Chapter 689: Fifteen Seconds

    Chapter 689: Fifteen Seconds

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    In the dark, narrow alley, Zhang Tie could still smell a remaining bloody smell like that in the paper box within the distance that could not be sensed by commoners. Based on his powerful knight's consciousness, Zhang Tie flashed in the alley in pursuit of the source of that bloody smell.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was a bit regretful. If he knew Rein, the b*stard, could lose his temper on someone innocent, Zhang Tie had already chopped off his head in the pub.

    'Now that the b*stard could have police in Upton City deal with this case, he must have a powerful reliance.'

    Whatever, Rein had been a dead man in Zhang Tie's heart. If anyone who dared block in front of Zhang Tie, Zhang Tie would kill him together with Rein the mad dog.

    With a killing qi surging in his eyes, Zhang Tie had already made the determination.


    Half an hour later, Zhang Tie had arrived at a hidden corner of a slum, where he saw a puddle of fresh blood and a piece of broken waterproof coir raincoat, 'Those people must have chopped off that boy's arm at this place.' Zhang Tie let out a slight sigh as he didn't see that boy's corpse. The bloody smell grew heavier here. After observing the blood stains for a short while, Zhang Tie moved along the trace and another sort of bloody smell...

    After 15 minutes, Zhang Tie saw that little boy in a corner of a dump in a low slum about 1 mile away from where he met that little boy in the east.

    That little boy had been wet all over at this moment, who was crouching still under a small tree beside a dump.

    Zhang Tie ran over there and squatted down in front of that little boy. After that, he turned over that little boy.

    With eyes tightly closed, that little boy was biting a rusted iron wire. His face and lips turned pale while he also had some wounds on his face.

    After checking his breathing situation and pulses, Zhang Tie found that the little boy's heart was still beating faintly. If he didn't find him, this boy could not survive tonight. He then put his hand on the little boy's chest and filled two vials of all-purpose medicament into his stomach.

    The boy's right hand had been chopped off while his clothes had been covered with blood stains. An iron wire was tightened above the place where his arm was broken, which almost cut into his flesh. Thankfully, his vessels were tightened; therefore, his blood was stopped. One end of the iron wire was in the little boy's mouth while the other end was circled on his left hand.

    At the sight of this scene, Zhang Tie seemed to watch a little boy stumbling towards this dump with the instinct of seeking for survival, who then found a rusted iron wire from the litter and came to a hidden place under the tree before finally wrapping his wound using one end of the iron wire while biting the other end of the iron wire.

    This was the crudest method to stop bleeding and might be the only way for the little boy to save himself at that moment.

    Being inflicted by great pains, the little boy was like a deserted puppy. The moment he wrapped his wound had he been in a deep coma...

    Zhang Tie made the little boy lean against his legs while he took off the iron wire from the little boy's mouth and arm and used professional medicine to deal with his wound.

    Benefited from the all-purpose medicament, the little boy slowly woke up as he opened his eyes.

    "They...they asked me where...where you were...you...you're a good person...I...didn't tell them..."

    After hearing the little boy's first words, Zhang Tie's eyes were filled with tears.

    "Do you have any family member?" Zhang Tie asked him with a lower voice.

    "None...my papa and mama had died one year ago...on the way towards Upton City with me. We met a demon disaster!" Speaking of his family members, the little boy dropped off his tears, "They said they were going to take me...to the south...but they died on the way...mama...told me to survive on...as a good person...you tell me...whether I am a good person..."

    "You're a good person!" Zhang Tie dropped off his tears...

    The little boy revealed a satisfied and faint smile, "Will...will I die?...whether can...can I see my papa and mama....after death?"

    "You won't!"

    "You liar...I know...I feel...sleepy...it's said that people would...die as long as they fell asleep in this case."

    "I'm telling the truth. Trust me, just have a good sleep. When you wake up, you'll find that you're in a new place!"

    "Is that...paradise?"

    "Yes, everybody is good there, nobody would harm you anymore!"

    "Ah, can my arm grow...grow out in paradise...I...I don't want my papa and mama...to see that I...don't have an arm...if not...they...will feel sad about that!"

    "Trust me, your arm will grow out!"

    After hearing Zhang Tie's words, the little boy gradually closed his eyes and fell asleep again.

    Feeling that nobody was near them, Zhang Tie put his hand on the little boy's forehead and teleported him into Castle of Black Iron at once...


    Since Castle of Black Iron accomplished its expansion last time, the residents in the town had been more pious about their God. This small Shrine in Castle of Black Iron was always covered with prayers.

    Tonight, a big event was happening in the town. In order to satisfy the demand of the residents, through a negotiation joined by all the residents in the town, they decided to make God's statues in this Shrine so that each one could take a God's statue back home...

    This was a sacred and solemn rite. Each detail had passed the discussions of the noblest and knowledgeable persons in the town, including the raw materials of the statue, the manufacturing process and how to welcome the God's statue to each believer's home. Not a single loophole could be found.

    Without any sigh, that sleeping little boy straightly appeared at the foot of the God's status in the Shrine, which scared all those at present a lot...

    "Ah, our God brought another poor kid to the paradise!" Someone exclaimed.

    All those at present swarmed up and carried the little boy away from the immortal altar carefully.

    "Hurry up, carry this little boy to the infirmary; prepare a braiser, scissors, hot water and some cotton clothes..." An experienced senior instantly guided the others...


    10 minutes after teleporting that little boy, Zhang Tie was blocked in a slum of Upton City by a person in black clothes who was holding an odd-looking iron claw. When Zhang Tie wanted to pass by the alley, that person appeared at the entrance of the alley abruptly like a black ghost while glaring at Zhang Tie with a killing qi.

    Given his qi, which was much more powerful than those b*stards that Zhang Tie met before, Zhang Tie realized that this one was at least a LV 10 strong fighter.

    Zhang Tie stood still in the alley and gazed at this person.

    Given Rein's qi, Zhang Tie knew that he was a LV 9 fighter; therefore, this person was definitely not a subordinate of Rein. A LV 9 mad dog could never have a LV 10 strong fighter follow his order. However, given this man's naked killing intent, Zhang Tie realized that evidently this one was dispatched by that one on Rein's back, 'It seems that the death of the policemen outside of the pub has already startled the one behind Rein. In order to appease the trouble, that person on Rein's back dispatched a powerhouse and aimed to kill me, the "insurgent", as fast as possible. Meanwhile, it could shock the onlookers--What a vicious guy!'

    At this moment, Zhang Tie heard another sound of slight footsteps from his back while another person appeared on the other end of the alley over 20 m away from Zhang Tie.

    Zhang Tie didn't look back. He had also sensed the qi of the other killer behind him--another LV 10 strong fighter. He could even sense that the second killer was holding a long sword like him; however, his long sword felt much more advanced than that of his.

    'What a pity!' Zhang Tie slightly shook his head, 'It's better for such elites to kill some more demons on the battlefield than to die here in such a chaotic world.' However, Zhang Tie knew that people were different from each other. Due to desires and greed, people with the same talent would choose completely different roads in many times. Even knights had different choices. Some would fight to the death for humans on the battlefield while some would choose to surrender to Three-eye Association.

    "If you leave Upton City and swear to never come back, I will treat that you two have never been here!" Zhang Tie said calmly.

    After a few seconds in silence, Zhang Tie received two sneers.

    "This guy is humorous!" The one in front of Zhang Tie opened his mouth.

    "Maybe this is a trick. Cunning fish always use such a swashbuckling trick!"

    "You or me?"

    "You. Such a fish would take you at most half a minute. Don't waste time. We have to take his head to the Gold Coin Pub!" The other one behind Zhang Tie replied.

    "At most 15 seconds..." That killer in front of Zhang Tie argued when he walked towards Zhang Tie with his weird iron claw.

    Zhang Tie became silent as he drew out his sword and walked towards that killer...
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