Chapter 683: Situation in Blackson Humans Corridor (I)

    Chapter 683: Situation in Blackson Humans Corridor (I)

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    After throwing a glance at that maiden, the young man called Peter revealed a bright smile as he waved his hand towards her. At the same time, he said, "As long as you're alive, we will see each other one day. Therefore, Mansa, you have to live well!"

    Mansa's eyes were swollen with tears at once...

    Peter turned around and watched that woman who was cradling her daughter with a smile. After that, he tilted his body, enabling the woman to get on the airship, "Well, go back now. Bon Voyage!"

    After saying these words, Peter took out his waterproof canopy and put it above his head. After that, he strode into the curtain of rain.

    "Mansa, forget him. You and Peter are not living in the same world. You just met by chance..." The girl's mother, who looked graceful and noble comforted her as she came to the girl's back and put her hand on the girl's shoulder. The girl's father turned around and threw a glance at the girl. Closely after that, he shrugged and let out a sigh helplessly.

    Watching Peter's back, the girl threw herself onto her mother's shoulder as she burst out into tears loudly...

    After getting aboard with her daughter, the woman couldn't help looking back at the man called Peter. She was confused why someone would not like to leave out of here at this critical moment.

    This woman heard Peter's story in the airship one day later...

    Of course, the man called Peter was Zhang Tie. At this moment, although Zhang Tie still used his pseudonym, his look and figure had already changed completely. He would not be recognized even if he stood in front of his family members...

    The powerful body-changing immortal bloodline was fully displayed on Zhang Tie, making him an utterly different person.


    After leaving that misty sea, Zhang Tie went to Norman Empire. After 4 months, the overall situation in Blackson Humans Corridor changed once again.

    The demonized puppets corps indeed encountered the unprecedented powerful counter-attack from Norman Empire under the leadership of Marshal Lin Changjiang, the governor of the North Border Corps of Norman Empire.

    Under the guidance of Marshal Lin Changjiang, the North Border Corps of Norman Empire induced two routes of overwhelming demonized puppets corps into Nein City of Fisk Province nearby the capital city Nordinburg of the North Border of Norman Empire at the price of losing the greater part of territory of the North Border of Norman Empire in July. After that, Marshall Lin Changjiang issued the order to blow up the largest irrigation works across Blackson Humans Corridor--the Imperial Dam, which was once the pride of Norman Empire. The moment the Imperial Dam was ruined, over 80 billion cubic meters of water rushed towards the lower reach in an overwhelming manner. As a result, the Nein City over 600 miles away from the dam was destroyed while Fisk Province and the nearby two provinces were flooded at once...

    In front of the power of the mother nature, 10 million demonized puppets were too fragile. Although demonized puppets didn't feel any pain, the puppet worms in their brains couldn't survive without oxygen. Therefore, demonized puppets would also die if they were in hypoxia and stuffy state for too long. As a result, only less than 2 million demonized puppets survived the flood. According to the news, that super demons corps also suffered a great loss. Because after that accident, the super demon corps straightly disappeared for almost 2 months.

    This was an overwhelmingly inspiring victory. Even though in Selnes Theater of Operations, the allied human forces had not made such a brilliant achievement. Due to this battle, Marshall Lin Changjiang also became the hero and the most well-known general with the greatest strategic vision across Blackson Humans Corridor. He became ranked among the top generals in an instant.

    Marshall Lin Changjiang might not be qualified as a famous general if he just exploded the Imperial Dam in an emergency. What was awe-inspiring was that he had let people bury alchemist's bombs in the major structure of the Imperial Dam over 2 decades ago when he took charge of building the Imperial Dam in the North Border of Norman Empire at the cost of more than 88 million gold coins while mobilizing almost 1 million workers.

    If not having made such a preparation, it was impossible for him to destroy the Imperial Dam which was completely linked with the entire mountain by throwing alchemist's bomb from the outside. It was said that nobody else knew this except for Marshall Lin Changjiang and the imperial households of Norman Empire. Actually, one-third of alchemist's bombs reserves in Norman Empire was buried in the Imperial Dam.

    In the eyes of the public, especially all the citizens in Norman empire, the Imperial Dam could barely be destroyed. Such a firm belief even wavered in the demons' mind. Therefore, almost 10 million demonized puppets gathered at the foot of Nein City and prepared to take down Nordinburg.

    Nobody knew why Lin Changjiang and the imperial households of Norman Empire had made such a preparation over 2 decades ago. Nobody knew whether Lin Changjiang and the imperial household of Norman Empire had long predicted that the demons army would arrive here from the north, and hence prevented the potential danger. What a terrifying setting! Any opponent would be scared by the 2-decades plot. Of course, such a human leader was admirable.

    Through this battle, Marshall Lin Changjiang shattered the unrivaled arrogance of demons army and spared almost half a year for the citizens who had not evacuated from Norman Empire and the north region of Blackson Humans Corridor.

    After being frustrated at the foot of Nein City, the remaining demonized puppets hurriedly retreated while more demonized puppets flooded towards here from the north. However, it would take at least half a year for the number of entire demonized puppets corps to reach 10 million.

    It was said that the super demon corps also suffered a great loss. However, Zhang Tie, who had witnessed the members of the super demon corps didn't think it was highly credible. In front of the destructive power of the mother nature, the super demon corps would definitely suffer a loss; however, it was almost impossible for them to suffer a severe loss. Before the arrival of the flood, the wing demons would have warned the super demon corps about 10 minutes in advance. It was enough for the super demon corps to get rid of the most dangerous dilemma and minimize their loss in that period.

    Therefore, the super demon corps didn't suffer a great loss; instead, they hid themselves in a cunning way after losing a flesh shield or a tentacle so as to preserve their remaining power. Maybe they were brewing some plot, a more amazing revenge or an attack.
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