Chapter 687: New Trouble

    Chapter 687: New Trouble

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    The moment Zhang Tie sat down had a seductive maid come to Zhang Tie's front while twisting her butts. At the same time, she lowered her body and exposed her breasts to Zhang Tie's eyes, " Sir, what can I do for you?"

    Even though Zhang Tie's look had been extremely average while holding an extremely common pioneering sword, he still felt warm about the maid's adroit and enthusiastic smile. If he were an innocent guy, he might have thought that this girl fell in love with him.


    "Wait for a second, please!"

    The maid twisted her waist away. After a short while, she served a bottle of Brandy and a glass on the table.

    Zhang Tie kept drinking casually as he seemed to watch that stripper on the stage. Actually, he was listening to the discussions of those surrounding customers. As a person who had knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie could hear all the talks in the pub.

    A table of mercenaries was discussing the riot and its bloody suppression that happened in Kalur Harbor 2 days ago. After the suppression, according to the traces in Kalur Harbor, they found that someone might have pushed the riot of the refugees in Kalur Harbor from the back; many moles mixed in the refugees and finally pushed the event to a dilemma. After the suppression, many "refugees" who looked eye-catching in the riot disappeared. The garrisons of Kalur Harbor had started to investigate suspects...

    That table of pioneers behind Zhang Tie was discussing the battle situation in the north. Although the super demon corps had disappeared for 2 months, many people were still concerning their whereabouts...

    "Have you heard that the fleets of Eastern Continents have already gone ashore in some Hua countries in the south and are transporting away a great number of Hua people..."

    Zhang Tie was attracted by this news from a customer at 4 o'clock direction over 20 m away from Zhang Tie.

    "I also heard about it. However, I'm not sure about that. It was said that each ship dispatched from Eastern Continent weighed above 1 million tons. Each of them could hold over 200,000 Hua people at once. Such huge ships have anchored in over 10 harbors of Hua countries in the south. Some harbors could not even hold such huge ships. Therefore, they could only anchor in the near sea. As a result, ferries were required to carry people and supplies to the huge ships. Do such huge ships really exist? It's unimaginable."

    "Taixia is a wonderful country. When I finish this task and make a bucket of money, I will go to Taixia. I wonder how this holy war would proceed. Even those richest people are moving to Taixia Country. What about you?"

    "Hmm, count me in!"

    "Count me in, I really want to take a look at the 1 million-ton huge ships in Taixia!"


    After hearing this news, Zhang Tie's heart pounded. It was out of his imagination that Taixia Country in Eastern Continent had dispatched fleets to help Hua people evacuate from Blackson Humans Corridor during the period that he cultivated in the misty sea. This was the first time for Taixia to intervene with the battle situation in Blackson Humans Corridor. This symbolic move actually indicated that Taixa Country didn't think highly about the future of Blackson Humans Corridor.

    The arrival of Taixia fleets was both good or bad for many people in Blackson Humans Corridor. On one hand, the evacuation of Hua people would intensify the turmoil in Blackson Humans Corridor and enable more people to move southwards and seek for the opportunity to leave Blackson Humans Corridor. In a short-term, it was not good; however, after more Hua people were evacuated, more space of survival could be left to those refugees who moved southwards, which was conducive to relieve the stress of population in southern cities of Blackson Humans Corridor. In a long-term, this could avoid more people from becoming demonized puppets while preserving humans' battle force.

    Zhang Tie remembered that almost all the cities in Huaiyuan Palace were close to the sea. The Hua people in downtown could definitely evacuate firstly. But Zhang Tie started to imagine what kind of people would be left in the end.

    However, only after imagining about it half a minute had Zhang Tie been shocked by another news from another table. Several days ago, Huaiyuan Palace sold the entire Taian City to Norman Empire's imperial household.

    'Sold a city?' Zhang Tie was stunned for quite a while. Taian City was the northernmost key military town in Huaiyuan Prefecture which had high and thick city walls, vast and fertile land, sparse population and was close to Yuanjiang River which was a natural chasm. It was the portal of the entire Huaiyuan Prefecture. It was really a big deal to sell it to Norman Empire's imperial household. It was a charming decision for both seller and buyer. Zhang Tie didn't know how much had Norman Empire's imperial household paid for that; he knew it ought to be a very terrifyingly high price.

    Taian City had changed its name to Hope City and became a southern base of Norman Empire's imperial household in Blackson Humans Corridor. A great number of people arrived here by airships from Norman Empire every day.

    Recalling that Jinyun Country's airship fleet started to help Norman Empire evacuate its people after leaving Selnes Theater of Operations, Zhang Tie knew that there should be a hidden trade and plot which could only be known by someone at present when the decision was made.

    In the pub, Zhang Tie had heard the name Lin Changjiang many times. The Marshall of Norman Empire who had severely damaged the army of demonized puppets had become well-known across Blackson Humans Corridor and became the idol of many people. Even though those recalcitrant mercenaries and paladins showed their admiration when they mentioned this name.

    Of course, the one who could kill the most demonized puppets in the holy war was a human hero, just like Lin Changjiang.

    Many mercenaries were talking about their tasks. The commonest task was to clear the disaster of demonized puppets in the north. Bigger mercenary groups would accept bigger tasks; while smaller mercenary groups would accept small and sparse ones. They were paid a lot for these tasks. According to the current "market price", a commonest demonized puppet's head would worth one gold coin. For a troop of over 100 demonized puppets, each demonized puppet would worth 2 gold coins as some of them might be above LV 6. The price would be tripled for a troop of over 500 demonized puppets. The price of a troop of over 10,000 demonized puppets would be at least 100,000 gold coins, which could only be accepted by large-scale mercenary groups.

    In recent years, the mercenary groups in Blackson Humans Corridor had made a lot of money by clearing demonized puppets. They also made great meritorious deeds for humans. As a result, many mercenary groups of Armes, the empire of mercenaries had expanded.

    The holy war had just come to a start; however, powerful forces had gradually grown more important in many places such as the Iron-blood Battle Team of Norman Empire and the mercenary groups in Armes. As a result, warriors' positions surged rapidly. For many commoners, this holy war might be a disaster; however, for warriors and cultivators, this might be the beginning of their heyday. Through the war, the previous orders would collapse while new orders would be established through naked fists, sabers and swords.

    After each holy war, the social status of warriors and cultivators would rise in the human society. Zhang Tie wondered how the new social society would become, after this holy war.

    Watching Zhang Tie drinking alone on the chair beside the stage, the stripper gradually drew closer to him. After Zhang Tie drunk up a glass of Brandy, the stripper's "white rabbits" almost touched his face.

    The pair of "white rabbits" and a piece of underwear which was woven by fine metal chains loomed in front of Zhang Tie's eyes. The pair of "white rabbits", the waist and the butts constantly shook in front of Zhang Tie while she raided Zhang Tie with her breasts and butts.

    Zhang Tie's face blushed slightly. Although he was not a newbie anymore, it was his first time to be teased by a woman while all the onlookers were tough men in such a half-public scene.

    Seeing Zhang Tie becoming bashful, all the onlookers burst out into laughter. It was a way to entertain themselves by seeing a newbie embarrassed.

    Zhang Tie soon recovered his composure. When the stripper shook her "white rabbits" in front of him, Zhang Tie noticed her fine sweat drops under the shiny lamplight. It was actually very painstaking to do such a dance. Zhang Tie noticed that the stripper was not elder than 30 years old; she just had a hot figure and a mature makeup.

    Actually, women who made money by doing labor works were very pitiful.

    Zhang Tie let out a sigh slightly as he took out a gold coin and placed it into the metal net in between her "white rabbits". He tried to not touch her body; instead, he just smiled as he whispered, "Thanks for your hard work."

    The woman seemed to pause her movement. Then, she threw a deep glance at Zhang Tie before smiling at him. After that, she turned around and didn't tease him anymore.

    Zhang Tie received a lot of information from their talks and discussions. When Zhang Tie was going to leave. 3 people walked in the pub. After looking around the pub, they went straightly towards Zhang Tie aggressively.

    "You killed my subordinates?" One of them walked to Zhang Tie's front as he pressed on Zhang Tie's table forcefully. At the same time, he glared at Zhang Tie in a commanding way...

    At the sight of this man's gesture, everybody moved their eyes to Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie sighed while shaking his head, "Oh my god! Even dung beetles have an organization!"

    After a dead silence, the whole pub was filled with laughter...
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