Chapter 695: Contacting Family Members

    Chapter 695: Contacting Family Members

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    Zhang Tie then left the study with a glassy-eyed look and returned to Leeb's bedroom.

    Leeb's bedroom was 300 sq m large which looked like a lobby. Although it was so late, those women in the bedroom dared not go to bed; instead, they all dressed themselves according to Leeb's choice and waited for his arrival.

    After "briefing" Leeb's memory, Zhang Tie clearly knew that this guy was a super d*ck. Even Zhang Tie, who was lascivious when he was staying with those girls of Rose Association, was dwarfed in front of him.

    Leeb liked all sorts of women and was proficient in the means to play with women. Additionally, he had some odd special hobbies. He always performed seductive or perverted roleplay in the various scenes. Although those hobbies were excessive in commoners' eyes, they were "very normal" in Leeb's eyes. Among his special hobbies, the most abnormal one, the one that all the women on his side were afraid of, was that this guy liked to kill these women with maltreatment in an extremely perverted way when he got excited.

    Since more and more refugees moved to Upton City, there were always fresh beauties on Leeb's side. Most of these women were daughters from average families who escaped to Upton City. As they could not bear the high living cost in Upton City, many people were sold to Leeb as slaves. A small part of them was robbed by Leeb's subordinates in a tough way so as to flatter him. However, no matter what kind of women they were, they would not have a good outcome. Those lucky enough would be sold or gifted to others after Leeb got bored of them while those unlucky ones would be killed with maltreatment.

    In the recent years, many batches of women had been changed on Leeb's side. Even Leeb couldn't remember how many batches of women had he changed. Leeb had many residences in Upton City, each of which had many such women.

    At this moment, there were 7 women in the room, with special make-up, each of them was very seductive. If not having "experienced such battles so many times", Zhang Tie might have been conquered by such an alluring scene.

    At the sight of Leeb coming back, all the women revealed big smiles. However, Zhang Tie could sense the fear deep in their mind.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie's hair was messy while his clothes were tainted with Leeb's blood when Zhang Tie chopped off his head. He looked pretty grim. However, those women who lived under Leeb's authority didn't dare ask what happened. Zhang Tie just threw a glance at them like how Leeb always did, causing some of the 7 women to quiver all over with pale faces.

    "Go out!" Zhang Tie issued his order like how Leeb always treated these women.

    Those women did not dare to ask why, they quickly lowered their heads and put on their capes and left Leeb's bedroom one after another. As Leeb's emotions changed so fast, these women finally let out a sigh after knowing that they didn't need to accompany this vicious king.

    After these women left, Zhang Tie also let out a sigh. He then came to the bathroom being enshrouded with hot steam and put off Leeb's disgusting clothes quickly. Closely after that, he stepped into the bathing pool which was filled with the live hot spring water being led from the underground; additionally, the water was covered with pedals. After soaking himself in the comfortable hot spring water, covering his neck, Zhang Tie felt completely relaxed.

    Although Leeb the d**chebag deserved death, Zhang Tie had to admit that he was really good at enjoyment. All the things in the bathroom would cost at least 10,000 gold coins. Whether the warm spring water being led from the underground or the ivory bed being carved by an ivory of a huge mutated elephant which could never be afforded by commoners.

    In such a relaxed state, Zhang Tie entered meditation while closing his eyes.

    At this moment, one line that Zhang Tie once read from a book which carried the greatest philosophical meaning loomed in Zhang Tie's mind--The rule of the God is to decrease the surplus to complement the deficiency while the rule of humans is to decrease the deficiency to serve the surplus.

    When the moons became full, they would eclipse; conversely, the stronger and richer the humans were, the stronger and richer they would be; the weaker and poorer the humans were, the weaker and poorer they would be. For humans, as long as one peak or low ebb was reached, an inertia would come into being and push them forward and consolidate your current life state.

    The reason why Zhang Tie came to such a realization was that he discovered that he had gained another unique ability after achieving a certain qualitative leapfrog since the combination of Castle of Black Iron and the "Great Wilderness Sutra". This unique ability combined the body-changing bloodline, imitating bloodline and the secret methods of bloody soul temple. With this unique ability, he could completely imitate everybody else while gaining great achievements and opportunities. Benefited from this, Zhang Tie would grow stronger and stronger.

    It was like playing cards. Zhang Tie felt that he had more and more good cards in his hands at this moment. When those good cards freely combined with each other, they would form an increasingly greater destructive force. Zhang Tie felt that he had more and more methods to play cards in a more relaxed way.

    Closely after killing 4 powerhouses of the clans of Three-eye Association whose level variated from LV 11 to LV 13, Zhang Tie felt that he was indeed different than before. 'If I was like a hard-working laborer before, I am now a vicious capitalist who have completed the preliminary and the most difficult capital accumulation on the road of cultivation. In the future, I can accomplish greater capital accumulation at the speed that is dozens or hundreds of times faster than that of others.'

    When a person accomplished his capital accumulation to a certain degree, he would realize a qualitative leapfrog and enter the track of individual development expansion which was featured by "the more powerful a person was, the more powerful he would be."

    At this moment, the anxiety and concerns he had after knowing that the super demon corps would destroy the Upton City also eased a lot in such a relaxed state. Zhang Tie considered it silently, 'Certainly, it was a great crisis for the humans in Upton City, even for the entire north region of Blackson Humans Corridor; however, a huge opportunity is carried in such a great crisis; namely, I know the trace and plan of the looming super demon corps. If I could take good advantage of this opportunity, I might cause a great blow to the super demon corps in 3 days.'

    As Zhang Tie had not taken a bath for many days, he just took a cool bath in the bathroom as he improved his plan in mind.

    After taking the bath, Zhang Tie walked out of the bathing pool. In the bathroom, he injected Iron-blood battle qi into his two fingers and started to make a final remedy of his hairstyle using his fingers as scissors.

    Zhang Tie could imitate everything but the hairstyle. Although he could change the color and texture of his hair and enable his hair to continue to grow very long in a short time, he could not shorten his hair by using the body-changing bloodline. Therefore, the hairstyle might be the only loophole when he imitated a person. Thankfully, there were only a few hairstyles for men. Additionally, Zhang Tie's hairstyle was similar to that of Leeb. Therefore, after making his hairstyle messy in the study, he was not identified by those women. At this moment, in order to fix the only loophole, Zhang Tie further improved his hairstyle according to that of Leeb in his memory.

    At this moment, Zhang Tie was amused as he found that he could be a qualified barber with the knight's consciousness. When he cut his hair, Zhang Tie found that he could position each hair precisely. Even though in front of a mirror, he could still complete it smoothly. If he really needed money urgently in the future, he could open a barber's shop.

    After finishing his hairdressing, Zhang Tie watched that handsome and evil face in the mirror as he made a series of grimaces. Finally, he even stretched out his two fingers and made a "victory" pose which was non-mainstream in Black Iron Age.

    After cleaning the water on his body, Zhang Tie walked out of the bathroom naked. He then came to Leeb's costume room.

    Although being a man, Leeb's costume room was even more exaggerating than that of any women. The room covered over 200 sq m, which was divided into 4 layers. It included clothes, hats, shoes and socks and male ornaments. There were more than 70 top quality watches on the hand modules. Four drawers were filled with decorative finger rings and sleeve buttons, each sort of which contained at least 100 types and colors. All of them were top items made of best materials with the best craftsmanship.

    Since he was born, Leeb had been living a noble life. In Upton City, more than 10 senior tailors were serving him. Leeb would retain those watches and ornaments; however, he would never wear the same clothes or shoes for the second time. If he liked one style, he would have people make dozens of the same style. When he tried all of them, he would have people send him new ones.

    Looking around this costume room, Zhang Tie couldn't help but imagine about moving all of them into Castle of Black Iron, if he did that, he would not worry about having any clothes to wear in the next decades.

    'Hmm, that's feasible. Leeb's frame was almost like that of mine. We even share the same shoe size. In Donder's words, even locust's legs had fleshes. So many items in this room would be worth at least 100,000 gold coins...'

    'But not right now. I will consider it in a couple of days.' Zhang Tie thought.

    Zhang Tie then quickly put on a set of clothes. Watching himself in the mirror, Zhang Tie had to admit that he was the very Leeb.

    After leaving the costume room, Zhang Tie came to the bedroom. Standing in front of a wall painting, Zhang Tie pressed a part on it. Closely after that, the wall painting slid off slowly, exposing a safe which was connected to the wall.

    Zhang Tie rapidly rotated the button on the safe in the anti-clockwise and clockwise manner. Closely after that, he opened the safe by pulling its handle, causing a light "click" sound.

    There were stacks of wholly-new gold checks, some contracts of Leed's real estates, his shares of the business groups in Upton City and some other valuable items.

    If the status of Angus Clan as a clan of Three-eye Association was exposed after 3 days, those contracts would become waste papers. However, if he turned these contracts into cash at this moment, Zhang Tie would arouse their doubts even if he could cause those unlucky guys lose all of their capital. Therefore, he didn't move those contracts; instead, he just moved all the gold checks and valuable items into Castle of Black Iron.

    Two-thirds of those gold checks were issued by Golden Roc Bank, one-third of them were issued by the Continental United Bank. The latter one looked strange as Zhang Tie had never seen it before. After picking a gold check and looking at it, Zhang Tie found that the alleged Continental United Bank came from the Western Continent.

    These gold checks were worth about 5-6 million gold coins in total.

    Zhang Tie felt pretty cool about plundering clans of Three-eye Association while each of his pores was singing.

    Leeb had a private castle in the south of Upton City, which contained a lot of valuable items. Being not in a hurry to take those items, Zhang Tie intended to sweep over this villa first.

    After sweeping Leeb's bedroom, Zhang Tie took a round in the room before taking out that remote-sensing crystal that he used to contact with his elder brother.


    "Elder brother, are you there?" Zhang Tie sent a message.

    In less than 2 minutes, Zhang Tie received a message from Zhang Yang.

    "All the family members were worried about you these days as we didn't receive your message!"

    "I'm fine. I'm still jubilant. Tell dad, mom and my wives to not worry about me. I have a very important thing to tell Huaiyuan Palace, can you contact them now?"

    After over 10 seconds of silence, Zhang Tie received another message.

    "6th granduncle is in our home..."
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