Chapter 685: A Partner Exercise in the Rain

    Chapter 685: A Partner Exercise in the Rain

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    The attack arrived without any warning. Those followers were like wild wolves hunting their prey in the rain. When Zhang Tie arrived in a remote region about 1 mile away from the airship base, he felt people darting towards him from his back.

    The footsteps behind him sounded louder in the rain. At the same time, Zhang Tie heard panting breaths from behind. With neither battle call nor threat, Zhang Tie realized a pitch-dark dagger was drawn from one follower's sleeve and stabbed towards the back of his waist without making any sound.

    The dagger didn't hit Zhang Tie. The man who darted towards Zhang Tie with a dagger in hand stopped as he lowered his head and saw that a long sword had penetrated his lower abdomen. He couldn't understand how this guy could have a longsword under his raincoat.

    Zhang Tie just watched the man who looked grim and a bit scared with a glassy-eyed look. "As you want to stab me on my waist, I will also stab you with a sword on your lower abdomen. It's a fair deal."

    That man let out a miserable shriek.

    After hearing their partner's miserable shriek, the other murderers rushed forward and stabbed towards Zhang Tie. Zhang Tie drew his longsword out of that man's body and started his counter-attack.

    Zhang Tie's counter-attack was considerable. If the murderer stabbed towards his neck, he would stab the man's neck with his longsword in advance. If the murderer attempted to stab his heart, he would stab that man's heart with his longsword in advance. If one of the murderers tried to stab his chest, he would stab that man's chest with his longsword ahead of that man. As the old saying went, an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

    Zhang Tie didn't show off his real battle force. As these murderers were at most LV 5, Zhang Tie just performed with strength a bit higher than theirs.

    It was a very special cultivation for Zhang Tie. In the process, he could judge his opponents' intention, attacking angles, strength, speed and next move every time instead of simply killing them. Zhang Tie felt it a bit interesting in fighting them in this way as he could learn something from it. If he simply killed them all in a split second by releasing his sword qi, it would become meaningless.

    Meanwhile, in this process, Zhang Tie was also setting a trap for his opponents unconsciously while hiding his real battle force. It was a very vicious pit. Evidently, Zhang Tie was able to kill battle demons below 3-star LV 14 battle demons, however, he only performed a bit better than his opponents. If his opponent was LV 5 warrior, Zhang Tie would perform as a bit more powerful than a LV 5 warrior. If his opponent was a LV 6 black spider, he would perform a little bit more powerful than a LV 6 black spider and the like. When he could take the preemptive move on the battlefield, Zhang Tie would always perform as a bit more powerful than his opponents which brought "a bit" of hope to his opponents. It was just like a gap of half level. If his opponents really thought that that was Zhang Tie's total battle force, they would jump into the trap, when they found that it became a bottomless hole.

    Zhang Tie hid in the safest place of this bottomless cave and spared the most flexible room for him to exert his utmost effect. Meanwhile, he lowered the possible dangers to the minimal extent.

    Even knights might be killed on the battlefield. Zhang Tie had even personally witnessed it happen. He even killed a knight himself. Therefore, even knights weren't guaranteed to be safe on the battlefield. The safest way and what counted most was to control the possible dangers that he might face and the level of his opponents while trying to create the opportunity for him to exert this ability to the fullest. This was what Zhang Tie had realized. Although being low-key, it was also insidious.

    Zhang Tie didn't realize that he had changed into a terrifying, insidious and cunning powerhouse from that poor, weak boy in Blackhot City.

    Although he could solve the battle in less than 0.1 seconds, Zhang Tie did this exercise with them for over a minute before slaying all of them.

    In the heavy rain, some of them were killed, some were heavily wounded while cramping their bodies who were not far from death. At the same time, some blood stains were scattering in the rainwater on the ground. Zhang Tie stepped on the LV 5 warrior's body and pointed his sword tip towards his throat.

    That man was glaring at Zhang Tie with a twisted pale face while his dagger had dropped onto his side. He was pressing the vessel on his broken hand in order to stop himself from too much blood.

    The raindrops constantly struck the man's face. With bloodshot eyes wide open, he glared at Zhang Tie viciously without blinking. However, for Zhang Tie who dared launch an attack towards an army of millions of demonized puppets from above the city wall of Mocco City, such behavior was extremely hilarious. This guy might not have seen real vicious behavior.

    "What do you want to say now? I don't know you nor have I started any conflict with you. You don't even know how much money I have. Why do you want to kill me?" Zhang Tie watched that man while lowering his head.

    "You.. you're dead... our boss will never... never let you go... you cannot leave Upton City... if you dare hurt me..." The man still threatened Zhang Tie at this moment.

    "What a pity! If you could kill some demonized puppets on the battlefield before death, you might be worth your whole life. Remember to be a good man in your next life!"


    Zhang Tie just casually drew his sword over that man's neck, stopping the man's words.

    After wiping the blood off his sword blade on the clothes of a guy who was lying on the ground half dead, Zhang Tie ignored those guys who were dying, lying on the ground and continued his walk towards Upton City.

    'As the super demon corps are hiding, the north situation is so chaotic, Huaiyuan Palace must still be looking for me.' Zhang Tie didn't know what to do next, whether to continue to stay in the north for the iron-armored demon's fruit of source or just return to Ice and Snow Wilderness. 'I haven't received any news from Ice and Snow Wilderness for a long time. Besides the many people to be concerned about, there's also my solemn promise as a man.'

    After Zhang Tie left here a few minutes, a shadow flashed over there and checked those corpse before flashing away in the rain.
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