Chapter 694: The Soul-Reading Incarnation

    Chapter 694: The Soul-Reading Incarnation

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    The room was messy after the battle. After throwing the autumn-frost gold sword into Castle of Black Iron, Zhang Tie had started to clean the battlefield. Only after 2 minutes, he had already collected all the valuables of the 4 corpses and thrown them into Castle of Black Iron without authentication.

    After that, Zhang Tie looked around and caught sight of a leather trunk as large as a luggage carrier on the side of the sofa where the LV 13 powerhouse had just sat.

    Zhang Tie walked over there and lifted that trunk. He found it was heavy. Therefore, he unzipped the trunk as he saw a safe-like black rectangular metal container inside it. There was a locked lid on the metal container. At the sight of it, Zhang Tie remembered the weird key that he had gotten from Tharant's corpse. Therefore, he found out that key once again...

    With a "click" sound, the metal container was unlocked. Zhang Tie then opened its lid.

    The greater part of that pitch-dark metal container was filled with glutinous liquid, among which was a creeping purple black two-headed mollusk which was as long as one's forearm.

    At the sight of this animal, Zhang Tie drew in a mouth of breath, 'A double-head parent worm!'

    Zhang Tie had never imagined such a [weird] look of the parent worm of demonized puppets. Such an animal which could easily exterminate hundreds of thousands of people was as weak as an odd-looking sea cucumber. Even a cat or a dog could kill it, not to mention people.

    Its tail was still secreting a mucus. At the sight of it, Zhang Tie realized that it was not a common mucus; but the eggs of the parent worm; a single drop of mucus contained numerous eggs of the parent worm. If people took them, they would cause a chaos in the world.

    After thinking for a short while, Zhang Tie straightly threw this container along with that double-headed parent worm into Castle of Black Iron.

    "Heller, it's yours!"

    "Copy that!" Heller briefed.

    Zhang Tie didn't know how could he use it for the time being; however, he believed that it would help him one day. Therefore, he just handed it to Heller.

    After that, Zhang Tie picked up Leeb's head from the ground and glanced at it for a couple of seconds before touching his [own] forehead onto the icy forehead [of Leeb]; at the same time, he activated the soul-reading skill of bloody soul temple of Taixia Country.

    For bloody soul temple, there were a lot of methods to open one's mouth, even if he was dead. As long as the person had not died longer than a few hours, the bloody soul temple of Taixia Country could always discover many secrets from the corpse. Perhaps, for bloody soul temple of Taixia Country, humans, even corpses didn't have any secret at all.

    For many commoners, if one's head was separated from his neck, he had already died, at least physically. However, for bloody soul temple of Taixia Country, the person had not died; even if his head had been chopped off. Only when his brain had died was he dead for sure.

    As Leeb had just lost his head for a couple of minutes, of course, his brain had not died yet.

    The soul-reading skill was too weird. When the cultivator applied it, he should touch his forehead with that of the dead one. It looked a bit grim and terrifying which wouldn't be mastered by good people. If there was an audience, Zhang Tie would never exhibit this secret method. However, he was alone here; therefore, he wouldn't care too much about that.

    The soul-reading skill could also be implemented on a living person; however, the result was that the living person would become an idiot or a lunatic. Such a soul-reading skill was very harmful to the living person's brain. Additionally, it posed an extremely high requirement on the cultivator's spiritual energy.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's mass spiritual energy flowed out of his forehead and injected into Leeb's head like a fine, invisible mercury. It surrounded Leeb's brain completely. After that, the spiritual energy stabbed in some special locations of Leeb's brain in the form of sharp, fine needles.

    Closing his eyes, Zhang Tie uttered some weird, obscure syllables. Closely after that, Zhang Tie started to trace Leeb's memory instantly from the perspective of Leeb. The scenes flashed across Zhang Tie's mind like slides. Without the super spiritual energy as a buffering and the carrier, Zhang Tie might have already become an idiot. Now, what Leeb had experienced were showing in Zhang Tie's mind clearly like that Zhang Tie himself had already experienced.

    According to the rules of memory, the more recent it was, the more detailed and colorful the memory would be; by contrast, the older it was, the less detailed and colorful the memory would be; the more important it was, the clearer the memory would be while the people and scenes would be more impulsive to Leeb's spirit; by contrast, the more average it was, the lighter the memory would be...

    In such scenes, Zhang Tie "saw" many things in Leeb's life, including influential people, women, sex, wealth, fresh blood, murder, conspiracy, terrifying punishment, pleasure, cruelty and various commoners who feared and flattered him, Angus Clan and its secrets, strikes on opponents in Free Commercial Federation...all the memories, experiences and secrets had been displayed by Zhang Tie's powerful spiritual energy at an extremely fast speed like a free magazine.

    Only after 10 minutes, Zhang Tie had already traced back to the period before the holy war.

    If Zhang Tie wished, he could keep tracing like this. However, Zhang Tie stopped as the memory before the holy war was not too valuable for him.

    Zhang Tie closed his eyes silently and sorted those important contents in Leeb's memory for a couple of minutes; after that, he threw Leeb's head into the Abyss of Chaos.

    After that, Zhang Tie did the same to Tharant. He saw the whole process of this action, including more details. He saw the overwhelming flood in Nein City. In a special tent, Zhang Tie saw Tharant standing behind some rows of people and lowering his body towards a demon with a crocodile tail who was wearing a pitch-dark full-body armor and a bending helmet and saying, "Demon General..."


    Zhang Tie exited from Tharant's memory. After being silent for a few minutes, he moved once again. He put off all the clothes and shoes of Leeb before throwing Leeb's corpse into the Abyss of Chaos. After that, he put off his own clothes and slowly changed his frame and the color of his hair according to that of Leeb...


    After a few minutes, an alive Leeb reappeared in this study.

    Although feeling a bit disgusting and uncomfortable, Zhang Tie still rapidly put on Leeb's clothes. After putting on Leeb's clothes, he seriously cut his own hair using his hand according to the hairstyle of Leeb. Then, he made his hair messy so as to look very embarrassed just like a survivor of a battle. Finally, he checked his current look from the shiny desktop. Even Zhang Tie could not distinguish whether that was him or Leeb. After lightly coughing a couple of times, Zhang Tie returned to a sofa outside the study as he leaned against the sofa in a fatigued look. He then called in the steward using Leeb's tone.

    The moment the steward opened the door and caught sight of the scene in the room had he been stunned. Before he exclaimed, he noticed Zhang Tie's grim look as he quivered a bit all over. Closely after that, he swallowed back his words as he lowered his head silently.

    Zhang Tie was very satisfied with this effect. Thankfully, this was not Leeb's first time to kill people in the villa. On two occasions, he even suddenly changed his face and killed his guests at the table. Therefore, the steward had been immune to this scene.

    This steward had no special background or status. He was just an arduous man. Leeb chose him as the steward because he had two advantages, high-efficient and secretive, which made Leeb very reassured.

    "There's no guest in the villa tonight, Rex has been dispatched out, am I clear?" After briefing Leeb's memory, Zhang Tie almost mastered his daily behaviors. Therefore, being benefited by his face-changing bloodline, Zhang Tie was completely an alive Leeb from the look, tone, expressions and movements. Even those on Leeb's side could not identify that he was the wrong one.

    The bodyguard being killed by Zhang Tie was Rex.

    "Yes, sir!" The steward lowered his head.

    "Clean this place and send someone to inform Sieg; I will see him tomorrow morning..."

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