Chapter 692: A Dangerous Situation

    Chapter 692: A Dangerous Situation

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    "At this moment, Upton City indeed has no ability to resist us!" Another voice sounded. Zhang Tie then silently moved to the back of a bookshelf less than 5 m away from them and listened to it quietly. "But I don't understand why the Demon General has such a sudden plan. This plan is out of the imagination of our Angus Clan. We can barely make any preparations. In this plan, we will suffer a huge loss!"

    "No war would proceed according to one party's will or plan!" That member of Arthur Clan opened his mouth. Zhang Tie remembered that he was called Tharant, also a LV 12 great battle master, "The Demon General has not predicted that our demonized puppets corps would suffer a great setback in Norman Empire. Actually, many human countries in Blackson Humans Corridor have very great battle forces. Although the Demon General's super demon corps could destroy all the targets in front of us, we would also pay a great price for this. Additionally, it would waste a lot of our time. Whereas, time counts the most at this moment. Numerous people would climb over Kalay Mountain Range and escape to the south everyday. This indicates potential dangers and less source of demonized puppets for us. In order to keep them in the north and completely destroy the north human countries' will to resist us, The Demon General decides to implement frog leaping strategy: Sweep over the human bases in the north of Kalay Mountain Range first so as to close the door towards the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. By doing this, we will gain a great number of demonized puppets in the future and lay a solid foundation for our ruling in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. In 1-2 years, after we complete the integration of resources in the north, we will march southwards and rule the entire Blackson Humans Corridor.

    "When will the Demon General's super demon corps arrive at Upton City?"

    "After 3 days..."

    "Ah? In such a short time..." Another person sighed, who was Leeb for sure, the one whom Zhang Tie was going to kill.

    "Only in this way could it make all parties unable to respond to it. Although your Angus Clan would suffer a loss in Upton City, you would also have some benefits. You can pretend to escape to the south to gather with your father and nobody will doubt that your Angus Clan belongs to Three-eye Association anymore. Your clan will play a bigger role in the future! Additionally, you also know that the Demon General is generous and discriminating in his rewards and punishments. Compared to any reward from the Demon General, your Angus Clan's loss in Upton City would be nothing serious at all."

    "What about Norman Empire and those humans countries which still resists us in the north?"

    "This time, we've already made the maximal mobilization in the north. In half a year, there will be 20 million demonized puppets marching southwards. No matter what preparations have Norman Empire and the other human countries made, they would finally be conquered by the demonized puppets corps. There is no 2nd Imperial Dam in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor!"

    "Does My father know that?"

    "Yes, he knows. As we know each other, your father suggested me to coordinate with you on this action as the liaison of Three-eye Association in Upton City. We need to coordinate with the Demon General to take down Upton City at the minimal price. In order to implement this plan, the Demon General gifted me a double-headed parent demonized worm!"

    "What? A double-headed parent demonized worm?" Leeb looked a bit amazed.

    "Yes, the Demon General expects to convert the millions of refugees outside Upton City into demonized puppets as soon as possible. When his super demon corps arrive at Upton City, they could complete the encirclement with the demonized puppets corps towards the entire Upton City and turn it into a dead city in the shortest period. After that, Those demonized puppets would sweep over all the human bases in the north of Kalay Mountain Range so as to completely freeze the portal of Kalay Mountain Range. Only in this way, could we register a big blow to the northern humans and relieve the loss that we encountered in Norman Empire!"

    "No problem. The food and drinks of more than 3 million refugees outside Upton City are all under my control. As long as we have a double-headed parent worm, I will have those pariahs eat its eggs in 1 day. However, it's a bit pitiful to spend a rare double-headed parent worm on those pariahs!"

    "If we can take down the north of Blackson Humans Corridor this time, it's worthwhile for us to use a double-headed parent worm!"


    After hearing this, Zhang Tie felt chilly inside. He finally knew the whereabouts of the super demon corps which had disappeared two months ago. It turned out that the Demon General was carrying out such a terrifying plan--frog leaping strategy; move 10,000 miles away to destroy Upton City and completely close the door towards the south. If this plan succeeded, Upton would become a dead city while the entire north region of Blackson Humans Corridor would collapse. By then, the depressed morale and hope of northern soldiers and civilians would collapse. If that really happened, Zhang Tie didn't know how chaotic would the entire north region of Blackson Humans Corridor be. However, this was rightly what the demons desired for.

    Zhang Tie was also shocked a bit by that double-headed parent worm. He knew what was a double-headed parent worm, a very rare parent worm. Being different from a parent worm of the common demonized puppets, such a parent worm had two heads. If someone took its eggs or chopped off one of its heads, the eggs in that person's body would complete their hatch after being activated like that of a common parent worm; however, due to the existence of the other head of the double-headed parent worm, the hatched eggs were still under control.

    From a perspective, a double-headed parent worm was a perfect puppet worm. However, it was too rare; as a mutated species, such a double-headed parent worm was rare even in the 2nd holy war.

    Hearing the details of this action in the study, Zhang Tie felt utterly confused and disconcerted, 'What to do?'

    Facing such a deliberate, large-scale and terrifying plan made by demons and Three-eye Association, Zhang Tie realized that he alone was too weak...
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