Chapter 696: Being Almighty

    Chapter 696: Being Almighty

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    As Zhang Tie's 6th granduncle was in their home, it would be more convenient for Zhang Tie to pass the message. As an elder of Huaiyuan Palace, Zhang Tie's 6th granduncle had the right to make decisions about major events in Huaiyuan Palace. If this information was passed to Huaiyuan Palace through the mouth of Zhang Tie's 6th granduncle, it would be more reliable.

    'Our 6th granduncle came to our home to meet your 3 sons.' Zhang Yang briefed the reason.

    As Zhang Tie was not in Taixia Country, he didn't know that his 3 sons had caused a sensation over there. During the months when he cultivated in seclusion in the Misty Ocean, Zhang's threshold has almost been broken by those who came to propose baby marriage with gifts. Because of the 3 babies, Zhang family became very popular in Fuhai City while Beverly, Linda and Fiona were instantly accepted by the Hua mainstream society in Fuhai City and entered the circle of celebrities and quality ladies in Fuhai City.

    It was very difficult for common foreign girls like Beverly, Linda and Fiona to gain the acceptance of the local Hua mainstream society in Taixia. Without 3 generations' efforts, without innocent backgrounds, good education or sufficient wealth, foreign common girls could barely enter the mainstream society of Taixia Country. It was not because that Hua people in Taixia Country were biased about them, but the great civilization and confidence that Hua people displayed in this age were at the peak of the whole world. Hua people were the leader and pillar of this world. Without 3 generations' efforts, common foreign immigrants could barely form that spiritual and civil gene accepted by Hua society.

    After Zhang Tie's 6th granduncle arrived, he instantly expressed Huaiyuan Palace's attitude to Zhang family and made Zhang family feel truly flattered.

    With a knight at home, Zhang Tie family became tranquil at once.

    On the 3rd day since he came to Zhang Tie's house had Zhang Tie's 6th granduncle declared to instruct the 3 babies in the future with the consent of Zhang Tie's parents and 3 wives.

    It was a special honor and benefit to have one clan elder instruct his 3 babies. In Huaiyuan Palace, even the clan head's bloodline might not enjoy such a special treatment. Zhang Tie's 6th granduncle's decision indicated that Zhang Tie's 3 babies would definitely have unusual achievements in the future as long as they were not stupid.


    Since their 6th granduncle arrived at their house, Zhang Yang had been pretending that he could not contact Zhang Tie as this was the secret between him and Zhang Tie. Additionally, Zhang Yang was also afraid that Huaiyuan Palace would issue some orders or requirements to Zhang Tie through him. Otherwise, he would feel embarrassed to transmit the message to Zhang Tie. Therefore, he straightly lied to his 6th granduncle. However, after receiving Zhang Tie's message, he could only knock at his 6th granduncle's door as he realized the importance of this affair.

    The time of Taixia was several hours earlier than that of Waii Sub-continent. At this moment, the sun had not yet risen in Taixia; however, Zhang's 6th granduncle had already got up and was meditating with crossed legs in his bedroom.

    The moment Zhang Yang opened the door and saw his 6th granduncle's genial face had he revealed a big smile, "6th granduncle...erm...are you convenient now?"

    "Zhang Yang, what's up. Come on in!" Zhang Yang's 6th granduncle replied with a smile.

    Zhang Yang then entered the bedroom.

    "Erm...6th granduncle...Zhang Tie has something to report to you."

    "Say it...argh...what? Zhang Tie has something to report to me?" Zhang Yang's 6th granduncle's eyes instantly shined like fluorescent lamps in the highlighted crystal lens of cars.

    "Hmm, erm...no, actually, I can work out remote-sensing communication with him using twin crystals!" Zhang Yang explained in an embarrassed way. Meanwhile, he took out that mini remote-sensing crystal.

    Zhang Yang's 6th granduncle then looked straight into Zhang Yang's eyes, making Zhang Yang keep smirking in front of this noble old man.

    Zhang Yang's 6th granduncle took a deep breath as he watched Zhang Yang's remote-sensing crystal; at the same time, he isolated the entire room with his battle qi. Nobody else could eavesdrop the talk inside the room...

    "Ask him where is he now?"


    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie received Zhang Yang's message.

    "6th granduncle asks where are you?"

    "I'm still in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor. As I'm in a special situation, I cannot tell you about my concrete location! I've got an important thing to report to Huaiyuan Palace!"

    "What's that?"

    "3 days later, that super demon corps would raid Upton City under the leadership of that Demon General!" Zhang Tie briefed the key information.

    After 5-6 minutes, Zhang Tie received a reply.

    "Repeat what you said just now!"

    "After 3 days, that super demon corps will raid Upton City under the leadership of that Demon General!"

    "How did you know that?"

    "It's a long story. But my message is reliable for sure. As it would pose a great influence on the overall situation across Waii Sub-continent and the interests of Huaiyuan Palace, I had to report it to Huaiyuan Palace!"

    "6th granduncle said if your message is true, you will make a meritorious deed for Huaiyuan Palace. If not, it would also be a severe outcome..."

    "If my intelligence is false, I would like to accept any punishment of Huaiyuan Palace. I won't joke with Huaiyuan Palace by such a major event!"

    After a few minutes, Zhang Tie received another message.

    "6th granduncle wants to confirm your status!"

    Zhang Tie understood 6th granduncle's request, as this message was of great significance, even 6th granduncle had to be meticulous about it. Even though Zhang Yang had already confirmed about his status, their 6th granduncle wanted to confirm it once again.

    "You can let him ask me some questions that are exclusive to him and I."

    "Where did you see him for the first time? What was the first sentence that you told him? Where did you see him last time? What was the last sentence that he told you?"

    After receiving the 4 questions, Zhang Tie answered.

    "I met our 6th granduncle in the ancestral bloodline palace of the Clansmen Pavilion for the first time; the first sentence that I told him was "6th granduncle, here's Zhang Tie on behalf of Zhang Ping, my father"; the last time when I saw 6th granduncle was in the prison of Clansmen Pavilion; the last sentence that 6th granduncle told me was "Watch out later on, don't do evil things in the name of Huaiyuan Palace; otherwise, you have to face home punishments!"

    After another 2 minutes, Zhang Tie received the reply.

    "Our 6th granduncle warns you to not take action casually. You have to prioritize your own safety!"

    "I will. I will contact you 3 days later!"

    After sending this message, Zhang Tie cut off the link between his spiritual energy and the remote-sensing crystal and teleported that remote-sensing crystal into Castle of Black Iron.

    At this moment, in Zhang Tie's eyes, among all the familiar people and powers that Zhang Tie knew, only Huaiyuan Palace was qualified to coordinate with the other parties in 3 days and give the super demon corps a surprise outside the Upton City. Even if Huaiyuan Palace didn't take any action, they would notify Norman Empire with this key message.

    If the super demon corps really cut off the portal towards the south, Huaiyuan Palace would definitely suffer a loss. However, as this action was concerned with the survival of the countries in the north of Blackson Humans Corridor, based on the current relationship between Norman Empire and Huaiyuan Palace, even though Huaiyuan Palace was not sure about the reliability of this message, Norman Empire would never take it lightly.

    If it was a common demon corps that was going to rush towards Upton City, Zhang Tie might want to do something using the double-headed parent worm in his hand. However, he could not have any chance to do that to the super demon corps at all. The only channel that the parent worm's eggs entered the bodies of the super demon corps was water; however, that super demon corps had very strict regulations on drinking the water. All the fighters only drunk flowing water that had passed the test. 'Even though I know which river would the super demon corps drink in, the parent worm's eggs would not contaminate the whole river at once.'

    Zhang Tie felt that he had already pushed down the key domino. 'As to what will happen 3 days later, it depends. It would require at least 5 knights to resist that super demon corps. It's silly to resist such a destructive power by myself alone.'

    'Facing such a critical situation, I can only do my own job well. The opportunity that I can see will not be invisible to those human elites.'

    Zhang Tie didn't expose the intelligence that Angus Clan was a clan of Three-eye Association temporarily. If he exposed it to Huaiyuan Palace. Once the alliance launched an attack towards Angus Clan, they might kill the fake Leeb disguised by Zhang Tie. If so, he would not even have a chance to cry for being wronged. After all, Angus Clan would still be here in 3 days.

    Having not imagined that the most important battle on resisting that super demon corps would break out outside Upton City since he left the Selnes Theater of Operations under his guidance, Zhang Tie felt a bit bizarre as if he was still fighting in Selnes Theater of Operations.

    After doing all this, Zhang Tie entered a meditation so as to recover the physical and spiritual energy that he consumed this day.


    After dawn, the guy called Sieg came for Zhang Tie according to the living habit of Leeb.

    As a subordinate of Leeb, this guy was responsible for the materials supply in the refugee camp. Being accompanied by Rein, who was responsible for the forces of Angus Clan, they were Leeb's important lackeys to control the Angus Clan's business of the refugee camp outside Upton City.

    "Ah? Provide free porridge? Young master, you mean you want to provide free porridge to the refugees? Additionally, you want to ensure that each refugee could have it?" Sieg was stunned.

    Zhang Tie didn't explain it at all. Instead, he just threw an icy and impatient glance at Sieg. Sieg instantly realized that he had asked too much as he hurriedly slapped his own face twice while oozing cold sweat all over, "Yes sir...yes sir...yes sir, I will go arrange it right now. I will start to provide free porridge to the refugees from today and ensure that all the refugees could have it!"

    Zhang Tie waved his hand like chasing a fly while Sieg hurriedly left the room.


    As an old saying went, "If one wanted to disguise something, he had to disguise well until the end." According to Leeb's original arrangement, with this opportunity to provide free porridge, he would feed the refugees with all the parent worm's eggs. However, Zhang Tie didn't add the parent worm's eggs in the porridge. He only needed to let others know that Angus Clan was doing public welfare in the refugee camp.

    After issuing the order, Zhang Tie found a hidden place and took out that remote-sensing crystal that he got from Tharant, the dead young elite of Arthur Clan. He then sent a series of complex ID code through that crystal based on the memory of Tharant. After that, he added a line in the secret words as they've already appointed with each other--Upton City's fruit is getting ripe.

    In this event, Zhang Tie played 3 roles at the same time. Zhang Tie felt being almighty at this moment.
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