Chapter 691: A Conspiracy

    Chapter 691: A Conspiracy

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    In the deep night, Zhang Tie passed through the streets in Upton City and flew towards the south of the city...

    Below Zhang Tie were numerous houses in tranquility. Many residents had gone to bed at this moment. Lamplights escaped from some houses' windows. Perhaps, only policemen across the city were still working so late. No matter which city or country, what made policemen most excited was undoubtedly the murder of their colleagues.

    Zhang Tie didn't have any prejudice against the police. Neither did he believe that all the policemen across Upton City were badass and lackeys of evil forces. However, some badass and lackeys among the police might be more vicious than real villains, 'Now that those sc*mbags encountered me, I have to feel sorry for them.'

    With one more fruit of brilliance on the small tree, Zhang Tie felt pleased for the first time since he came to Upton City. The new fruit of brilliance told Zhang Tie that all those that he killed were guilty. It was Zhang Tie's accidental achievement in Upton City.

    Benefited from fruits of brilliance, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy grew much faster than that of his battle force. At this moment, Zhang Tie's spiritual energy was definitely more than that of common knights. Zhang Tie didn't know what would happen if he constantly accumulated his powerful spiritual energy. Based on the current situation, Zhang Tie knew it had great benefits. With powerful knight's consciousness, it would be as smooth as a fish in the water when he cultivated mysterious methods such as "Soul Capture Skill". Additionally, he could light his surging points in a higher efficiency. These benefits were dreamed by some people as they formed important parts of Zhang Tie's battle force. Therefore, Zhang Tie had an anxious expectation about his spiritual energy for the future.

    'After killing that d**chebag called Leeb Angus, I will move 1,000 miles away and live with another look. No matter how influential is Angus Clan in the Free Commercial Federation, they will never harm me.' Zhang Tie made a decision inside as he considered his body-changing bloodline as his biggest advantage.

    Actually, Zhang Tie felt that he was very adaptable to be a paladin. He could exterminate evil forces everywhere. Soon after he launched a strike would he escape 1,000 miles away. Besides, he had fruits to take. If not in the holy war, it was really nice to have such a life. In usual days, he could be a rich guy who had a castle, some manors and a big farm. He could marry all the favorite women and have a lot of babies. Occasionally, he could come out to be a paladin so as to relax himself. How immortal days...

    Pitifully, it was just a dream within 100 years for him.

    Although Zhang Tie had not come to Upton City before, now that he knew the destination was in the east, it was not difficult for him to find the No. 16, Wealth Avenue in this city. Because there were a lot of guide-boards on the roadsides.


    In an eastern street of Upton City, two policemen were on duty at a cross and checking passers-by who were still wondering outside at this moment. Due to the dark, they were holding a fluorescent lamp and watching the desolate road with widely opened eyes as they stomped their feet.

    "It's said that those policemen who were killed were called there by Rein." one of the two policemen whispered when there was nobody in the road.

    "F*ck, Rein's subordinates in the refugee camp had a wicked idea; however, that guy was tricky who killed them all straightly. After knowing that he was in Gold Coin Pub, Rein wanted some policemen who colluded with him to trouble that guy. However, it was out of their imagination that the guy straightly killed all the policemen outside the pub. Those guys must have received too many rewards from Rein and done too many evil deeds. They deserved to die!"

    "Hush, be careful, don't forget about Rein's reliance. Do you want to lose this job?" another policeman persuaded as he looked around.

    "That's better. I prefer to take my wife to the south in case of worrying about the arrival of demons one day..." The policeman lowered his voice although he stuck to his stance.

    "The guy called Peter might have already escaped out of Upton City. It's said that he's a LV 8 powerhouse. How could he still stay in the city now? Whenever similar events happened, we, the most bottom people, would be extremely fatigued to find any result. If that guy really appeared in front of us at this moment, we might have no chance to blow our whistle!"

    "Forgot about that. We have to pretend to be serious!" The other policeman yawned as he put his hands back to his sleeves. When he casually watched a roadside signboard, he saw a black beetle flying towards him from afar which rightly suspended in front of that signboard. After looking at the sigh board seriously for a short while, it flew towards the direction pointed by the signboard.

    'F*ck, even an insect could identify the signboard. I must have a blurred vision...'


    After a few seconds, Zhang Tie saw the No. 16 manor-typed villa in Wealth Avenue.

    It was a big garden outside the villa. Due to the high courtyard walls, people outside the manor could only see the luxuriant crowns inside the courtyard. After throwing a glance at that black marble doorplate which was marked as "No. 16 Wealth Avenue", Zhang Tie flew in from the high wall.

    It was strictly defended here. Even in the deep night, Zhang Tie could still see two teams of guards patrolling outside the manor. However, in the incarnation of an insect, Zhang Tie straightly ignored them and flew over their heads.

    It was a luxurious villa which occupied a wide area of the land. There were a fountain and a statue outside the gate of the villa. It was pitch-dark inside the villa while each window was covered with a thick deep-color curtain. All the doors were closed. After flying around the villa for a loop, Zhang Tie finally decided to fly inside from the chimney of the fireplace.

    The chimney was like a pitch-dark tunnel for Zhang Tie. In order to avoid people from climbing in, a firm metal filter was fixed in the chimney. However, the metal filter could never stop Zhang Tie from coming in as the meshes were huge enough for a black beetle.

    It only took Zhang Tie 5-6 seconds to descend silently below the fireplace from the highest point of the chimney.

    The fireplace was set in a guesthouse on the 1st floor of the villa. Two purple crystal columns, each of which was taller than 1 m, displayed the extravagance here. A pile of well-split pine woods, tongs and pine oil were put on a silver rack beside the fireplace. Thankfully, it wasn't in the winter; it would've been far more difficult for him to get down through the chimney if the fireplace had been lit.

    There was nobody in the guesthouse. Zhang Tie just flew out of here in a low-key manner alongside the ceiling.

    There were a lot of rooms on the 1st floor. However, there were very few people in the entire building. Zhang Tie could only hear the breathing sound from a room in the remote corner, which belonged to servants.

    Zhang Tie straightly flew to the 2nd floor from the hall on the 1st floor which hung crystal ceiling lamps.

    Almost all the rooms on the 2nd floor were black, except for one, from the bottom of the door, Zhang Tie saw a faint light escaping out.

    Zhang Tie hurriedly flew over there and landed outside the room. There was a gap of less than 1 cm below that door, which was available for Zhang Tie to drill inside in the incarnation of a flat beetle.

    After drilling into the room, Zhang Tie felt bright at once while all the furniture looked lofty. There was a thick red carpet on the floor. The moment Zhang Tie entered the room and touched the carpet had he turned red all over.

    At this moment, the insect's qi could almost be ignored; especially when Zhang Tie walked on the thick carpet, causing no sound at all.

    This was the outer room of the study. A man in a half-body metal armor and a face mask was sitting on a chair near the door on Zhang Tie's side, exposing his mouth and jaw.

    This man reminded Zhang Tie of Leeb's bodyguard.

    It seemed that the bodyguard of Leeb was guarding outside the study. The door of the study was right behind him.

    This guy didn't find Zhang Tie who drilled in the room through the gap below the door at all; instead, he was still drinking leisurely.

    Previously, Zhang Tie wanted to show his original body at once and kill this guy; closely after that, he would flash into the room to kill Leeb. However, watching the closed door, a whim occurred to Zhang Tie's mind. He didn't show his original body. He rapidly detoured from the bodyguard's back along the wall and came to the door of the study. After that, he silently drilled into the study like before.

    It was a bit dark inside the study. It didn't even have a window. If not the bookshelves, it was more like a backroom.

    "You mean no force in Upton City could prevent us now?"

    A voice drifted from the sofa in the middle of the room while being surrounded by the bookshelves. The moment he heard the voice had Zhang Tie felt his heart racing. He was familiar with that voice. After following the middle corps of demons to sweep over the northern border of Symbian Republic for so many days, Zhang Tie had heard that voice many times. The voice came from a young elite of Arthur Clan of Three-eye Association in the middle corps of demons who worked together with Senel Clan. With a super powerful memory, Zhang Tie would never mistake it...

    'How could Arthur Clan's member stay in Upton?'

    Zhang Tie sensed a conspiracy instinctively...
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