Chapter 688: Mad Dog

    Chapter 688: Mad Dog

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    After hearing Zhang Tie's ridicule, a killing qi flashed through that man's eyes. He raised his hand to stop the other two people on his side from moving. Closely after that, he narrowed his eyes and watched Zhang Tie with a sneer. It seemed that he wanted to keep Zhang Tie's look in his mind.

    "Do you know who I am?" That man asked icily.

    Zhang Tie raised his head as he faintly looked at this man. In Zhang Tie's eyes, this man was over 50 years old with a tough figure and a fat face. He was even a bit bare-headed. The moment Zhang Tie saw him had he realized that this guy was tricky. However, Zhang Tie had been immune to tricky figures of this kind after staying in Selnes Theater of Operations for a year, during which period, he had already chopped off numerous heads of demons and demonized puppets and killed a great handful of b*stards of Three-eye Association.

    Zhang Tie just watched that man like watching a lump of sh*t, "Your subordinates were just sc*mbags who stabbed innocent people and plundered them from their backs. Needless to say, you're also a sc*mbag. Therefore, I don't care about your name!"

    "Well, well, hope you can keep your words in mind. Do you think you can stay in this pub for the rest of your life? You'd better not leave this pub." After throwing a glare at Zhang Tie, that man looked around other people in this pub, especially that bartender who was wiping glasses behind the counter. Out of some concern, he finally gritted his teeth before waving his hand and leading his two subordinates away.

    After they left, a half-drunk tough man with whiskers whose face had turned wholly red came to Zhang Tie's side. Closely after that, he called a maid, "One more glass for this brother, my treat!" After saying that, the tough man threw himself onto Zhang Tie's side and thumbed up towards Zhang Tie, "Well done, brother. I've long hated Rein the b*stard. You should take care of yourself as you dared make him embarrassed in the public. That villain could do whatever he wants!"

    "That guy is called Rein?"

    "Hmm. That guy is a mad, greedy dog; even his teeth were covered with poison. You'd better not leave out of here until night. The moment you leave the pub should you run away and leave Upton City as soon as possible!"

    "Does this mad dog have a sharp master?"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's question, a light flashed by the eyes of that slightly drunk tough man, "Yeah, the one who could control a mad dog must be more terrifying than that mad dog. There's an old Hua saying, 'A dog threatens people on the strength of his master's power!' Am I clear?"

    At this moment, the maid served another glass of Brandy. The tough man then stood up and returned to his own table.

    Zhang Tie smiled as he raised that glass towards the tough man's table. He didn't care who was that man behind Rein, neither did he prepare to stay long in Upton City. When he listened to their talks, Zhang Tie had already made a determination, 'I will go back to Ice and Snow Wilderness first. As to the iron-armored demons' fruit of source, I will deal with it later. Unless the holy war comes to an end right now, I will have more chances to meet iron-armored demons. I will get that iron-armored demons' fruit of source sooner or later. It's unnecessary for me to play hide-and-seek with that super demon corps at this moment. It's more efficient to go back to the misty sea to cultivate in seclusion than wandering in Blackson Humans Corridor aimlessly.'

    'I could not change the battle situation facing Blackson Humans Corridor anymore. However, I can still determine and do many meaningful things in Ice and Snow Wilderness. Although I could not change everyone's fate; I can change someone's fate at least. In such a large-scale war, each one only needs to do a good job of his own.'

    After Rein arrived, the atmosphere in the pub slightly changed. Zhang Tie found many people were watching him with a sympathetic look, 'It seems that Rein and his master have a very terrifying power and energy in Upton City.'

    Zhang Tie had determined to leave Upton City as soon as possible the moment he left the pub, 'It's unnecessary to wrestle with a mad dog and the power behind a mad dog alone. It will waste my time and push me to a dangerous situation.'

    Pitifully, although Zhang Tie had a good plan, what happened next was out of his control. The alleged fate and changes always led him to an unprecedented road.

    Less than 10 minutes after Rein left the pub, when Zhang Tie had just slowly drunk up a glass of Brandy, a 14 or so teenager appeared in front of Zhang Tie while he placed a box in front of Zhang Tie with shaking hands, "Hi...some...someone asked me to give it to you..."

    Before Zhang Tie said anything, the teenager had turned around and ran away.

    Zhang Tie became stupefied for a second before slightly changing his face. Although that box was tightly sealed, Zhang Tie could still smell the faint bloody smell that drifted from inside the box.

    Zhang Tie opened the box and saw a bloody, coarse and young hand. It was coarse because of the heavy stress from daily life; it was young because of its owner's age. The hand was still clutching a locomotive gold coin. Zhang Tie was very familiar with that hand and that gold coin. The gold coin that Zhang Tie had just gifted to a boy a while ago was issued by the former Andaman Alliance. That hand belonged to the same boy who had just caught Zhang Tie's silver coin and gold coin adroitly a short while ago. The owner of the hand even said that Zhang Tie was the best person that he had seen...

    With a faint pain in heart, Zhang Tie closed his eyes as he took a deep breath. He had seen many scenes which were even more miserable than this hand; however, because of this hand, Zhang Tie's killing qi spread in his heart like the wildfire that blew over the mountain in the autumn.

    Zhang Tie felt that this hand belonged to himself, the teenager who worked in the grocery store of Blackhot City and worked as a human flesh bag in the Iron-thorn Fighting Club who struggled to make every single cent...

    Donder was right. Not everyone was human. Besides human, not even animals could treat their same kind using the same cruel means in the mother nature.

    After opening his eyes once again, Zhang Tie closed the box and finished all the Brandy in the bottle. After that, he dropped a gold coin and walked out of the pub resolutely with the long sword in hand.

    All the people in the pub saw Zhang Tie off with various looks, many of them were curious about the item in the box.


    At this moment, it was already dark outside the pub. The air in Upton City was bloody wet. As the rain stopped, more people appeared on the streets while the roadside lamps were lit. Some restaurants were nearby the pub, which had a booming business.

    The moment Zhang Tie strode out of the pub had 7-8 policemen swarmed up from outside. A police car which escorted prisoners parked beside the pub. Instead of breaking into the pub to arrest him, those policemen just waited for Zhang Tie to come out.

    Those policemen were holding alloy shackles and weapons that resisted arrest. Their heads looked gloomy with 2 silver flowers on the shoulder strap of their police uniform. Seeing the policemen catching people here, the nearby commoners hurriedly ran away.

    "Stop moving, you're under arrest as you've violated the laws of Free Commercial Federation!"

    Zhang Tie stopped as he watched those policemen with a glassy-eyed look, "Why?"

    "Why? Someone saw you kill some refugees outside Upton City. We doubt that you're a mole of demons. Therefore, you should follow us back to the police station for our investigation!" The head policeman labeled Zhang Tie.

    "Did Rein call you to arrest me here?" Zhang Tie asked calmly.

    After hearing this, those policemen slightly changed their looks while they sneered like looking at an idiot.

    "So what? Do you think that you can leave Upton City now? If you dare resist arrest, we can kill you here straightly!" The head policeman lowered his voice as his battle qi totem rolled up in the shape of a huge centipede. Given his look, he was fully confident to take down Zhang Tie. Seeing Zhang Tie standing still, the head policeman waved his hand as he roared, "Put him..."

    At this moment, a long sword was stabbed into his head while the bloody sword tip came out of the back of his head. The head policeman gazed at Zhang Tie with widely opened eyes. Before he figured out what happened, his battle-qi totem had already dispersed...

    The other policemen were stunned as they had never imagined that Zhang Tie dared resist arrest in the public. Additionally, Zhang Tie's battle force was completely out of their expectation, "Didn't they say this guy was only between LV 5 and LV 6? What the hell?"

    When Zhang Tie launched the attack, he didn't spare any time to these policemen to react. With one sword light flying off, the heads of all the other policemen that surrounded him had been sent flying off. In a split second, 7 headless corpses fell on the ground outside the pub which were sprouting fresh blood...

    "Ah, policemen were killed..." Some orioles and passers-by were so scared that they screamed loudly.

    It had not happened in Upton City for many years that policemen were killed in the public. The whole street was in a chaos...


    When the chaos started outside, a maid unveiled that paper box on Zhang Tie's table out of curiosity as she shrieked too...


    In the chaos, Zhang Tie disappeared in the nearby alley while the entire Upton City became chaotic from then on...

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