Chapter 680: New Look (I)

    Chapter 680: New Look (I)

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    The rotating three-dimensional image displayed a new look of Castle of Black Iron, whose land area expanded by 10 times. Besides, there was an ocean. The moment Zhang Tie saw that had he felt his heart racing.

    'This is my space, this is the land that I accumulated step by step.' Zhang Tie told himself as he felt proud. Additionally, the immortal mountain in Castle of Black Iron, namely where Zhang Tie was standing on increased by over 10,000 m in height immediately which looked more magnificent and mysterious.

    Zhang Tie saw some white clouds above the three-dimensional image.

    "White clouds? How could we have white clouds here?" Zhang Tie asked Heller.

    "With the expansion of the space in Castle of Black Iron, the natural circulation system of this space will gradually show itself. White cloud is just the initial phenomenon. If this space could further expand later on, it would display its more complex, three-dimensional climate types which are adapted to all sorts of living beings."

    "Will it rain here?"

    "Maybe!" Heller answered faintly.

    "Ah? What do you mean?"

    "I mean it will rain if you want it in this space; it will not rain if you don't want it. It depends on you, my lord!"

    Zhang Tie nodded, 'Although it's a marvelous way to control the weather; it's nothing strange in Castle of Black Iron.'

    "How many people could this new land hold?"

    "All the new land is very fertile. Main grain crops could be planted in the three seasons of a year. If we made full use of this land, we could hold a population of more than 3 million people!"

    "More than 3 million people?" Zhang Tie slightly frowned as he stretched out his hand to work on the three-dimensional image, "The sea area is too large; just cancel it off. We can change it into a land. Additionally, we need some inland freshwater lakes and as more natural river systems as possible so as to irrigate the land on river banks. We should prioritize the benefits of as more people here as possible!"

    Under the manipulation of Zhang Tie, the sea area disappeared while the land area expanded by a quarter. Additionally, some more lakes and rivers appeared in the land.

    Watching the change that Zhang Tie made, Heller understood Zhang Tie's meaning immediately, "My lord, are you preparing for more people to live in Castle of Black Iron?"

    Zhang Tie nodded, 'The holy war has just started a couple of years ago, however, numerous people have lost their homeland. In the future, the holy war will be crueler.' Zhang Tie could not predict the outcome of this holy war; however, he wanted to do more preparations for the possible future. Castle of Black Iron could serve as a sacred shelter and enable more people to survive on. Take Ice and Snow Wilderness for instance, as an isolated overseas land in Blackson Humans Corridor, it could barely stand too long if the entire Blackson Humans Corridor collapsed. If there was one day that Ice and Snow Wilderness was mired in an impasse, he could teleport all his followers from Ice and Snow Wilderness to Castle of Black Iron. Although the method seemed to be a bit irresponsible, Zhang Tie knew that what counted most in the holy war was to save as more humans as possible.

    After figuring out Zhang Tie's train of thoughts, Heller started a new change. After a short while, he had completed the adjustment of the entire three-dimensional image. Heller pulled down the image with one hand while the entire land area expanded to over 4,000 sq km once more like spreading a pie on the pan.

    "My lord, now that you want to hold as more people as possible here, we don't have to keep the new land so thick. According to the previous plan, the land and rock layer in Castle of Black Iron was as thick as 800 m. After the adjustment, its thickness turns into 200 m. Therefore, we could increase more land area and hold over 10 million population in total inside Castle of Black Iron."

    Zhang Tie patted his forehead forcefully, "Right, how could I forget about this?".

    "Is there any side effect?"

    "No, these people could only live on the land surface. If we just consider their daily lives, 200 m in thickness is enough. If you are not satisfied with land area, 20 m in thickness also works. After all, everything here is carried in this space. As long as there's such a layer of soil on the ground, it will grow plant and grains!"

    '20 m in thickness?' Zhang Tie rubbed his face, "It's like rolling a dough on the panel. Although the thickness won't bring any side effect to Castle of Black Iron, it feels weird--one guy might penetrate through the land in a few days using a hoe? It's too thin. As it's humans' settlement, I'd better make it safer. Just set it as 200 m in thickness then. This thickness could help people survive and feel safer. If I have any demand in the future, I will increase the thickness."

    "I've got another question."

    "Can we produce a mineral vein in Castle of Black Iron this time?" Zhang Tie asked Heller with full of hope.

    "It has an advanced ability to produce mineral vein in Castle of Black Iron. In the current stage, it requires a great price. Any small low-end mineral vein will require enormous merit values and aura values as well as some other prerequisites. Therefore, I don't suggest you to use this ability now."

    After thinking for a few seconds, Zhang Tie asked Heller, "Which mineral vein could we form in Castle of Black Iron based on the current merit values, aura values and basic energy storage?"

    "If all the current resources are put in, due to the bucket effect, you can gain a mini, low-end common iron ore whose gross reserve is less than 80,000 tons after using up all the merit values. The template of the iron ores originates from those low-end wasted iron ores that you brought in Castle of Black Iron to increase its basic energy storage when you joined the survival training in Wildwolf Valley! Meanwhile, after forming this iron ore, due to the exhaustion of merit values and the consumption of the greater part of aura values, Castle of Black Iron would not accomplish this space and topographical renovation although there were still a great amount of basic energy storage left."

    After hearing Heller's words, Zhang Tie woke up at once. He then took a deep breath as he had not imagined that it was so difficult for Castle of Black Iron to form a natural mineral vein at such a great cost. However, after thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie understood it, 'If it was very easy to form mineral veins in Castle of Black Iron, I would be the richest man in the world only by casually forming some quality gold ores, gem mines or crystal mines in Castle of Black Iron.'

    "You mean it's impossible for me to form some mineral veins in Castle of Black Iron now. Is there any other method?"

    "The mineral veins in Castle of Black Iron could be formed in two ways. We've known about the first method, when you could provide sufficient resources, you could form a certain mineral vein. Second, after space and topographical renovation, Castle of Black Iron could form a mineral ore naturally. If Castle of Black Iron could form over 1,000 sq km' ocean or land area whose thickness was over 50 km, namely 50,000 m, it would form the preliminary earth's shell. By then, you might gain one or more natural mineral veins or ore deposits whose locations, species and reserves were optional..."

    "That is to say, if I'm able to complete such a space and topographic expansion, I might get one or more optional mineral resources by chance?" Zhang Tie widely opened his eyes as he had not imagined that Castle of Black Iron could have such a marvelous ability.

    "Yes. Generally, the wider the expanded land area is, the thicker the earth surface and earth's crust are, the more kinds of mineral ores and reserves will be formed optionally in Castle of Black Iron. This process is almost like that outside of Castle of Black Iron. If you're able to accomplish a space and topographic expansion as wide as that of Blackson Humans Corridor, I promise that you will have no fewer mineral veins and ore deposits in the new land of Castle of Black Iron than that in Blackson Humans Corridor."

    Zhang Tie showed the whites of his eyes. Based on his little body and little energy, he could not accumulate sufficient basic energy storage for over 100 years by soaking himself in the ocean so as to accomplish such a wide area of expansion, not to mention that he had to have corresponding merit values and aura values. 'Just forget about it. It's too luxurious to think about mineral veins in Castle of Black Iron, it's not even as economical as buying well-extracted metals from outside and bringing them inside Castle of Black Iron.'

    After then, Zhang Tie and Heller continued to adjust the three-dimensional map.

    A whim occurred to Zhang Tie as he pointed at a place on the immortal mountain, "I need a training field here with a firm land."

    "A training field?" Heller watched Zhang Tie with a dubious look.

    "Like that where I cultivated a few days ago. I want to cultivate under the impulse of seawater which is diverted from outside to that place. I feel pretty good cultivating in that state. Additionally, I could have iron-body fruits to take!"

    "No problem, my lord, are you going to meditate in seclusion in the ocean?"

    "You got me!"

    "If so, we'd better build a waterfall on this side of the immortal mountain. It's a very considerable impulse from 10,000 m high. It could provide a better cultivation environment when you had no chance to meditate in seclusion in the ocean..." After saying that, Heller drew his fingers on the three-dimensional map while a waterfall straightly flew off one side of the immortal mountain. With a splashing sound, a river appeared on the ground below...
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