's consciousness and his enlightenment of "one step, one scenery", Zhang Tie instantly moved over 100 steps in a limited area by moving forward, backward, leftward, rightward, raising or lowering his head as light as a virtual smoke. After trembling a few times, Zhang Tie got rid of Abyan's trump-card battle-qi in shape for the 3rd time.

    Abyan pounced on Zhang Tie. With its mouth widely opened, Abyan exposed its sharp teeth and wanted to bite off a piece of flesh from Zhang Tie's body.

    In Zhang Tie's eyes, Abyan was just moving fast.

    Zhang Tie knew that he could hardly squeeze anything more out of Abyan, 'It's time to end this battle.'


    After getting rid of Abyan's strike, Zhang Tie easily passed through Abyan's front claws. When he passed by Abyan's body, Zhang Tie instantly turned around and swept over Abyan's neck as fast as a lightning bolt by using his palm horizontally like a sharp sword...

    As a result, Abyan's head was sent flying in the air. While spurting out hot blood, the headless corps continued to rush forward a few more steps before falling on the ground.

    With a sound "bang", Abyan's head fell on the ground and rolled a long distance ahead.

    Standing in the Shadow-Demon Cell, Zhang Tie watched his hands with a complex look. Just now, he killed Abyan which was once like a nightmare by his own hands.

    "I made it, I made it..." Zhang Tie mumbled. Finally, he roared while two lines of tears poured out of his eye sockets, "Angel, Sharapova, Nia, Hirtina, Mia, did you see that? I finally killed Abyan with my own hands today. I can be your guardian knight now, ah..."

    The entire Shadow-Demon Cell rocked while numerous stones fell off the roof.

    Zhang Tie raised his head with a dumbfounded look, 'What's the matter? My sound is not that destructive...'


    With a boom, the entire Shadow-Demon Cell collapsed in a split second due to Abyan's last battle-qi in shape. Zhang Tie, appeared in this scene as a winner for the first time had been pressed by millions of tons of stones before tasting the complex moods. He didn't even finish the word "F*ck". Even though Zhang Tie had taken dozens of more trouble-reappearance fruits during this period of cultivation, he still had no strength to resist...

    The trouble-reappearance situation was shattered and turned into light spots.


    Under the small tree, Zhang Tie opened his eyes. He felt cold under his lower eyelids. After touching it, he realized that his original body had been dropping off tears.

    Although the accident had passed a long time ago, the death of the girls in Blackhot City were always making Zhang Tie's depressive. Zhang Tie always dreamed about the girls' crying looks. However, he was unable to help them; he could only see them being engulfed by the dark force. After killing the murderer who killed those girls in Blackhot City today, Zhang Tie finally felt reassured.

    Zhang Tie picked himself up from the ground and walked downstairs that high platform.

    Heller was waiting for him downside there. At the sight of Heller, Zhang Tie hurriedly wiped off his tears bashfully and said, "Erm...I've just won a battle...I cried due to the excitement. Have I said something weird just now?"

    "No!" Heller shook his head with a solemn look. After that, he moved his eyes from Zhang Tie's face like having not seen Zhang Tie's tears as he suggested, "My lord, we've worked out the latest space and topographic renovation map, do you want to take a look at it?"

    "Fine!" Zhang Tie nodded.

    Heller waved his hand while a huge three-dimensional vertical image appeared in front of Zhang Tie.

    "As many basic energy storages have been accumulated in Castle of Black Iron in these months, the land area in Castle of Black Iron would be expanded to 1,000 sq km or so. Meanwhile, a sea area as wide as about 500 sq km would come into being..." Heller explained to Zhang Tie while pointing at the three-dimensional image...

    With Heller's explanation, Zhang Tie recovered his composure and focused on the rotating three-dimensional map...

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